Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Manuscript A Parker

[Introduction] ÞY GEARE ÞE WÆS AGAN FRAM CRISTES ACENnesse .cccc. wintra 7 .xciiii. uuintra, þa Cerdic 7 Cynric his sunu cuom upæt Cerdicesoran mid .v. scipum; 7 se Cerdic wæs Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Gewising, Giwis Wiging, Wig Freawining, Freawine Friþugaring, Friþugar Bronding, Brond Bęldæging, Bęldæg Wodening. Ond þæs ymb .vi. gear þæs þe hie up cuomon geeodon Westseaxna rice, 7 þæt uuærun þa ærestan cyningas þe Westseaxna lond on Wealum geeodon; 7 he hæfde þæt rice .xvi. gear, 7 þa he gefor, þa feng his sunu Cynric to þam rice 7 heold .xvii. winter. Þa he gefor, þa feng Ceol to þam rice 7 heold .vi. gear. Þa hie gefor, þa feng Ceolwulf to his broþur, 7 he ricsode .xvii. gear, 7 hiera cyn gęþ to Cerdice. Þa feng Cynegils Ceolwulfes broþur sunu to rice 7 ricsode .xxxi. wintra, 7 he onfeng ærest fulwihte Wesseaxna cyninga,

7 þa feng Cenwalh to 7 heold .xxxi. wintra, 7 se Cenwalh wæs Cynegilses sunu; 7 þa heold Seaxburg his cuen an gear þæt rice æfter him. Þa feng Æscwine to rice, þæs cyn gęþ to Cerdice, 7 heold .ii. gear. Þa feng Centwine to Wesseaxna rice Cynegilsing 7 ricsode .vii. gear. Þa feng Ceadwalla to þam rice, þæs cyn gęþ to Cerdice, 7 heold .iii. gear. Ða feng Ine to Seaxna rice, þæs cyn gęþ to Ceardice, 7 heold .xxxvii. wintra. Þa feng Ęþelheard to, þæs cyn gęþ to Ceardice, 7 heold .xiiii. winter. Þa feng Cuþred to, þæs cyn gęþ to Cerdice, 7 heold .xvii. gear. Þa feng Sigebryht to, þæs cyn gęþ to Cerdice, 7 heold an gear. Þa feng Cynewulf to rice, þæs cyn gæþ to Ceardice, 7 heold .xxxi. wintra. Þa feng Beorhtric to rice, þæs cyn gęþ to Cerdice, 7 heold .xvi. gear. Þa feng Ecgbryht to þam rice 7 heold .xxxvii. wintra 7 .vii. monaþ, 7 þa feng Ęþelwulf his sunu to 7 heold nigonteoðe healf gear. Se Ęþelwulf wæs Ecgbryhting, Ecgbryht Ealhmunding, Ealhmund Eafing, Eafa Eopping, Eoppa Ingilding, Ingild Cenreding, 7 Ine Cenreding 7 Cuþburg Cenreding 7 Cuenburg Cenreding, Cenred Ceolwalding, Ceolwald Cuþwulfing, Cuþwulf Cuþwining, Cuþwine Celming, Celm Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing.

Ond þa feng Ęþelbald his sunu to rice 7 heold .v. gear. Þa feng Ęþelbryht his broþur to 7 heold .v. gear. Þa feng Ęþered hiera broþur to rice, 7 heold .v. gear. Þa feng Ęlfred hiera broþur to rice, 7 þa was agan his ielde .xxiii. wintra 7 .ccc. 7 .xcvi. wintra þæs þe his cyn ærest Westseaxna lond on Wealum ge<e>odon.
[Introduction] In the year when had passed from Christ’s birth 400 winters and 94 winters, then Cerdic and his son Cynric came up at Cerdicesora with five ships; and Cerdic was the son of Elesa, the son of Esla, the son of Gewis, the son of Wig, the son of Freawine, the son of Frithugar, the son of Brond, the son of Bældæg, the son of Woden. And six years after they had come up they conquered the kingdom of the West Saxons, and they were the first kings who conquered the land of the West Saxons from the Britons. And he held the kingdom for 16 years, and then he died, then his son Cynric succeeded to the rule and held it for 17 years. Then he died, then Ceol succeeded to the rule, and held it for six years. Then he died, then his brother Ceolwulf took over and he reigned 17 years, and their kin goes back to Cerdic. Then Cynegils, the son of Ceolwulf’s brother, succeeded to the rule and reigned 31 years, and he was the first of the kings of the West Saxons to receive baptism.

And then Cenwalh took over, and held it for 31 years, and Cenwalh was Cynegils’s son. And then his queen Seaxburg held the kingdom for a year after him. Then Æscwine, whose kin goes back to Cerdic, succeeded to the rule, and held it for two years. Then Centwine the son of Cynegils, succeeded to the rule of the West Saxons and reigned for seven years. Then Ceadwalla, whose kin goes back to Cerdic, succeeded to the rule and held it for three years. Then Ine, whose kin goes back to Cerdic, succeeded to the rule of the Saxons and held it for 37 years. Then Æthelheard, whose kin goes back to Cerdic, took over and held it for 14 years. Then Cuþred, whose kin goes back to Cerdic, took over and held it 17 years. Then Sigebryht, whose kin goes back to Cerdic, took over and held it one year. Then Cynewulf, whose kin goes back to Cerdic, succeeded to the rule and held it 31 years. Then Beorhtric, whose kin goes back to Cerdic, succeeded to the rule, and held it 16 years. Then Ecgbryht succeeded to the rule and held it for 37 years and seven months; and then his son Ęþelwulf took over and held it for 18 and a half years. Ęþelwulf was the son of Ecgbryht, the son of Ealhmund, the son of Eafa, the son of Eoppa, the son of Ingild, the son of Cenred. And Ine was the son of Cenred, and Cuþburg the daughter of Cenred, and Cuenburg the daughter of Cenred. Cenred was the son of Ceolwald, the son of Cuþwulf, the son of Cuþwine, the son of Celm, the son of Cynric, the son of Cerdic.

And then his son Ęþelbald succeeded to the rule and held it for five years. Then his brother Ęþelbryht took over and held it for five years. Then their brother Ęþered succeeded to the rule and held it for five years. Then their brother Ęlfred succeeded to the rule, and then 23 years of his life were passed, and 396 years from when his kin first conquered the land of the West Saxons from the Britons.
[60BC] AER Cristes geflæscnesse .lx. wintra, Gaius Iulius se casere ærest Romana Bretenlond gesohte 7 Brettas mid gefeohte cnysede 7 hie oferswiþde 7 swa þeah ne meahte þær rice gewinnan.
[60BC] Before the incarnation of Christ sixty winters, Gaius Julius the emperor, first of the Romans, sought the land of Britain and he crushed the Britons in battle and overcame them. And nevertheless he was unable to win an empire there.
1AD Octauianus ricsode.lxvi. wintra, 7 on þam .lxii. geare his rices Crist wæs acenned.
1AD Octavianus reigned sixty-six winters; and in the sixty-second year of his reign Christ was born.
2 Þa tungelwitgan of eastdęle cuomon to þon þæt hie Crist weorþedon7 þa cild on Bethlem ofslægene wærun for Cristes ehtnesse from Herode.
2 Then astrologers from the east came to worship Christ; and the children in Bethlehem were slain by Herod in persecution of Christ.
3 Her swealt Herodus from him selfum ofsticod, 7 Archilaus his sunu feng to rice.
3 Here died Herod, stabbed by his own hand, and Archelaus his son succeeded to the rule.
6 From frymþe middangeardes oþ þis gear wæron agan .v. þusendu wintra 7 .cc. wintra.
6 From the beginning of the world to this year were agone five thousand and two hundred winters.
11 hand8a: Her onfeng Herodes Antipatressunu to rice in Iudea.
11 Here Herod the son of Antipater undertook the government in Judea.
12 & Philippus 7 Herodes todældun Lyssiam 7 Iudeam feoþericum todęldun.
12 Philip and Herod divided Lycia and Judea into four kingdoms.
16 Her feng Tiberius to rice.
16 Here Tiberius succeeded to the rule.
26 Her onfeng Pilatus gyminge ofer Iudeas.
26 Here Pilate began to reign over the Jews.
27hand8: Her onfeng Pilatus to gymenne ouer þa Iudeas.
Here Pilate began to reign over the Jews.
30 Her wæs Crist gefulluhtud 7 Petrus 7 Andreas gehwierfede 7 Iacobus 7 Iohannes 7 Philippus 7 þa .xii. apostolas.
30 Here was Christ baptized; and Peter and Andrew were converted, and James, and John, and Philip, and all the twelve apostles.
33 Her wæs Crist ahangen, from fruman middangeardes ymb .v. þusendo wintra 7 .cc. 7 .xxvi. wintra.
33 Here was Christ crucified; about five thousand two hundred and twenty six winters from the beginning of the world.
34 Her wæs Paulus gehwierfed, 7 sanctus Stephanus oftorfod.
34 Here was St. Paul converted, and St. Stephen stoned.
35 Her se eadiga Petrusse apostol gesæt biscepsetl in Antiochia þære ceastre.
35 Here the blessed apostle Peter settled an episcopal see in the city of Antioch.
39 Her onfeng Gaius rice. hand8: Anno .xliiii.
39 Here Caius took over the empire.
44 [n44.1] Her se eadiga Petrus se apostol gesæt biscepsetl on Rome.
44 Here the blessed Peter the apostle settled an episcopal see at Rome.
45 [n45.1] Her Herodes aswalt, se þe Iacobum ofslog ane geare ær his agnum deaþe.
45 Here Herod died, who slew James one year ere his own death.
46 [n46.1] Her Claudius oþer Romana cyninga Bretene lond gesohte 7 þone mæstan dęl þæs ealondes on his gewald onfeng, 7 eac swelce Orcadus þa ealond Romana cynedome underþeodde.hand8: Þis was þes feorðes geares his rices, 7 on þys ylcan geare gewearð se mycela hunger on Siria þe Lucas recð on þare boc Actus Apostolorum.
46 Here Claudius, the second of the Roman emperors who invaded Britain, took the greater part of the island into his power, and added the Orkneys to the dominion of the Romans. This was in the fourth year of his reign. And in the same year happened the great famine in Syria which Luke mentions in the book called "The Acts of the Apostles".
62 Her Iacobus frater Dominiþrowode.
62 Here James, the brother of Christ, suffered.
63 Her Marcus se godspellere forþferde.
63 Here Mark the evangelist departed.
69 Her Petrus 7 Paulusþrowodon.
69 Here Peter and Paul suffered.
70 Her Uespassianus onfeng rice.
70 Here Vespasian took over the empire.
71 Her Titus Uespassianus sunuin Hierusalem ofslog Iudea .cxi þusenda.
71 Here Titus, Vespasian’s son, killed 111,000 Jews in Jerusalem
81 Her Titus feng to rice, se þe sęde þæt he þone dæg forlure þe he noht to gode on ne gedyde.
81 Here Titus succeeded to the rule - he who said that he lost the day on which he did no good act
83 [n83.1] Her Domittianus Tites broþur feng to rice.
83 Here Domitian, Titus’s brother, succeeded to the rule.
84 [n84.1]Her Iohannes se godspellere in Pathma þam ealonde wrat þa boc Apocalipsis.
84 Here John the evangelist in the island Patmos wrote the book called "The Apocalypse".
90 This year Simon was crucified and John the evangelist him rested at Ephesus.
92 Her Clemens papa forþferde.
92 Here Pope Clemens departed
99 hand8: Her Symon se apostol wæs anhangen 7 Iohannes se godspellere hine gereste in Epheso.
100 Here Simon the apostle was crucified and John the evangelist him rested at Ephesus.
>101 hand8: Her Clemens papa forþferde.
101 Here Pope Clemens departed.
110 Her Ignatus biscep þrowude.
110 Here Bishop Ignatius suffered.
155 hand8: Her Marcus Antonius 7 Aurelius his broðer fengon to rice.
155 Here Marcus Antonius and Aurelianus his brother succeeded to the rule.
167 Her Eleutherius on Rome onfeng biscepdom 7 þone wuldorfæstlice .xv. winter geheold. To þam Lucius Bretene kyning sende stafas, będ þæt he wære cristen gedon, 7 he þurhteah þæt he będ. hand8: 7 hi syððon wunodon on rihton geleauon oððe Diaclitianes rice.
167 Here Eleutherius in Rome received the bishopric and he gloriously for 15 winters held it. To him Lucius, king of Britain, sent letters asking that he might be made Christian, and he carried out what he asked. And they afterwards remained in the true faith until Diocletian’s reign.
189 Her Seuerus onfeng rice 7 ricsode .xvii. winter, se Bretenlond mid dice begyrdde from sę oþ sę. hand8: 7 þa geendode on Euerwic, 7 Bassianus his sunu feng to rice.
189 Here Severus succeeded to the rule and he ruled 17 years. He enclosed Britain with a dyke from sea to sea. And then died in York and Bassianus his son succeeded to the rule.
200 hand12: Twa hund gæra.
200 Two hundred years
250 hand12: ?????.
283 hand8: Her þowade sanctus Albanus martyr.
283 Here suffered Saint Alban martyrdom
300 [n300.1] hand12: Þreo hund gæra.
300 Three hundred years
350 hand12: Þreo hund gæ ....
350 Three hundred ye ....
379 hand8: Her Gratianus feng to rice.
379 Here Gratian succeeded to the rule
381 Her Maximianus se casere feng to rice -- he wæs on Bretenlonde geboren -- 7 þonne for in Gallia hand8: 7 he ðar ofsloh ðone casere Gratianum 7 his broðer adraf of æðele, se was gehaten Ualentinianus, 7 se Ualentinianus eft gesanode werod 7 ofsloh Maximum 7 feng to rice. On þam timan aras Pelagies gedwyld geond middaneard. [n381.1]
381 Here Maximus the emperor succeeded to the rule -- he was in Britain born -- and he went from there into Gaul: and he there slew the emperor Gratian and drove off his brother from his homeland, who was called Valentinian. And Valentinian after collected a force and killed Maximus and succeeded to the rule. In those times the heresy of Pelagius arose throughout the world.
409 [n409.1] Her Gotan abręcon Romeburg, 7 næfre siþan Romane ne ricsodon on Bretone. hand8: Þæt wæs embe .xi. hund wintra 7 .x. wintra þes þe heo getimbred was. Ealles hi ðær rixodon on Brytene feower hund wintra 7 hund seouanti wintra syþþan ærost Gaius Iulius þæt land ærost gesohte.
409 Here the Goths destroyed Rome and never since Rome ruled in Britain. That was eleven hundred winters and ten winters after it was built. Altogether they ruled in Britain four hundred winters and hundred seventy winters since first Gaius Julius that land first sought.
418 Her Romane gesomnodon al þa goldhord þe on Bretene wæron 7 sume on eorþan ahyddon þæt hie nænig mon siþþan findan ne meahte 7 sume mid him on Gallia lęddon.
418 Here the Romans gathered all the gold hoards that were in Britain and hid some in the earth that no one might find them since and some they took with them to Gaul.
423 hand8: [n423.2] Her Ðeodosius se gingra feng to rice.
423 Here Theodosius the younger succeeded to the rule.
430 Her Paladius se biscep wæs onsended to Scottum þæt he hiera geleafan trymede from Cęlestino þam papan.  
430 Here Paladius the biship was sent from Pope Celestine to the Scots that he could strengthen their belief.
443 hand8: Her sendon Brytwalas to Rome 7 heom fultomes bædon wiþ Piohtas, ac hi þar næfdan nanne, forþan ðe hi fyrdedon wið Ætla Huna cyningæ, 7 þa sendon hi to Anglum 7 Angelcynnes æðelingas ðæs ylcan bædan.
443 Here the Britons sent to Rome and asked for help against the Picts, but they got none there, because they [the Romans] were fighting against Attila king of the Huns. And then they [the Britons] sent to the Angles and made the same request to the chief of the Angle people.
449 Her Mauricius 7 Ualentines onfengon rice 7 ricsodon .vii. winter. 7 On hiera dagum Hengest 7 Horsa from Wyrtgeorne geleaþade Bretta kyninge gesohton Bretene on þam staþe þe is genemned Ypwinesfleot, ærest Brettum to fultume, ac hie eft on hie fuhton. hand8: Se cing het hi feohtan agien Pihtas, 7 hi swa dydan 7 sige hæfdan swa hwar swa hi comon. Hi ða sende to Angle 7 heton heom sendan mare fultum 7 heom seggan Brytwalana nahtnesse 7 ðæs landes cysta. Hy ða sendan heom mare fultum. Þa comon þa menn of þrim mægþum Germanie, of Ealdseaxum, of Anglum, of Iotum. Of Iotum comon Cantware 7 Wihtware, þæt ys seo mæið ðe nu eardað on Wiht, 7 ðæt cynn on Westsexum þe man gyt hæt Iutna cyn. Of Ealdseaxon comon Eastsexa 7 Suðsexa 7 WestSexan. Of Angle comon, se a siððan stod westi betwyx Iutum 7 Seaxum, Eastengla, Midelangla, Mearca 7 ealle Norðhymbra.
449 Here Mauritius and Valentinus took over the empire and ruled 7 winters. In their days Hengest and Horsa, invited by Vortigern, king of the Britons, came to Britain at the place which is called Ebbsfleet, first to the help of the Britons, but afterwards they fought them. The king asked that they fight against the Picts, and they so did and they had the victory wherever they came. They then sent to Angeln and asked them to send more help and to them told of the cowardice of the Britons and the excellence of the land. They then sent to them more help. Then came the men of three tribes of Germany: from the Old Saxons, from the Angles, from the Jutes. From the Jutes came the people of Kent and of the Isle of Wight, namely the tribe which now inhabits on Wight, and that race in Wessex which people now call the race of the Jutes. From the Old Saxons came the East Saxons and the South Saxons and the West Saxons. From the Angles came, which ever since remained waste between the Jutes and the Saxons, the East Angles, the Middle Angles, the Mercians, and all the Northumbrians.
455 Her Hengest 7 Horsa fuhton wiþ Wyrtgeorne þam cyninge, in þære stowe þe is gecueden Agęlesþrep, 7 his broþur Horsan man ofslog; 7 æfter þam Hengest feng to rice 7 Æsc his sunu.
455 Here Hengest and Horsa fought against Vortigern the king in the place with is called Ægelcsthrep, and his brother Horsa was killed; and after that Hengest succeeded to the rule and Æsc his son.
457 Her Hengest 7 Æsc fuhton wiþ Brettas in þære stowe þe is gecueden Crecganford 7 þær ofslogon .iiiim. wera, 7 þa Brettas þa forleton Centlond 7 mid micle ege flugon to Lundenbyrg.
457 Here Hengest and Æsc fought against the Britons in the place which is called Crecganford and there killed four thousand men, and the Britons then deserted Kent and with much fear fled to London.
465 Her Hengest 7 Æsc gefuhton uuiþ Walas neah Wippedesfleote 7 þær .xii. wilisce aldormenn ofslogon, 7 hiera þegn an þær wearþ ofslægen, þam wæs noma Wipped.
465 Here Hengest and Æsc fought against the Britons near Wippedcsfleot and there 12 British chiefs died, and a thegn of theirs was there slain, who was named Wipped.
473 Her Hengest 7 Æsc gefuhton wiþ Walas 7 genamon unarimedlico herereaf, 7 þa Walas flugon þa Englan swa þęr fyr.
473 Here Hengest and Æsc fought against the Britons and took countless spoils and the Britons fled from the English as from fire.
477 Her cuom Ęlle on Bretenlond 7 his .iii. suna, Cymen 7 Wlencing 7 Cissa, mid .iii. scipum on þa stowe þe is nemned Cymenesora, 7 þær ofslogon monige Wealas 7 sume on fleame bedrifon on þone wudu þe is genemned Andredesleage.
477 Here came Ælle to Britain and his three sons Kymen and Wlencing and Cissa with three ships on the place with is named Cymenesora, and there they slew many Britons and some drove into flight into the wood with is named Andredesleage.
485 Her Ęlle gefeaht wiþ Walas neah Mearcrędesburnan stęðe.
485 Here Ælle fought against the Britons near the bank of Mearcrędesburnan.
488 Her Æsc feng to rice 7 was .xxiiii. wintra Cantwara cyning.
488 Here Æsc succeeded to the rule and was 34 winters king of the people of Kent.
491 Her Ęlle 7 Cissa ymbsæton Andredescester 7 ofslogon alle þa þe þærinne eardedon; ne wearþ þær forþon an Bret to lafe.
491 Here Ælle and Cissa besieged Andredescester and slew all of their inhabitants; there was not one Briton left to live.
495 Her cuomon twegen aldormen on Bretene, Cerdic 7 Cynric his sunu, mid .v. scipum in þone stede þe is gecueden Cerdicesora 7 þy ilcan dæge gefuhtun wiþ Walum.
495 Here came two chieftains to Britain, Cerdic and Cynric his son, with five ships in the place with is called Cerdicesora and the same day fought with the Britons.
501 Her cuom Port on Bretene 7 his .ii. suna Bieda 7 Mægla mid .ii. scipum on þære stowe þe is gecueden Portesmuþa 7 ofslogon anne giongne brettiscmonnan, swiþe ęþelne monnan.
501 Here came Port to Britain and his two sons Bieda and Mægla with two ships in the place which is called Portsmouth and killed a young British man of very high rank.
508 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric ofslogon ænne brettisccyning, þam was nama Natanleod, 7 .v. þusendu wera mid him. Æfter was þæt lond nemned Natanleaga oþ Cerdicesford.
508 Here Certic and Cynric slew a British king whose name was Natanleod and five thousand men with him; and the land up to Charford was named Netley after him.
514 Her cuomon Westseaxe in Bretene mid .iii. scipum in þa stowe þe is gecueden Cerdicesora, 7 Stuf 7 Wihtgar, 7 fuhton wiþ Brettas 7 hie gefliemdon.
514 Here came the West Saxons into Britain with three ships in the place which is called Certicesora, and Stuf and Wihtgar fought against the Britons and put them to flight.
519 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric hand8: Westsexena rice onfengun on þy ilcan geare hie fuhton wiþ Brettas þær mon nu nemneþ Cerdicesford. hand8b: 7 siþþan ricsadan Westsexana cynebearn of þan dæge.
514 Here Cerdic and Cynric took over the West Saxon realm in the same year they fought the Britons at a place now called Cerdicesford [Charford]. And since that day princes of the West Saxons ruled.
527 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric fuhton wiþ Brettas in þære stowe þe is gecueden Cerdicesleaga.
527 Here Cerdic and Cynric fought against the Britons in the place which is called Cerdicesleaga.
530 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric genamon Wihte ealond 7 ofslogon feala men on Wihtgarabyrg.
530 Here Certic and Cynric took Wihte island [Isle of Wight] and slew many men in Wihtgarabyrig.
534 Her Cerdic forþferde, 7 Cynric his sunu ricsode forþ .xxvi. wintra; 7 hie saldon hiera tuæm nefum Stufe 7 Wihtgare eall Wiehte ealond.
534 Here Certic departed, and Cynric his son ruled for 26 winters, and they gave their two kinsmen, Stuf and Wihtgar, all of Wihte island [Isle of Wight].
538 Her sunne aþiestrode .xiiii. dagum ær kalendas Martii from ærmergenne oþ undern.
538 Her was an eclipse of the sun 14 days before the kalends of March [February 16th] from before morning to undern [9 a.m.]
540 Her sunne aþiestrode on .xii. kalendas Iulius, 7 steorran hie iewdon fulneah healfe tid ofer undern.
540 Here was an eclipse of the sun on the 12 kalends of July [June 20th] and stars were visible very near half an hour after undern [9 a.m.]
544 Her Uuihtgar forþferde, 7 hiene mon bebyrgde on Wihtgarabyrg.
544 Here Uuihtgar [Wihtgar] departed, and man buried him in Wihtgarabyrg.
547 Her Ida feng to rice, þonon Norþanhymbra cynecyn onwoc hand8: 7 rixode twelf gear. 7 he timbrode Bebbanburh. seo was ærost mid hegge betyned. 7 þaræfter mid wealle. Ida wæs Eopping, Eoppa wæs Esing, Esa Inguing. Ingui Angenwiting. Angenwit Aloching. Aloc Beonocing. Beonoc Branding, Brand Bældæging. Bældæg Wodening. Woden Friþowulfing, Friþowulf Finning. Finn Godwulfing. Godwulf Geating.
547 Here Ida succeeded to the rule, from whom Northumbria's ruling family arose, and ruled 12 years, and he built Bebbanburh [Bamburgh]. it was first with a hedge enclosed and thereafter with a wall.
552 [n552.1] Her Cynric gefeaht wiþ Brettas in þære stowe þe is genemned æt Searobyrg. 7 þa Bretwalas gefliemde. Cerdic wæs Cynrices fæder. Cerdic Elesing. Elesa Esling. Esla Gewising. Gewis Wiging. Wig Freawining. Freawine Friþogaring. Friþogar Branding. Brand Bęldæging. Bęldæg Wodening.
552 Here Cynric fought with the Britons in the place which is called Searobyrg [Salisbury]. And the Britons fled. Cerdic was Cynric's father. Cerdic was the son of Elesa, the son of Esla, the son of Gewis, the son of Wig, the son of Freawine, the son of Freothogar, the son of Brand, the son of Bældæg, the son of Woden.
556 Her Cynric 7 Ceawlin fuhton wiþ Brettas æt Beranbyrg.
556 Here Cynric and Ceawlin fought with the Britons at Beranbyrig. [Barbury]
560 Her Ceawlin feng to rice on Wesseaxum, 7 Ęlle feng to Norþanhymbra rice 7 heold .xxx.wintra. Ælle wæs Yffing. Yffe Uscfreaing. Uscfrea Wilgisling. Wilgisl Westerfalcning. Westerfalcna Sæfugling. Sæfugl Sæbalding. Sæbald Sigegeating. Sigegeat Swæfdæging. Swæfdæg Sigegearing. Sigegear Wægdæging. Wægdæg Wodening. Woden Friþowulfing. hand8: rice, Idan forþgefarenum. 7 heora ægþer rixade .xxxti. wintra.
560 Here Ceawlin succeeded to the rule of the West Saxons, and Elle took the Northumbrian realm and held it 30 winters. Ælle was the son of Yffe, the son of Uscfrea, the son of Wilgils, the son of Westerfalca, the son of Sæfugel, the son of Sæbald, the son of Sigegeat, the son of Swefdæg, the son of Sigegar, the son of Wægdæg, the son of Woden. And they both ruled 30 winters.
565 Her Columba mæssepreost of Scottum com in Brettas to lærenne Peohtas 7 in Hi þam ealonde mynster worhte. hand8: Her feng Æðelbriht to Cantwara rice. 7 heold .liii. wintra. On his dagum sende Gregorius us fulluht 7 Columba mæssepreost com to Pihtum. 7 hi gecyrde to Cristes geleauan. Þæt synd þonne wærteras be norðum morum. 7 heora cyng him gesealde þæt igland ðe man Ii nemnað. þar syndon fif hida. þæs ðe man seggað. Þar se Columban getimbrade mynster, 7 he þar was abbod .xxxii. <wintra> 7 þar forðferde. þa he was .lxxvii. wintra. Ða stowe habbað gyt his yrfnuman. Suþ Pihtas wæron ær gefullode of Ninna biscope. se was on Rome gelæred. His mynster ys Hwiterne on Sanctus Martines naman gehalgod. þar he resteð mid manegum halgum. Nu sceal beon æfre on Ii abbod, 7 na biscop. 7 þan sculon beon underðeodde ealle Scotta biscopas. for þan þe Columban was abbod, na biscop.
565 Here Columba the masspriest came from the Scots among the Britons, to instruct the Picts and he built a monastery on the island of Hi [Iona]. Here Æðelbriht succeeded to the rule of the people of Kent. And held it 53 winters. In his days [Pope] Gregory sent us baptism, and Columba the mass-priest came to the Picts and converted them to the belief of Christ. They are the dwellers by the northern moors. And their king gave him the island of Ii [Iona], where are five hides by what men say. There Columba built a monastary, and there he was abbot thirty-two winters and there he departed when he was seventy-seven winters. The place his successors now have. The Southern Picts were converted long before by Bishop Ninna [Ninnia]. He was taught in Rome. His monastery is at Hwiterne [Whithorn] hallowed in the name of St. Martin. There he rests with many holy men. Now shall there be ever on Ii [Iona] an abbot, not a bishop. And to him shall be subject all the bishops of the Scots, because Columba was an abbot, not a bishop.
568 Her Ceaulin 7 Cuþa gefuhton wiþ Ęþelbryht. 7 hine in Cent gefliemdon, 7 tuegen aldormen on Wibban dune ofslogon, Oslaf 7 Cnebban.
568 Here Ceaulin and Cuþa fought against Ęþelbryht, and pursued him into Kent. And they slew two aldermen at Wibban dune [Wimbledon], Oslaf and Cnebban.
571 Her Cuþwulf feaht wiþ Bretwalas æt Bedcan forda. 7 .iiii. tunas genom, Lygeanburg. 7 Ægelesburg. Benningtun. 7 Egonesham. 7 þy ilcan geare he gefor.
571 Here Cuðulf fought agsint the Britons at Bedcan forda [Bedford], and took four towns, Lygeanburg [Lenbury] and Ægelesburg [Aylesbury] and Benningtun [Benson] and Egonesham [Ensham], and in this same year he died.
577 Her Cuþwine 7 Ceawlin fuhton wiþ Brettas, 7 hie .iii. kyningas ofslogon, Coinmail, 7 Condidan, 7 Farinmail, in þære stowe þe is gecueden Deorham. 7 genamon .iii. ceastro Gleawanceaster, 7 Cirenceaster, 7 Baþanceaster.
577 Here Cuþwine and Ceawlin fought with the Britons, and they slew three kings, Commail, and Condida, and Farinmail, on the spot that is called Deorham, and took from them three cities, Gleawanceaster [Gloucester], and Cirenceaster [Cirencester], and Baþanceaster [Bath].
583 hand8: Her Mauricius feng to Romana rice.
583 Here Mauricius succeeded to the rule of the Romans.
584 Her Ceawlin 7 Cuþa fuhton wiþ Brettas, in þam stede þe mon nemneþ Feþanleag. 7 Cuþan mon ofslog. 7 Ceaulin monige tunas genom, 7 unarimedlice herereaf, 7 ierre he hwearf þonan to his agnum.
584 Here Ceawlin and Cuþa fought against the Britons, on the spot that is called Feþanleag. And Cutha was slain. And Ceawlin took many towns, and countless booty, and in anger he returned then to his own [land].
588 Her Ęlle cyning forþferde, 7 Ęþelric ricsode æfter him .v. gear.
588 Here king Ęlle departed, and Ęþelric ruled after him five years.
591 Her Ceolric ricsode .v. gear.
591 Here Ceolric ruled five years.
592 Her micel węlfill wæs æt Woddesbeorge, 7 Ceawlin wæs ut adrifen. hand8: 7 Gregorius feng to papdome on Rome.
592 Here there was a great slaughter at Woddesbeorge [Wanborough], and Ceawlin was driven out. : And Gregorius succeeded to the papacy in Rome.
593 Her Ceawlin 7 Cuichelm 7 Crida forwurdon, 7 Ęþelfriþ feng to rice hand8: on Norðhymbrum.
593 Here Ceawlin and Cuichelm and Crida died, and Ęþelfriþ succeeded to the realm in Northumbria.
595 hand8: Her Gregorius papa sende to Brytene Augustinum. mid wel manegum munecum. þe Godes word Engla ðeoda godspelledon.
595 Here Pope Gregory sent Augustine to Britain with many monks. Who preached God's word to the English people.
596 Her Gregorius papa sende to Bretene Augustinum. mid wel monegum munecum. þa Godes word Engla þeode godspellian.
596 Here Pope Gregory sent Augustine to Britain with many monks. Who preached God's word to the English people.
597 Her ongon Ceolwulf ricsian on Wesseaxum, 7 simle he feaht 7 won, oþþe wiþ Angelcyn, oþþe uuiþ Walas, oþþe wiþ Peohtas, oþþe wiþ Scottas; se wæs Cuþaing. Cuþa Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing, Cerdic Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Gewising, Giwis Wiging, Wig F<r>eawining, Freawine Friþugaring, Friþugar Bronding, Brond Bęldæging, Bęldæg Wodening.
597 Here began Ceolwulf to rule over the West Saxonx, and constantly he fought and won, either against the Angles or against the Welsh or against the Picts or against the Scots. He was the son of Cutha, Cutha of Cynric, Cynric of Cerdic, Cerdic of Elesa, Elesa of Gewis, Gewis of Wye, Wye of Frewin, Frewin of Frithgar, Frithgar of Brand, Brand of Balday, and Balday of Woden.
601 Her sende Gregorius papa Agustino ærcebiscepe pallium in Bretene, 7 wel monige godcunde lareowas him to fultome; 7 Paulinus biscep gehwerfde Edwine Norþhymbra cyning to fulwihte.
601 Here Pope Gregory sent the pall to Archbishop Augustine in Britain, and well many regligious teachers to assist him; and Bishop Paulinus converted Edwin, king of the Northumbrians, to baptism.
603 Her wæs gefeoht æt Egesan stane. hand8: Ægþan Scotta cyng feaht wið Dælreoda, 7 wið Æðelferþe Norþhymra cynge æt Dægstane, 7 man ofsloh mæst ealne his here.
603 Here was a battle at Egesan stane. Ægðan, the king of the Scots, fought against Deolreda and against Æðelferþe, the king of Northumbria at Dægsanstane, and almost all of his army was slain.
604 Her East Seaxe onfengon geleafan 7 fulwihtes bæð under Sæbyrhte cyninge hand8: Augustinus gehalgode .ii. biscopas, Mellitum 7 Iustum, Mellitum he sende to bodiende Eastseaxum fulluht, ðar was se cing gehaten Sæbyrht, Ricolan sunu, Æðelberhtes swyster, ðone Æðelbyrht gesette to cynge. 7 Æðelberht gesealde Mellite biscopsetl on Lundewic. 7 Iusto on Hrouecystre, seo ys .xxiiii. mila fram Dorwitceastre.
604 Here the East Saxons received the faith and the baptismal bath under King Sæberhte. Augustine consecrated two bishops, Mellitus and Justus. Mellitus he sent to preach baptism to the East-Saxons, where the king was called Seabert, the son of Ricola, Ethelbert's sister, whom Ethelbert placed there as king. And Ethelbert gave Mellitus the bishopric of London. And Justus in Rochester, which is twenty-four miles from Dorwitceastre [Canterbury].
606 Her forþferde Gregorius ymb .x. gear þæs þe he us fulwiht sende 7 his fæder wæs haten Gordianus hand8: And her Æðelfrið lædde his færde to Legercyestre, 7 ðar ofsloh unrim Walena. 7 swa wearþ gefyld Augustinus witegunge. þe he cwæþ: 'Gif Wealas nellað sibbe wið us. hi sculan æt Seaxana handa farwurþan'. Þar man sloh eac .cc. preosta ða comon ðyder þæt hi scoldon gebiddan for Walena here. Scrocmail was gehaten heora ealdormann, se atbærst ðanon fiftiga sum.
606 Here pope Gregory departed around ten years after he sent us baptism and his father was called Gordianus. And here Æðelfrið led his forces to Legaceastre [Chester] and there slew a countless number of Britons, and so was fulfilled Augustine's prophecy when he said: 'If the Britons do not wish peace with us, they shall at Saxon hands die." There also were killed 200 priests who had come thither that they could pray for the army of the Britons. Their leader was called Scromail, he escaped thence with fifty men.
607 Her Ceolwulf gefeaht wiþ Suþseaxe.
607 Here Ceolwulf fought against the South Saxons.
611 Her Cynegils feng to rice on Wesseaxum 7 heold .xxxi. wintra. Cynegils wæs Ceoling, Ceol Cuþaing, Cuþa Cynricing.
611 Here Cynegils succeeded to the realm of the West Saxons and held it 31 winters. Cynegils was the son of Ceol, Ceol the son of Cuþa, Cuþa the son of Cynric.
614 Her Cynegils 7 Cuichelm gefuhton on Beandune, 7 ofslogon .ii. þusendo Wala 7 .xlvi.
614 Here Cynegils and CwicheCuichelmlm fought at Beandune and killed two thousand Britions and forty five.
616 Her Ęþelbryht Contwara cyning forþferde, 7 Eadbald his sunu feng to rice, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs agan fram frymþe middangeardes fif þusendu wintra 7 .dccc. hand8: Se forlet his fulluht, 7 leouode on hæðenum þeawe swa þæt he hæfde his fæder laue to wiue. Þa mynte Laurentius ðe þa was ercebiscop on Cent þæt he wolde suð ofer sæ 7 eall forlæton. Ac him com to on niht se apostol Petrus 7 hine hetelice swang, forðan ðe he wolde Godes hyrde forlæton 7 het hine gan to þam cynge 7 bodian him rihtne geleafan. 7 he swa dyde 7 se cing gecyrde to rihtan geleauan. On þyses cinges dagum Laurentius ercebiscop se was on Cent æfter Agustine forþferde .iiii. nonas Februarii 7 he was bebyred be Agustine. Æfter him feng Mellitus to arcebiscopdome se was biscop of Lundene 7 þas binnan fif wintre Mellitus fo<r>ðferde. Þa æfter him feng to arcebiscopdome Iustus, se was biscop of Hrouecistre, 7 þar to gehalgode Romanum to biscope.
616 Here Ęþelbryht, the king of the Kentish people departed, and Eadbald his son succeeded to the realm, and the same year was owned from the beginning of the world five thousand winters and eight hundred. He abandoned his baptism, and lived in a heathen manner so that had his father's widow to wife. Then meant Laurentius, who was archbishop in Kent, the he would go south over the sea and abandon everything. But to him came in the night the apostle Peter and severely chastised him, because he would desert the flock of God and he charged him to go to the king and teach him the right belief. And he did so and the king returned to the right belief. In this king's days Laurentius, who was in Kent after Augustine, departed on the fourth day before the nones [2nd] of February and he was buried by Augustine. After him Mellitus succeeded to archbishopric, he was the bishop of London and within five winters Mellitus departed. Then after him Justus succeed to the archbishopric, he was Bishop of Rochester, and there consecrated Romanus to bishop.
625 Her Paulinus fram Iusto þam ercebiscop wæs gehadod Norþhymbrum to biscepe.
625 Here Paulinus from Justin the archbishop was consecrated as bishop of the Northumbrians.
626 Her Eanflęd Edwines dohtor cyninges wæs gefulwad in þone halgan æfen Pentecosten. 7 Penda hæfde .xxx. wintra rice 7 he hæfde .l. wintra þa þa he to rice feng. Penda wæs Pybbing, Pybba Cryding, Cryda Cynewolding, Cynewold Cnebbing, Cnebba Iceling, Icel Eomæring, Eomær Angelþeowing, Angelþeow Offing, Offa Wærmunding, Wærmund Wihtlæging, Wihtlæg Wodening.
626 Here Eanfled, king Edwine's daughter, was baptized on the holy eve of Pentecost. And Penda held for 30 winters the realm and he had fifty winters when he succeeded to the realm. Penda was the son of Pybba, Pybba of Creoda, Creoda of Cynewald, Cynewald of Cnebba, Cnebba of Icel, Icel of Eomer, Eomer of Angelthew, Angelthew of Offa, Offa of Wearmund, Wearmund of Whitley, Whitley of Woden.
627 Her Edwine kyning wæs gefulwad mid his þeode on Eastron.
627 Here king Edwine was baptized with his people on Easter.
628 Her Cynegils 7 Cuichelm gefuhtun wiþ Pendan æt Cirenceastre, 7 geþingodan þa.
628 Here Cynegils and Cuichelm fought with Penda at Cyrenceastre, and came to terms there.
632 Her was Eorpwald gefulwad.
632 Here Eorpwald was baptized.
633 Her Edwine wæs ofslægen, 7 Paulinus huerf eft to Cantwarum, 7 gesæt þæt biscepsetl on Hrofesceastre.
633 Here Edwine was slain, and Paulinus returned after to Kent, and occupied the bishop see of Rochester.
634 Her Birinus biscep bodude West Seaxum fulwuht.
634 Here Bishop Birinus preached to the West Saxons baptism.
635 Her Cynegils wæs gefulwad from Birino þæm biscep in Do<r>keceastre, 7 Oswold his onfeng.
635 Here Cynegils was baptized from Birinus the Bishop in Dorchester and Oswald stood sponsor to him.
636 Her Cuichelm wæs gefulwad in Dorcesceastre, 7 þy ilcan geare forþferde; 7 Felix biscep bodade East Englum Cristes geleafan.
636 Here Cwicelm was baptized in Dorchester, and in the same year he departed, and Bishop Felix preached to the East Angles the faith of Christ.
639 Her Birinus fulwade Cuþręd on Dorcesceastre, 7 onfeng hine him to suna.
639 Here Birinus baptized Cuthred in Dorchester, and received him as his godson.
640 Her Redbald Cantwara cyning forþferde, 7 he ricsode .xxv. wintra. hand8c: He hæfde twegene sunu Ermenred 7 Ercenberht. 7 þes Ercenberht rixode æfter his fæder. 7 Ermenred gestrynde twegen sunu. þa syððan wurðan gemartirode of Ðunore.
640 Here Eadbald, king of the people of Kent, departed, and he had ruled 25 winters. He had two sons Ermenred and Ercenberht. And this Ercenberht ruled after his father. And Ermenred sired two sons. They afterwards were martyred by Thunor.
642 Her Oswald Norþanhymbra cyning ofslægen wæs.
642 Here Oswald, king of the Northumbrians, was slain.
643 Her Cenwalh feng to Wesseaxna rice 7 heold .xxxi. wintra, 7 se Cenwalh het atimbran þa ciricean on Wintanceastre.
643 Here Cenwealh succeeded to the kingdom of the West Saxons and held it for 31 winters, and the same Cenwealh had built the church of Winchester.
644 Her Paulinus forþferde se was ærcebiscep on Eoforwicceastre, 7 eft on Hrofesceastre.
644 Here Paulinus departed, who was archbishop of York and after of Rochester.
645 Her Cenwalh adrifen wæs from Pendan cyninge.
645 Here Cenwalh was driven out by king Penda.
646 Her Cenwalh wæs gefulwad.
645 Here Cenwalh was baptized.
648 Her Cenwalh gesalde Cuþrede his mæge .iii. þusendo londes be Æscesdune; se Cuþred wæs Cuichelming, Cuichelm Cynegilsing.
648 Here Cenwalh gave to Cuthred his kinsman three thousand of land by Ashdown. This Cuthred was the son of Cwichelm, the son of Cynegils.
650 Her Ęgelbryht of Galwalum æfter Birine þam Romaniscan biscepe onfeng Wesseaxna biscepdome.
649 Here Ægelbriht of Gaul after Byrin the Roman bishop received the bishopric of the West Saxons.
651 Her Oswine kyning wæs ofslægen, 7 Aidan biscep forþferde.
651 Here king Oswine was slain, and bishop Aidan departed.
652 Her Cenwalh gefeaht æt Bradanforda be Afne.
652 Here Cenwalh fought at Bradford-by-Avon.
653 Her Middelseaxe onfengon under Peadan aldormen ryhtne geleafan.
653 Here the Middle Saxons received under ealdorman Peada the true faith.
654 Her Onna cyning wearþ ofslægen, 7 Botulf ongon mynster timbran æt Icanho.
653 Here king Onna was slain, and Botwulf began the minster to build at Icanho.
655 Her Penda forwearþ, 7 Mierce wurdon Cristne. Þa was agan from fruman middangeardes <.v. þusendo> wintra 7 .dccc. 7 .l. wintra, 7 Pe<a>da feng to Mercna rice Pending.
655 Here Penda perished, and the Mercians became Christian. Then was owned from the beginning of the world five thousand winters and eight hundred and fifty winters. And Peada succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians, the son of Penda.
657 Her forþferde Peada, 7 Wulfhere Pending feng to Miercna rice.
657 Here departed Peada, and Wulfhere, son of Penda succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians.
658 Her Cenwalh gefeaht æt Peonnum wiþ Walas, 7 hie gefliemde oþ Pedridan. Þis wæs gefohten siþþan he of Eastenglum com; he wæs þær .iii. gear on wrece, hæfde hine Penda adrifenne, 7 rices benumenne. forþon he his swostor anforlet.
658 Here Cenwalh fought at Peonnum against the Welsh, and they fled as far as the Parret. This was fought after he came from East Anglia; he was there three years in exile, Penda had driven him out, and deprived him of his kingdom because he deserted his sister.
660 Her Ægelbryht biscep g(e)ewat from Cenwale, 7 Wine heold þone biscepdom .iii. gear; 7 se Ægelbryht onfeng Persa biscepdomes on Galwalum bi Signe.
660 Here bishop Agelbirt departed from Cenwalh, and Wine held the bishopdom three years, and this Agelbirt received the bishopric of the Parisians in Gaul by the Seine.
661 Her Cenwalh gefeaht in Eastron on Posentesbyrg, 7 gehergeade Wulfhere Pending Æscesdune; 7 Cuþred Cuichelming, 7 Coenbryht cyning on anum geare forþferdun; 7 on Wiht gehergade Wulfhere Pending, 7 gesalde Wihtwaran Ęþelwalde Suþseaxna cyninge, forþon Wulfhere hine onfeng æt fulwihte. 7 Eoppa mæssepreost be Wilferþes worde 7 Wulfhere cyning brohte Wihtwarum fulwiht ærest.
661 Here Cenwalh fought on Easter in Posentesbyrg, and Wulfhere, son of Penda, harried as far as Ashdown; and Cuthred, son of Cwichelm, and Cenberht king in one year departed; And on Wight Wulhere, son of Penda, harried, and gave the people of Wight to Æthelwold king of the south Saxons, because Wulfhere sponsored him at baptism. And Eoppa the priest, by Wilfred's command and king Wulfhere's, brought to the people of Wight baptism first.
664 Her sunne aþiestrode, 7 Arcenbryht Cantwara cyng forþferde; 7 Colman mid his geferum for to his cyððe. Þy ilcan geare wæs micel mancuealm; 7 Ceadda 7 Wilferþ wæron gehadode, 7 þy ilcan geare Deusdedit forþferde.
664 Here the sun eclipsed, and Eorcenberht, king of the Kentish people departed; and Colman with his companions went to his native country; And Ceadda and Wilfrid were consecrated, and in the same year Deusdedit departed.
668 Her Þeodorius mon hadode to ercebiscep.
668 Here Theodore people consecrated to archbishop.
669 Her Ecgbryht cyning salde Basse mæsseprioste Reculf mynster on to timbranne.
669 Here King Egbert gave priest Bass Reculver, a minster to build.
670 Her forþferde Osweo Norþanhymbra cyning, 7 Ecgferþ ricsode æfter him; 7 Hloþhere feng to biscepdome ofer Wesseaxan Ægelbryhtes biscepes nefa. 7 heold .vii. gear, þeodor biscep hine gehalgode; 7 se Oswio wæs Ęþelferþing, Ęþelferþ Ęþelricing, Ęþelric Iding, Ida Eopping.
670 Here departed Oswiu, king of the Northumbrians, and Ecgfrith reigned after him; and Leuthere succeeded to the bishopric over the West Saxons--Bishop Agilbert’s nephew. And held seven years, Bishop Theodore him consecrated; and this Oswiu was the son of Æthelfrith, the son of Æthelric, the son of Ida, the son of Eoppa.
671 Her wæs þæt micle fugla węl.
671 Here was the great destruction of birds.
672 Her forþferde Cenwalh 7 Seaxburg an gear ricsode his cuen æfter him. [n672.1]
672 Here departed Cenwealh, and Seaxburh one year ruled, his queen, after him.
673 Her Ecgbryht Cantwara cyning forþferde; 7 þy geare wæs senoð æt Heorotforda, 7 Sancte Ęþeldryht ongon þæt mynstær æt Elige.
673 Here Egbert, king of the people of Kent departed, and in the same year there was a synod at Hertford, and St. Æthelthryth began the monastery at Ely.
674 Her feng Æscwine to rice on Wesseaxum, se wes Cenfusing, Cenfus Cenferþing, Cenferþ Cuþgilsing, Cuþgils Ceolwulfing, Ceolwulf Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing.
674 Here succeeded Æscwine to the kingdom of Wessex. He was the son of Cenfus, the son of Cenferth, the son of Cuthgils, the son of Ceolwulf, the son of Cynric, the son of Cerdic.
675 Her Wulfhere Pending 7 Æscwine gefuhton æt Biedanheafde; 7 þy ilcan geare Wulfhere forþferde, 7 Ęþelręd feng to rice.
675 Here Wulfhere, the son of Penda, and Æscwine fought at Biedanheafde; and in the same year Wulfhere departed, and Æðelred succeeded to the kingdom
676 Her Æscwine forþferde, 7 Hedde feng to biscepdome, 7 Centwine feng to rice; 7 Centwine was Cynegilsing, Cynegils Ceolwulfing; 7 Ęþered Miercna cyning oferhergeada Centlond.
676 Here Æscwine departed, and Haedde succeeded to the bishopric, and Centwine succeeded to the kingdom; and Centwine was the son of Cynegils, the son of Ceolwulf; And Ethelred, king of the Mercians, ravaged Kent.
678 Her oþiewde cometa se steorra, 7 Wilfriþ biscop wæs adrifen of his biscopdome from Ecgferþe cyninge.
678 Here appeared the star called comet, and Bishop Wilfrid was driven from his bishopric by King Ecgfrith.
679 Her Ęlfwine wæs ofslægen, 7 Sancte Ęþelþryþ forþferde.
679 Here Ælfwine was slain, and Saint Athelthryth departed.
680 Her gesæt Þeodorius ærcebiscop senoþ on Hęþfelda, forþon he wolde þone <Cri>stes geleafan geryhtan; 7 þy ylcan geare forþferde Hild abbodesse on Streonesheale.
680 Here presided Archbishop Theodore over a synod in Hatfield, because he would their belief in Christ correct; and the same year departed the Abbess of Hild, of Whitby.
682 On þissum geare Centwine gefliemde Bretwealas oþ sę.
682 In this year Centwine put to flight the Britons as far as the sea.
685 Her Ceadwalla ongan æfter rice winnan; Se Ceadwalla was Coenbryhting. Coenbryht Cading, Cadda Cuþaing, Cuþa Ceawlining, Ceawlin Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing; 7 Mul was Ceadwallan broþur, 7 þone mon eft on Cent forbærnde; 7 þy ilcan geare Ecgferþ cyning mon ofslog; Se Ecgferþ was Osweoing, Osweo Ęþelferþing, Ęþelferþ Ęþelricing, Ęþelric Iding, Ida Eopping; 7 Hloþhere þy ilcan geare forþferde.
685 Here Ceadwalla began to contend after the kingdom; Ceadwall was the son of Kenbert, Kenbert of Chad, Chad of Cutha, Cutha of Ceawlin, Ceawlin of Cynric, Cynric of Cerdic; And Mul was Ceadwalla's brother, and the man who after was burned in Kent; and the same year King Ecgfrith was slain by people; Ecgfrith was the son of Oswy. Oswy of Ethelferth, Ethelferth of Ethelric, Ethelric of Ida, Ida of Eoppa. And Hlothere in the same year departed.
686 Her Ceadwalla 7 Mul Cent 7 Wieht forhergedon.
686 Here Ceadwealla and Mul ravaged Kent and [the Isle of] Wight.
687 Her Mul wearþ on Cent forbærned, 7 oþre .xii. men mid him, 7 þy geare Ceadwalla eft Cent forhergeada.
687 Here Mul was in Kent burned, and other twelve men with him, and in this year Ceadwalla after overran Kent
688 Her Ine feng to Wesseaxna rice, 7 heold .xxxvii. wintra. hand6: 7 he getimbrade þæt menster æt Glæstingabyrig. [n688.1] 7 þy ilcan geare Ceadwalla for to Rome, 7 fulwihte onfeng from þam papan, 7 se papa hine heht Petrus. 7 ymb .vii. niht he forþferde. Þonne was se Ine Cenreding, Cenred Ceolwalding, Ceolwald was Cynegilses broþur, 7 þa wæron Cuþwines suna Ceaulininges, Ceaulin Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing.
688 Here Ine succeeded to the kingdom of the West Saxons and held it for 37 winters. And he built that minster at Glastonbury. And in the same year Ceadwalla travelled to Rome and baptism received from the pope, and the pope called him Peter. and after seven nights he departed. Then was Ine the son of Cenred, Cenred of Ceolwald; Ceolwald was the brother of Cynegils, and they were sons of Cuthwin, son of Ceawlin, Ceawlin was the son of Cynric, and Cynric of Cerdic.
690 Her Þeodorius ærcebiscop forþferde, 7 feng Beorhtwald to þam biscepdome. Ær wærun Romanisce biscepas, siþþan wærun Englisce.
690 Here archbishop Theordore departed, and Brihtwold succeeded to the bishopric. Before there were Roman bishops, thereafer there were English.
694 Her Cantware geþingodan wiþ Ine, 7 him gesaldon .xxx.m. forþon þe hie ær Mul forbærndon; 7 Wihtred feng to Cantwara rice, 7 heold .xxxiii. wintra; Se Wihtred was Ecgbryhting, Ecgbryht Arcenbryhting, Erconbryht Eadbalding, Eadbald Ęþelbryhting.
694 Here the people of Kent made terms with Ine, and to him gave 30 thousand [pounds] because they before Mul had burned; and Wihtred succeeded to the kingdom of the Kentish people, and held it 33 winters; This Withred was the son of Egbert, the son of Eorcenberht, the son of Eadbald, the son of Ethelbert.
703 Her Hedde biscep forþferde, 7 he heold þone biscepdom .xxvii. wintra on Wintaceastre.
703 Here bishop Hedda departed, and he held the bischopdom 37 winters in Winchester.
704 Her Ęþelred Pending Miercna cyning onfeng munuchade, 7 þæt rice heold .xxviiii. wintra. þa feng Coenred to.
704 Here Ethelred, son of Penda, king of the Mercians, became a monk, and that kindom [he] held 29 winters. Then succeeded Cenred.
705 Her Aldferþ Norþanhymbra cyning forþferde 7 Seaxuulf biscep.
705 Here Aldfrith, king of the Northumbrians, departed, and bishop Seaxulf.
709 Her Aldhelm biscep forþferde, se wæs be westan wuda biscep, 7 wæs todęled in foreweardum Danieles dagum in tua biscepscira Westseaxna lond, 7 ær hit wæs an; oþer heold Daniel, oþer Aldhelm; Æfter Aldhelme feng Forþhere to; 7 Ceolred feng to Miercna rice, 7 Coenred for to Rome 7 Offa mid him.
709 Here bishop Aldelm departed, who was bishop by west of the woods; and the land of the West Saxons was divided in the forepart of Daniel's days in two bishoprics, and before it was one: Other held Daniel, other bishop Aldelem. Æfter Aldelm, Forhere succeeded, and Ceolred succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians. And Cenred travelled to Rome and Offa with him.
710 hand3: Her Beorhtfriþ ealdormon feaht wiþ Peohtas, 7 Ine 7 Nun his mæg gefuhton wiþ Gerente Wala cyninge. [n710.1]
710 Here Ealdorman Brihtferth fought against the Picts, and Ine and Nunna fought against Geraint the king.
714 Her forþferde Guþlac se halga.
714 Here departed Guthlac the holy.
715 Her Ine 7 Ceolred fuhton æt Woddesbeorge.
715 Here Ine and Ceolred fought at Woden's Barrow.
716 Her Osred Norþanhymbra cyning wearþ ofslægen, se hæfde .vii. winter rice 7 æfter Aldferþe. Þa feng Coenred to rice, 7 heold .ii. gear; þa Osric 7 heold .xi. gear. 7 on þam ilcan geare Ceolred Miercna cyning forþferde, 7 his lic resteþ on Licetfelda, 7 Ęþelrędes Pendinges on Bearddanigge; 7 þa feng Ęþelbald to rice on Mercium, 7 heold .xli. wintra. Ęþelbald wæs Alweoing, Alweo Eawing, Eawa Pybing, þæs cyn is beforan awriten; 7 Ecgbryht se arwierþa wer on Hii þam ealonde þa munecas on ryht gecierde þæt hie Eastron on ryht heoldon, 7 þa ciriclecan scare.
716 Here Osred, king of the Northumbrians, was slain, he had [ruled] the kingdom 7 winters after Aldfrith; then succeeded Cenred to the kingdom and held [it] 2 years; then Osric and held [it] 11 years. And in that same year Ceolred, king of the Mercians, departed, and his body rests in Lichfield, and Ehtelred's, son of Penda, in Bardney; And then succeeded Aethelbald to the kingdom in Mercia, and held [it] 41 winters. Aethelbald was the son of Alwy, Alwy of Eawa, Eawa of Webba, whose kin is already written; And Egbert, the venerable man, on Iona the island, the monks to the right induced that they Easter on the right [day] hold, and the churchlike tonsure.
718 Her Ingild forþferde Ines broþur, 7 hiera swostur wærun Cuenburg 7 Cuþburg, 7 sio Cuþburg þæt liif æt Winburnan arærde, 7 hio wæs forgifen Norþanhymbra cyninge Aldferþe, 7 hie be him lifgendum hie gedældun.
718 Here Ingild departed, Ine's brother, and their sisters were Cwenburh and Cuthburh, and she Cuthburh that life [monastery] at Wimborne founded, and she was given [married] to the Northumbrian king Aldfrith, and they during their lives they separated.
721 Her Daniel ferde to Rome; 7 þy ilcan geare Ine ofslog Cynewulf.
721 Here Daniel travelled to Rome. And the same year Ine slew Cynewulf.
722 Her Ęþelburg cuen towearp Tantun 7 Ine ær timbrede; 7 Aldbryht wræccea gewat on Suþrige 7 on Suþseaxe; 7 Ine (ge)gefeaht wiþ Suþseaxum.
722 Here Queen Athelburh destroyed Taunton and [which] Ine before built; And Aldbriht the exile went to Surrey in Sussex. And Ine fought with the South Saxons.
725 Her Wihtręd Cantwara cyning forþferde, þæs cyn is beforan. hand8c: 7 Eadberht feng to Centrice. 7 Ine feaht wiþ Suþseaxan, 7 þær ofslog Aldbryht.
725 Here Wihtred, king of the people of Kent, departed, who is before [mentioned]. And Eadberht succeeded to the rule of Kent. And Ine fought with the South Saxons and there slew Ealdberht.
728 Her Ine ferde to Rome. hand6: 7 þær his feorh gesealde 7 feng Ęþelheard to Wesseaxna rice 7 heold .xiiii. gear. 7 þy geare gefuhton Ęþelheard 7 Oswald se ęþeling; 7 se Oswald was Ęþelbalding, Ęþelbald Cynebalding, Cynebald Cuþwining, Cuþwine Ceaulining.
726 Here Ine travelled to Rome. And there his life gave up. And Ethelhard succeeded to the kingdom of the West Saxons and held [it] 14 years. And the same year fought Ethelhard and Oswald the atheling; and he Oswald was the son of Ethelbald, Ethelbald of Cynebald, Cynebald of Cuthwin, Cuthwin of Ceawlin
729 Her cometa se steorra hiene oþiewde, 7 Sanctus Ecgbryht forþferde.
729 Here the star comet itself showed, and Saint Egbert departed.
730 Her Oswald se ęþeling forþferde.
730 Here Oswald the atheling departed.
731 Her was ofslægen Osric Norþanhymbra cyning, 7 feng Ceoluulf to þam rice, 7 heold .viii. gear. 7 se Ceolwulf wæs Cuþaing, Cuþa Cuþwining, Cuþwine Leodwalding. Leodwald Ecgwalding, Ecgwald Aldhelming, Aldhelm Ocging, Ocga Iding, Ida Eopping; 7 Beorhtwald ærcebiscep gefor; 7 þy ilcan geare Tatwine (7) wæs gehalgod to ærcebiscepe.
731 Here was slain Osric the Northumbrian king, and succeeded Ceolwulf the kingdom, and held it 8 years. And he Ceowulf was the son of Cutha, Cutha of Cuthwin, Cuthwin of Leodwald, Leodwald of Egwald, Egwald of Ealdhelm, Ealdhelm of Occa, Occa of Ida, Ida of Eoppa; And Archbishop Brihtwold died; and the same year Tatwine was consecrated to archbishop.
733 Her Ęþelbald geeode Sumurtun; 7 sunne aþiestrode.
733 Here Ethelbald took Somerton; and the sun was eclipsed.
734 Her wæs se mona swelce he wære mid blode begoten; 7 ferdon forþ Tatwine 7 Bieda.
734 Here was the moon such as if it were with blood covered, and departed archbiship Tacwine, and Beda.
736 Her Noþhelm ærcebiscep onfeng pallium from Romana biscep.
736 Here Archbishop Nothhelm received the pallium from the bishop of Rome.
737 Her Forþhere biscep 7 Friþogiþ cuen ferdun to Rome.
737 Here Bishop Forthere and Queen Frithogitha travelled to Rome.
738 Her Eadbryht Eating, Eata Leodwalding, feng to Norþanhymbra rice 7 heold .xxi. wintra. 7 his broþor wæs Ecgbryht Eating ærcebiscep, 7 hie restaþ begen on Eoforwicceastre on anum portice.
738 Here Eadbery, the son of Eata, the son of Leodwald, succeeded to the kingdom of the Northumbrians and held it 21 winters. And his brother was Archbishop Egbert, the son of Eata, and they rest both in York on one porch.
741 Her Ęþelheard cyning forþferde, 7 feng Cuþręd to Wesseaxna rice, 7 heold .xvi. wintra, 7 heardlice gewon wiþ Ęþelbald cyning; 7 Cuþbryht wæs to ærcebiscepe gehalgod(e), 7 Dun biscep to Hrofesceastre.
741 Here King Ethelhard departed, and succeeded Cuthred to the kingdom of the West Saxons, and held it 16 winters, and fought hard against King Ethelbald; and Cuthbert was to archbishop consecrated, and Bishop Dun to Rochester.
743 Her Ęþelbald 7 Cuþręd fuhton wiþ Walas.
743 Here Ethelbald and Cuthred fought against the Welsh.
744 Her Danihel gesæt on Wintanceastre, 7 Hunferþ feng to biscepdome.
745 Her Danihel forþferde, þa was .xliii. wintra agan siþþan he onfeng biscepdome.
746 Her mon slog Selred cyning.
748 Her wæs ofslægen Cynric Wesseaxna ęþeling, 7 Eadbryht Cantwara cyning forþferde. hand8c: 7 Æthelbyrht Wihtredes sunu cinges feng to þam rice.
750 Her Cuþred cyning gefeaht uuiþ Ęþelhun þone ofermedan aldormonn.
752 Her Cuþred gefeaht þy .xii. geare his rices æt Beorgf(e)orda wiþ Ęþelbald.
753 Her Cuþred feaht wiþ Walas.
754 actually 756 Her Cuþred forþferde, 7 Cyneheard onfeng biscepdome æfter Hunferþe on Wintanceastre; 7 Cantwaraburg forbærn þy geare 7 Sigebryht feng to Wesseaxna rice 7 heold an gear.
755 actually 757 Her Cynewulf benam Sigebryht his rices 7 Westseaxna wiotan for unryhtum dędum buton Hamtunscire, 7 he hæfde þa oþ he ofslog þone aldormon þe him lengest wunode, 7 hiene þa Cynewulf on Andred adræfde 7 he þær wunade oþ þæt hiene an swan ofstang æt Pryfetesflodan; 7 he wręc þone aldormon Cumbran. 7 se Cynewulf oft miclum gefeohtum feaht uuiþ Bretwalum, 7 ymb .xxxi. wintra þæs þe he rice hæfde, he wolde adræfan anne ęþeling se was Cyneheard haten, 7 se Cyneheard wæs þæs Sigebryhtes broþur; 7 þa geascode he þone cyning lytle werode on wifcyþþe on Merantune 7 hine þær berad 7 þone bur utan beeode ær hine þa men onfunden þe mid þam kyninge wærun; 7 þa ongeat se cyning þæt 7 he on þa duru eode 7 þa unheanlice hine werede oþ he on þone ęþeling locude 7 þa ut ræsde on hine 7 hine miclum gewundode, 7 hie alle on þone Cyning wærun feohtende oþ þæt hie hine ofslægenne hæfdon 7 þa on þæs wifes gebærum onfundon þæs cyninges þegnas þa unstilnesse 7 þa þider urnon swa hwelc swa þonne gearo wearþ 7 radost 7 hiera se ęþeling gehwelcum feoh 7 feorh gebead 7 hiera nænig hit geþicgean nolde. Ac hie simle feohtende wæran oþ hie alle lægon butan anum Bryttiscum gisle 7 se swiþe gewundad wæs. Þa on morgenne gehierdun þæt þæs cyninges þegnas þe him beæftan wærun þæt se cyning ofslęgen wæs þa ridon hie þider 7 his aldormon Osric 7 Wiferþ his þegn 7 þa men þe he beæftan him læfde ær 7 þone ęþeling on þære byrig metton þær se cyning ofslægen læg 7 þa gatu him to belocen hæfdon 7 þa þærto eodon 7 þa gebead he him hiera agenne dom feos 7 londes gif hie him þæs rices uþon 7 him cyþdon þæt hiera mægas him mid wæron þa þe him from noldon 7 þa cuędon hie þæt him nænig mæg leofra nære þonne hiera hlaford 7 hie næfre his banan folgian noldon 7 þa budon hie hiera mægum þæt hie gesunde from eodon 7 hie cuędon þæt tæt ilce hiera geferum geboden wære þe ær mid þam cyninge wærun. Þa cuędon hie þæt hie hie þæs ne onmunden "þon ma þe eowre geferan þe mid þam cyninge ofslægene wærun". 7 hie þa ymb þa gatu feohtende wæron oþ þæt hie þærinne fulgon 7 þone ęþeling ofslogon 7 þa men þe him mid wærun alle butan anum se wæs þæs aldormonnes godsunu 7 he his feorh generede 7 þeah he wæs oft gewundad. 7 se Cynewulf ricsode .xxxi. wintra 7 his lic liþ æt Wintanceastre 7 þæs ęþlinges æt Ascanmynster 7 hiera ryhtfęder cyn gęþ to Cerdice 7 þy ilcan geare mon ofslog Ęþelbald Miercna cyning on Seccandune 7 his lic liþ on Hreopadune 7 Beornręd feng to rice 7 lytle hwile heold 7 ungefealice 7 þy ilcan geare Offa feng to rice 7 heold .xxxviiii. wintra 7 his sunu Egferþ heold .xli. daga 7 .c. daga. Se Offa wæs Þincgferþing Þincgferþ Eanwulfing, Eanwulf Osmoding, Osmod Eawing, Eawa Pybing, Pybba Creoding, Creoda Cynewalding, Cynewald Cnebing, Cnebba Iceling, Icel Eomæring, Eomær Angelþowing, Angelþeow Offing, Offa Wærmunding, Wærmund Wihtlæging, Wihtlæg Wodening.
758 actually 760 [n758.1] Her Cuþbryht arcebiscep forþferde.
759 actually 761 [n759.1] Her Bregowine wæs to ercebiscepe gehadod to Sancte Michaeles tide.
760 actually 762 Her Ęþelbryht Cantwara cyning forþferde hand8d: se was Wihtredes cinges sunu.
761 actually 763-4 Her wæs se micla winter.
763 actually 765 Her Ianbryht wæs gehadod to ærcebiscepe on þone feowertegan dæg ofer midne winter.
764 actually 766 Her Iaenbryht ærcebiscep onfeng pallium.
768 actually 770 hand8d: Her forþferde Eadberht Eating Cantwara cinc.
772 actually 774 Her Milred biscep forþferde.
773 actually 775 Her oþiewde read Cristesmęl on hefenum æfter sunnan setlgonge; 7 þy geare gefuhton Mierce 7 Cantware æt Ottanforda; 7 wunderleca nędran wæron gesewene on Suþseaxna londe.
777 actually 779 Her Cynewulf 7 Offa gefuhton ymb Benesingtun 7 Offa nam þone tuun.
780 actually 782 Her Aldseaxe 7 Francan gefuhtun.
784 actually 786 Her Cyneheard ofslog Cynewulf cyning, 7 he þær wearþ ofslægen, 7 .lxxxiiii. monna mid him; 7 þa onfeng Beorhtric Wesseaxna rices, 7 he ricsode .xvi. gear, 7 his lic liþ æt Werham, 7 his ryhtfędren cyn gęþ to Cerdice. hand8c: To þysan timan rixode Ealhmund cing innon Cent.
785 actually 787 Her wæs geflitfullic senoþ æt Cealchyþe, 7 Iaenbryht ærcebiscep forlet sumne dęl his biscepdomes, 7 from Offan kyninge Hygebryht wæs gecoren, 7 Ecgferþ to cyninge gehalgod.
787 actually 789 Her nom Beorhtric cyning Offan dohtor Eadburge; 7 on his dagum cuomon ærest .iii. scipu, 7 þa se gerefa þærto rad, 7 hie wolde drifan to þæs cyninges tune þy he nyste hwæt hie wæron; 7 hiene mon ofslog; Þæt wæron þa ærestan scipu Deniscra monna þe Angelcynnes lond gesohton.
790 actually 792 Her Iaenbryht ærcebiscep forþferde, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs gecoren Ęþelheard abbud to biscepe.
792 actually 794 Her Offa Miercna cyning het Ęþelbryhte rex þæt heafod ofaslean.
794 actually 796 Her Adrianus papa 7 Offa cyning forþferdon; 7 Ęþelred Norþanhymbra cyning wæs ofslægen from his agenre þeode, 7 Ceolwulf biscep 7 Eadbald biscep of þæm londe aforon; 7 Ecgferþ feng to Miercna rice. 7 þy ilcan geare forþferde; 7 Eadbryht onfeng rice on Cent. þam was oþer noma nemned Præn.
796 actually 798 Her Ceolwulf Miercna cyning oferhergeade Cantware oþ Mersc, 7 gefengun Praen hiera cyning, 7 gebundenne hine on Mierce lęddon;
797 actually 799 Her Romane Leone þæm papan his tungon forcurfon, 7 his eagan astungon, 7 hine of his setle afliemdon; 7 þa sona eft Gode fultomiendum he meahte geseon 7 sprecan, 7 eft was papa swa he ær wæs.
799 actually 801 Her Ęþelheard ærcebiscep 7 Cynebryht Wesseaxna biscep foron to Rome.
800 actually 802 Her Beorhtric cyning forþferde 7 Worr aldormon; 7 Ecgbryht feng to Wesseaxna rice; 7 þy ilcan dæge rad Ęþelmund aldorman of Hwiccium ofer æt Cynemæresforda, þa mette hine Weoxstan aldorman mid Wilsætum; þær wearþ micel gefeoht, 7 þær begen ofslægene þa aldormen, 7 Wilsætan namon sige.
802 actually 804 Her wæs gehadod Beornmod biscep to Hrofesceastre.
803 actually 805 Her Ęþelheard ærcebiscep forþferde, 7 Wulfred wæs to ærcebiscepe gehadod, 7 Forþred abbud forþferde.
804 actually 806 Her Wulfred ærcebiscep pallium onfeng.
805 actually 807 Her Cuþred cyning forþferde on Cantwarum, 7 Ceolburg abbudesse, 7 Heabryht aldorman.
812 actually 814 Her Carl cyning forþferde, 7 he ricsode .xlv. wintra. 7 Wulfred arcebiscep 7 Wigbryht Wesseaxna biscep foron begen to Rome;
813 actually 815 Her Wulfred ærcebiscep mid bledsunge þæs papan Leon hwearf eft to his agnum biscepdome; 7 þy geare gehergade Ecgbryht cyning on West Walas from easteweardum oþ westewearde.
814 actually 816 Her Leo se ęþela papa 7 se halga forþferde, 7 æfter him Stephanus feng to rice.
816 actually 818 Her Stephanus papa forþferde, 7 æfter him was Paschalis to papan gehadod; 7 þy ilcan geare forborn Ongolcynnes scolu.
819 actually 821 Her Cenwulf Miercna cyning forþferde, 7 Ceolwulf feng to rice, 7 Eadbryht aldormon forþferde.
821 actually 823 Her wearþ Ceolwulf his rices besciered.
822 actually 824 Her tuegen aldormen wurdon ofslægene, Burghelm 7 Muca; 7 senoþ wæs æt Clofeshoo.
823 actually 825 Her wæs Wala gefeoht 7 Defna æt Gafulforda 7 þy ilcan geare gefeaht Ecbryht cyning 7 Beornwulf cyning on Ellendune 7 Ecgbryht sige nam 7 þær wæs micel węl geslægen. Þa sende he Ęþlwulf his sunu of þære fierde 7 Ealhstan his biscep 7 Wulfheard his aldormon to Cent micle werede 7 hie Baldred þone cyning norþ ofer Temese adrifon 7 Cantware him to cirdon 7 Suþrige 7 Suþseaxe 7 Eastseaxe þy hie from his mægum ær mid unryhte anidde wærun 7 þy ilcan geare Eastengla cyning 7 seo þeod gesohte Ecgbryht cyning him to friþe 7 to mundboran for Miercna ege 7 þy geare slogon Eastengle Beornwulf Miercna cyning.
825 actually 827 Her Ludecan Miercna cyning 7 his .v. aldormen mon ofslog mid him 7 Wiiglaf feng to rice.
827 actually 829 Her mona aþistrode on middes wintres mæsseniht 7 þy ilcan geare geeode Ecgbryht cyning Miercna rice 7 al þæt be suþan Humbre wæs 7 he wæs se eahteþa cyning se þe Bretwalda wæs -- ærest Ęlle Suþseaxna cyning se þus micel rice hæfde se æftera wæs Ceawlin Wesseaxna cyning se þridda wæs Ęþelbryht Cantwara cyning se feorþa wæs Rędwald Eastengla cyning fifta was Eadwine Norþanhymbra cyning siexta wæs Oswald se æfter him ricsode seofoþa wæs Oswio Oswaldes broþur eahtoþa wæs Ecgbryht Wesseaxna cyning 7 se Ecgbryht lędde fierd to Dore wiþ Norþanhymbre 7 hie him þær eaþmedo budon 7 geþuærnesse 7 hie on þam tohwurfon.
828 actually 830 Her eft Wilaf onfeng Miercna rices 7 Ęþelwald biscep forþferde 7 þy ilcan geare lędde Ecgbryht cyning fierd on Norþwalas 7 he hie to eaþmodre hersumnesse gedyde.
829 actually 831 Her Wulfred ærcebiscep forþferde.
830 actually 832 Her Ceolnoþ wæs gecoren to biscepe 7 gehadod 7 Feologid abbud forþferde.
831 actually 833 Her Ceolnoþ ærcebiscep onfeng pallium.
832 actually 835 Her hęþne men oferhergeadon Sceapige.
833 actually 836 Her gefeaht Ecgbryht cyning wiþ .xxxv. sciphlæsta æt Carrum 7 þær wearþ micel węl geslægen, 7 þa Denescan ahton węlstowe gewald; 7 Hereferþ 7 Wigþen tuegen biscepas forþferdon, 7 Dudda 7 Osmod tuegen aldormen forþferdon.
835 actually 838 Her cuom micel sciphere on Westwalas 7 hie to anum gecierdon, 7 wiþ Ecgbryht Westseaxna cyning winnende wæron. Þa he þæt hierde 7 mid fierde ferde 7 him wiþ feaht æt Hengestdune 7 þær gefliemde ge þa Walas ge þa Deniscan.
836 actually 839 Her Ecgbryht cyning forþferde, 7 hine hæfde ær Offa Miercna cyning 7 Beorhtric Wesseaxna cyning afliemed .iii. gear of Angelcynnes lande on Fronclond, ær he cyning wære, 7 þy fultomode Beorhtric Offan þy he hæfde his dohtor him to cuene; 7 se Ecgbyht ricsode .xxxvii. wintra, .vii. monaþ, 7 feng Ęþelwulf Ecgbrehting to Wesseaxna rice, 7 he salde his suna Ęþelstane Cantwara rice 7 Eastseaxna 7 Suþrigea 7 Suþseaxna.
837 probably 840 Her Wulfheard aldormon gefeaht æt Hamtune wiþ .xxxiii. sciphlæsta 7 þær micel węl geslog 7 sige nom. 7 þy geare forþferde Wulfheard. 7 þy ilcan geare gefeaht Ęþelhelm dux wiþ Deniscne here on Port mid Dornsætum 7 gode hwile þone here gefliemde, 7 þa Deniscan ahton węlstowe gewald 7 þone aldormon ofslogon.
838 actually 841 Her Herebryht aldormon wæs ofslægen from hęþnum monnum 7 monige mid him on Merscwarum, 7 þy ilcan geare eft on Lindesse 7 on Eastenglum 7 on Cantwarum wurdon monige men ofslægene from þam herige.
839 actually 842 Her wæs micel węsliht on Lundenne 7 on Cwantawic 7 on Hrofesceastre.
840 probably 843 Her Ęþelwulf cyning gefeaht æt Carrum wiþ .xxxv. schiplæsta, 7 þa Deniscan ahton węstowe gewald.
845 probably 848 Her Eanulf aldorman gefeaht mid Sumursætum 7 Ealchstan biscep 7 Osric aldorman mid Dornsætum gefuhton æt Pedridan muþan wiþ Deniscne here 7 þær micel węl geslogon 7 sige namon. [*] þy ilcan geare Æþelstan rex 7 Ealchere dux micelne here ofslogon æt Sondwic on Kent 7 .viiii. scipu gefengon 7 þa oþru geflimdon
851 [*] Her Ceorl aldormon gefeaht wiþ hæþene men min Defenascire æt Wicganbeorge, 7 þær micel węl geslogon 7 sige namon. 7 þy ilcan geare Ęþelstan cyning 7 Ealchere dux micelne here ofslogon æt Sondwic on Cent 7 .ix .scipu gefengun 7 þa oþre gefliemdon. 7 hęþne men ærest ofer winter sæton. 7 þy ilcan geare cuom feorðe healf hund scipa on Temese muþan 7 bręcon Contwaraburg 7 Lundenburg, 7 gefliemdon Beorhtwulf Miercna cyning mid his fierde, 7 foron þa suþ ofer Temese on Suþrige 7 him gefeaht wiþ Ęþelwulf cyning 7 Ęþelbald his sunu æt Aclea mid Westseaxna fierde, 7 þær þæt mæste węl geslogon on hęþnum herige þe we secgan hierdon oþ þisne ondweardan dæg, 7 þær sige namon.
853 Her będ Burgred Miercna cyning 7 his wiotan (bædon) Ęþelwulf cyning þæt he (he) him gefultumade þæt him Norþwalas gehiersumade. He þa swa dyde, 7 mid fierde fór ofer Mierce on Norþwalas, 7 hie him alle gehiersume dydon. 7 þy ilcan geare sende Ęþelwulf cyning Ęlfred his sunu to Rome. Þa was domne Leo papa on Rome, 7 he hine to cyninge gehalgode 7 hiene him to biscepsuna nam. Þa þy ilcan geare Ealhere mid Cantwarum 7 Huda mid Suþrigium gefuhton on Tenet wiþ hęþnum herige 7 ærest sige namon, 7 þær wearþ monig mon ofslægen 7 adruncen on gehwęþere hond. On þæs ofer Eastron geaf Ęþelwulf cyning his dohtor Burgrede cyninge of Wesseaxum on Merce.
855 Her hęþne men ærest on Sceapige ofer winter sætun. 7 þy ilcan geare gebocude Ęþelwulf cyning teoþan dęl his londes ofer al his rice Go<de> to lofe 7 him selfum to ecere hęlo, 7 þy ilcan geare ferde to Rome mid micelre weorþnesse 7 þær was .xii. monaþ wuniende 7 þa him hamweard fór, 7 him þa Carl Francna cyning his dohtor geaf him to cuene, 7 æfter þam to his leodum cuom 7 hie þæs gefægene wærun. 7 ymb .ii. gear þæs ðe he on Francum com he gefór, 7 his lic liþ æt Wintanceastre, 7 he ricsode nigonteoþe healf gear. On se Ęþelwulf wæs Ecgbrehting, Ecgbryht Ealhmunding, Ealhmund Eafing, Eafa Eopping, Eoppa Ingilding; Ingild wæs Ines broþur Westseaxna cyninges, þæs þe eft ferde to Sancte Petre 7 þær eft his feorh gesealde; 7 hie wæron Cenredes suna, Cenred wæs Ceolwalding, Ceolwald Cuþaing, Cuþa Cuþwining, Cuþwine Ceaulining, Ceawlin Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing, Cerdic Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Giwising, Giwis Wiging, Wig Freawining, Freawine Friþogaring, Friþogar Bronding, Brond Bęldæging, Bęldæg Wodening, Woden Friþowalding, Friþuwald Freawining, Frealaf Friþuwulfing, Friþuwulf Finning, Fin Godwulfing, Godwulf Geating, Geat Tętwaing, Tętwa Beawing, Beaw Sceldwaing, Sceldwea Heremoding, Heremod Itermoning, Itermon Hraþraing, se wæs geboren in þære earce: Noe, Lamach, Matusalem, Enoh, Iaered, Maleel, Camon, Enos, Sed, Adam primus homo et pater noster est Christus, Amen. On þa fengon Ęþelwulfes suna twegen to rice, Ęþelbald to Wesseaxna rice 7 Ęþelbryht to Cantwara rice 7 to Eastseaxna rice 7 to Suþrigea 7 to Suþseaxna rice; 7 þa ricsode Ęþelbald .v. gear.
860 Her Ęþelbald cyng forþferde, 7 his lic liþ æt Sciraburnan, 7 feng Ęþelbrht to allum þam rice his broþur, 7 he hit heold on godre geþuærnesse 7 on micel<r>e sibsumnesse; 7 on his dæge cuom micel sciphere hand1b: up 7 abręcon Wintanceastre. 7 wiþ þone here gefuhton Osric aldorman mid Hamtunscire, 7 Ęþelwulf aldormon mid Bearrucscire, 7 þone here gefliemdon, 7 węlstowe gewald ahton; 7 se Ęþelbryht ricsode .v. gear, 7 his lic liþ æt Scireburnan.
865 Her sæt hęþen here on Tenet, 7 genamon friþ wiþ Cantwarum, 7 Cantware him feoh geheton wiþ þam friþe, 7 under þam friþe 7 þam feohgehate se here hiene on niht up bestęl, 7 oferhergeade alle Cent eastewearde;
866 Her feng Ęþered Ęþelbryhtes broþur to Wesseaxna rice; 7 þy ilcan geare cuom micel here on Angelcynnes lond, 7 wintersetl namon on Eastenglum, 7 þær gehorsude wurdon, 7 hie him friþ <wiþ> namon.
867 Her for se here of Eastenglum ofer Humbre muþan to Eoforwicceastre on Norþhymbre, 7 þær wæs micel ungeþuærnes þære þeode betweox him selfum, 7 hie hæfdun hiera cyning aworpenne Osbryht, 7 ungecyndne cyning underfengon Ęllan; 7 hie late on geare to þam gecirdon þæt hie wiþ þone here winnende wærun, 7 hie þeah micle fierd gegadrodon, 7 þone here sohton æt Eoforwicceastre, 7 on þa ceastre bręcon, 7 hie sume inne wurdon, 7 þær was ungemetlic węl geslægen Norþanhymbra, sume binnan, sume butan; 7 þa cyningas begen ofslægene, 7 sio laf wiþ þone here friþ nam; 7 þy ilcan geare gefor Ealchstan biscep, 7 he hæfde þæt bisceprice .l. wintra æt Scireburnan, 7 his lic liþ þær on tune.
868 Her for se ilca here innan Mierce to Snotengaham, 7 þær wintersetl namon; 7 Burgręd Miercna cyning 7 his wiotan będon Ęþered Westseaxna cyning 7 Ęlfred his broþur þæt hie him gefultumadon , þæt hie wiþ þone here gefuhton; 7 þa ferdon hie mid Wesseaxna fierde innan Mierce oþ Snotengaham, 7 þone here þær metton on þam geweorce, 7 þær nan hefelic gefeoht ne wearþ, 7 Mierce friþ namon wiþ þone here;
869 Her for se here eft to Eoforwicceastre, 7 þær sæt .i. gear.
870 Her rad se here ofer Mierce innan Eastengle 7 wintersetl namon æt Þeodforda, 7 þy wintra Eadmund cyning him wiþ feaht, 7 þa Deniscan sige namon, 7 þone cyning ofslogon, 7 þæt lond all geeodon; 7 þy geare gefor Ceolnoþ ærcebiscep. hand7a: 7 Æþered Wiltunscire biscop wearþ gecoren to ærcebisc<o>pe to Cantuareberi.
871 Her cuom se here to Readingum on Westseaxe, 7 þæs ymb .iii. niht ridon .ii. eorlas up; Þa gemette hie Ęþelwulf aldorman on Englafelda, 7 him þær wiþ gefeaht 7 sige nam; Þæs ymb .iiii. niht Ęþered cyning 7 Ęlfred his broþur þær micle fierd to Readingum gelęddon, 7 wiþ þone here gefuhton, 7 þær wæs micel węl geslægen on gehwęþre hond, 7 Ęþelwulf aldormon wearþ ofslægen, 7 þa Deniscan ahton węlstowe gewald; 7 þæs ymb .iiii. niht gefeaht Ęþered cyning 7 Ęlfred his broþur wiþ alne þone here on Æscesdune, 7 hie wærun on twæm gefylcum, on oþrum wæs Bachsecg 7 Halfdene þa hęþnan cyningas, 7 on oþrum wæron þa eorlas; 7 þa gefeaht se cyning Ęþered wiþ þara cyninga getruman, 7 þær wearþ se cyning Bagsecg ofslægen; 7 Ęlfred his broþur wiþ þara eorla getruman, 7 þær wearþ Sidroc eorl ofslægen se alda, 7 Sidroc eorl se gioncga, 7 Osbearn eorl, 7 Fræna eorl, 7 Hareld eorl, 7 þa hergas begen gefliemde, 7 fela þusenda ofslægenra, 7 onfeohtende wæron oþ niht. 7 þæs ymb .xiiii. niht gefeaht Ęþered cyning 7 Ęlfred his broður wiþ þone here æt Basengum, 7 þær þa Deniscan sige namon; 7 þæs ymb .ii. monaþ gefeaht Ęþered cyning 7 Ęlfred his broþur wiþ þone here æt Meretune, 7 hie wærun on tuæm gefylcium, 7 hie butu gefliemdon, 7 longe on dæg sige ahton, 7 þær wearþ micel węlsliht on gehwęþere hond, 7 þa Deniscan ahton węlstowe gewald; 7 þær wearþ Heahmund biscep ofslægen, 7 fela godra monna; 7 æfter þissum gefeohte cuom micel sumorlida; 7 þæs ofer Eastron gefor Ęþered cyning, 7 he ricsode .v. gear, 7 his lic liþ æt Winburnan. Þa feng Ęlfred Ęþelwulfing his broþur to Wesseaxna rice; 7 þæs ymb anne monaþ gefeaht Ęlfred cyning wiþ alne þone here lytle werede æt Wiltune, 7 hine longe on dæg gefliemde, 7 þa Deniscan ahton węlstowe gewald; 7 þæs geares wurdon .viiii. folc gefeoht gefohten wiþ þone here on þy cynerice be suþan Temese, 7 butan þam þe him Ęlfred þæs cyninges broþur, 7 anlipig aldormon, 7 cyninges þegnas oft rade onridon þe mon na ne rimde, 7 þæs geares wærun ofslægene .viiii. eorlas 7 an cyning; 7 þy geare namon Westseaxe friþ wiþ þone here.
872 Her for se here to Lundenbyrig from Readingum, 7 þær wintersetl nam, 7 þa namon Mierce friþ wiþ þone here.
873 Her for se here on Norþhymbre, 7 he nam wintersetl on Lindesse æt Tureces iege, 7 þa namon Mierce friþ wiþ þone here.
874 Her for se here from Lindesse to Hreopedune, 7 þær wintersetl nam, 7 þone cyning Burgręd ofer sę adræfdon ymb .xxii. wintra þæs þe he rice hæfde, 7 þæt lond all geeodon; 7 he for to Rome 7 þær gesæt 7 his lic liþ on Sancta Marian ciricean on Angelcynnes scole; 7 þy ilcan geare hie sealdon anum unwisum cyninges þegne Miercna rice to haldanne, 7 he him aþas swor 7 gislas salde, þæt he him gearo wære swa hwelce dæge swa hie hit habban wolden, 7 he gearo wære mid him selfum, 7 on allum þam þe him læstan woldon to þæs heres þearfe.
875 Her for se here from Hreopedune, 7 Healfdene for mid sumum þam here on Norþhymbre. 7 nam wintersetl be Tinan þære ea, 7 se here þæt lond geeode. 7 oft Hergade on Peohtas, 7 on Stręcledwalas; 7 for Godrum 7 Oscytel 7 Anwynd. þa .iii. cyningas, of Hreopedune to Grantebrycge mid micle here, 7 sæton þær an gear; 7 þy sumera for Ęlfred cyning ut on sę mid sciphere, 7 gefeaht wiþ .vii. sciphlæstas, 7 hiera an gefeng. 7 þa oþru gefliemde.
876 Her hiene bestęl se here into Werham Wesseaxna fierde, 7 wiþ þone here se cyning friþ nam, 7 him þa aþas sworon on þam halgan beage, þe hie ær nanre þeode noldon, þæt hie hrędlice of his rice foren; 7 hie þa under þam hie nihtes bestęlon þære fierde se gehorsoda here into Escanceaster; 7 þy geare Healfdene Norþanhymbra lond gedęlde. 7 ergende wæron 7 hiera tilgende.
877 Her cuom se here into Escanceastre from Werham, 7 se sciphere sigelede west ymbutan, 7 þa mette hie micel yst on sę, 7 þær forwearþ .cxx. scipa æt Swanawic; 7 se cyning Ęlfred æfter þam gehorsudan here mid fierde rad oþ Exanceaster 7 hie hindan ofridan ne meahte ær hie on þam fæstene wæron, þær him mon to ne meahte; 7 hie him þær foregislas saldon. swa fela swa he habban wolde, 7 micle aþas sworon, 7 þa godne friþ heoldon; 7 þa on hærfæste gefor se here on Miercna lond, 7 hit gedældon sum, 7 sum Ceolwulfe saldon.
878 Her hiene bestęl se here on midne winter ofer tuel<f>tan niht to Cippanhamme, 7 geridon Wesseaxna lond 7 gesæton <7> micel þæs folces (7) ofer adræfdon, 7 þæs oþres þone mæstan dęl hie geridon, 7 him to gecirdon buton þam cyninge Ęlfrede. 7 he lytle werede unieþelice æfter wudum for, 7 on morfæstenum; 7 þæs ilcan wintra wæs Inwæres broþur 7 Healfdenes on Westseaxum on Defenascire mid .xxiii. scipum, 7 hiene mon þær ofslog, 7 .dccc. monna mid him. 7 .xl. monna his heres; 7 þæs on Eastron worhte Ęlfred cyning lytle werede geweorc æt Ęþelingaeigge, 7 of þam geweorce was winnende wiþ þone here, 7 Sumursætna se dęl, se þær niehst wæs; Þa on þære seofoðan wiecan ofer Eastron he gerad to Ecgbryhtes stane be eastan Sealwyda, 7 him to com(m)an þær ongen Sumorsæte alle, 7 Wilsætan, 7 Hamtunscir se dęl, se hiere behinon sę was, 7 his gefægene wærun; 7 he for ymb ane niht of þam wicum to Iglea, 7 þæs ymb ane to Eþandune, 7 þær gefeaht wiþ alne þone here, 7 hiene gefliemde, 7 him æfter rad oþ þæt geweorc, 7 þær sæt .xiiii. niht; 7 þa salde se here him foregislas 7 micle aþas þæt hie of his rice uuoldon 7 him eac geheton þæt hiera kyning fulwihte onfon wolde 7 hie þæt gelæston swa, 7 þæs ymb .iii. wiecan com se cyning to him Godrum þritiga sum þara monna þe in þam here weorþuste wæron æt Alre, 7 þæt is wiþ Ęþelinggaeige; 7 his se cyning þær onfeng æt fulwihte, 7 his crismlising was æt Weþmor, 7 he was .xii. niht mid þam cyninge, 7 he hine miclum 7 his geferan mid feo weorðude.
879 Her for se here to Cirenceastre of Cippanhamme. 7 sæt þær an gear; 7 þy geare gegadrode on hloþ wicenga, 7 gesæt æt Fullanhamme be Temese; 7 þy ilcan geare aþiestrode sio sunne ane tid dæges.
880 Her for se here of Cirenceastre on Eastengle, 7 gesæt þæt lond, 7 gedęlde. 7 þy ilcan geare for se here ofer sę þe ær on Fullanhomme sæt on Fronclond to Gend, 7 sæt þær an gear.
881 Her for se here ufor on Fronclond, 7 þa Francan him wiþ gefuhton, 7 þær þa wearþ se here gehorsod æfter þam gefeohte.
882 Her for se here up onlong Mæse feor on Fronclond, 7 þær sæt an gear. 7 þy ilcan geare for Ęlfred cyning mid scipum ut on sę. 7 gefeaht wiþ feower sciphlæstas Deniscra monna, 7 þara scipa tu genam, 7 þa men ofslægene wæron þe ðęron wæron, 7 tuegen scipheras him on hond eodon, 7 þa wæron miclum forslægene 7 forwundode ær hie on hond eodon.
883 Her for se here up on Scald to Cundoþ, 7 þær sæt an gear.
884 Her for se here up on Sunnan to Embenum, 7 þær sæt an gear.
885 Her todęlde se foresprecena here on tu, oþer dęl east. oþer dęl to Hrofesceastre; 7 ymbsæton ða ceastre, 7 worhton oþer fæsten ymb hie selfe. 7 hie þeah þa ceastre aweredon oþþæt Ęlfred com utan mid fierde; Þa eode se here to hiera scipum, 7 forlet þæt geweorc. 7 hie wurdon þær behorsude, 7 sona þy ilcan sumere ofer sę gewiton; 7 þy ilcan geare sende Ælfred cyning sciphere on Eastengle; sona swa hie comon on Stufe muþan, þa metton hie .xvi. scipu wicenga, 7 wiþ ða gefuhton, 7 þa scipo alle geręhton, 7 þa men ofslogon; Þa hie þa hamweard wendon mid þære herehyþe, þa metton hie micelne sciphere wicenga, 7 þa wiþ þa gefuhton þy ilcan dæge, 7 þa Deniscan ahton sige; Þy ilcan geare ær middum wintra forþferde Carl Francna cyning, 7 hiene ofslog an efor, 7 ane geare ær his broður forþferde, se hæfde eac þæt westrice, 7 hie wæron begen Hloþwiges suna. Se hæfde eac þæt westrice, 7 forþferde þy geare þe sio sunne aþiestrode. Se wæs Karles sunu þe Ęþelwulf Westseaxna cyning his dohtor hæfde him to cuene. 7 þy ilcan geare gegadrode micel sciphere on Aldseaxum, 7 þær wearþ micel gefeoht tua on geare, 7 þa Seaxan hæfdun sige, 7 þær wæron Frisan mid. Þy ilcan geare feng Carl to þam westrice, 7 to allum þam westrice behienan Wendelsę, 7 begeondan þisse sę, swa hit his þridda fęder hæfde, butan Lidwiccium. Se Carl was Hloþwiges sunu, se Hloþwig was Carles broþur, se wæs Iuþyttan fęder þe Ęþelwulf cyning hæfde, 7 hie wæron Hloþwiges suna, se Hloþwig was þæs aldan Carles sunu, se Carl was Pippenes sunu. 7 þy ilcan geare forþferde se goda papa Marinus, se gefreode Ongelcynnes scole be Ęlfredes bene Westseaxna cyninges, 7 he sende him micla gifa, 7 þære rode dęl þe Crist on þrowude. 7 þy ilcan geare se here on Eastenglum bręc friþ wiþ Ęlfred cyning.
886 Her for se here eft west þe ær east gelende, 7 þa up on Sigene, 7 þær wintersetl namon. Þy ilcan geare gesette Ęlfred cyning Lundenburg, 7 him all Angelcyn to cirde, þæt buton Deniscra monna hæftniede was, 7 hie þa befæste þa burg Ęþerede aldormen to haldonne.
887 Her for se here up þurh þa brycge æt Paris, 7 þa up andlang Sigene oþ Mæterne, oþ Cariei; 7 þa sæton þara 7 innan Ionan tu winter on þam twam stedum; 7 þy ilcan geare forþferde Karl Francna cyning, 7 Earnulf his broþur sunu hine .vi. wicum ær he forþferde beręd<d>e æt þæm rice, 7 þa wearþ þæt rice todęled on .v. 7 .v. kyningas to gehalgode. Þæt wæs þeah mid Earnulfes geþafunge, 7 hi cuędon þæt hie þæt to his honda healdan sceoldon. forþæm hira nan næs on fędren healfe to geboren. buton him anum. Earnulf þa wunode on þęm londe be eastan Rin, 7 Roþulf þa feng to þæm middelrice, 7 Oda to þæm westdæle, 7 Beorngar 7 Wiþa to Longbeardna londe, 7 to þæm londum on þa healfe muntes, 7 þæt heoldun mid micelre unsibbe, 7 tu folcgefeoht gefuhton, 7 þæt lond oft 7 gelome forhergodon, 7 æghwęþer oþerne oftrędlice ut dræfde; 7 þy ilcan geare þe se here for forþ up ofer þa brycge æt Paris. (7) Æþelhelm aldormon lędde Wesseaxna ęlmessan 7 Ęlfredes cyninges to Rome. [n887.4]
888 Her lędde Beocca aldormon Wesseaxna ęlmessan 7 Ęlfredes cyninges to Rome. 7 Ęþelswiþ cuen, sio wæs Ęlfredes sweostor cyninges, forþferde, 7 hire lic liþ æt Pafian; 7 þy ilcan geare Ęþered ercebiscep 7 Ęþelwold aldormon. forþferdon on anum monþe.
889 [n889.1] On þissum geare næs nan fęreld to Rome, buton tuegen hleaperas Ęlfred cyning sende mid gewritum.
890 Her lędde Beornhelm abbud Westseaxna ęlmessan to Rome 7 Ęlfredes cyninges; 7 Godrum se norþerna cyning forþferde, þæs fulluhtnama wæs Ęþelstan, se wæs Ęlfredes cyninges godsunu, 7 he bude on Eastenglum, 7 þæt lond ærest gesæt; 7 þy ilcan geare for se here of Sigene to Sant Laudan, þæt is betueoh Brettum 7 Francum, 7 Brettas him wiþ gefuhton, 7 hæfdon sige, 7 hie bedrifon ut on ane ea, 7 monige adrencton. hand7a: Her wæs Plegemund gecoron of Gode 7 of eallen his halechen.
891 Her for se here east. 7 Earnulf cyning gefeaht wið ðæm rędehere ær þa scipu cuomon, mid Eastfrancum, 7 Seaxum, 7 Bægerum. 7 hine gefliemde; 7 þrie Scottas comon to Ęlfrede cyninge, on anum bate butan ęlcum gereþrum of Hibernia, þonon hi hi bestęlon forþon þe hi woldon for Godes lufan on elþiodignesse beon, hi ne rohton hwær. Se bat wæs geworht of þriddan healfre hyde þe hi on foron, 7 hi namon mid him þæt hi hæfdun to seofon nihtum mete; 7 þa comon hie ymb .vii. niht to londe on Cornwalum. 7 foron þa sona to Ęlfrede cyninge; Þus hie wæron genemnde, Dubslane 7 Maccbethu. 7 Maelinmun. 7 Swifneh se betsta lareow þe on Scottum wæs gefor.
(892) actually a continuation of 891 [*]7 þy ilcan geare ofer Eastron. ymbe gang dagas oþþe ær, æteowde se steorra þe mon on boclæden hæt cometa, sume men cweþaþ on Englisc þæt hit sie feaxede steorra. forþæm þær stent lang leoma of, hwilum on ane healfe, hwilum on ælce healfe.
892 [n892.1] Her on þysum geare for se micla here. þe we gefyrn ymbe spræcon, eft of þæm eastrice westweard to Bunann [n892.2] . 7 þær wurdon gescipode, swa þæt hie asettan him on anne siþ ofer mid horsum mid ealle, 7 þa comon up on Limene muþan. mid .ccl. (hunde) scipa. Se muþa is on easte weardre Cent [n892.3] æt þæs miclam wuda eastende þe we Andred hatað; se wudu is eastlang 7 westlang hund twelftiges mila lang oþþe lengra, 7 þritiges mila brad; seo ea þe we ær ymbe spræcon lið ut of þæm wealda; On þa ea hi tugon up hiora scipu oþ þone weald .iiii. mila fram þæm muþan uteweardum. 7 þær abræcon an geweorc inne on þæm fenne sæton feawa cirlisce men on, 7 wæs samworht. Þa sona æfter þæm com Hæsten mid .lxxx. scipa up on Temese muðan, 7 worhte him geweorc æt Middeltune, 7 se oþer here æt Apuldre.
893 [n893.1] On þys geare, þæt wæs ymb twelf monað þæs þe hie on þæm eastrice geweorc geworht hæfdon, Norþhymbre 7 Eastengle hæfdon Ælf(f)rede cyninge aþas geseald, 7 Eastengle foregisla .vi. 7 þeh ofer þa treowa, swa oft swa þa oþre hergas mid ealle herige ut foron, þonne foron hie, oþþe mid, oþþe on heora healfe an [n893.2] . Þa gegaderade Ælfred cyning his fierd, 7 for þæt he gewicode betwuh þæm twam hergum. þær þær he niehst rymet hæfde for wudufæstenne ond for wæterfæstenne swa þæt he mehte ægþerne geræcan gif hie ænigne feld secan wolden; Þa foron hie siþþan æfter þæm wealda hloþum 7 flocradum. bi swa hwaþerre efes swa hit þonne fierdleas wæs. 7 hi(m) mon eac mid oþrum floccum sohte mæstra daga ælce, oþþe on niht. ge of þære fierde, ge eac of þæm burgum; Hæfde se cyning his fierd on tu [n893.3] tonumen, swa þæt hie wæron simle healfe æt ham, healfe ute, butan þæm monnum þe þa burga healdan scolden. Ne com se here oftor eall ute of þæm setum þonne tuwwa. oþre siþe þa hie ærest to londe comon, ær sio fierd gesamnod wære, oþre siþe þa hie of þæm setum faran woldon; Þa hie gefengon micle herehyð, 7 þa woldon ferian norþweardes ofer Temese in on Eastseaxe ongean þa scipu. Þa forrad sio fierd hie foran, 7 him wið gefeaht æt Fearnhamme, 7 þone here gefliemde, 7 þa herehyþa ahreddon, 7 hie flugon ofer Temese buton ælcum forda þa up be Colne on anne iggað. Þa besæt sio fierd hie þær utan þa hwile þe hie þær lengest mete hæfdon. Ac hie hæfdon þa heora stemn gesetenne, 7 hiora mete genotudne, 7 wæs se cyng þa þiderweardes on fære mid þære scire [n893.4] þe mid him fierdedon; Þa he þa wæs þiderweardes, 7 sio oþeru fierd wæs hamweardes, 7 ða Deniscan sæton þær behindan, forþæm hiora cyning wæs gewundod on þæm gefeohte, þæt hi hine ne mehton ferian; Þa gegaderedon þa þe in Norþhymbrum bugeað, 7 on Eastenglum, sum hund scipa, 7 foron suð ymbutan, 7 sum feowertig scipa norþ ymbutan, 7 ymbsæton an geweorc on Defnascire be þære norþsæ [n893.5] ; 7 þa þe suð ymbutan foron. ymbsæton Exancester. Þa se cyng þæt hierde, þa wende he hine west wið Exanceastres mid ealre [n893.6] þære fierde, buton swiþe gewaldenum dæle easteweardes þæs folces. Þa foron forð oþþe hie comon to Lundenbyrg, 7 þa mid þæm burgwarum 7 þæm fultume þe him westan com, foron east to Beamfleote; Wæs Hæsten þa þær cumen mid his herge, þe ær æt Middeltune sæt. 7 eac se micla here wæs þa þærto cumen, þe ær on Limene muþan sæt æt Apuldre; Hæfde [n893.7] Hæsten ær geworht þæt geweorc æt Beamfleote, 7 wæs þa ut afaren on hergaþ, 7 wæs se micla here æt ham; Þa foron hie to 7 gefliemdon þone here, 7 þæt geweorc abræcon, 7 genamon eal þæt þær binnan wæs, ge on feo. ge on wifum, ge eac on bearnum, 7 brohton eall into Lundenbyrig, 7 þa scipu eall oðþe tobræcon, oþþe forbærndon, oþþe to Lundenbyrig brohton oþþe to Hrofesceastre. 7 Hæstenes wif 7 his suna twegen mon brohte to þæm cyninge, 7 he hi him eft ageaf, forþæm þe hiora wæs oþer [n893.8] his godsunu, oþer Æðeredes ealdormonnes; Hæfdon hi hiora onfangen ær Hæsten to Beamfleote come, 7 he him hæfde geseald gislas 7 aðas, 7 se cyng him eac wel feoh sealde, 7 eac swa þa he þone cniht agef 7 þæt wif. Ac sona swa hie to B(l)eamfleote comon, 7 þæt geweorc (ge)gewor<h>t [n893.9] wæs. swa hergode he on [n893.10] his rice þone ilcan ende þe æþered his cumpæder healdan sceolde, 7 eft oþre siþe he wæs on hergað gelend on þæt ilce rice þa þa mon his geweorc abræc. Þa se cyning hine þa west wende mid þære fierde wið Exancestres, swa ic ær sæde, 7 se here þa burg beseten [n893.11] hæfde; Þa he þærto gefaren wæs, þa eodon hie to hiora scipum. Þa he þa wið þone here þær wæst abisgod wæs, 7 þa hergas wæron þa gegaderode begen to Sceobyrig on Eastseaxum, 7 þær geweorc worhtun. Foron begen ætgædere up be Temese, 7 him com micel eaca to. ægþer ge of Eastenglum, ge of Norþhymbrum. Foron þa up be Temese oþþæt hie gedydon æt Sæferne, þa up be Sæferne. Þa gegaderode Æþered ealdormon, 7 Æþelm ealdorman. 7 Æþelnoþ ealdorman, 7 þa cinges þegnas þe þa æt ham æt þæm geweorcum wæron, of ælcre byrig be eastan Pedredan, ge be westan Sealwuda ge be eastan, ge eac be norþan Temese, 7 be westan Sæfern, ge eac sum dæl þæs Norðwealcynnes. Þa hie þa ealle gegaderode wæron, þa offoron hie þone here hindan æt Buttingtune on Sæferne staþe, 7 hine þær utan besæton on ælce healfe, on anum fæstenne. Þa hie ða fela wucena sæton on twa healfe þær e, 7 se cyng wæs west [n893.12] on Defnum wiþ þone sciphere, þa wæron hie mid metelieste gewægde, 7 hæfdon miclne dæl þara horsa freten. 7 þa oþre wæron hungre acwolen. Þa eodon hie ut to ðæm monnum þe on easthealfe þære e wicodon, 7 him wiþ gefuhton, 7 þa Cristnan hæfdon sige; 7 þær wearð Ordheh cyninges þegn ofslægen, 7 eac monige oþre cyninges þegnas [n893.13] , ofslægen, 7 se dæl þe þær aweg com wurdon on fleame generede. Þa hie on Eastseaxe comon to hiora geweorce. 7 to hiora scipum. þa gegaderade sio laf eft of Eastenglum, 7 of [*]Norðhymbrum micelne here onforan winter 7 befæston hira wif, 7 hira scipu, 7 hira feoh on Eastenglum, 7 foron anstreces dæges 7 nihtes, þæt hie gedydon on anre westre ceastre on Wirhealum, seo is Legaceaster gehaten; Þa ne mehte seo fird hie na hindan offaran, ær hie wæron inne on þæm geweorce; Besæton þeah þæt geweorc utan sume twegen dagas, 7 genamon ceapes eall þæt þær buton wæs, 7 þa men ofslogon þe hie foran forridan mehton butan geweorce, 7 þæt corn eall forbærndon, 7 mid hira horsum fretton on ælcre efenehðe. 7 þæt wæs ymb twelf monað þæs þe hie ær hider ofer sæ comon.
894 [n894.1] ONd [n894.2] þa sona æfter þæm on ðys gere for se here of Wirheale in on Norðwealas, forþæm hie ðær sittan ne mehton; þæt wæs forðy þe hie wæron benumene ægðer ge þæs ceapes, ge þæs cornes, ðe hie gehergod hæfdon; Þa hie ða eft ut of Norðwealum wendon mid þære herehyðe þe hie ðær genumen hæfdon, þa foron hie ofer Norðhymbra lond 7 Eastengla, swa swa seo fird hie geræcan ne mehte, oþþæt hie comon on Eastseaxna lond easteweard, on an igland þæt is ute on þære sæ, þæt is Meresig haten. 7 þa se here eft hamweard wende þe Exanceaster beseten hæfde, þa hergodon hie up on Suðseaxum neah Cisseceastre, 7 þa burgware hie gefliemdon, 7 hira monig hund ofslogon, 7 hira scipu sumu genamon. Ða þy ilcan gere onforan winter þa Deniscan þe on Meresige sæton tugon hira scipu up on Temese, 7 þa up on Lygan; þæt wæs ymb twa ger þæs þe hie hider ofer sæ comon.
895 [n895.1] On þy ilcan gere worhte se foresprecena here geweorc be Lygan .xx. mila bufan Lundenbyrig. Þa þæs on sumera foron micel dæl þara burgwara, 7 eac swa oþres folces, þæt hie gedydon æt þara Deniscana geweorce, 7 þær wurdon gefliemde, 7 sume feower cyninges þegnas ofslægene. Þa þæs on hærfeste þa wicode se cyng on neaweste þære byrig, þa hwile þe hie hira corn gerypon, þæt þa Deniscan him ne mehton þæs ripes forwiernan. Þa sume dæge rad se cyng up bi þære eæ, 7 gehawade hwær mon mehte þa ea forwyrcan, þæt hie ne mehton þa scipu ut brengan. 7 hie ða swa dydon, worhton ða tu geweorc on twa healfe þære eas. Þa hie ða þæt geweorc furþum ongunnen hæfdon, 7 þærto gewicod hæfdon þa onget se here þæt hie ne mehton þa scipu ut brengan; Þa forleton hie hie, 7 eodon ofer land þæt hie gedydon æt Cwatbrycge be Sæfern, 7 þær gewerc worhton. Þa rad seo fird west æfter þæm herige, 7 þa men of Lundenbyrig gefetedon þa scipu, 7 þa ealle þe hie alædan ne mehton tobræcon, 7 þa þe þær stælwyrðe wæron binnan Lundenbyrig gebrohton; 7 þa Deniscan hæfdon hira wif befæst innan Eastengle ær hie ut of þæm geweorce foron; Þa sæton hie þone winter æt Cwatbrycge. Þæt wæs ymb þreo ger þæs þe hie on Limene muðan comon hider ofer sæ.
896 [n896.1] Ða þæs on sumera on ðysum gere tofor se here, sum on Eastengle, sum on Norðhymbre, 7 þa þe feohlease wæron him þær scipu begeton, 7 suð ofer sæ foron to Sigene. Næfde se here, Godes þonces, Angelcyn ealles forswiðe gebrocod; Ac hie wæron micle swiþor gebrocede on þæm þrim gearum mid ceapes cwilde 7 monna, ealles swiþost mid þæm þæt manige þara selestena cynges þena þe þær on londe wæron forðferdon on þæm þrim gearum; Þara wæs sum Swiðulf biscop on Hrofesceastre, 7 Ceolmund ealdormon on Cent, 7 Beorhtulf ealdormon on Eastseaxum, 7 Wulfred ealdormon on Hamtunscire, 7 Ealhheard biscop æt Dorceceastre, 7 Eadulf cynges þegn on Suðseaxum [n896.2] , 7 Beornulf wicgefera on Winteceastre, 7 Ecgulf cynges horsþegn, 7 manige eac him þeh ic ða geðungnestan nemde. Þy ilcan geare drehton þa hergas on Eastenglum 7 on Norðhymbrum Westseaxna lond swiðe be þæm suðstæðe mid stælhergum, ealra swiþust mid ðæm æscum þe hie fela geara ær timbredon. Þa het Ælfred cyng timbran langscipu ongen ða æscas; þa wæron fulneah tu swa lange [n896.3] swa þa oðru. Sume hæfdon .lx. ara. sume ma. Þa wæron ægðer ge swiftran ge unwealtran, ge eac hieran þonne þa oðru; næron nawðer ne on Fresisc gescæpene ne on Denisc, bute swa him selfum ðuhte þæt hie nytwyrðoste beon meahten. Þa æt sumum cirre þæs ilcan geares comon þær sex scipu to Wiht, 7 þær micel yfel gedydon, ægðer ge on Defenum ge welhwær be ðæm særiman. Þa het se cyng faran mid nigonum to þara niwena scipa, 7 forforon him þone muðan foran on utermere; Þa foron hie mid þrim scipum ut ongen hie, 7 þreo stodon æt ufeweardum þæm muðan on drygum, wæron þa men uppe on londe of agane, þa gefengon hie þara þreora scipa tu æt ðæm muðan uteweardum, 7 þa men ofslogon, 7 þæt an oðwand; On þæm wæron eac þa men ofslægene buton fifum. Þa comon forðy onweg ðe ðara oþerra scipu asæton, þa wurdon eac swiðe uneðelice aseten. Þreo asæton on ða healfe þæs deopes ðe ða Deniscan scipu aseten wæron, 7 þa oðru eall on oþre healfe, þæt hira ne mehte nan to oðrum. Ac ða þæt wæter wæs ahebbad fela furlanga from þæm scipum. þa eodan ða Deniscan from þæm þrim scipum to þæm oðrum þrim þe on hira healfe beebbade wæron, 7 hie þa þær gefuhton. Þær wearð ofslægen Lucumon cynges gerefa. 7 Wulfheard Friesa. 7 Æbbe Friesa, 7 Æðelhere Friesa, 7 Æðelferð cynges geneat, 7 ealra monna Fresiscra 7 Engliscra .lxii. 7 þara Deniscena .cxx. þa com þæm Deniscum scipum þeh ær flod to, ær þa Cristnan mehten hira ut ascufan [n896.4] , 7 hie forðy ut oðreowon; Þa wæron hie to þæm gesargode. þæt hie ne mehton Suðseaxna lond utan berowan, ac hira þær tu sæ on lond wearp. 7 þa men mon lædde to Winteceastre to þæm cynge, 7 he hie ðær ahon het. 7 þa men comon on Eastengle. þe on þæm anum scipe wæron. swiðe forwundode. Þy ilcan sumera forwearð nolæs þonne .xx. scipa mid monnum mid ealle. be þæm suðriman. Þy ilcan gere forðferde Wulfric cynges horsðegn, se wæs eac Wealhgefera.
897 [n897.1] Her on þysum gere gefor æðelm Wiltunscire ealdormon, nigon nihtum ær middum sumere. 7 her forðferde Heahstan, se wæs on Lundenne biscop.
900 [n900.1] Her gefor Ælfred Aþulfing, syx nihtum ær ealra haligra mæssan; Se wæs cyning ofer eall Ongelcyn butan ðæm dæle þe under Dena onwalde wæs, 7 he heold þæt rice oþrum healfum [n900.2] læs þe .xxx. wintra; 7 þa feng Eadweard [n900.3] his sunu [n900.4] to rice. Þa gerad Æðelwald his fædran sunu þone ham æt Winburnan, 7 æt Tweoxneam butan ðæs cyninges leafe 7 his witena. Þa rad se cyning mid firde þæt [n900.5] he gewicode æt Baddanbyrig wið Winburnan, 7 Æðelwald sæt binnan þæm ham mid þæm monnum þe him to gebugon, 7 hæfde ealle þa geatu forworht in to him, 7 sæde þæt he wolde oðer oððe þær libban oððe þær licgan. Þa under þæm þa bestæl he hine on niht on weg, 7 gesohte þone here on Norðhymbrum, 7 se cyng het ridan æfter, 7 þa ne mehte hine mon ofridan; Þa berad mon þæt wif þæt he hæfde ær genumen butan cynges leafe 7 ofer þara biscopa gebod, forðon ðe heo wæs ær to nunnan gehalgod. 7 on þys ilcan gere forðferde Æþered, wæs on Defenum ealdormon, feower wucum ær Ælfred cyning.
902 [n902.1] Her gefor Aþulf ealdormon Ealhswiðe broðor 7 Uirgilius abbud of Scottum. 7 Grimbald mæssepreost. hand6a: .viii. idus Iulii.
903 [n903.1] Her com æðelwald hider ofer sæ mid þæm flotan þe he mid wæs on Eastsexe.
904 [n904.1] Her aspon Æðelwald þone here on Eastenglum to unfriðe, þæt hie hergodon ofer Mercna land oð hie comon to Creccagelade, 7 foron þær ofer Temese, 7 namon ægðer ge on Br<æ>dene [n904.2] ge ðær ymbutan eall þæt hie gehentan mehton, 7 wendan ða eft hamweard; Þa for Eadweard cyning æfter, swa he raðost mehte his fird gegadrian, 7 oferhergade eall hira land betwuh dicum 7 Wusan, eall oð ða fennas norð; Þa he ða eft þonan ut faran wolde, þa het he beodan ofer ealle þa fird þæt hie foron ealle ut ætsomne. Þa ætsæton ða Centiscan þær beæftan ofer his bebod, 7 seofon ærendracan he him hæfde to asend. Þa befor se here hie ðær, 7 hie ðær gefuhton, 7 þær wearð Sigulf ealdormon ofslægen, 7 Sigelm ealdormon, 7 Eadwold cynges ðegen [n904.3] , 7 Cenulf abbod, 7 Sigebreht Sigulfes sunu, 7 Eadwald Accan sunu, 7 monige eac him, þeh ic ða geðungnestan nemde. 7 on ðara Deniscena healfe wearð ofslægen Eohric hira cyng, 7 Æðelwald æðeling ðe hine to þæm unfriðe gespon, 7 Byrhtsige Beornoðes sunu æðelinges. 7 Ysopa hold, 7 Oscytel hold, 7 swiðe monige eac him, þe we nu genemnan ne magon; 7 þær wæs on gehwæðre hond micel wæl geslægen, 7 þara Deniscena þær [n904.4] wearð ma ofslægen, þeh hie wælstowe gewald ahton. 7 Ealhswið gefor þy ilcan geare.
905 [n905.1] Her on þys geare gefor Ælfred [n905.2] , wæs æt Baðum gerefa. 7 on þæm ilcan gere mon fæstnode þone frið æt Yttingaforda, swa swa Eadweard cyng gerædde, ægðer wið Eastengle ge wið Norðhymbre.
908 [n908.1] Her gefor Denulf, se wæs on Winteceastre biscop.
909 [n909.1] Her feng Friðestan [n909.2] to biscopdome on Winteceastre, 7 Asser biscop gefor æfter ðæm, se wæs æt Scireburnan biscop. 7 þy ilcan gere sende Eadweard cyng firde ægðer ge of Westseaxum ge of Mercum, 7 heo gehergade swiðe micel on þæm norðhere, ægðer ge on mannum ge on gehwelces cynnes yrfe, 7 manega men ofslogon þara Deniscena. 7 þær wæron fif wucan inne.
910 [n910.1] Her bræc se here on Norðhymbrum þone frið, 7 forsawon ælc frið þe Eadweard cyng 7 his witan him budon. 7 hergodon ofer Mercna lond; 7 se cyng hæfde gegadrod sum hund scipa [n910.2] . 7 wæs þa on Cent, 7 þa scipu foran be suðan east andlang sæ togenes him. Þa wende se here þæt his fultumes se [n910.3] mæsta dæl wære on þæm scipum, 7 þæt hie mehten faran unbefohtene þær þær hie wolden. Þa geascade se cyng þæt þæt hie ut on hergað foron, þa sende he his fird ægðer ge of Westseaxum ge of Mercum, 7 hie offoron ðone here hindan, þa he hamweard wæs, 7 him þa wið gefuhton, 7 þone here gefliemdon, 7 his fela þusenda ofslogon, 7 þær wæs Ecwils cyng ofslægen.
911 [n911.1] Her gefor Æðered ealdormon on Mercum; 7 Eadweard cyng feng to Lundenbyrg 7 to Oxnaforda, 7 to ðæm landum eallum þe þærto hierdon.
912 [*]Her on þys geare ymb Martines mæssan het Eadweard cyning atimbran þa norðran burg æt [n912.3] Heorotforda betweox Memeran 7 Beneficcan 7 Lygean; 7 þa æfter þam [n912.4] þæs on sumera. betweox gangdagum 7 middum sumera, þa for Eadweard cyning mid sumum his fultume on Eastseaxe to Mældune. 7 wicode þær þa hwile þe man þa burg worhte 7 getimbrede æt Witham; 7 him beag god dæl þæs folces to þe ær under Deniscra manna anwalde wæron, 7 sum his fultum worhte þa burg þa hwile æt Heorotforda on suþhealfe Lygean.
913 [n913.1] Her on þys gere rad se here ut ofer Eastron of Hamtune, 7 of Ligeraceastre 7 bræcon þone friþ 7 slogon monige men æt Hocneratune, 7 þær onbutan; 7 þa swiðe raþe æfter þæm, swa þa oþre ham comon, þa fundon hie oþre flocrade, þæt rad ut wið Lygtunes, 7 þa wurdon þa landleode his ware, 7 him wiþ gefuhton, 7 gebrohton hie on fullum fleame, 7 ahreddon eall þæt hie genumen hæfdon, 7 eac hira horsa 7 hira wæpna micelne dæl.
914 [n914.1] Her on þysum geare com micel sciphere hider ofer suþan of Lidwiccum 7 twegen eorlas mid, Ohtor 7 Hroald, 7 foron west onbutan þæt hie gedydon innan Sæferne muþan, 7 hergodon on Norþwealas æghwær be þam sæ, þær hie þonne onhagode; 7 gefengon Cameleac biscop on Ircingafelda, 7 læddon hine mid him to scipum, 7 þa aliesde Eadweard cyning hine eft mid .xl. pundum. Þa æfter þam þa for se here eall up, 7 wolde faran þa giet on hergaþ wið Ircingafeldes. Þa gemetton þa men hie of Hereforda 7 of Gleaweceastre 7 of þam niehstum [n914.2] burgum, 7 him wið gefuhton, 7 hie gefliemdon; 7 ofslogon þone eorl Hroald 7 þæs oþres eorles broþor Ohteres 7 micel þæs heres 7 bedrifon hie on anne pearruc, 7 besæton hie þær utan, oþþe hie him sealdon gislas, þæt hie of Eadweardes cyninges anwalde afaran woldon; 7 se cyng hæfde funden þæt him mon sæt wiþ on suþhealfe Sæfernmuþan, westan from Wealum, east oþ Afene muþan, þæt hie ne dorston þæt land nawer gesecan on þa healfe. Þa bestælon hie hie þeah nihtes upp æt sumum twam cirron, æt oþrum cierre be eastan Wæced, 7 æt oþrum cierre æt Portlocan; Þa slog hie mon æt ægþrum cirre, þæt hira feawa onweg comon, buton þa ane þe þær ut ætswummon to þam scipum, 7 þa sæton hie ute on þam iglande æt Bradan Relice, oþ þone first þe hie wurdon swiþe metelease, 7 monige men hungre acwælon, forþon hie ne meahton nanne mete geræcan; Foran þa þonan to Deomodum, 7 þa ut to Irlande 7 þis wæs on hærfest; 7 þa æfter þam on þam ilcan gere foran to Martines mæssan, ða for Eadweard cyning to Buccingahamme mid his firde, 7 sæt þær feower wucan, 7 geworhte þa burga buta on ægþere healfe eas ær he þonon fore; 7 þurcytel eorl hine gesohte him to hlaforde, 7 þa holdas ealle, 7 þa ieldstan men ealle mæste ðe to Bedanforda hierdon, 7 eac monige þara þe to Hamtune hierdon.
915 [n915.1] Her on þys gere Eadweard cyng for mid fierde to Bedanforda foran [n915.2] to Martines mæssan, 7 beget þa burg, 7 him cirdon to mæst ealle þa burgware þe hie ær budon, 7 he sæt þær feower wucan, 7 het atimbran þa burg on suþhealfe þære eas ær he þonan fore.
916 [n916.1] Her on þys gere foran to middum sumera for Eadweard cyning to Mældune, 7 getimbrede þa burg 7 gestaðolode ær he þonon fore; 7 þy ilcan geare for Þurcytel eorl ofer sæ on Froncland mid þam mannum þe him gelæstan woldon mid Eadweardes cynges friþe 7 fultume.
917 [n917.1] Her on þysum gere foran to Eastron Eadweard cyning het gefaran þa burg æt Tofeceastre 7 hie getimbran; 7 þa eft æfter þam on þam ilcan geare to gangdagum he het atimbran þa burg æt Wigingamere. Þy ilcan sumera betwix hlafmæssan 7 middum sumera se here bræc þone friþ of Hamtune 7 of Ligeraceastre 7 þonan norþan 7 foron to Tofeceastre 7 fuhton on þa burg ealne dæg, 7 þohton þæt hie hie sceolden abrecan, ac hie þeah awerede þæt folc þe þærbinnan wæs oþ him mara fultum to com, 7 hie forleton þa þa burg, 7 foron aweg. 7 þa eft swiðe raþe æfter þam hie foron eft ut mid stælherge nihtes 7 comon on ungearwe men 7 [n917.2] genomon unlytel ægþer ge on mannum, ge on ierfe betweox Byrnewuda 7 Æglesbyrig. Þy ilcan siþe for se here of Huntandune 7 of Eastenglum 7 worhton þæt geweorc æt Tæmeseforda 7 hit [n917.3] budon 7 bytledon 7 forleton þæt oþer æt Huntandune 7 þohton þæt hie sceoldon þanon of mid gewinne 7 mid unfriðe eft þæs landes mare geræcan 7 foran þæt hie gedydon æt Bedanforda; 7 þa foran þa men ut ongean þe þærbinnan wæron 7 him wiþ gefuhton 7 hie gefliemdon 7 hira godne dæl ofslogon. Þa eft æfter þam þa giet gegadorode micel here hine of Eastenglum (7 of Eastenglum) [n917.4] 7 of Mercnalande 7 foran to þære byrig æt Wigingamere 7 ymbsæton hie utan 7 fuhton lange on dæg on 7 namon þone ceap onbutan; 7 þa men aweredon þeah þa burg þe þærbinnan wæron 7 þa forleton hie þa burg 7 foron aweg. Þa æfter þam þæs ilcan sumeres gegadorode micel folc hit on Eadweardes cynges anwalde of þam niehstum burgum þe hit [*]ða gefaran mehte, 7 foron to Tæmeseforda. 7 besæton ða burg. 7 fuhton ðæron oð hi hie abræcon [*] 7 ofslogon þone cyning, 7 Toglos eorl, 7 Mannan eorl his sunu, 7 his broþor, 7 ealle þa þe þærbinnan wæron, 7 hie wergan woldon, 7 namon þa oþre 7 eal þæt þærbinnan wæs. Þa æfter þam þæs forhraþe gegadorode micel folc hit on hærfest, ægþer ge of Cent, ge of Suþrigum, ge of Eastseaxum, ge æghwonan of þam nihstum burgum, 7 foron to Colneceastre, 7 ymbsæton þa burg, 7 þæron fuhton oþ hie þa geeodon, 7 þæt folc eall ofslogon 7 genamon eal þæt þærbinnan wæs, buton þam mannum þe þær oþflugon ofer þone weall. Þa æfter þam þa giet þæs ilcan hærfestes gegadorode micel here hine of Eastenglum ægþer ge þæs landheres ge þara wicinga þe hie him to fultume aspanen hæfdon 7 þohton þæt hie sceoldon gewrecan hira teonun 7 foron to Mældune 7 ymbsæton þa burg 7 fuhton þæron oþ þam burgwarum com mara fultum to utan to helpe, 7 forlet se here þa burg 7 for fram; 7 þa foron þa men æfter ut of þære byrig, 7 eac þa þe him utan comon to fultume, 7 gefliemdon þone here 7 ofslogon hira monig hund, ægþer ge æscmanna ge oþerra. Þa þæs forhraþe þæs ilcan hærfestes for Eadweard cyning mid Westsexna fierde to Passanhamme, 7 sæt þær þa hwile þe mon worhte þa burg æt Tofeceastre mid stanwealle; 7 him cirde to Þurferþ eorl, 7 þa holdas, 7 eal se here þe to Hamtune hierde norþ oþ Weolud, 7 sohton hine him to hlaforde 7 to mundboran; 7 þa se firdstemn for ham, þa for oþer ut, 7 gefor þa burg æt Huntandune, 7 hie gebette 7 geedneowade þær heo ær tobrocen wæs, be Eadweardes cyninges hæse, 7 þæt folc eal þæt þær to lafe wæs þara landleoda beag to Eadwearde cyninge, 7 sohton his friþ 7 his mundbyrde. Þa [n917.8] giet æfter þam þæs ilcan geres foran to Martines mæssan for Eadweard cyning mid Westsexna fierde to Colneceastre, 7 gebette þa burg 7 geedneowade þær heo ær tobrocen wæs, 7 him cirde micel folc to, ægþer ge on Eastenglum, ge on Eastseaxum, þe ær under Dena anwalde wæs; 7 eal se here on Eastenglum him swor annesse, þæt hie eal þæt woldon þæt he wolde, 7 eall þæt friþian woldon þæt se cyng friþian wolde, ægþer ge on sæ, ge on lande; 7 se here þe to Grantanbrycge hierde hine geces synderlice him to hlaforde 7 to mundboran, 7 þæt fæstnodon mid aþum. swa swa he hit þa ared.
918 [*]Her on ðysum gere be<tw>eox gangdagum 7 middan sumera for Eadweard cyng mid firde to Steanforda 7 het gewyrcan ða burg on suðhealfe ðære eas, 7 ðæt folc eal ðe to ðære nor[*]þerran byrig hierde him beah to 7 sohtan hine him to hlaforde. 7 þa on þæm setle ðe he þær sæt, þa gefor Æþelflæd his swystar æt Tameworþige .xii. nihtum ær middum sumera; 7 þa gerad he þa burg æt Tameworþige, 7 him cierde to eall se þeodscype on Myrcna lande þe [*]Æþelflæde ær underþeoded wæs; 7 þa cyningas on Norþwealum, Howel, 7 Cledauc, 7 Ieoþwel, 7 eall Norþweallcyn hine sohton him to hlaforde. Þa for he þonan to Snotingaham 7 gefor þa burg, 7 het hie gebetan 7 gesettan, ægþer ge mid Engliscum mannum, ge mid Deniscum; 7 him cierde eall þæt folc to þe on Mercna lande geseten wæs, ægþer ge Denisc ge Englisce [n918.6] .
919 [n919.1] Her on þysum geare for Eadweard cyning mid fierde onufan hærfest to Þelwæle, 7 het gewyrcan þa burg, 7 gesettan, 7 gemannian; 7 het oþre fierd eac of Miercna þeode þa hwile þe he þær sæt gefaran Mameceaster on Norþhymbrum, 7 hie gebetan 7 gemannian. hand9a: Her forþferde Plegemund arcebisceop. [n919.2]
919 Here in this year King Edward went with his army to Þelwæle [Thelwall], and ordered the borough to be built, and occupied, and manned; and then while he was there he ordered another army, also from the people of Mercia, to occupy Mameceaster [Manchester] in Northumbria, and repair and man it. Here departed Archbishop Plegmund.
920 [n920.1] Her on þysum gere foran to middum sumera for Eadweard cyning mid fierde to Snotingaham, 7 het gewyrcan þa burg on suþhealfe þære eas, ongean þa [n920.2] oþre, 7 þa brycge ofer Treontan betwix þam twam burgum; 7 for þa þonan on Peaclond to Badecanwiellon, 7 het gewyrcan ane burg þær on neaweste, 7 gemannian; 7 hine geces þa to fæder 7 to hlaforde Scotta cyning 7 eall Scotta þeod; 7 Rægnald, 7 Eadulfes suna, 7 ealle þa þe on Norþhymbrum bugeaþ, ægþer ge Englisce, ge Denisce, ge Norþmen, ge oþre; 7 eac Stræcledweala cyning, 7 ealle Stræcledwealas. [n920.3]
924 [*]Her Eadweard cing forþferde, 7 Æþelstan his sunu feng to rice. hand7: 7 Sancte Dunstan wearð akænned. hand8f: 7 Wulfelm feng to þan arcebiscoprice on Cantuarebyri.
931 [n931.1] Her mon hadode Byrnstan bisceop to Wintanceastre .iiii. kalendas IVNII, 7 he heold þridde healf gear bisceopdom.
932 [n932.1] Her forþferde Fryþestan bisceop.
933 [n933.1] Her for Æþelstan cyning in on Scotland, ægþer ge mid landhere ge mid sciphere, 7 his micel oferhergade; 7 Byrnstan bisceop forþferde on Wintanceastre to Omnium Sanctorum.
934 [n934.1] Her feng Ælfeah bisceop to bisceopdome.
937 [n937.1] Her Æþelstan cyning, eorla dryhten,
beorna beahgifa, 7 his broþor eac,
Eadmund æþeling, ealdorlangne tir
geslogon æt sæcce sweorda ecgum
ymbe Brunnanburh [n937.2] . Bordweal clufan,
heowan heaþolinde hamora lafan,
afaran Eadweardes, swa him geæþele wæs
from cneomægum, þæt hi æt campe oft
wiþ laþra gehwæne land ealgodon,
hord 7 hamas. Hettend crungun,
Sceotta leoda 7 scipflotan
fæge feollan, feld dænnede [n937.3]
secgas hwate, siðþan sunne up
on morgentid, mære tungol,
glad ofer grundas, godes condel beorht,
eces Drihtnes, oð sio æþele gesceaft
sah to setle. þær læg secg mænig
garum ageted, guma norþerna
ofer scild scoten, swilce Scittisc eac,
werig, wiges sæd. Wesseaxe forð
ondlongne dæg eorodcistum
on last legdun laþum þeodum,
heowan herefleman hindan þearle
mecum mylenscearpan. Myrce ne wyrndon
heeardes hondplegan hæleþa nanum
þæ mid Anlafe ofer æra gebland
on lides bosme land gesohtun,
fæge to gefeohte. Fife lægun
on þam campstede cyninges giunge,
sweordum aswefede, swilce seofene eac
eorlas Anlafes, unrim heriges,
flotan 7 Sceotta. þær geflemed wearð
Norðmanna bregu, nede gebeded,
to lides stefne litle weorode;
cread cnear on [n937.4] flot, cyning ut gewat
on fealene flod, feorh generede.
Swilce þær eac se froda mid fleame com
on his cyþþe norð, Costontinus,
har hildering, hreman ne þorfte
mæcan gemanan; he wæs his mæga sceard,
freonda gefylled on folcstede,
beslagen æt sæcce, 7 his sunu forlet
on wælstowe wundun fergrunden,
giungne æt guðe. Gelpan ne þorfte
beorn blandenfeax bilgeslehtes,
eald inwidda, ne Anlaf þy ma;
mid heora herelafum hlehhan ne þorftun
þæt heo beaduweorca beteran wurdun
on campstede culbodgehnadtes [n937.5] ,
garmittinge, gumena gemotes,
wæpengewrixles, þæs hi on wælfelda
wiþ Eadweardes afaran plegodan.
Gewitan him þa Norþmen [n937.6] nægledcnearrum,
dreorig daraða laf, on Dinges mere
ofer deop wæter Difelin secan,
7 eft Hiraland, æwiscmode.
Swilce þa gebroþer [n937.7] begen ætsamne,
cyning 7 æþeling, cyþþe sohton,
Wesseaxena land, wiges hremige [n937.8] .
Letan him behindan hræw [n937.9] bryttian
saluwigpadan, þone sweartan hræfn,
hyrnednebban, 7 þane hasewanpadan,
earn æftan hwit, æses brucan,
grædigne guðhafoc 7 þæt græge deor,
wulf on wealde. Ne wearð wæl mare
on þis eiglande æfer gieta
folces gefylled beforan þissum
sweordes ecgum, þæs þe us secgað bec,
ealde uðwitan, siþþan eastan hider
Engle 7 Seaxe up becoman,
ofer brad brimu Brytene sohtan,
wlance wigsmiþas, Weealas ofercoman,
eorlas arhwate eard begeatan.
940 Her Æþelstan cyning forðferde on .vi. [n940.1] kalendas Nouembris ymbe .xl. wintra butan anre niht þæs þe Ælfred cyning forþferde, 7 Eadmund æþeling feng to rice 7 he wæs þa .xviii. wintre. 7 Æþelstan cyning rixade .xiiii. gear 7 .x. wucan. hand8g: Þa was Wulfelm arcebiscop on Cantwarebyri.
942 Her Eadmund cyning, Engla þeoden,
maga mundbora, Myrce geeode,
dyre dædfruma, swa Dor scadeþ,
Hwitanwylles geat 7 Humbra ea,
brada brimstream. Burga fife,
Ligoraceaster 7 Lindcylene [n942.1]
7 Snotingaham, swylce Stanford
eac Deoraby. Dæne wæran æror
under Norðmannum nyde gebegde
on hæþenra hæfteclommum
lange þraga, oþ hie alysde eft
for his weorþscipe wiggendra hleo,
afera Eadweardes, Eadmund cyning.
Eadmund cyning onfeng Anlafe cyninge æt fulluhte 7 þy ylecan geare ymb tela micel fæc he onfeng Rægenolde cyninge æt bisceopes handa. hand7: [n942.2] Her Eadmund cing Sancte Dunstane Glæstingeberig betæhte ðær he syððan ærest abbud wearð.
944 Her Eadmund cyning geeode eal Norþhymbra land to him gewealdan 7 aflymde ut twegen cyningas, Anlaf Syhtrices sunu 7 Rægenald Guðferþes sunu. [n944.1]
945 Her Eadmund cyning oferhergode eal Cumbra land 7 hit let to eal Malculme Scotta cyninge on þæt gerad þæt he wære his midwyrhta ægþer ge on sæ ge on lande. [n945.1]
946 Her Eadmund cyning forðferde on Sanctes Agustinus mæssedæge, 7 he hæfde rice seofoþe healf gear. 7 þa feng Eadred æþeling his broþor to rice 7 gerad eal Norþhymbra land him to gewealde, 7 Scottas him aþas sealdan, þæt hie woldan eal þæt he wolde. [n946.1]
951 hand3a: Her forðferde Ælfheah Wintanceastres bisceop on Sancte Gregories mæssedæg.
955 Her forþferde Eadred cining on Sancte Clementes mæssedæg on Frome, 7 he rixsade teoþe healf gear, 7 þa feng Eadwig to rice, Eadmundes sunu cinges hand7: 7 aflæmde Sancte Dunstan ut of lande.
958 [*] Her forðferde Eadwig cyng on kalendas Octobris, 7 Eadgar his broðor feng to rice.
959 hand7: Her he sænte [n959.1] efter Sancte Dunstane 7 gæf him þæt bisceoprice on Wigracæstre 7 ðæræfter þæt bisceoprice on Lundene.
961 hand7: Her gewat Odo arcebisceop 7 Sancte Dunstan feng to arcebisceoprice.
962 Her forðferde Ælfgar cinges mæg on Defenum, 7 his lic rest on Wiltune. 7 Sigferð cyning hine offeoll, 7 his lic ligð æt Wimburnan. 7 þa on geare wæs swiðe micel mancwealm, 7 se micela manbryne wæs on Lundene, 7 Paules mynster forbarn 7 þy ilcan geare wearð eft gestaþelad. On þys ilcan geare for Aþelmod mæssepreost to Rome, 7 þær forðferde .xviii. Kalendæ Septembris.
963 Her forðferde Wulfstan diacon on Cilda mæssedæge, 7 æfter þon forðferde Gyric mæssepreost. On [n963.1] þys ilcan geare feng Aþelwold abbod to þæm bisceoprice to Wintanceastre. 7 hine mon gehalgode in uigilia [n963.2] Sancti Andree. wæs sunnandæg on dæg.
964 Her [n964.1] dræfde Eadgar cyng þa preostas on Ceastre of Ealdanmynstre 7 of Niwanmynstre 7 of Ceortesige 7 of Middeltune 7 sette hy mid munecan; 7 he sette Æþelgar abbod to Niwanmynstre to abbode 7 Ordbirht to Ceortesige 7 Cyneweard to Middeltune.
971 Her [n971.1] forþferde Eadmund æþeling. 7 his lic liþ æt Rumesige.
973 [*] Her Eadgar wæs, Engla waldend,
corðre micelre to cyninge gehalgod
on ðære ealdan byrig, Acemannesceastre;
eac hi igbuend oðre worde
beornas Baðan [n973.2] nemnaþ. þær wæs blis micel
on þam eadgan dæge eallum geworden,
þon(n)e niða bearn nemnað 7 cigað
Pentecostenes dæg. þær wæs preosta heap,
micel muneca ðreat, mine gefrege,
gleawra gegaderod. 7 ða agangen wæs
tyn hund wintra geteled rimes
fram gebyrdtide bremes cyninges,
leohta hyrdes, buton ðær to lafe þa gen [n973.3]
wæs wintergeteles, þæs ðe gewritu secgað,
seofon 7 twentig; swa neah wæs sigora frean
ðusend aurnen, ða þa ðis gelamp.
7 him Eadmundes eafora hæfde
nigon 7 .xx., niðweorca heard,
wintra on worulde, <þa> [n973.4] þis geworden wæs,
7 þa on ðam .xxx. wæs ðeoden gehalgod.
975 Her geendode eorðan dreamas
Eadgar, Engla cyning, ceas him oðer leoht,
wlitig 7 wynsum, 7 þis wace forlet,
lif þis læne. Nemnað leoda bearn,
men on moldan, þæne monað gehwær
in ðisse eðeltyrf, þa þe ær wæran
on rimcræfte rihte getogene,
Iulius monoð, þæt se geonga gewat
on þone eahteðan dæg Eadgar of life,
beorna beahgyfa. 7 [n975.1] feng his bearn syððan
to cynerice, cild unweaxen [n975.2] ,
eorla ealdor, þam wæs Eadweard nama [n975.3] .
7 him tirfæst hæleð tyn nihtum ær
of Brytene gewat, bisceop se goda,
þurh gecyndne cræft, ðam wæs Cyneweard nama.
Ða wæs on Myrceon, mine gefræge,
wide 7 welhwær waldendes lof
afylled on foldan. Fela wearð todræfed
gleawra Godes ðeowa; þæt wæs gnornung micel
þam þe on breostum wæg byrnende lufan
metodes on mode. þa wæs mærða Fruma
to swiðe forsewen, sigora waldend,
rodera Rædend, þa man his riht tobræc.
7 þa wearð eac adræfed deormod hæleð,
Oslac, of earde ofer yða gewealc,
ofer ganotes bæð, gamolfeax hæleð,
wis 7 wordsnotor, ofer wætera geðring,
ofer hwæles eðel, hama bereafod.
7 þa wearð ætywed uppe on roderum
steorra on staðole, þone stiðferhþe,
hæleð higegleawe, hatað wide
cometa be naman, cræftgleawe men,
wise soðboran. Wæs geond werðeode
Waldendes wracu wide gefrege,
hungor ofer hrusan; þæt eft heofona Weard
gebette, Brego engla, geaf eft blisse gehwæm
egbuendra þurh eorðan westm.
978 Her wearð Eadweard cyning ofslegen. On þis ylcan feng Æðelred æðeling his broðor to rice.
983 Her forðferde Ælfhere ealdorman.
984 Her forðferde se wellwillenda bisceop Aðelwold, 7 seo halgung þæs æfterfilgendan bisceopes Ælfheages, se ðe oðran naman wæs geciged Godwine. wæs [n984.1] .xiiii. kalendæ Nouembris 7 he gesæt þone bisceopstol an þara twegra apostola dæge Simonis 7 Iudæ. on Wintanceastre.
988 hand7: Hoc anno obiit sanctus Dunstanus archiepiscopus. [n988.1]
993 Her on ðissum geare com Unlaf mid þrim 7 hund nigontigon scipum to Stane 7 forhergedon þæt onytan 7 for ða ðanon to Sandwic 7 swa ðanon to Gipeswic 7 þæt eall ofereode 7 swa to Mældune; 7 him ðær com togeanes Byrhtnoð ealdorman mid his fyrde 7 him wið gefeaht, 7 hy þone ealdorman þær ofslogon, 7 wælstowe geweald ahtan. 7 [n993.1] him man nam syððan [n993.2] frið wið, 7 hine nam se cing syððan to bisceopes handa. hand7a: ðurh Sirices lare Cantware bisc<eo>pes [n993.3] , 7 Ælfeages Wincæstre biscop.
994 Her forðferde Sigeric arcebisceop. 7 feng Ælfric Wiltunscire bisceop to ðam arcebisceoprice.
1001 Her on ðysum geare wæs micel unfrið on Angelcynnes londe þurh sciphere, 7 welgehwær hergedon 7 bær<n>don, swa þæt hy upp asetton on ænne siþ þæt hy coman to Æþelingadene, 7 þa com þær togeanes Hamtunscir 7 him wið gefuhton; 7 ðær wearð Æþelweard cinges heahgerefa ofslegen 7 Leofric æt Hwitciricean 7 Leofwine cinges heahgerefa 7 Wulfhere bisceopes ðegn 7 Godwine æt Worðige, Ælfsiges bisceopes sunu, 7 ealra manna an 7 hund eahtatig; 7 þær wearð þara Denescra micle ma ofslegenra, þeah ðe hie wælstowe geweald ahtan. 7 foran ða þanon west oþ þæt hy coman to Defenan, 7 him þær togeanes com Pallig mid þan scipan ðe he gegaderian mihte, forþam þe he asceacen wæs fram Æðelrede cyncge ofer ealle ða getrywða ðe he him geseald hæfde, 7 eac se cyng him wel gegifod hæfde on hamon, 7 on golde 7 seolfre. 7 forbærndon Tegntun, 7 eac fela oðra godra hama þe we genemnan ne cunnan, 7 heom man syððan þær frið wið nam. 7 hy foran þa þanon to Exan muðan, swa þæt hy asettan him upp on ænne sið oð hy coman to Peonho, 7 þær wæs Kola ðæs cyninges heahgerefa, 7 Eadsige þæs cynincges gerefa togeanes him mid ðære fyrde ðe hy gegaderian mihtan, 7 hy ðær aflymede wurdon, 7 ðær wearð fela ofslegenra, 7 ða Denescean ahtan wælstowe geweald, 7 ðæs on mergen forbærndon þone ham æt Peonho 7 æt Glistune [n1001.1] , 7 eac fela godra hama þe we genemnan na cunnan, 7 foran ða eft east ongean oð hy coman to Wiht, 7 þæs on mergen forbærndon ðone ham æt Wealtham 7 oðra cotlifa fela. hand5b: 7 hiom man raþe þæs wið þingode, 7 hy namon frið.
1005 [*] Her Ælfricus arcebiscop forðferde.
1006 Her mann halgode Ælfehg to arcebiscope.
1017 Her Cnut wearð ge coran to kinge.
1031 Her com Cnut agean to Engla lande. Sona swa he becom to Engla lande, he geaf into Cristes cyrican on Cantwarebyri þa hæfenan on Sandwic 7 ealla þa gerihta þe þarof arisaþ of æiðre healfe ðare hæfene, swa þæt loc whenne þæt flot byþ ealra hehst 7 ealra fullost beo an scip flotigende swa neh þan lande swa hit nyxt mæge 7 þar beo an mann stande on þan scipe 7 habbe ane taper æx on his [n1031.1] handa afwyrpe up swa feorr on þæt land of swiðre healfe swa he swiþost mæge. Swa feorr begað þa munekas Cristes cyrican þa gerihta þe þarof cumað. Ne nan mann nah þarof nanes      es þing     eon þa      ða      heora     ofer bates þæt eall of þam ber   7 of ea      þ    cumað       uðe.
1036 hand10: Cnut obiit.
1038 hand10: Hic obiit Æþelnor archebiscop.
1040 Her Eadsige arcebiscop for to Rome. 7 Harold cing (king) forðferde.
1042 Her forðferde Harðacnut king.
1043 Her wæs Eduuard gehalgod to kinge.
1050 Her forðferde Eadsige arcebiscop, 7 Rodbert feng to arcebiscoprice.
1053 Her Goduuine eorl forðferde.
1066 Her forðferde Eaduuard king, 7 Harold eorl feng to ðam rice 7 heold hit .xl. wucena 7 ænne dæg, 7 her com Willelm 7 gewann Ængla land. 7 her on ðison geare barn Cristes cyrice. hand11: 7 her atiwede cometa .xiiii. kalendas MAI.
1070 Her Landfranc se þe wæs abbod an Kadum com to Ængla lande, se efter feawum dagum wearð arcebiscop on Kantwareberig. He wæs gehaded .iiii. kalendas Septembris on his agenum bisc<o>psetle fram eahte biscopum his underðioddum; ða oþre ðe þær næron þurh ærendrakan 7 þurh gewrite atiwdon hwi hi ðær beon ne mihton. On þam geare THOMAS se wæs gecoran bisc<o>p to Eferwic com to Cantwareberig þæt man hine ðær gehadede efter þan ealdan gewunan. Ða ða Landfranc crafede fæstnunge his gehersumnesse mid aðswerunge. [*]þa forsoc he 7 sæde þæt he hit nahte to donne. Þa gewraðede hine se arcebiscop Landfranc 7 bebead þam biscopan ðe þar cumene wæran be ðas arcebiscop Landfrances hæse þa serfise to donde, 7 eallan þan munecan, þæt hi scoldan hi unscrydan. 7 hi be his hæse swa didan. Swa Thomas to þam timan agean ferde buton bletsunga. Þa sona æfter þysan belamp þæt se arcebiscop LANDFRANC ferde to Rome 7 Thomas forð mid. Þa þa hi þyder comon 7 umbe oþer þing gesprecon hæfdon umbe þæt hi sprecan woldon. Þa angan Thomas his spæce hu he com to Cantuuarebyri, 7 hu se arcebiscop axode hyrsumnesse mid aþswerunge at him, 7 he hit forsoc. Þa agann se arcebiscop Landfranc atywian mid openum gesceade þæt he mid rihte crafede þas þa he crafede 7 mid strangan cwydan þæt ylce gefæstnode toforan þam papan Alexandre 7 toforan eallan þam concilium þe þar gegadered was 7 swa ham foran. Æfter þysan com Thomas to Cantwarebyri 7 eal þæt se arcebiscop at him crafede eadmedlice gefylde 7 syþþan þa bletsungan underfeng.

A .lxvi.
*G syx 7 syxti
BCD .lxvi.
E .lvi.
From comparison with *G, the alteration to A must have occurred after G was copied and was presumably made by Scribe 8. As all recensions, except E, agree on the length of Octauianus's reign, I suggest that the reading in E is faulty.

A .lxii.
*G .lxii.
BC .lii.
DE .xlii.
.xlii. is the better reading for the year of Christ's birth.

Written on the previous line (1v5).

Erased, and 7 inserted over the erasure, probably by Scribe 8, bringing it in line with √E which combines annals 2 and 3 (as seen in E).

Written on the previous line (1v7).

Written on the previous line (1va15).

Probably added by Scribe 8.

Altered by erasure of the ascender of the þ to feowericum.

A se
*G se
BC Petrus se apostol
DE apostol Petrus
Erased in "A".

The annal number has been altered to 45, and a new annal number 44 inserted on the line above in another hand (8?).

The annal number has been altered to 46.

The annal number has been altered to 47. The original annal number 47 has been erased from the top of folio 2r.

-wode is above, on the previous line.

-wodon is above, on the previous line.

A Uespassianus
E, *G Uespasianus
BCD Uespassianus

The word þusenda has been split across two lines with -senda immediately below þu-, even though there would have been ample room to put the whole word on 2ra27.

-dyde has been written above ge-, on the previous line.

Anno .lxxxiiii.
The annal number has been altered to "84" in another hand and annal numbers Anno .lxxxv. and Anno .lxxxvi. added below, possibly in Hand 8.
Bately states that an annal number for "83" is added beneath this. She also does not include the annal number "83" at the bottom of the first column.

Anno .lxxxiivii. The annal number has been changed to 87 by connecting the first two letter i to form a u.

The annal has been erased. Bately sees four lines of erasure but there is only a gap of two lines before the next annal number.

The annal number Anno .xcui. has been written in another hand between this annal number and the annal number for AD 96.

-re hine gereste in Epheso is written on line 2rb21, above the rests of the annal, rather than on 2r24/5 where it would collide with an addition for AD 101, also by Scribe 8. Presumably the scribe made the addition for AD 101 first and later the addition for AD 99.

Changed to him wærþ tiþod by Scribe 8.

There is a large cross inserted to the left of the annal number.

Mid-dots have been inserted above the line in the annal numbers for 305 to 309.

The annal number Anno cccc.viiii. has clearly got an additional "c".

The annal numbers for 330 to 339 are missing.

This annal has been annotated with sic etiam in historia saxonica Petroburg by Joscelyn

Changed to Galwalas by Scribe 8.

This annal has been annotated with sic etiam in historia saxonica Petroburg by Joscelyn

There is a signe de renvoi of three dots after this annal number. The corresonding text is on the same line in the second column.

This text was added in the second column on line 4v6 and is joined by a signe de renvoi to the annal number in the first column. It has also been annotated with sic etiam in historia saxonica Petroburg by Joscelyn

Glossed with uel Patricius by Scribe 8, and Joscelyn has annotated this line (in the blank second column) with in saxonica histor. Petroburg. est Patricius non Paladius.

Glossed with to bodianne scottum fulluht by Joscelyn.

sendon has been glossed with ferdon ofer sæ by Joscelyn.

Glossed with ætilan in lib. Petroburg by Joscelyn.

*G Mauricius
E Martianus
Changed to Martianus in another hand, probably Scribe 8.

This annal number has been added between the lines to correct the sequence.

*G Æfter wæs þæt lond
E þan wæs þæt land
Changed to Æfter þan þæt lond wearð in another hand, probably Scribe 8.

*G Stuf
E 7 Stuf
7 in another hand.

fea altered to feala in another hand, probably Scribe 8.

*G Wihtgarabyrg
E Wihtgarasbyrg
Altered to Wihtgaræsbyrg in another hand, probably Scribe 8.

*G Wihte ealond
E eall Wihtland
Changed to eall Wiht ealandby Scribe 8.

*G Iulius
E Iulii
Changed to Iulii by erasure of all but the first minim of us, probably by Scribe 8.

*G oðywdon
E ætewdon
Changed to ætiewdon, probably by Scribe 8.

Bately suggests that the annal for 552 might stand on an erasure.

*G æt

The erasure is unreadable; current reading based on *G.

From this point, the rest of the annal for 565 is written over the erased pedigree for 560 above.

*G Lycgeanburh
E Lycgeanbyrig
Altered to Lygeanbirg by erasure of all but the first minim of u.

*G Ægelesburh
E Ægelesbyrig
Altered by erasure to Ægelesbirg.

*G Bennington
BC Bensingtun
E Benesingtun
Altered to Bænesington, probably by Scribe 8.

*G gefor
BC gefor
Altered to geforþferde by the addition of þferde, in a later hand.

This has been inked over, possibly by Scribe 8. The u (of gecueden) has been modifed to a wynn and -en Deorham appears just to have been re-inked.

*G cestro
The final o of ceastro has been modifed to an a.

G[W] Ceol
G[N] Ceolric
E Ceolric
Possibly by Scribe 8.

*G, BC .v.
E .vi.
Original reading .v. changed to .vi. in a later hand.

The part of the annal starting "cynge æt Dæstane" is written in below the annal for 597 with ð used as the signe de renvoi.

Second e erased to form EastSaxum.

e erased to form ðon.

The part of the annal starting "seo ys .xxiiii." is written in the upper mg with +φ used as the signe de renvoi.

-loh written in a modern hand over an erasure.

sloh was written twice (at the end of one line and the start of the next). The first of these has been erased.

*G .xlvi.
BCDE .lxv.
Original entry modified to .lxv. by erasure, only initial x now visible.

The æ is written above an underpointed e.

The rest of the annal is written at the bottom of the page, joined by signes de renvoi.

This is followed an erasure. Bately sees "to" followed by a form of the place-name Rochester.

This is written over an erasure in a rounder hand.

*G bisceopdome
E biscopdomas
Original reading biscepdome changed to biscepdomes by the addition of s in another hand.

*G .v.
BC .vm.

BCDE Peada

The scribe erroneously wrote ee by conventionally abbreviating ge and also providing the e.

BC on
E of
The construction geheargian oþ + Name is normal in the chronicle but geheargian on + Name is seen in the OE Orosius.

This word is abraded, possibly deliberately (but poorly) erased.

This should read Þeodorius, but the i may have been erased as there appears to be a one minim gap.

Lutz sees -branne standing on an erasure; Bately doesn't. It is not apparent from the facsimile which of these is correct.

Lutz considers this entry to be in a later hand; Bately doesn't.

A cross has been inserted above the line between these two words.

*G Cristes
E Cristes
Cristes has been inserted above the line, over underlined iustes. David Dumville suggests iustes may be a misreading of ristes + space for a rubricated C.

This material is also in *G.

There is a macron over the m.

This material is also in *G

This material stands on abraded parchment. David Dumville suggests that the scribe made a saut au même du même error with the succeeding on rhyt.

Touched up by another scribe.

Touched up by another scribe. The scribe has written -h over the original -g of Cuþburg. The descender of the original -g is just visible.

Touched up by another scribe.

Gefeaht is split across folios 9r and 9v and the scribe has accidentally repeated the ge.

The scribe appear to have originally written ccn and subsequently modified the second c to a y.

The is a hole in the manuscript here, followed by þred, the first letter of which is damaged and underpointed. Cuþ has been added above the hole, Lutz suggests that this addition may be in hand 1; Bately disagrees.

David Dumville suggests that this stands on an erasure. There is space for, perhaps, two additional letters.

This word has been heavily reinked.

This is followed by the sign usually used to signify the end of an annal.

Inserted over a hole in the manuscript in a modern hand, possibly that of Abraham Wheloc.

*G rihtfæderencyn
This has been modified to ryhtfæderen cyn by the addition of -en in another hand which Lutz suggests may be that of Scribe 3.

Plummer suggested that the interlinear þ was in another hand. Bately and Lutz disagree, and see this as the work of Scribe 1.

Written as .dcclviii. , with the last minim interlined above the previous. This has been done to avoid intrusion into the column for annal material. Several other annal numbers on this folio follow this practise.

Written as .dcclviiii. , with the last two minim interlined above the previous. This has been done to avoid intrusion into the column for annal material. Several other annal numbers on this folio follow this practise.

It is not certain whether cinges (inserted inter-linearly) was intended as part of the text or as a gloss.

The I formed by erasure from an E; *G has Anbryht; DE have Ianbryht; BC have Eadbriht.

This is followed by an erasure only partly readable which Bately interprets as: he wæs . . . sunu[?] cantwara[?] cinges . . . sunu cinges.

The interlined n is in another hand.

Followed by an erasure with room for perhaps 7 or 8 letters.

Altered from either an a or a u.

The correct name is Feologild.

From the facsimile, it looks like this stands on an erasure.

A cross has been drawn in the left mg by this word.

The H has been touched with colour.

This is written over the mark that this scribe normally used to indicate the end of an annal.

The erased text in Hand 1a that follows corresponds to annal 851 7 þy ... gefliemdon which similarly follows sige namon.

Possibly in another 10th century hand, though the whole word may stand on a erasure.

Inserted at the top of folio 13r (in a hand similar to that of Scribe 2 of the "Laws") perhaps as an alternative to the będ that has been inserted above the line at the start of the annal.

The manuscript reads send-e with the final e in another hand. Bately suggests that this may be because the emending scribe failed to recognise Scribe 1's use of d- for de.

The line that starts here has been surrounded with large red crosses in both mgs. This was probably the work of the Frithestan Annotator.

BC of
This should read of.

Originally Cuþa. The a has been erased and wine inserted above a ":".

BC Frealafing
This should read Frealafing.

This word is followed by the sign normally used to indicate the end of an annal.

The n may be an r with a short or erased descender.

This is followed by an erasure of approximately 23 letters. Bately sees the erasure as starting 7 æþelw.l. ..?.

This is on an erasure and is also followed by erased material that Bately sees starting 7 wið þone he. . . . uns.ire. This material appears to correspond with the text that immediately follows.

BC friþ wiþ
DE wið frið

BCG ungeþwærnes
D ungeþwærnys
In another hand.

A small circled cross has been inserted above the line, in the between this and the previous annal.

A large circled cross has been inserted in the left mg next to this line. These circled crosses were the work of the Circle and Cross Annotator.

There is a large circled cross annotation in the mg next to this annal. These circled crosses were the work of the Circle and Cross Annotator.

There is a small cross interlined above this word.

A new paragraph begins here in the manuscript. The first letter of this is large and decorated. There is also a large circled cross annotation in the mg next to this annal. These circled crosses were the work of the Circle and Cross Annotator.

A comma has been inserted below the line to indicate the word-break that should follow this letter.

A comma has been inserted below the line to indicate the word-break that should follow this letter.

Orignially eft, emended to oft by inserting a colon below the line and an o above the line.

The a may be a correction: there is evidence of scraping.

*G micel þæs folces 7
BCDE 7 micel þæs folces

A small circled cross is in the left mg adjacent to this line. These circled crosses were the work of the Circle and Cross Annotator.

*G comon
MS originally read with man added in another hand.

DE*G þær þa wearþ
BC þær wearþ
Added in another hand (possibly 2c).

*G þa
ða stands on an erasure in another hand.

BC*G Stufe
D Stufe
An error for Sture.

A comma has been inserted under the line to indicate the word break.

This is one of a number of errors of number made by Scribe 1. This should probably read he. See Bately, cix.

This stands on an erasure.

There is a gap between the letters ri where there may be an erasure with room for perhaps one letter.

G[N] berædne
G[W] bæredne
B berædde

There is a large circled cross in the left mg between this annal and that for 888. These circled crosses were the work of the Circle and Cross Annotator.

G Æþered
The manuscript originally read Ęþered. Another hand has modified this to a large Æ and inserted an l above the line to make Æþelred.

The annal number was written as dccclxviiii, with the final two minims above the previous two. This has been done to avoid intruding into the column for the annal text. Scribe 1 also followed this practise in the entries for 758, 769 and 774.

The interlined n is probably in another hand. Lutz suggests that this may be that of her Scribe 2 - Bately's Scribe 2a. Bately sees multiple hands (2a through 2f) for Lutz's Scribe 2.

This annal number is the last thing written by in Hand 1. The remaining three lines of folio 16r have been left blank. This annal number caused a later scribe to erroneously add one to the entries between 892 and 940, obviously thinking that the first entry on folio 16v was for 892, and that the duplicated annal number 892 that followed should be 893.

The annal number has been changed to 893 in another hand. R. Talbotus in suo Itinerario transfert hec verba in Latinum has been added below this annal number in the left mg by the 16th century "Talbot annotator".

The manuscript reads bunāan. Bunnan *G[W]; Bunan *G[N]; Bunan BCD.

Perhaps altered from þæt by erasure.

The annal number has been changed to 894 in another hand.

Lutz suggests that this has been altered to on. Bately disagrees and I see no evidence of alteration from the facsimile.

This may stand on an erasure.

The -ci- stands on a heavy erasure.

There may be an erasure after norþ-.

This may stand on an erasure.

This was originally written hæsde, and the s has been modified to an f by the addition of a horizontal stroke to the descender.

The initial o- stands on damaged parchement, possibly the result of an erasure.

This word starts on folio 17r where the scribe has written ge-, the whole word is repeated at the top of 17v, producing (ge)geworct . The t may be in a different hand. geworct *G.

Note n893.10

In another hand.

Note n893.11

The e's in -ete- have been inked over, or are on an erasure.

Note n893.12

This was originally wæst, and wes has been inserted above the line before the t.

Note n893.13

The -as has been added above the line in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 895 in another hand. The layout changes here: the annal number is centered on the page between this and the previous annal. This layout is used until 897.

This is written with a capital N inside a large capital O.

The annal number has been changed to 896 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 897 in another hand.

The u in Suð- is so misshapen that it is impossible to tell what the scribe intended.

The may be an erasure following lang-.

The manuscript originally read ascutan, and an f has been added above the t in another hand. Also, the -an may have been modified from -on and the n has been re-inked. ascufon *G.

The annal number has been changed to 898 in another hand. The layout reverts here to using mgal annal numbers.

The annal number has been changed to 901 in another hand.

There is a large circled cross in the left mg here. This was the work of the Circle and Cross Annotator.

There is a small cross above the space preceding Eadweard.

in lib. Petroberg. 28 annis et dc has been added in the right mg by an Early Modern scribe, writing at the end of the sixteenth or the start of the seventeenth century. See Bately, Introduction xlvi.

*G reads þæt he ; the MS has oð he inserted in another hand over an erasure.

The annal number has been changed to 903 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 904 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 905 in another hand.

MS Brodene. The o has been altered to a in another hand.

The second e is underpointed.

There is a large circled cross in the left mg here. This was the work of the Circle and Cross Annotator.

The annal number has been changed to 906 in another hand.

se has been interlined in an early modern hand, possibly that of William L'isle, above the line after this word.

The annal number has been changed to 909 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 910 in another hand.

The first two words of the line are enclosed on three sides by thick ink lines and a large, oxidised red cross has been inserted below the annal number. A smaller cross has been insterted above the name Friðestan. This was the work of the Frithestan Annotator.

The annal number has been changed to 911 in another hand.

The final a is only partly visible due to a split in the parchement.

This word follows an erasure of two letters with long descenders (which are still visible).

The annal number has been changed to 912 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 913 in another hand. The three annal numbers below are also in Hand 2b and have been modified to read 914, 915 and 916 in another hand.

This word has been re-inked, probably when the blank annal for 914 was changed to 915.

Followed by an erasure, for which Bately suggests the reading 7 þa æfter þam.

The annal number has been changed to 916 and then to 917 in other hands.

The annal number has been changed to 917 and then to 918 in other hands.

Bately suggests that the s may be in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 918 and then to 919 in other hands.

The a probably stands on an erasure.

The annal number has been changed to 919 and then to 920 in other hands.

The annal number has been changed to 920 and then to 921 in other hands.

Parkes considers this to be in another hand.

The -it have been heavily re-inked and may be on an erasure.

Crossed out, presumably meant for deletion.

In Hand 2d.

Plummer and Lutz see traces of erasure between these lines.

Lutz suggests that this was originally written wæs and altered to read þæs. Bately disagrees.

There is an "X" in the margin following this word.

The f- has not been crossed and looks like an s.

The annal number has been changed to 921 and then to 922 in other hands.

The final -e is in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 922 and then to 923 in other hands.

Plegemund died in 923, the final, altered year for this annal.

The annal number has been changed to 923 and then to 924 in other hands.

Altered from -o to -a.

The remaining half of the page has been left blank.

The annal number has been changed to 925 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 932 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 933 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 934 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 935 in another hand.

The annal number has been changed to 938 in another hand.

In another hand.

There is a blank, ruled line after this.

MS en.

Glossed above the line with uel cum bell.

Lutz sees this as Hand 3, Campbell and Bately disagree.

Followed by an erasure of perhaps six letters.

Modified from hramige by the addition of an underpoint beneath the -a- and an e above the line.

Probably in another hand.

First altered to .xli. and then back to .xl. by erasure. *G .xli.

Written over an erased -e- or -o-. *G Lindclyne.

Reading from *G.

The word arcebisceop written above the line on the previous erasure.

Followed by an erasure to the end of the line.

The words Her forðferde Wal.mbsa are written in the left margin but have been largely erased. These words could apply to either 945 or 946.

Followed by an erasure of about two and a half lines. Bately sees .dcc. man h?, g 7 he, . . . lde. From the facsimile I can't see .dcc. man h? but the rest is visible and the erasure looks as if it should be recoverable. The words Her forðferde Buniget b. . . are written in the left margin (but largely erased) adjacent to the annal number for 948. or 949

The manuscript originally read sæcte.

This word starts a new paragraph. Three Parkerian red crayon arcs link the three lines from here to the end of this annal.

This starts in capitals and is in a larger script than the rest of the annal. MS IN Uigilia.

Dumville sees a change of hand at this word, however Bately disagrees. The simplest explanation for this folio (28r) seems to me that Scribe 4 wrote the entire page sometime in the late 960's. After he had completed the annal for 964 he knew there were no annals for 965, 966 or 967 and entered these in the left margin beside the annal for 964 to conserve space. He then entered the annal number for 968 at the top of the next folio. It seems to me that this would have occured at the time of writing the annal for 964 as it would seem unlikely that the same scribe would revisit the Chronicle merely to enter a few blank annal numbers. Dumville's notion that he did this in 968, before it was known whether there would be an entry for that year, is very attractive.

Restored using Bately's reading from G, G[N] and G[W}. This entry is probably in Hand 5 (or Hand 5a/b).

An o has been insterted above the second -a- (not underpointed). MS *G Baðon

MS þa agan; BC þa get. A is closer to the probable þa gen.

In BC but missing from A and *G.

Probably a later addition, in a larger than usual script. The horizontal stroke is above the line with the vertical stroke descending into what would be a wider than normal word division.

Originally unweaxene with the final -e erased some time before *G was copied. *G unweaxen.


Inserted above the line, possibly in another hand, but inefficiently erased.

In the left margin in the minute script of Scribe 7.

An end of annal symbol has been partly erased and then reused to form 7. This is followed by additional material.

The annal continues in the left margin from this word.

MS biscpes

Partly re-inked and possibly on an erasure.

A note in the right hand margin next to this addition reads haec sequentia non reperiuntur in Cott . This is in a hand very similar to that of Archbishop James Ussher.

The following six lines have been erased but have been restored according to a transcript by Professor Page as published in Bately. Only the more dubious readings have been marked as erased.

Written over an erased annal number for 1071.

Altered to -an from -en.

The remainder of this annal is in Hand 10 and does not follow the ruling on fos. 31v and 32r.

Written over an erased annal number.


Written over an erased annal number.


Preceded by an erased annal number.