Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Manuscript B Cotton Tiberius A vi

[60BC] Ær Cristes geflæscnesse .lx. wintra Gaius Iulius se casere ærest Romana Brytenland gesohte 7 Bryttas mid gefeohte cnysede, 7 hie oferswiþde 7 swa ðeah ne mihte ðær rice gewinnan.
[60BC] Before the incarnation of Christ sixty years, Gaius Julius the emperor, first of the Romans, sought the land of Britain and he crushed the Britons in battle and overcame them. And nevertheless he was unable to gain any empire there.
1 Octauianus rixode .lxvi. wintra, 7 on þam .xlii. gere his rices Crist wæs acenned.
1AD Octavianus reigned sixty-six winters; and in the forty-second year of his reign Christ was born.
2 Ða þry tungolwitigan of eastdæle coman to ðam þæt hie Crist weorþodan, 7 þa cild on Bethleem ofslegene wæran for Cristes ehtnesse fram Herode.
2 Then three astrologers from the east came to worship Christ; and the children in Bethlehem were slain by Herod in persecution of Christ.
3 Her swealt Herodes fram him sylfum ofsticod, 7 Archelaus his sunu feng to rice.
Here died Herod, stabbed by his own hand, and Archelaus his son succeeded to the rule.
6 Fram frymþe middangeardes oþ þis gear wæran agan .vm. wintra 7 .cc. wintra.
6 From the beginning of the world to this year were agone five thousand winters and two hundred winters.
12 Philippus 7 Herodes todæland Lysiam 7 Iudeam feþerricum.
12 Philip and Herod divided Lycia and Judea into four kingdoms.
16 Her feng Tiburtius to rice.
16 Here Tiberius succeeded to the rule.
26 Her onfeng Pilatus gyminge ofer Iudeas.
26 Here Pilate began to reign over the Jews.
30 Her wæs Crist gefulwad 7 Petrus 7 Andreas gehwyrfde, 7 Iacobus 7 Iohannes 7 Philippus 7 þa .xii. apostolas.
30 Here was Christ baptized; and Peter and Andrew were converted, and James, and John, and Philip, and all the twelve apostles.
33 Her wæs Crist ahangen fram frymþe middangeardes ymb .vm. 7 .cc. 7 .xxvi. wintra.
33 Here was Christ crucified; about five thousand two hundred and twenty six winters from the beginning of the world.
34 Her wæs Sanctus Paulus gehwyrfed 7 Sanctus Stephanus oftorfod.
34 Here was St. Paul converted, and St. Stephen stoned.
35 Her se eadiga Petrus se apostol gesæt bisceopsetl on Antiochia ðære ceastre.
35 Here the blessed apostle Peter settled an episcopal see in the city of Antioch.
39 Her onfeng Gaius rice.
39 Here Caius undertook the empire.
44 Her se eadiga Petrus se apostol gesæt bisceopsetl on Rome.
44 Here the blessed Peter the apostle settled an episcopal see at Rome.
45 Her Herodes aswealt, se þe Iacob ofsloh anum geare ær his agnum deaþe.
45 Here died Herod, who slew James one year ere his own death.
47 Her Claudius oþer Romana cyninga Brytene gesohte 7 þone mæstan dæl on his geweald onfeng, 7 eac swylce Orcadius þa ealand Romana cynedome underþydde.
47 Here Claudius, the second of the Roman emperors who invaded Britain, took the greater part into his power, and added the Orkneys to the dominion of the Romans.
62 Her Iacobus frater Domini þrowade.
62 Here James, the brother of Christ, suffered.
63 Her Marcus se godspellere forðferde.
63 Here Mark the evangelist departed.
69 Her Petrus 7 Paulus þrowodan.
69 Here Peter and Paul suffered.
70 Her Uespassianus feng to rice.
70 Here Vespasian undertook the empire.
71 Her Titus, Uespassianes sunu, on Hierusalem ofsloh Iudea .cxi. þusenda.
71 Here Titus, Vespasian’s son, in Jerusalem slew 111,000 Jews
81 Her feng Titus to rice, se þe sæde þæt he þone dæg forlure þe he naht to gode ne gedyde.
81 Here Titus succeeded to the rule - he who said that he lost the day on which he did no good act
83 Her Domitianus, Tites broþor, feng to rice.
83 Here Domitian, Titus’s brother, succeeded to the rule.
85 Her Iohannes se godspellere on Pathmo þæm ealande awrat þa boc Apocalpsis.
85 Here John the evangelist in the island Patmos wrote the book called "The Apocalypse".
100 Her Simon se apostol wæs ahangen, 7 Iohannes se godspellere gereste on þam dæge in Effeso.
100 Here Simon the apostle was crucified and John the evangelist rested on this day at Ephesus.
101 Her Clemens papa forðferde.
101 Here Pope Clemens departed
109 Her Ignatius bisceop þrowode.
109 Here Bishop Ignatius suffered.
167 Her Eleuther on Rome onfeng bisceopdome 7 þone wuldorfæstlice .xv. winter geheold. To þam Lucius Brytene cing sende stafas, bæd þæt he wære cristen gedon, 7 he þurhteah þæt þæt he bæd.
167 Here Eleutherius in Rome received the bishopric and he gloriously for 15 winters held it. To him Lucius, king of Britain, sent letters asking that he might be made Christian, and he carried out what he asked.
189 Her Seuerus onfeng rice 7 rixode .xvii. gear. Se Brytenland mid dic forgyrde fram sæ oð sæ.
189 Here Severus succeeded to the rule and he ruled 17 years. He enclosed Britain with a dyke from sea to sea.
381 Her Maximus se casere feng to rice, se wæs on Brytenlande geboren, 7 þonon for in Gallia.
381 Here Maximus the emperor succeeded to the rule -- he was in Britain born, and he went from there into Gaul.
409 Her Gotan abræcan Romeburh, 7 næfre syþþan Romane ne rixedan on Brytene.
409 Here the Goths destroyed Rome and never since Rome ruled in Britain.
418 Her Romane gesamnodan eall þa goldhord þe on Brytene wæran, 7 sume on eorðan ahyddan þæt hie nænig man syþþan findan ne mihte, 7 sume mid him on Gallia læddan.
418 Here the Romans gathered all the gold hoards that were in Britain and hid some in the earth that no one might find them since and some they took with them to Gaul.
430 Her Palladius se bisceop wæs onsended to Scottum, þæt he heora geleafan getrymede, fram Calestino þam papan.
430 Here Paladius the biship was sent from Pope Celestine to the Scots that he could strengthen their belief.
449 Her Mauricius 7 Ualentinus onfengon rice 7 rixodan .vii. winter. On heora dagum Hengest 7 Horsa fram Wyrtgeorne gelaþode, Brytta kyninge, gesohton Brytene on ðam stede þe is nemned Hypwinesfleot, ærest Bryttum to fultume, ah hie eft on hie fuhton.
449 Here Mauritius and Valentinus took over the empire and ruled 7 winters. In their days Hengest and Horsa, invited by Vortigern, king of the Britons, came to Britain at the place which is called Ebbsfleet, first to the help of the Britons, but afterwards they fought them.
455 Her Hengest 7 Horsa gefuhton wiþ Wyrtgeorne ðæm kyninge on þære stowe þe is gecweden Æglesþrep, 7 his broðor Horsan man þær ofsloh, 7 æfter þæm feng to rice Hengest 7 Æsc his sunu.
455 Here Hengest and Horsa fought against Vortigern the king in the place with is called Ægelcsthrep, and his brother Horsa was killed; and after that Hengest succeeded to the rule and Æsc his son.
456 Her Hengest 7 Æsc his sunu fuhton wiþ Bryttas on þære stowe þe is gecweden Creacanford 7 þær ofslogan .iiiim. wera, 7 þa Bryttas þa forletan Kentland 7 mid myclum ege flugan to Lundenbyrig.
457 Here Hengest and Æsc fought against the Britons in the place which is called Creacanford and there killed four thousand men, and the Britons then deserted Kent and with much fear fled to London.
461 Her Hengest 7 Æsc gefuhton wiþ Wealas neah Wippedesfleote 7 þær ofslogan .xii. Wylisce ealdormen, 7 heora ðær wearð an ofslegen, þam wæs nama Wipped.
465 Here Hengest and Æsc fought against the Britons near Wippedcsfleot and there 12 British chiefs died, and [a thegn] of theirs was there slain, who was named Wipped.
473 Her Hengest 7 Æsc gefuhtan wið Wealas 7 genaman unarimedlicu herereaf, 7 þa Wealas flugan þa Engle swa swa fyr.
473 Here Hengest and Æsc fought against the Britons and took countless spoils and the Britons fled from the English as from fire.
477 Her com Ælle on Brytenland 7 his þry suna, Kymen 7 Wlencing 7 Cissa, mid þrim scipum on þa stowe þe is nemned Kymenesora, 7 þær ofslogan maniga Wealas 7 sume on fleam bedrifan on þone wudu þe is nemned Andredeslea.
477 Here came Ælle to Britain and his three sons Kymen and Wlencing and Cissa with three ships on the place with is named Cymenesora, and there they slew many Britons and some drove into flight into the wood with is named Andredeslea.
485 Her Ælle gefeaht wiþ Wealum neh Mearcredesburnanstaðe.
485 Here Ælle fought against the Britons near the bank of Mearcrędesburnan.
488 Her Æsc feng to rice 7 wæs .xxiiii. wintra Cantwara cing.
488 Here Æsc succeeded to the rule and was 34 winters king of the people of Kent.
491 Her Ælle 7 Cissa ymbsætan Andredesceaster 7 ofslogan ealle þa ðe þærinne wæran þæt þær ne wearð furðum an Bryt to lafe.
491 Here Ælle and Cissa besieged Andredescester and slew all of their inhabitants that there was not one Briton left to live.
495 Her coman twegen ealdormen on Brytene, Cerdic 7 Cynric his sunu, mid .v. scipum on þone stede þe is gecweden Cerdicesora, 7 þi ilcan dæge hie gefuhtan wiþ Wealum.
495 Here came two chieftains to Britain, Cerdic and Cynric his son, with five ships in the place with is called Cerdicesora, and the same day they fought with the Britons.
501 Her com Port on Brytene 7 his twegen suna, Bieda 7 Mægla, mid twæm scipum on ðære stowe þe is nemned Portesmuða 7 þær ofslogan anne Bryttiscne man swyþe æþelne.
501 Here came Port to Britain and this two sons Bieda and Mægla with two ships in the place which is called Portsmouth and there killed a British man of very high rank.
508 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric ofslogan anne Bryttiscne cing ðæm wæs nama Natanleod 7 .vm. wera mid him, þa æfter þam wæs þæt land genemned Natanleaga oð Cerdicesford.
508 Here Certic and Cinric slew a British king whose name was Natanleod and five thousand men with him; and the land up to Charford was named Netley after him.
514 Her coman Westseaxe on Brytene mid þrim scipum on þa stowe þe is gecweden Cerdiceshora, 7 Stuf 7 Wihtgar gefuhtan wiþ Bryttas 7 hie geflymdan.
514 Here came the West Saxons into Britain with three ships in the place which is called Certicesora, and Stuf and Wihtgar fought against the Britons and put them to flight.
519 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric rice onfengan, 7 þy ilcan geare hie gefuhtan wiþ Bryttas þær man nemneð Cerdicesford.
519 Here Cerdic and Cynric succeeded to the rule, in the same year they fought the Britons at a place called Cerdicesford [Charford].
527 Her Cerdic 7 Cinric fuhtan wiþ Bryttas on ðære stowe ðe is gecweden Cerdicesleag.
527 Here Cerdic and Cynric fought against the Britons in the place which is called Cerdicesleag.
530 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric genaman Wihte ealand 7 ofslogan fea men on Wihtgarabyrig.
530 Here Certic and Cynric took Wihte island [Isle of Wight] and slew a few men in Wihtgarabyrig.
534 Her Cerdic forðferde, 7 Cynric his sunu rixode .xxvii. wintra, 7 hie gesealdan heora twam nefum, Stufe 7 Wihtgare, Wihte ealand.
534 Here Certic departed, and Cynric his son ruled for 27 winters, and they gave their two kinsmen, Stuf and Wihtgar, Wihte island [Isle of Wight].
538 Her sunne aðeostrode .xiiii. dagum ær Kalendas Martius fram ærmorgene oþ undern.
538 Her was an eclipse of the sun 14 days before the kalends of March [February 16th] from before morning to undern [9 a.m.]
540 Her sunne aðeostrode on .xii. Kalendas Iulii, 7 steorran hie æteowdan fulneah healfe tid ofer undern.
540 Here was an eclipse of the sun on the 12 kalends of July [June 20th] and stars were visible very near half an hour after undern [9 a.m.]
544 Her Wihtgar forðferde, 7 hine man bebyrigde on Wihtgarabyrig.
544 Here Wihtgar departed, and man buried him in Wihtgarabyrg.
547 Her Ida feng to rice, þanen Norðanhymbra kinecynn onwoc, Ida wæs Eopping, Eoppa Esing, Esa wæs Inguing, Ingui Angenwitting, Angenwit Alocing, Aloc Benocing, Benoc Branding, Brand Bældæging, Bældæg Wodening, Woden Freoþolafing, Freoþelaf Freoþulfing, Friþulf Finning, Finn Godulfing, Godulf Geating.
547 Here Ida succeeded to the rule, from whom Northumbria's ruling family arose. Ida was the son of Eoppa, the son of Esa, the son of Ingui, the son of Angenwit, the son of Aloc, the son of Benoc, the son of Brand, the son of Bældæg, the son of Woden, the son of Freotholaf, the son of Freothowulf, the son of Finn, the son of Godwulf, the son of Geat.
552 Her Cynric feaht wiþ Bryttas on þære stowe þe is genemned Searoburh, 7 þa Bryttas geflymde. Cerdic wæs Cynrices fæder, Cerdic Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Gewising, Giwis Wiging, Wig Freawining, Freawine, Freoþogaring, Freoþogar, Branding, Brand Bældæging, Bældæg Wodening.
552 Here Cynric fought with the Britons in the place which is called Searoburh [Salisbury], and the Britons fled. Cerdic was Cynric's father. Cerdic was the son of Elesa, the son of Esla, the son of Gewis, the son of Wig, the son of Freawine, the son of Freothogar, the son of Brand, the son of Bældæg, the son of Woden.
556 Her Cinric 7 Ceawlin fuhtan wiþ Bryttas æt Beranbyrig.
556 Here Cinric and Ceawlin fought with the Britons at Beranbyrig. [Barbury]
560 Her Ceaulin rice onfeng on Westseaxum, 7 Ælle to Norðhymbra rice, 7 þæt heold .xxx. wintra. Ælle wæs Yffing, Yffe Uxfreaing, Uxfrea Wilgisling, Wilgils Westerfalcing, Westerfalca Sæfugling, Sæfugel Sæbalding, Sæbald Sigegeating, Sigegeat Swebdæging, Swebdæg Sigegaring, Sigegar Wægdæging, Wægdæg Wodening.
560 Here Ceaulin succeeded to the rule of the West Saxons, and Ælle took the Northumbrian realm, and that held 30 winters. Ælle was the son of Yffe, the son of Uxfrea, the son of Wilgils, the son of Westerfalca, the son of Sæfugel, the son of Sæbald, the son of Sigegeat, the son of Swefdæg, the son of Sigegar, the son of Wægdæg, the son of Woden.
565 Her Columba presbiter com of Scottum on Bryttas, Peohtas to lærenne, 7 on Hii þam ealande mynster worhte.
565 Here Columba the presbyter came from the Scots among the Britons, to instruct the Picts, and he built a monastery on the island of Hii [Iona].
568 Her Ceawlin 7 Cuþa gefuhtan wiþ Æþelbriht 7 hine on Kent geflymdan, 7 .ii. ealdormen on Wibbandune ofslogon, Oslaf 7 Cnebban.
568 Here Ceawlin and Cuþa fought with Æþelbriht, and pursued him into Kent. And they slew two aldermen at Wibbandune [Wimbledon], Oslaf and Cnebban.
571 Her Cuðulf feaht wiþ Bryttas æt Biedcanforda 7 feower tunas genam, Liggeanburh 7 Æglesburh 7 Bensingtun 7 Egonesham, 7 þy ilcan geare he gefor.
571 Here Cuðulf fought with the Britons at Biedcanforda [Bedford], and took four towns, Lenbury and Aylesbury and Benson and Ensham, and in this same year he died.
577 Her Cuþwine 7 Ceawlin fuhtan wiþ Bryttas 7 .iii. kingas ofslogan, Conmægl 7 Condidan 7 Farinmægl, on þære stowe þe is gecweden Deorham, 7 genaman þreo ceastra on heom, Gleawceaster 7 Cyrenceaster 7 Baþanceaster.
577 Here Cuþwine and Ceawlin fought with the Britons, and slew three kings, Conmægl and Condidan and Farinmægl, on the spot that is called Deorham, and took from them three cities, Gloucester and Cirencester and Bath.
584 Her Ceawlin 7 Cuða fuhtan wiþ Bryttas on þæm stede þe man nemneþ Feþanleag, 7 Cuþan man þær ofsloh, 7 Ceawlin manige tunas genam 7 unarimedlic herereaf, 7 yrre he hwearf þonon to his agnum.
584 Here Ceawlin and Cuða fought with the Britons on the spot that man calls Feþanleag. And Cutha was there slain. And Ceawlin took many towns and countless booty, and in anger he returned then to his own [land].
588 Her Ælle king forðferde, 7 Æþelric rixode æfter him .v. gear.
588 Here king Ælle departed, and Æþelric ruled after him five years.
591 Her Ceol rixode .v. gear.
591 Here Ceol ruled five years.
592 Her wearð mycel wælfyll æt Woddesbeorge, 7 Ceawlin wæs ut adrifen.
592 Here there was a great slaughter at Woddesbeorge [Wanborough], and Ceawlin was driven out.
593 Her Ceawlin 7 Cwichelm 7 Crida forwurdan, 7 Æþelferð feng to rice.
593 Here Ceawlin and Cwichelm and Crida died, and Æþelferð succeeded to the realm.
596 Her Gregorius papa sende to Brytene Agustinum mid wel manegum munecum þa Godes word Angla þeode godspelledan.
596 Here Pope Gregory sent Augustine to Britain with many monks. Who preached God's word to the English people.
597 Her ongan Ceolwulf rixian on Westseaxum, 7 symle he feaht 7 wann oþþe wiþ Angelcynn oþþe wiþ Wealas oððe wið Peohtas oþþe wiþ Scottas. Se wæs Cuþing, Cuþa Kynricing, Cynric Cerdicing, Cerdic Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Gewising, Gewis Wiging, Wig Freawining, Freawine Freoþogaring, Freoþogar Branding, Brand Bældæging, Bældæg Wodening.
597 Here began Ceolwulf to rule over the West Saxonx, and constantly he fought and won, either against the Angles or against the Welsh or against the Picts or against the Scots. He was the son of Cutha, Cutha of Cynric, Cynric of Cerdic, Cerdic of Elesa, Elesa of Gewis, Gewis of Wye, Wye of Frewin, Frewin of Frithgar, Frithgar of Brand, Brand of Balday, and Balday of Woden.
601 Her sende Gregorius Agustine arcebisceope pallium on Brytene 7 wel manige godcunde lareowas him to fultume, 7 Paulinus bisceop gehwyrfde Eadwine Norðanhymbra kining to fulwihte.
601 Here Pope Gregory sent the pall to Archbishop Augustine in Britain, and well many regligious teachers to assist him; and Bishop Paulinus converted Edwin, king of the Northumbrians, to baptism.
603 Her wæs gefeoht æt Egesanstane.
603 Here was a battle at Egesanstane.
604 Her Eastseaxe onfengon geleafan 7 fulwihtes bæð under Sæbrihte cinge 7 Mellite bisceope.
604 Here the East Saxons received the faith and the baptismal bath under King Sæberhte and bishop Mellitus.
606 Her forðferde Gregorius ymb .x. gear þæs þe he us fulwiht sende. His fæder wæs haten Gordianus 7 his modor Siluia.
606 Here pope Gregory departed around ten years after he sent us baptism. His father was called Gordianus and his mother Silvia.
607 Her Ceolulf feaht wiþ Suþseaxe.
607 Here Ceolulf fought against the South Saxons.
611 Her Cynegils feng to rice on Westseaxum 7 heold .xxxi. wintra, se Kynegils wæs Ceoling, Ceola Cuþing, Cuða Cynricing.
611 Here Cynegils succeeded to the realm of the West Saxons and held it 31 winters. Cynegils was the son of Ceol, Ceol the son of Cuþa, Cuþa the son of Cynric.
614 Her Cynegils 7 Cwichelm gefuhton on Beamdune 7 ofslogan .iim. Weala 7 .xlv.
614 Here Cynegils and Cwichelm fought at Beamdune and killed two thousand Britons and forty five.
616 Her Æþelbriht Cantwara king forðferde, 7 Eadbald his sunu feng to rice, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs agan fram frymþe middangeardes .vm. wintra 7 .dccc.
616 Here Æþelbriht, the king of the Kentish people departed, and Eadbald his son succeeded to the realm, and the same year was owned from the beginning of the world five thousand winters and eight hundred.
625 Her Paulinus fram Iusto þam arcebisceope wæs gehadod Norþanhymbrum to bisceope.
625 Here Paulinus from Justin the archbishop was consecrated as bishop of the Northumbrians.
626 Her Eanflæd, Eadwines dohtor cinges, wæs gefullod on þone halgan æfen Pentecosten. 7 Penda hæfde .xxx. wintra rice, 7 he wæs .l. wintre þa he to rice feng. Penda wæs Pybbing, Pybba Creoding, Creoda Cynewalding, Cynewald Cnebbing, Cnebba Iceling, Icel Eomæring, Eomær Angelþeowing, Angelþeow Offing, Offa Wærmunding, Wærmund Wihtlæging, Wihtlæg Wodening.
626 Here Eanfled, king Edwine's daughter, was baptized on the holy eve of Pentecost. And Penda held for 30 winters the realm and he was fifty winters when he succeeded to the realm. Penda was the son of Pybba, Pybba of Creoda, Creoda of Cynewald, Cynewald of Cnebba, Cnebba of Icel, Icel of Eomer, Eomer of Angelthew, Angelthew of Offa, Offa of Wearmund, Wearmund of Whitley, Whitley of Woden.
627 Her Eadwine king wæs gefullod mid his þeode on Eastran.
627 Here king Edwine was baptized with his people on Easter.
628 Her Cynegils 7 Cwichelm gefuhtan wiþ Pendan æt Cyrenceastre 7 siþþan geþingodan.
628 Here Cynegils and Cuichelm fought with Penda at Cyrenceastre and after came to terms.
632 Her wearð Eorpwald gefullad.
632 Here Eorpwald was baptized.
633 Her wearð Eadwine ofslegen, 7 Paulinus hwearf eft to Cantwarum 7 gesæt þær bisceopsetl on Hrofceastre.
633 Here Edwine was slain, and Paulinus returned after to Kent, and occupied the bishop see of Rochester.
634 Her Byrinus bisceop bodade Westseaxum fulwiht.
634 Here Bishop Birinus preached to the West Saxons baptism.
635 Her Cynegils king wearð gefullad fram Byrino þæm bisceope on Dorkeceastre, 7 Oswald his onfeng.
635 Here Cynegils was baptized from Birinus the Bishop in Dorchester and Oswald his sponsor.
636 Her Cwicelm wæs gefullod on Dorkeceastre 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde, 7 Felix bisceop bodade Eastenglum Cristes geleafan.
636 Here Cwicelm was baptized in Dorchester, and in the same year departed, and Bishop Felix preached to the East Angles the faith of Christ.
639 Her Byrinus fullade Cuþred king on Dorkeceastre 7 eac his onfeng him to sunu.
639 Here Birinus baptized King Cuthred in Dorchester, and also received him as his godson.
640 Her Eadbald Cantwara king forðferde, 7 he rixode .xxv. wintra.
640 Here Eadbald, king of the people of Kent, departed, and he had ruled 25 winters.
641 Her Oswald Norðanhymbra king wæs ofslegen, 7 Kenwealh feng to Westsexana rice 7 þæt heold .xxxi. wintra.
641 Here Oswald, king of the Northumbrians, was slain. And Cenwealh succeeded to the kingdom of the West Saxons, and held it for 31 winters.
642 Se Kenwealh het atimbrian þa ealdan cyricean on Wintanceastre.
642 This Kenwealh had built the old church in Winchester.
643 Her Paulinus forðferde, se þe wæs arcebisceop ær on Eoforwicceastre 7 eft on Hrofceastre.
643 Here Paulinus departed, who was archbishop before of York and after of Rochester.
644 Her Kenwealh king wearð ut adrifen fram Pendan cinge.
644 Here king Kenwealh was driven out by King Penda.
645 Her wæs Kenwealh gefullad.
645 Here was Kenwealh baptized.
647 Her Cenwealh gesealde Cuþrede his mæge .iiim. hida landes be Æscesdune. Se Cuþred wæs Cwichelming, Cwichelm Cynegilsing.
647 Here Cenwealh gave to Cuthred his kinsman three thousand hides of land by Ashdown. This Cuthred was the son of Cwichelm, the son of Cynegils.
649 Her Ægelbriht of Galwealum æfter Byrine þam romaniscean bisceope onfeng bisceopdomes on Westseaxum.
649 Here Ægelbriht of Gaul after Byrin the Roman bishop received the bishopric of Wessex.
651 Her Oswine king wæs ofslegen, 7 Aidan bisceop forðferde.
651 Here king Oswine was slain, and bishop Aidan departed.
652 Her Kenwealh gefeaht æt Bradanforda be Afene.
652 Here Kenwealh fought at Bradford-by-Avon.
653 Her Middelengle onfengon rihtne geleafon under Peadan ealdormenn.
653 Here the Middle Angles received the true faith under ealdorman Peada.
654 Her Anna king wearð ofslegen, 7 Botulf ongann þæt mynster timbrian æt Yceanho.
653 Here king Anna was slain, and Botwulf began the minster to build at Yceanho.
655 Her Penda forwearð, 7 Myrce wurdan cristene. Þa wæs agangen fram frymþe middangeardes .vm. wintra 7 .dccc. 7 .l. wintra. 7 Peada feng to rice on Myrcum Pending.
655 Here Penda perished, and the Mercians became Christian. Then was passed from the beginning of the world five thousand winters and eight hundred and fifty winters. And Peada succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians, the son of Penda.
657 Her forðferde Peada, 7 Wulfere Pending feng to Myrcna rice.
657 Here departed Peada, and Wulfhere, son of Penda succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians.
658 Her Kenwealh gefeaht æt Peonnum wiþ Wealas 7 hie geflymde æt Pederedan, þis wæs gefohten syþþan he of Eastenglum com, he wæs þær on wræce .iii. gear. Þyder hine hæfde Penda adræfedne 7 rices benumenne forðon þe he his sweostor anforlet.
658 Here Cenwalh fought at Peonnum against the Welsh, and they fled as far as the Parret. This was fought after he came from East Anglia, he was there in exile three years. Thither had Penda driven him and deprived him of his kingdom because he deserted his sister.
660 Her Ægelbriht gewat fram Kenweale, 7 Wine heold þone bisceopdom .iii. gear, 7 se Ægelbriht onfeng Persa bisceopdomes on Galwealum be Signe.
660 Here bishop Agelbirt departed from Cenwalh, and Wine held the bishopdom three years, and this Agelbirt received the bishopric of the Parisians in Gaul by the Seine.
661 Her Kenwealh gefeaht on Eastron on Posentesbyrig, 7 gehergode Wulfhere Pending on Æscesdune. 7 Cuðred Cwicelming 7 Kenbriht cing on anum geare forðferdon. 7 on Wiht gehergode Wulfhere Pending, 7 gesealde Wihtwaran Aþelwolde Suþseaxna cynge forðon þe Wulfhere hine onfeng æt fulwihte. Ond Eoppa presbiter be Wilferðes worde 7 Wulfhere cing brohte Wihtwaran fulwiht ærest manna.
661 Here Cenwalh fought on Easter in Posentesbyrg, and Wulfhere, son of Penda, harried as far as Ashdown; and Cuthred, son of Cwichelm, and Cenberht king in one year departed; And on Wight Wulhere, son of Penda, harried, and gave the people of Wight to Æthelwold king of the south Saxons, because Wulfhere him sponsored at baptism. And Eoppa the priest, by Wilfred's command and king Wulfhere's, brought to the people of Wight baptism--the first man.
664 Her sunne aþeostrode, 7 Earkenbriht Cantwara cing forðferde, 7 Colman mid his geferum for to his cyþþe. 7 þy ilcan geare wæs mycel mancwealm, 7 Ceadda 7 Wilferð wæron gehadode, 7 þy ilcan geare Deusdedit forðferde.
664 Here the sun eclipsed, and Eorcenberht, king of the Kentish people departed, and Colman with his companions went to his native country. And the same year was much death, and Ceadda and Wilfrid were consecrated, and in the same year Deusdedit departed.
668 Her man hadode Þeodorus to arcebisceope.
668 Here people consecrated Theodore to archbishop.
669 Her Ecgbriht cing sealde Basse mæssepreoste Raculf mynster on to timbrianne.
669 Here King Egbert gave priest Bass Reculver, a minster to build.
670 Her forðferde Osweo Norðhymbra king, 7 Ecgferð rixode æfter him. 7 Hloþhere feng to bisceopdome ofer Westsexna land, Ægelbrihtes nefa bisceopes, 7 heold .vii. gear, 7 Þeodor bisceop hine gehalgode. 7 se Osweo wæs Æþelferþing, Æþelferð Æþelricing, Æþelric Iding, Ida Eopping.
670 Here departed Oswiu, king of the Northumbrians, and Ecgfrith reigned after him. And Leuthere succeeded to the bishopric over West Saxon lands, Bishop Agilbert’s nephew, and held seven years, and Bishop Theodore him consecrated. And this Oswiu was the son of Æthelfrith, the son of Æthelric, the son of Ida, the son of Eoppa.
671 Her wæs þæt myccle fugla wæl.
671 Here was the great destruction of birds.
672 Her forðferde Kenwealh, 7 Seaxburh his cwen ricsode æfter him an gear.
672 Here departed Cenwealh, and Seaxburh his queen ruled after him one year.
673 Her Ecgbriht Kantwara king forðferde, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs seonoð æt Heortforda, 7 Sancte Æþelbriht ongan ðæt mynster æt Elige.
673 Here Egbert, king of the people of Kent departed, and in the same year there was a synod at Hertford, and St. Æthelthryth began the monastery at Ely.
674 Her feng Æscwine to rice on Westseaxum, se wæs Cenfusing, Cenfus Cenferþing, Cenferð Cuþgilsing, Cuþgils Ceolwulfing, Ceolwulf Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing.
674 Here Æscwine succeeded to the kingdom of Wessex. He was the son of Cenfus, the son of Cenferth, the son of Cuthgils, the son of Ceolwulf, the son of Cynric, the son of Cerdic.
675 joscelyn: Her Wulfhere Pending 7 Æscwine gefuhton æt Biedanheafde; 7 ðy ilcan geare Wulfhere forðferde, 7 Æðelred feng to rice. [n675.1]
675 Here Wulfhere, the son of Penda, and Æscwine fought at Biedanheafde; and in the same year Wulfhere departed, and Æðelred succeeded to the kingdom
676 Her Æscwine forðferde, 7 Hædde feng to bisceopdome, 7 Kentwine feng to rice, se Centwine wæs Cynegylsing, Cynegyls Ceolulfing, 7 Æþelred Myrcna cining oferhergode Centland.
676 Here Æscwine departed, and Haedde succeeded to the bishopric, and Centwine succeeded to the kingdom, and Centwine was the son of Cynegils, the son of Ceolwulf; And Ethelred, king of the Mercians, ravaged Kent.
678 Her oþeowde cometa se steorra, 7 Wilferð bisceop wæs adrifen of his bisceopdome fram Ecgferþe cinge.
678 Here appeared the star called comet, and Bishop Wilfrid was driven from his bishopric by King Ecgfrith.
679 Her Sanctæ Æþeldryþ forðferde, 7 Ælfwine wæs ofslegen.
679 Here Ælfwine was slain, and Saint Athelthryth departed.
680 Her gesæt Þeodorus arcebisceop seonoð on Hæðfelda forðon þe he wolde þone Cristes geleafan gerihtan, 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde Hild abbatissa.
680 Here presided Archbishop Theodore over a synod in Hatfield, because he would their belief in Christ correct; and the same year departed the Abbess of Hild.
683 On þisum geare Centwine geflymde Bryttas oþ sæ.
683 In this year Centwine put to flight the Britons as far as the sea.
685 Her Ceadwalla ongann æfter rice winnan, se Ceadwalla wæs Cenbrihting, Cenbriht Ceadding, Ceadda Cuþing, Cuþa Ceawlining, Ceawlin Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing, 7 Mul wæs Ceadwallan broðor, þone man eft on Cent forbærnde. 7 þy ilcan geare man ofsloh Ecgferð kyng, se Ecgferð wæs Osweoing, Osweo Æþelferþing, Æþelferð Æþelricing, Æþelric Iding, Ida Eopping. 7 Loþhere þy ilcan geare forðferde.
685 Here Ceadwalla began to contend after the kingdom; Ceadwall was the son of Kenbert, Kenbert of Chad, Chad of Cutha, Cutha of Ceawlin, Ceawlin of Cynric, Cynric of Cerdic; And Mul was Ceadwalla's brother, and the man who after was burned in Kent; and the same year King Ecgfrith was slain by people; Ecgfrith was the son of Oswy. Oswy of Ethelferth, Ethelferth of Ethelric, Ethelric of Ida, Ida of Eoppa. And Hlothere in the same year departed.
686 Her Mul 7 Ceadwealla Cent 7 Wiht forhergodon.
686 Here Mul and Ceadwealla ravaged Kent and [the Isle of] Wight.
687 Her Mul wearð on Cent forbærned 7 oþre .xii. men mid him 7 þy geare Ceadwalla eft Kent forhergode.
687 Here Mul was in Kent burned, and other twelve men with him, and in this year Ceadwalla after overran Kent
688 Her Ine feng to Westseaxna rice 7 heold .xxxvii. wintra. 7 þy ilcan geare Ceadwalla for to Rome 7 fulwiht onfeng fram þan papan, 7 se papa hine het Petrus, 7 þæs ymb .vii. niht he ferde forð. Þonne wæs se Ine Kenreding, Cenred Ceolwalding, Ceolwald wæs Cynegilses broðor, 7 þa wæron begen Cuþwines suna Ceawlininges, Ceawlin Kynricing, Cynric Cerdicing.
688 Here Ine succeeded to the kingdom of the West Saxons and held it for 37 winters. And in the same year Ceadwalla travelled to Rome and baptism received from the pope, and the pope called him Peter. and after seven nights he departed. Then was Ine the son of Cenred, Cenred of Ceolwald; Ceolwald was the brother of Cynegils, and they were sons of Cuthwin, son of Ceawlin, Ceawlin was the son of Cynric, and Cynric of Cerdic.
690 Her Þeodorus arcebisceop forðferde, 7 feng Brihtwold to þam bisceopdome. Ær wæron romanisce bisceopas, syþþan wæron englisce.
690 Here archbishop Theordore departed, and Brihtwold succeeded to the bishopric. Before there were Roman bishops, thereafer there were English.
694 Her Cantware geþingodan wið Ine 7 him gesealdon .xxxm. punda forðon þe hie ær Mul forbærndan. 7 Wihtred feng to Cantwara rice 7 heold .xxxiii. wintra, se Wihtred wæs Ecgbrihting, Ecgbriht Ercenbrihting, Ercenbriht Eadbalding, Eadbald Æþelbrihting.
694 Here the people of Kent made terms with Ine and to him gave 30 thousand pounds because they before Mul had burned. And Wihtred succeeded to the kingdom of the Kentish people and held it 33 winters, this Withred was the son of Egbert, the son of Eorcenberht, the son of Eadbald, the son of Ethelbert.
703 Her Hædde bisceop forðferde, 7 he heold þone bisceopdom .xxxvii. wintra on Wintanceastre.
703 Here bishop Hedda departed, and he held the bischopdom 37 winters in Winchester.
704 Her Æþelred Pending Myrcna king onfeng munuchade 7 þæt rice heold .xxix. wintra. Þa feng Kenred to.
704 Here Ethelred, son of Penda, king of the Mercians, became a monk, and that kindom [he] held 29 winters. Then succeeded Cenred.
705 Her Ealdferþ Norðanhymbra cing forðferde, 7 Seaxulf bisceop.
705 Here Aldfrith, king of the Northumbrians, departed, and bishop Seaxulf.
708/9 Her Aldhelm bisceop forðferde, se wæs be westan Selewuda bisceop. Þæt wearð todæled on foreweardum Daniheles dagum on twa bisceopscira Westseaxna land, 7 ær hit wæs an. Oþer heold Daniel, oþer heold Aldhelm, æfter Ealdhelme feng Forðhere to. 7 Ceolred king feng to Myrcna rice, 7 Kenred for to Rome 7 Offa mid him.
708/9 Here bishop Aldelm departed, who was bishop by west of Selwood; and the land of the West Saxons was divided in the forepart of Daniel's days in two bishoprics, and before it was one: Other held Daniel, other bishop Aldelem. Æfter Aldelm, Forhere succeeded, and Ceolred succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians. And Cenred travelled to Rome and Offa with him.
710 Her Byrhtferð ealdormann feaht wið Peohtas, 7 Ine 7 Nunna fuhtan wið Gerente þam cinge.
710 Here Ealdorman Brihtferth fought against the Picts, and Ine and Nunna fought against Geraint the king.
714 Her forðferde Guþlac se halga.
714 Here departed Guthlac the holy.
715 Her Ine 7 Ceolred gefuhton æt Woddesbeorge.
715 Here Ine and Ceolred fought at Woden's Barrow.
716 Her Osred Norðanhymbra cing wearð ofslegen, se hæfde .vii. winter rice æfter Ealdferþe, þa feng Cenred to rice 7 heold .ii. gear, ða Osric 7 heold .xi. gear. 7 on þam geare Ceolwold Myrcna king forðferde, 7 his lic liþ on Liccedfelda, 7 Æþelredes Pendinges on Beardanege. 7 þa feng Æþelbald to rice on Myrcum 7 heold .xli. wintra, se Æþelbald wæs Alweoing, Alweo Eawing, Eawa Pybbing, þæs cyn is beforan. 7 Ecgbriht, se arwyrþa wer, on Hii þam ealande þa munecas on riht gecyrde þæt hie Eastran on riht heoldon 7 þa cyriclican sceare.
716 Here Osred, king of the Northumbrians was slain, he had [ruled] 7 winters after Aldfrith, then succeeded Cenred to the kingdom and held [it] 2 years, then Osric and held [it] 11 years. And in that same year Ceolred, king of the Mercians, departed, and his body lies in Lichfield and Ehtelred's, son of Penda, in Bardney; And then succeeded Aethelbald to the kingdom in Mercia and held [it] 41 winters. This Aethelbald was the son of Alwy, Alwy of Eawa, Eawa of Webba, whose kin is already [written]. And Egbert, the venerable man, on Iona the island, the monks to the right induced that they Easter on the right [day] hold and the churchlike tonsure.
718 Her Ingild Ines broþor forðferde, 7 heora swystor wæron Cwenburh 7 Cuþburh, 7 seo Cuþburh arærde þæt lif æt Winburnan, 7 heo wæs forgifen Ealdferþe Norðanhymbra kinge, 7 hi be him lifgendum hie gedældan.
718 Here Ingild, Ine's brother, departed, and their sisters were Cwenburh and Cuthburh, and she Cuthburh founded that life [monastery] at Wimborne, and she was given [married] to Aldfrith the Northumbrian king, and they during their lives they separated.
721 Her Daniel ferde to Rome, 7 þy ilcan geare Ine ofsloh Cynewulf.
721 Here Daniel travelled to Rome. And the same year Ine slew Cynewulf.
722 Her Æþelburh cwen towearp Tantun, þe Ine ær timbrede. 7 Ealdbriht wræccea gewat on Suþrige 7 on Suþsexe. 7 Ine gefeaht wiþ Suðsexum.
722 Here Queen Athelburh destroyed Taunton, which Ine before built. And Aldbriht the exile went to Surrey in Sussex. And Ine fought with the South Saxons.
725 Her Wihtred Cantwara cing forðferde. [n725.1]
725 Here Wihtred, king of the people of Kent, departed
726 Her Ine for to Rome, 7 feng Æþelheard to Westseaxna rice 7 heold .xiiii. gear. 7 þy ilcan geare gefuhtan Æþelheard 7 Oswald se æþeling, se Oswald wæs Æþelbalding, Æþelbald Cynebalding, Cynebald Cuðwining, Cuþwine Ceawlining.
726 Here Ine travelled to Rome, and Ethelhard succeeded to the kingdom of the West Saxons and held [it] 14 years. And the same year fought Ethelhard and Oswald the atheling, he Oswald was the son of Ethelbald, Ethelbald of Cynebald, Cynebald of Cuthwin, Cuthwin of Ceawlin
729 Her cometa se steorra hine oþeowde, 7 Sancte Ecgbryht forðferde.
729 Here the star comet itself showed, and Saint Egbert departed.
730 joscelyn: Her Oswald se æðeling forðferde. [n730.1]
730 Here Oswald the atheling departed.
731 Her wæs Osric ofslegen Norðanhymbra cyning, 7 feng Ceolulf to þam rice 7 heold .viii. gear, se Ceolwulf wæs Cuþing, Cuþa Cuþwining, Cuþwine Leodwalding, Leodwald Ecgwalding, Ecgwald Ealdhelming, Ealdhelm Oging, Ogga Iding, Ida Eopping. 7 Bryhtwald arcebisceop gefor, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs Tatwine gehalgod to arcebisceope.
731 Here was Osric slain, the Northumbrian king, and succeeded Ceolwulf the kingdom and held it 8 years, he Ceowulf was the son of Cutha, Cutha of Cuthwin, Cuthwin of Leodwald, Leodwald of Egwald, Egwald of Ealdhelm, aldhelm of Occa, Occa of Ida, Ida of Eoppa. And Archbishop Brihtwold died, and the same year was Tatwine consecrated to archbishop.
733 Her Æþelbald geeode Sumertun, 7 sunne aþeostrode.
733 Here Ethelbald took Somerton, and the sun was eclipsed.
734 Her wæs se mona swylce he wære mid blode begoten, 7 forðferdan Tatwine 7 Beda.
734 Here was the moon such as if it were with blood covered, and departed archbiship Tacwine, and Beda.
736 Her Noðhelm arcebisceop onfeng pallium fram Romana bisceope.
736 Here Archbishop Nothhelm received the pallium from the bishop of Rome.
737 Her Forðhere bisceop 7 Friþogið cwen foran to Rome.
737 Here Bishop Forthere and Queen Frithogitha travelled to Rome.
738 Her Eadbriht Eating, Eata Leodwalding feng to Norðanhymbra rice 7 heold .xxi. wintra, 7 his broþor wæs Ecgbriht Eating arcebisceop. Hie restaþ begen on Eoferwicceastre on anum portice.
738 Here Eadbery, the son of Eata, the son of Leodwald, succeeded to the kingdom of the Northumbrians and held it 21 winters. And his brother was Archbishop Egbert, the son of Eata. They rest both in York on one porch.
740 Her Æþelheard king forðferde, 7 feng Cuþred to Westseaxna rice 7 heold .xxvi. wintra 7 heardlice he gewann wiþ Æþelbald cing. 7 Cuþbriht wæs to arcebisceope gehalgod 7 Dunn bisceop to Hrofesceastre.
740 Here King Ethelhard departed, and succeeded Cuthred to the kingdom of the West Saxons, and held it 16 winters, and hard he fought against King Ethelbald, and Cuthbert was to archbishop consecrated, and Bishop Dun to Rochester.
743 Her Æþelbald 7 Cuðred fuhtan wiþ Wealas.
743 Here Ethelbald and Cuthred fought against the Welsh.
744 Her Daniel gesæt on Wintanceastre, 7 Hunferð feng to bisceopdome.
745 Her Daniel forðferde, þa wæs .xliii. wintra agan syþþan he onfeng bisceopdome.
746 Her man sloh Selred cing.
747 Her wæs ofslegen Cynric Westseaxna æþeling, 7 Eadbriht Cantwara cing forðferde.
750 Her Cuþred cing feaht wiþ Æþelhun þone ofermedan ealdormann.
752 Her Cuðred gefeaht þy .xii. geare his rices æt Beorhforda wiþ Æþelbald.
753 Her Cuþred feaht wiþ Wealas.
754 Her Cuþred forðferde. 7 Kyneheard feng to bisceopdome æfter Hunferþe on Wintanceastre. 7 Cantwareburh forbarn þy geare. 7 Sigebriht feng to Westseaxna rice 7 heold an gear.
755 Her Cynewulf benam Sigebrihte his rices 7 Westsexna witan for unrihtum dædum butan Hamtunscire; 7 he hæfde þa þæt he ofsloh þone ealderman þe him lengest mid wunode. 7 hine þa Cynewulf on Andred adræfde, 7 he þær wunode þæt hine an swan ofstang æt Pryfetesflodan, 7 se wræc þone ealdormann Cumbran. 7 Kynewulf oft mid myclum gefeohtum feaht wiþ Brytwealum. 7 ymb .xxxi. wintra þæs þe he rice hæfde, he wolde adræfan ut anne æþeling, se wæs Kyneheard haten 7 wæs þæs Sigebrihtes broðor. Þa geahsode he þone king lytle weorode on wifcyþþe on Merantune, 7 he hine þærinne berad, 7 þa burh utan ymbbeodan þæt hine þa menn onfundan ðe mid þam cinge wæron. Þa ongeat se cing þæt, 7 on þa duru uteode 7 þa unheanlice hine werede þæt he on þone æþeling locade, 7 hie ealle þa on þone cing feohtende wæron þæt hie hine ofslegenne hæfdan. Þa onfundan þæt þæs kinges geferan on ðæs wifes unstilnesse 7 þyder urnan swa hwylc swa þonne gearo wearð, 7 heora se æþeling æghwylcum feorh 7 feoh bead, 7 heora nan þæs onfon wolde, ah hie on hine symle feohtende wæron oþþæt hie ealle lagan butan anum bryttiscum gisle, 7 se wæs swiþe forwundod. Ða on mergen gehyrdon þæt þæs cinges þegnas þe bæftan him wæron þæt se cing wæs ofslegen, þa ridan hie þyder 7 his ealdorman Osric 7 Wiferð his þegen 7 þa men þe he ær bæftan læfde, 7 þone æþeling on ðære byrig metton þær se cing ofslegen læg, 7 hie þa þa gatu him to belocen hæfdon, 7 hie ðærto eodan. Þa bead he him heora agenne dom feos 7 landes gif hie him þæs rices geuþan, 7 heom cyþde þæt heora magas him mid wæron ða þe him fram noldan, Ða cwædan hie þæt him nan mæg leofra nære þonne heora hlaford 7 þæt hie næfre his banan folgian noldan. þa budan hie heora magum þæt hie him gesunde fram eodan, þa cwædan hie þæt þæt ilce heora geferum geboden wære ðe ær mid þam cinge wæron. ða cwædon hie þæt hie þæs hie sylþe ne amundan þe ma þe heora geferan þe mid þam kinge ofslegene wæron. 7 hie þa ymb þa geatu feohtende wæron þæt hie þærinne wurdon 7 þone æþeling ofslogan 7 þa men þe mid him wæron, ealle butan anum, þæs wæ þæs ealdormannes godsunu, 7 he his feorh generede, 7 þeah wæs oft gewundod. Se Cynewulf rixode .xxxi. wintra, 7 his lic liþ on Wintanceastre, 7 þæs æþelinges æt Axanmynster, 7 heora riht fæderenkynn gæþ to Cerdice. 7 þy ilcan geare man ofsloh Æþelbald Myrcna cing on Secggandune, 7 his lic liþ on Hreopandune, 7 Beornred feng to rice 7 hit lytle hwile heold 7 ungefealice, 7 þy ilcan geare feng Offa to rice 7 þæt heold .xxxix. wintra, 7 Ecgferð his sunu .xli. daga 7 .c. daga, se Offa wæs Þingferþing, Þingferð Eanwulfing, Eanwulf Osmoding, Osmod Eawing, Eawa Pybbing, Pybba Creoding, Creoda Cynewalding, Cynewald Cnebbing, Cnebba Iceling, Icel Eomæring, Eomær Angelþeowing, Angelþeow Offing, Offa Wærmunding, Wærmund Wihtlæging, Wihtlæg Wodening.
758 Her Cuðbriht [n758.1] .
759 Her Bregowine wæs to arcebisceope gehadod to Sancte Michaheles mæssan [n759.1] .
760 Her Æþelbriht Cantwara king forðferde.
762 Her wæs se myccla winter.
763 Her Eadbriht wæs gehadod to arcebisceope on þone .xl. dæg ofer midne winter.
764 Her Eanbriht arcebisceop onfeng pallium.
772 Her Mildred bisceop forðferde.
774 Her oðeowde read Cristes mæl on heofonum æfter sunnansetlgange, 7 þy geare gefuhtun Myrce 7 Cantware æt Ottanforda, 7 wundorlice næddran wæron gesawene on Suþseaxna lande.
777 Her Cynewulf 7 Offa gefuhtan ymb Bensingtun, 7 Offa genam þone tun.
780 Her Ealdsexe 7 Francan gefuhton.
783/4 Her Cyneheard ofsloh Cynewulf cing, 7 he þær wearð ofslegen 7 .lxxxiiii. manna mid him, 7 þa onfeng Brihtric Westseaxna rices, 7 he rixode .xvi. winter, 7 his lic liþ æt Werham, 7 his fæderenkynn gæð to Cerdice.
785 Her wæs geflitfullic seonoð æt Cealchyþe, 7 Eanbriht arcebisceop forlet sumne dæl his bisceopdomes, 7 fram Offan cinge Higebriht wæs gecoren, 7 Ecgferþ to cininge gehalgod.
787 Her nam Byrhtric cing Offan dohtor Eadburge, 7 on his dagum coman ærest .iii. scipu Norðmanna, 7 þa se gerefa þærto rad 7 hie wolde drifan to þæs cinges tune, þy he nyste hwæt hie wæron, 7 hine man ðær ofsloh. Þæt wæron þa ærestan scipu deniscra manna þe Angelcynnes land gesohtan.
790 Her Eadbriht arcebisceop forðferde, 7 þy ilcan gere wæs gecoren Æþelheard abbud to arcebisceope.
792 Her Offa Myrcna cing het Æþelbrihte [n792.1] þæt heafod of aslean.
794 Her Adrianus papa 7 Offa cing forðferdon, 7 Æþelred Norðhymbra king wæs ofslegen fram his agenre þeode, 7 Ceolulf bisceop 7 Eadbald bisceop of þam lande aforan, 7 Ecgferð feng to rice on Myrcum 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde, 7 Eadbriht onfeng rice on Cent, þam wæs oþer nama nemned Prænn.
796 Her Cynulf Myrcna cing oferhergode Cantware 7 Merscware, 7 gefeng Prænn heora cing 7 gebundenne hine on Myrce lædden.
797 Her Romane Leon þam papan his tungan forcurfan 7 his egan ut astungan 7 hine of his setle aflymdon, 7 þa sona eft Gode fultumiendum he mihte geseon 7 sprecan, 7 eft wærð papa swa he ær wæs.
799 Her Æþelheard arcebisceop 7 Cynebriht Westsexna bisceop foron to Rome.
800 Her Brihtric cing forðferde, 7 Wor ealdormann, 7 Ecgbriht feng to Westseaxna rice. 7 þy ilcan dæge rad Æþelmund ealdormann of Hwiccum ofer æt Kynemæresforda, þa gemette hine Wihstan ealdormann mid Wilsætum, 7 þær wearþ mycel gefeoht 7 þær begen ofslegene wurdon þa ealdormenn, 7 Wilsæte naman sige.
802 Her wæs gehadod Beornmod bisceop to Hrofesceastre.
803 Her Æþelheard arcebisceop forðferde, 7 Wulfred wæs to arcebisceope gehalgod, 7 Forðred abbud forðferde.
804 Her Wulfred arcebisceop pallium onfeng.
805 Her Cuðred king forðferde on Cantwarum, 7 Ceolburh abbatissa, 7 Heabriht ealdormann.
812 Her Karl cing forðferde, he rixode .xlv. wintra. 7 Wulfred arcebisceop 7 Wigbriht Westseaxna bisceop foron begen to Rome.
813 Her Wulfred arcebisceop mid bletsunge Leon þæs papan hwearf eft to his agnum bisceopdome. 7 þy gere gehergode Ecgbriht cing on Westwealas from easteweardum oþ westewearde.
814 Her Leo se æþela papa 7 se halga forðferde, 7 æfter him Stephanus feng to rice.
815 Her Stephanus papa forðferde, 7 æfter him wæs Paschalis to papan gehalgod. 7 þy ilcan geare forbarn Angelcynnes scolu.
819 Her Cenulf Myrcna cing forðferde, 7 Ceolwulf feng to rice, 7 Eadbriht ealdorman forðferde.
821 Her Ceolwulf wearð his rices bescyred.
822 Her twegen ealdormen wurdan ofslegene, Burhelm 7 Muca 7 seonoð wæs æt Clofeshoo.
823 Her wæs Weala gefeoht 7 Defna æt Gafolford. 7 þy ilcan geare gefeaht Ecgbriht 7 Beornulf Myrcna cing æt Ellendune, 7 Ecgbriht sige nam, 7 þær wæs mycel wæl geslegen. Ða sende [n823.1] Aþulf his sunu of þære fyrde 7 Ealhstan his bisceop 7 Wulfheard his ealdorman to Cent mycclum weorode, 7 hie Baldred þone cing norð ofer Temese adrifan 7 Cantware him to cyrdon, 7 Suþrige 7 Suþseaxe 7 Eastsexe, þy hie fram his magum ær mid unrihte anydde wæran. 7 þy ilcan geare Eastengla cing 7 seo þeod gesohtan Ecgbriht king him to friþe 7 to mundboran for Myrcna ege, 7 þy ilcan geare slogon Eastengle Beornulf Myrcna cing.
825 Her Ludecan Myrcna cing 7 his .v. ealdormen mid him man ofsloh, 7 Wiglaf feng to rice.
827 Her mona aþeostrode on middes wintres mæsseniht. 7 þy geare geeode Ecgbriht cing Myrcna rice 7 eal þæt be suðan Humbre wæs, 7 he wæs eahtoða cing þe brytenwalda wæs. ærest wæs Ælle Westsexna cing se þus mycel rice hæfde, se æftera wæs Ceawlin Westseaxna cing, se ðridda wæs Æþelbriht Cantwara cing, se feorða wæs Rædwald Eastengla cing, fifta wæs Eadwine Norþhymbra cing, syxta wæs Oswald þe æfter him rixode, seofoða wæs Osweo, Oswaldes broðor, eahtoþa Ecgbriht Westseaxna cing. Se Ecgbriht lædde fyrde to Dore wiþ Norðanhumbre, 7 hie þær eaðmedo budan 7 geþwærnesse, 7 hie on þam tohwurfan.
828 Her eft Wiglaf onfeng Myrcna rice, 7 Aþelwold bisceop forðferde. 7 þy ilcan geare lædde Ecgbriht cing fyrde on Norðwealas, 7 he hie ealle him to eadmodre hyrsumnesse gedyde.
829 Her Wulfred arcebisceop forðferde.
830 Her Ceolnoð wæs gecoren to bisceope 7 gehadod, 7 Felogild abbud forðferde.
831 Her Ceolnoð arcebisceop onfeng pallium.
832 Her hæþene men oferhergodan Sceapege.
833 Her feaht Ecgbriht cing wiþ .xxxv. sciphlæsta æt Carrum, 7 þær wearð mycel wæl geslegen, 7 þa Deniscan ahton wælstowe geweald. 7 Hereferð 7 Wigþegn, twegen bisceopas, forþferdon, 7 Duda 7 Osmod, twegen ealdormenn, forðferdon.
835 Her com mycel sciphere on Westwealas, 7 hie to anum gecyrdan 7 wiþ Westseaxna cing winnende wæron. Þa he þæt hyrde, þa ferde he þider mid fyrde 7 heom wið gefeaht æt Hengestesdune, 7 ægðer geflymde ge þa Wealas ge þa Deniscan.
836 Her Ecgbriht cing forðferde, 7 hine hæfde ær Offa Myrcna cing 7 Brihtric Westseaxna cing ut aflymed þeo gear of Angelcynnes lande on Francland ær he cing wære, 7 forðy fultmode Brihtric Offan þy þe he hæfde his dohtor him to cwene. Se Ecgbriht rixode .xxxvii. wintra 7 .vii. monað, 7 feng Aþelwulf Ecgbrihting to Westseaxna rice, 7 he sealde Æþelstane his suna Cantwara rice 7 Eastsexna rice 7 Suþrigea 7 Suþsexna.
837 Her Wulfheard ealdorman gefeaht æt Hamtune wiþ .xxxiii. sciphlæsta 7 þær mycel wæl gesloh 7 sige nam, 7 þy geare forðferde Wulfheard. 7 þy geare gefeaht Æþelm ealderman wiþ deniscne here on Port mid Dorsætan 7 gode hwile þone here geflymde, 7 þa Deniscan ahtan wælstowe geweald 7 þone ealdorman ofslogan.
838 Her Herebriht ealdorman wærð ofslegen fram hæðnum mannum 7 manige menn mid him on Merscwarum, 7 þy ilcan geare eft on Lindesse 7 on Eastenglum 7 on Cantwarum wurdan ofslegene fram þam herge.
839 Her wæs mycel wælslyht on Lundenne 7 on Cwantwawic and on Hrofesceastre.
840/1 Her Aþelwulf cing gefeaht æt Carrum wiþ .xxxv. sciphlæsta, 7 ða Deniscan ahton wælstowe geweald.
845 Her gefeaht Eanulf ealdorman mid Sumorsætum 7 Eahlstan bisceop 7 Osric ealdorman mid Dorsætum gefuhtan æt Pedredanmuþan wiþ deniscne here, 7 þær mycel wæl geslogan 7 sige naman.
853 Her Ceorl ealdorman gefeaht wiþ hæþene menn mid Defnascire æt Wicganbeorge, 7 þær mycel wæl geslogan 7 sige naman. 7 hæþene menn ærest on Tenet ofer winter sætan. 7 þy ilcan geare coman feorþe healf hund scipa on Temesemuþan, 7 bræcan Cantwaraburh 7 Lundenburh, 7 geflymdan Beorhtwulf Myrcna king mid his fyrde, 7 foran suþ ofer Temese on Suþrige, 7 him gefeaht wiþ Aþelulf cing 7 Æþelbald his sunu æt Aclea mid Westseaxna fyrde, 7 þær þæt mæste wæl geslogan þe we secggan hyrdan æt þysne andweardan dæg, 7 þær sige naman. 7 þy ilcan geare Æþelstan cing 7 Ealhere ealderman gefuhtan on scipum, 7 mycelne here ofslogan æt Sandwic on Cænt 7 .viii. scipu gefengon 7 þa oþre aflymdan.
854 Her bæd Burhred Myrcna cing 7 his witan Aþelulf cing þæt he him gefultmode þæt he him Norðwealas gehyrsumode. 7 he þa swa dyde 7 mid fyrde for ofer Myrce on Norðwealas, 7 he him ealle gehyrsume gedyde. 7 þy ilcan geare sende Aþelwulf cing Ælfred his sunu to Rome, þa wæs domne Leo papa on Rome, 7 he hine to cinge gehalgode 7 hine him to bisceopsuna nam. Ða þy ilcan geare Ealhhere mid Cantwarum 7 Huda mid Suþrigum gefuhtan on Tenet wiþ hæðnum here 7 ærest sige naman, 7 þær wearð manig man ofslegen 7 adruncen on gehwaþre hand, 7 þa ealdormen begen deade. 7 ðæs ofer Eastran geaf Aþelwulf cing his dohtor Burhrede cinge of Westsexum on Myrce.
856 Her hæþene men ærest in Sceapigge ofer winter sætan. 7 þy ilcan geare gebocade Aþelwulf cing teoþan dæl his landes ofer eall his rice Gode to lofe 7 him sylfum to ecre hæle, 7 þy ilcan geare ferde to Rome mid mycelre weorðnesse, 7 þæs wæs .xii. monað wunigende, 7 him þa hamweard for, 7 him þa Carl Francna cing his dohtor geaf him to cwene, 7 æfter þam to his leodum com, 7 hie his gefægne wæron, 7 ymb .ii. gear ðæs þe he of Francum com, he gefor, 7 his lic liþ on Wintanceastre, 7 he rixode nigenteaþe healf gear. Se Aþelwulf wæs Ecgbrihting, Ecgbriht Ealhmunding, Ealhmund Eafing, Eafa Eopping, Eoppa Ingilding, Ingild wæs Ines broþor Westsexna cinges, 7 he heold þæt rice .xxxvii. wintra 7 eft ferde to Sancte Petre 7 þær his feorh gesealde. 7 hie wæran Kenredes sunu, Cenred wæs Ceolwalding, Ceolwald Cuþing, Cuþa Cuðwining, Cuþwine Ceawlining, Ceawlin Cynricing, Cynric Creoding, Creoda Cerdicing, Cerdic wæs Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Gewising, Gewis Wigging, Wig Freawining, Freawine Freoþogaring, Freoþogar Branding, Brand Bældæging, Bældæg Wodening, Woden Frealafing, Frealaf Fining, Finn Godulfing, Godulf Geating, Geata Tætwaing, Tætwa Beawing, Beaw Sceldweaing, Scyldwa Heremoding, Heremod Itermoning, Itermon Haðraing, Haðra Hwalaing, Hwala Bedwiging, Bedwig Sceafing. id est filius Noe , se wæs geboren on þære earce Noes, Lamech, Matusalem, Enoc, Iared, Malalehel, Camon, Enos, Seth, Adam primus homo et pater noster id est Christus . Ond þa fengon Aþelwulfes sunu twegen to rice, Aþelbald to Westsexna rice 7 Æþelbriht to Cantwara rice 7 to Eastsexna rice 7 to Suðrigea 7 to Suþsexna rice, 7 þa rixode Æþelbald .v. gear.
861 Her Aþelbald cing forðferde, 7 his lic lið æt Scirburnan, 7 feng Æþelbriht to eallum ðam rice his broþor, 7 he hit heold on godre geþwærnesse. 7 his dæge com mycel sciphere upp 7 abræcan Wintanceaster, 7 wiþ þone here gefuhtan Wulfheard ealdorman mid Hamtunscire 7 Æþelwulf ealderman mid Bearrocscire, 7 þone here geflymdan 7 wælstowe geweald ahton. 7 se Æþelbriht rixode .v. gear, 7 his lic liþ æt Scireburnan.
866 Her sæt hæþen here on Tenet 7 genam frið wiþ Cantwarum, 7 Cantware him feoh geheton wiþ þam friþe, 7 under ðam friþe 7 þam feohgehate se here hine on niht upp bestæl 7 oferhergode ealle Cænt eastewearde.
867 Her Æþered Æþelbrihtes broðor feng to Westsexna rice. 7 þy ilcan geare com mycel hæþen here on Angelcynnes land 7 wintersetl naman on Eastenglum, 7 þær gehorsade wurdan, 7 hie him friþ wiþ naman.
868 Her for se here of Eastenglum ofer Humbremuþan to Eoferwicceastre on Norðanhymbre, þær wæs mycel ungeþwærnes þære þeode betuh him sylfum, 7 hie hæfdon heora cing aworpenne Osbriht 7 ungecyndne cing underfengon Ællan. 7 hie late on geare to ðam gecyrdan þæt hie wiþ þone here wæron winnende, 7 hie ðeah myccle fyrd gegaderadan 7 þone here sohtan on Eoforwic 7 on þa ceastre bræcan, þæt hie sume inne wurdan, þær wærð ungemetlic wæl geslegen Norðanhymbra, sume binnan, sume butan, 7 þa ciningas begen þær ofslegene wurdon, 7 seo laf wiþ þone here friþ nam. 7 þy ilcan geare gefor Ealhstan bisceop, 7 he hæfde þæt bisceoprice æt Scirburnan .l. wintra, 7 his lic liþ ðær on tune.
869 Her for se ilca here innan Myrce to Snotingaham 7 þær wintersetl namn. 7 Burhred Myrcna cing 7 his witan bædon Æþered Westsexna cing 7 Ælfred his broðor þæt hie him fultmodan þæt hie wiþ þone here gefuhton. 7 þa ferdan hie mid Westsexna fyrde innan Myrce oþ Snotingaham 7 þone here þær metton on þam geweorce 7 hie hine inne besætan, 7 þær ne wearð þeahnam hefelic gefeoht, 7 Myrce friþ naman wiþ þone here.
870 Her for se here eft to Eoforwicceastre 7 þær sæt an gear.
871 Her rad se here ofer Myrce on Eastengle 7 þær wintersetl nam æt Þeodforda, 7 þy wintra Eadmund cing him wiþ feaht, 7 þa Deniscan sige naman 7 þone cing ofslogon 7 þæt land geeodon eall. 7 þy ilcan geare gefor Ceolnoð arcebisceop.
872 Her com se here to Readingum on Westsexe, 7 þæs eft ymb .iii. niht ridan twegen eorlas upp. Þa gemette Aþelwulf ealdorman hie on Englafelda, 7 him þær wiþ gefeaht 7 sige nam, 7 heora ðær wearð oþer ofslegen þæs nama wæs Sidroc. Ða ymb .iiii. niht Æþered cing 7 Ælfred his broðor þær micle fyrd to Readingum gelæddan 7 wið þone here gefuhtan, 7 þær wærð mycel wæl geslegen on gehweþere hand, 7 þær wearð Aþelwulf ealderman ofslegen, 7 þa Deniscan ahtan wælstowe geweald. 7 þæs ymb .iiii. niht gefeaht Æþered king 7 his broþor Ælfred wiþ ealne þone here on Æscesdune, 7 hie wæron on twam gefylcum, on oþrum wæs Bagsecg 7 Healfdene, þa hæþenan ciningas, 7 on oþrum wæron þa eorlas. 7 þa feaht se cing Æþered wiþ þara cyninga getruman, 7 þær wearð se cing Bagsecg ofslegen, 7 Ælfred his broþor feaht wiþ þara eorla getruman, 7 þær wearð Sicroc eorl ofslegen se ealda 7 Sidroc se geongra 7 Osbearn eorl 7 Fræna eorl 7 Harold eorl, 7 hie þa hergas begen geflymdon, 7 þær wearð feala þusenda ofslegen, 7 hie oþ niht feohtende wæron. 7 þæs emb .xiiii. niht gefeaht Æþered cing 7 his broðor Ælfred wiþ þone here æt Basingun, 7 þær þa Deniscan sige naman. 7 þæs ymbe .ii. monþas gefeaht Æþered cing 7 Ælfred his broþor wiþ þone here æt Merantune, 7 hie wæran on twam gefylcum, 7 hie þa butu geflymdan 7 lange on dæg sige ahton, 7 þær wearð mycel wælslyht on gehweþere hand, 7 þa Deniscan ahtan wælstowe geweald, 7 þær wearð Heahmund bisceop ofslegen 7 feala godra manna. 7 æfter ðyssum gefeohte com mycel sumerlida to Readingum. 7 þæs ofer Eastran gefor Æþered cing, 7 he rixode .v. gear, 7 his lic liþ æt Winburnan mynster. Ða feng Ælfred Æþelwulfing his broðor to Westsexna rice. 7 þæs embe anne monaþ gefeaht Ælfred cing wiþ ealne here lytle weorede æt Wiltune 7 hine lange on dæg geflymde, 7 þa Deniscan ahton wælstowe geweald. 7 þæs geares gewurdan .ix. folcgefeoht gefohten wiþ þone here on þon kynerice be suþan Temese butan þam þe him Ælfred þæs cinges broðor 7 ealdormenn 7 cinges þegnas oft rada on ridon, þe mon na ne rimde, 7 þæs geares wæron ofslegene .ix. eorlas 7 an cing, 7 þy geare naman Westsexan friþ wiþ þone here.
873 Her for se here to Lundenbyrig fram Readingum 7 ðar nam wintersetl, 7 þa namon Myrce frið wið þone here.
874 Her for se here on Norðhymbre, 7 he nam wintersetl on Lindesse æt Turesigge, 7 þa naman Myrce frið wið þone here.
875 Her for se here of Lindesse to Hreopedune 7 þær wintersetl nam 7 þone cing Burhred ofer sæ adræfdon ymbe .xxii. wintra þæs þe he rice hæfde, 7 þæt land eall geeodon. 7 he for to Rome 7 þær gesæt, 7 his lic liþ on Sancta Marian cyricean on Angelcynnes scole. 7 þy ilcan gere hie gesealdan Ceolwulfe, anum unwisum cinges þegne, Myrcna rice to healdenne, 7 he him aþas swor 7 gislas sealde þæt hit heom gearo wære swylce dæge swa hie hit habban woldan, 7 he gearo wære mid him sylfum 7 mid eallum þam ðe him gelæstan woldan to þæs heres þearfe.
876 Her for se here fram Hreopedune, 7 Healfdene for mid sumum þam here on Norðhymbre 7 nam wintersetl be Tinan þære ea, 7 se here þæt land geeode 7 oft hergode on Peohtas 7 on Stræcledwealas, 7 for Guþram 7 Oscytel 7 Anwend, þa .iii. ciningas, of Hreopedune to Grantebrycge mid myclum here 7 sætan þær an gear. 7 þæs on sumera for Ælfred cing ut on sæ mid sciphere 7 gefeaht wiþ .vii. sciphlæstas 7 heora an gefeng 7 þa oþre geflymde.
877 Her hine bestæl se here into Werham Westsexna fyrde. 7 siþþan wiþ þone here se cing nam frið, 7 him þa gislas sealdan þe on þam here weorðoste wæron to þæm cinge 7 him þa aðas sworan on ðæm halgan beage, þe hie ær noldan nanre þeode, þæt hie hrædlice of his rice faran woldan, 7 hie þa under ðæm hie nihtes bestælan þære fyr de se gehors oda here into Exanceastre. 7 þy geare Halfdene Norðanhymbra land gedælde þæt hie syþþan ergende 7 heora tilgende wæron.
878 Her com se here to Exancestre fram Werham, 7 þa mette hie mycel yst on sæ 7 þær forwearð .cxx. scipa æt Swanawic. 7 se cing Ælfred æfter þæm gehorsodan here mid fyrde rad oþ Exanceaster, 7 hi hindan ofridan ne mihte, 7 hie him gislas sealdan, swa feala swa he habban wolde, 7 myccle aþas sworan, 7 þa godne friþ heoldan. 7 þa on hærfeste gefor se here on Myrcna land 7 hit gedældon sum 7 sum Ceolwulfe sealdan.
879 Her hine bestæl se here on midne winter ofer .xii. niht to Cyppanhamme, 7 geridan Westsexna land 7 gesætan, 7 mycel þæs folces ofer sæ adræfdan, 7 þæs oþres ðone mæstan dæl hie geridan, 7 hym to gecyrdan butan þam cinge Ælfrede. He lytle weorode uneaðelice æfter wudum for 7 on morfæstenum. 7 þæs ilcan wintres wæs Inweres broðor 7 Healfdenes on Westsexna rice mid .xxiii. scypa, 7 hine man þær ofsloh 7 .dccc. manna mid him 7 .lx. manna his heres, 7 þær wæs se guþfana genumen ðe hie Hręfn heton. Ond þæs on Eastran worhte Ælfred king lytle weorode geweorc æt Æþelingaigge, 7 of þam geweorce wæs winnende wiþ þone here, 7 Sumorsætena se dæl þe þærnehst wæs. Ða on þære seofoþan wucan ofer Eastran he gerad to Ecgbrihtesstane be eastan Selewuda, 7 him coman þær ongean Sumursæte ealle, 7 Wilsæte 7 Hamtunscir se dæl þe hire beheonan sæ wæs, 7 his gefægne wæron. 7 he for embe ane niht of þæm wicum to Iglea 7 þæs eft embe ane niht to Eþandune, 7 þær gefeaht wiþ ealne þone here 7 hine geflymde 7 him æfter rad oþ þæt geweorc 7 þær sæt .xiiii. niht, 7 ða sealde se here him foregislas 7 myccle aþas þæt hie of his cynerice woldon, 7 him eac geheton þæt heora cyng fulwihte onfon wolde, 7 hie þæt gelæston. 7 þæs ymb .iii. wucan com se cing Guþram þritega sum ðara manna þe on þam here weorþoste wæron æt Alre, þæt ys wiþ Æþelingaigge, 7 his se cing þær onfeng æt fulwihte, 7 his crismlysing wæs æt Weddmor, 7 he wæs .xii. niht mid þam cinge, 7 he hine myclum 7 his geferan mid feo weorðode.
880 Her for se here to Cyrenceastre of Cippanhamme 7 sæt þær anne winter. 7 þy ilcan geare gegadrodan an hloþ wicinga 7 gesæt æt Fulanhamme be Temese. 7 þy ilcan geare aþystrode seo sunne ane tid dæges.
881 Her for se here of Cyrenceastre on Eastengle 7 gesæt þæt land 7 hit gedælde. 7 þy ilcan geare for se here ofer sæ þe ær on Fulanhamme sæt on Francland to Gent 7 sæt þær an gear.
882 Her for se here ufur on Francland, 7 þa Francan him wiþ gefuhtan, 7 þær wearð se here gehorsad æfter þam gefeohte.
883 Her for se here upp ondlang Mæse ufur on Francland 7 þæt sæt an gear. 7 þy ilcan geare for Ælfred cing ut on sæ mid scipum 7 gefeaht wiþ .iiii. sciphlæstas deniscra manna, 7 þara scipa twa genam 7 þa menn ofslegene wurdan þe þæron wæron, 7 .ii. scyphlæstas him on hand eodan, 7 þa wæran myclum forwundode ær hie on hand eodan.
884 Her for se here upp on Scald to Cundaþ 7 þær sæt an gear. 7 Marinus se papa sende lignum Domini Ælfrede cinge, 7 þy ilcan geare lædde Sihelm 7 Æþelstan þa ælmessan to Rome 7 eac on Iudea to Sancte Thome 7 to Sancte Bartholomeæ, þa hi sæton wiþ þone here æt Lundenne 7 hie þær Godes þances swiþe bentiþige wurdan æfter þam gehate.
885 Her for se here upp on Sunnan to Embenum 7 þær sæt an gear.
886 Her todælde se foresprecena here on twa, oþer dæl to Hrofesceastre 7 ymbsætan þa ceastre 7 worhton oþer fæsten ymb hie sylfe, 7 hie þeah þa ceastre aweredan oþþæt Ælfred cing com utan mid fyrde. Þa for se here to heora scipum 7 forletan þæt geweorc, 7 hie wurdon þær behorsode, 7 sona þy ilcan sumera eft ofer sæ gewitan. Þy ilcan geare sende Ælfred cing sciphere of Cent on Eastengle. Sona swa hie comon on Stufemuþan, þa metten hie .xvi. scipu wicinga 7 hie wiþ þa gefuhtan 7 þa scipu ealle geræhton 7 þa menn ofslogon. þa hie hamweard wæron mid þære herehyþe, þa mettan hie mycelne sciphere wicinga 7 þa wiþ þa gefuhtan þy ilcan dæge, 7 þa Deniscan ahton sige. Ðy ilcan geare ær middum wintra forðferde Karl Francna cing, 7 hine ofsloh an eofor. 7 anum geare ær his broðor forðferde, se hæfde eac þæt westrice, þa wæron Hloþwiges suna begen. Se forðferde ðy ilcan geare þe seo sunne aþeostrode, se wæs þæs Karles sunu þe Æþelwulf Westsexna cing his dohtor hæfde him to cwene. Þy ilcan geare gegadrode mycel sciphere on Ealdseaxum, 7 þær wearð mycel gefeoht, tuwa on geare, 7 þa Sexan hæfdan sige, 7 þær wæran Frysan mid. Ðy ilcan geare feng Karl to ðam westrice 7 to eallum þam rice þe beheonan Wendelsæ 7 begeondan þisse sæ, swa hit his þridda fæder hæfde, butan Lidwiccum, se Carl wæs Hloþwiges sunu, se Hloþwig wæs Carles broþor, ðe wæs Iuþettan fæder þe Æðelwulf cing hæfde, 7 hie wæran Hloþwiges suna. Se Hloþwi wæs þæs ealdan Karles sunu, se Carl wæs Pippenes sunu. Ðy ilcan geare forðferde se goda papa Marinus, se gefreode Angelcynnes scole be Ælfredes bene cinges, 7 he sende him miccle gifa 7 ðære rode dæl þe Crist on þrowode. 7 þy ilcan geare se here on Eastenglum bræc friþ wiþ Ælfred cing.
887 Her for se here eft west þe ær east gelende, 7 þa upp on Signe 7 þær wintersetu naman æt Paris þære byrig. Ðy ilcan geare gesette Ælfred cing Lundenburh, 7 him eall Angelcynn to cyrde, þe butan deniscra manna hæftnede wæs, 7 he þa befæstte þa burh Æþerede ealdermen to healdenne.
888 Her for se here upp þurh þa brycge æt Paris, 7 þa upp ondlang Signe æt Mæterne, 7 þa upp on Mæterne oþ Cariei, 7 þa sætan þara 7 innan Ionan twa winter on þam twæm stedum. 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde Carl Francna cing, 7 Earnulf his broðorsunu hine .vi. wucan ær he ferde forð berædde æt þæm rice, 7 þa wearð þæt rice todæled on .v., 7 .v. cingas to gehalgode, þæt wæs þeah mid Earnulfes geþafunge. 7 hie cwædan þæt hie þæt to his handa healdan sceoldan forðon heora nan næs on fædrenhealfe to geboren butan him anum. Earnulf þa wunode on þæm lande be eastan Rin, 7 Hroþulf ða feng to þam middelrice, 7 Odda to þam westdæle, 7 Beorngar 7 Wiþa to Langbeardna lande 7 to ðam landum on þa healfe muntes, 7 þæt heoldan mid mycelre unsibbe 7 twa folcgefeoht gefuhtan 7 þæt land oft 7 gelome forhergodon 7 æghwæðer oþerne oftrædlice ut dræfde. 7 þy ilcan geare þe se here for forð upp ofer ða brycge æt Paris, Æþelm ealdormann lædde Westsexna ælmessan 7 Ælfredes cinges to Rome.
889 Her lædde Beocca ealdormann Westsexna ælmessan 7 Ælfredes cinges to Rome, 7 Æþelswiþ cwen, seo wæs Ælfredes sweostor cinges, forðferde 7 hire lic liþ æt Pauie, 7 þy ilcan geare Æþered arcebisceop 7 Aþelwold ealdormann forðferdan on anum monðe.
890 Her on þysum geare næs nan færeld to Rome butan .ii. hleaperas Ælfred cing sende mid gewritum.
891 Her lædde Beornhelm abbud Westsexna ælmessan to Rome 7 Ælfredes cinges, 7 Godrum se norðerna cing forðferde, ðæs fulluhtnama wæs Æþelstan, se wæs Ælfredes cinges godsunu, 7 he bude on Eastenglum 7 þæt land ærest gesæt. 7 þy ilcan geare for se here of Signe to Sandloðan, þæt is betuh Bryttum 7 Francum, 7 Bryttas him wiþ gefuhton 7 sige hæfdan, 7 hie bedrifan ut on ane ea 7 heora manige adrenctan.
892 Her for se here east, 7 Earnulf cing gefeaht wiþ þam rade here ær ða scipu coman, mid Eastfrancum 7 Seaxum 7 Bægerum, 7 hine geflymde. Ond þry Scottas coman to Ælfrede cinge on anum bate butan ælcum gereþrum of Hiebernia, 7 þonon hie hie bestælan forðon þe hie woldan for Godes lufan on elþeodignesse beon, hie ne rohtan hwær. Se bat wæs geworht of þriddan healfre hyde þe hie on foran, 7 hie naman mid him þæt hie hæfdan to .vii. nihtum mete, 7 þa coman hi embe .vii. niht to lande on Cornwealum 7 foran þa sona to Ælfrede cinge, þus hie wæron gehatene, Dubslane Machbethath 7 Mælinmuin. 7 Suifne, se betsta lareow þe on Scottum wæs, gefor. 7 þy ilcan geare ofer Eastran ymb gandagas oþþe ær ætywde se steorra ðe man on boclæden het cometa, sume menn cweþað on Englisc þæt he sy fexede steorra, forðam þær stent lang leoma of, hwilum on ane healfe, hwilum on ælce healfe.
893 Her on þysum geare for se myccla here þe we gefyrn ær ymbspræcan eft of þam westrice westweard to Bunan, 7 þær wurdan gescipude swa þæt hie asetton hie on anne siþ ofer mid horsum mid ealle, 7 ða coman upp on Limenanmuðan mid twa hund scipa. Se muþa is on eastewyrdre Cent on þæs ilcan wuda eastende þe we Andred hatað, se wudu is westlang 7 eastlang .cxx. mila lang oþþe lengra 7 .xxx. mila brad, seo ea þe we ær ymbspræcan liþ ut of þam wealde. On þa ea hie tugan upp heora scypu oþ þone weald .iiii. mila fram ðam muþan uteweardan 7 þær abræcan an geweorc, inne on þam fæstenne sætan feawa cyrlisce men on, 7 wæs samworht. Ða sona æfter þam com Hæsten mid .lxxx. scipum upp Temesemuðan 7 worhte him þær geweorc æt Middeltune, 7 se oþer here æt Apuldre.
894 On þys geare, þæt wæs embe .xii. monað þæs þe hie on þam eastrice geweorc geworht hæfdan, Norðanhymbre 7 Eastengle Ælfrede cinge aþas geseald hæfdan 7 Eastengle foregisla .vi., 7 þeah ofer þa treowa swa oft swa þa oþre hergeas mid ealle herge ut foran, þonne foran hie mid oþþe on oþþe on heora healfe on. 7 þa gegaderade Ælfred cing his fyrd 7 for þæt he gewicode betuh þam hergum þær ðær he nehst rymet hæfde for wudufæstenne 7 for wæterfæstenne swa þæt he mihte ægþerne geræcan gif hie ænigne feld secan woldan. Þa foran hie siþþan æfter þam wealde hloþum 7 flocradum be swa hweðre efes swa hit þonne fyrdleas wæs, 7 hie man eac mid oþrum folcum sohte mæstra daga ælce, oþþe on dæg oþþe on niht, ge of þære fyrde ge eac of þam burgum. Hæfde se cing his fyrd on twa tonumen swa þæt hie wæran simle healfe æt ham, healfe ute, butan ðam mannum þe þa burga heoldan. Ne com se here oftor eall ute of þam gesetum þonne tuwa, oþre siþe þa hie ærest to lande coman ær seo fyrd gesamnod wære, oþre siþe ða hie of þam gesetum faran woldan. Ða hie gefengon myccle herehyþe, 7 þa woldan ferian norðwerdes ofer Temese innan Eastsexe ongan þa scipu. þa forrad seo fyrd hie forne 7 him wiþ gefeaht æt Fearnhamme 7 þone here geflymde, 7 þa herehyþe ahreddan, 7 hie flugan ofer Temese butan ælcum forda, þa upp be Colne on anne iggað. Þa besæt seo fyrd hie þærutan þa hwile þe hie lengest mete hæfdan, ac hie hæfdan þa heora stemninge gesetene 7 heora mete benotodne, 7 wæs se cing þa þyderweardes on fare mid þære scire þe mid him sylfum fyrdode. Þa he þyderweard wæs, 7 seo oþru fyrd wæs hamweard, 7 þa Deniscan sætan þær behindan, forðon ðe heora cing wæs gewundod on þam gefeohte þæt hie hine ne mihtan ferian. Ða gegadrodan hie þa ðe on Norðhymbrum bugeað 7 on Eastenglum sum hund scipa 7 foran suþ onbutan 7 ymbsætan an geweorc on Defnascire be þære norðsæ, 7 þe ðe suþan onbutan foran ymbsætan Exanceaster. Ða se cing þæt hyrde, þa wende he hine west wiþ Exanceastres mid ealre þære fyrde butan swyþe gewealdenum dæle easteweardes þæs folces. Þa foran forð þæt hie coman to Lundenbyrig 7 þa, mid þam burhwarum 7 mid þam fultume ðe him westan com, foran east be Beamfleote. Wæs þa Hæstenn þær cumen mid his herge þe ær æt Middeltune sæt, 7 eac se myccla here wæs þa þærto cumen þe ær on Limenanmuþan sæt æt Apuldre. Hæfde Hæsten ær geworht þæt geweorc æt Beamfleote, 7 wæs þa ut afaren on hergað, 7 wæs se myccla here æt ham. Þa foran hie to 7 geflymdan þone here 7 þæt weorc abræcan 7 genaman eal þæt þær binnan wæs, ge on feo ge on wifum ge eac on bearnum, 7 brohton eall in to Lundenbyrig 7 þa scipu ealle oþþe tobræcan oþþe forbærndan oþþe to Lundenbyrig brohtan oþþe to Hrofesceastre. 7 Hæstenes wif 7 his twegen suna man brohte to ðam cinge, 7 he hie eft him agef, forðon þe heora oðer wæs his godsunu, oþer Æþeredes ealdormannes, hæfdon hie heora onfangen ær Hæsten to Beamfleote come, 7 he him hæfde geseald aðas 7 gislas, 7 se cing him eac wel feoh sealde 7 eac swa þa he þone cniht ageaf 7 þæt wif. Ah sona swa hie to Beamfleote coman 7 þæt geweorc geworht hæfdan, swa hergode he his rices þone ende þe Æþered his cumpæder healdan [n894.2] sceolde, 7 eft oþre siþe he wæs on hergæþ gelend on þæt ilce rice þa man his geweorc abræc. Þa se cing hine west wende mid þære fyrde wiþ Exanceastres, swa ic ær sæde, 7 se here þa burh beseten hæfde, þa he þærto gefaren wæs, þa eodan hie to heora scipum. Þa he wiþ þone here þær west abysgod wæs 7 þa hergeas wæron þa begen gegadrode to Sceobyrig on Eastsexum 7 þær geweorc worhtan, foron þa begen ætgædre upp be Temese, 7 him com to mycel eaca ægðer ge of Eastenglum ge of Norðhymbrum. Ða gegadrode Æþered ealdormann 7 Æþelm ealdormann 7 Æþelnoð ealdorman, 7 þa cingas þegnas þe þa æt ham wæron æt þam geweorcum, of ælcere byrig be eastan Pedredan, ge be westan Selewuda, ge be eastan, ge eac be norðan Temese, 7 be westan Sæfyrn, ge eac sum dæl þæs Norðwealcynnes. Ða hie þa gegadrode wæron ealle, ða offoran hie þone here hindan æt Buttingtune on Sæfyrne staðe 7 hine þær utan besætan on ælce healfe on anum fæstenne. Þa hie þa þær feala wucena sæton on twa healfa þære ea, 7 se cing wæs west on Defnum wiþ þone sciphere, þa wæron hie mid meteleste gewægde, 7 hæfdan mycelne dæl þara horsa freten, 7 þa oþre wæron hungre acwolen. Þa eodan hie ut to ðam mannum ðe on easthealfe þære ea wæron 7 him wiþ gefuhtan, 7 þa cristnan hæfdan sige. 7 þær wearð Ordeh cinges þegn ofslegen, 7 eac manige oþre cinges þegnas, 7 þara Deniscra þær wearð swiþe mycel geslegen, 7 se dæl þe þær onweg com wurdan on fleame generede. Þa hie þa on Eastsexe coman to heora geweorce 7 to heora scipum, þa gegadrode seo laf eft of Eastenglum 7 of Norðhymbrum mycelne here onforan winter, 7 befæstan heora wif 7 heora scipu 7 heora feoh on Eastenglum, 7 foron on anstreces dæges 7 nihtes þæt hie gedydon on anre westre ceastre on Wirhealum seo is Legcester gehaten. Þa ne mihte seo fyrd hi na hindan offaran ær hie wæran inne on þam geweorce, besætan þeah þæt geweorc sume twegen dagas, 7 genaman ceapes eall þæt þær butan wæs, 7 þa menn ofslogan þe hie foran forridan mihtan buton geweorce, 7 þæt corn eal forbærndan 7 mid heora horsum frettan on ælcre efennehþe. 7 þæt wæs ymb .xii. monað þæs þe hie ær hider ofer sæ coman.
895 Ond þa sona æfter þam on þysum geare for se here of Wirhealan innan Norðwealas forðam hie þær sittan ne mihton, þæt wæs forðon þe hie wæron benumen ægþer ge þæs ceapes ge þæs cornes þe hie gehergod hæfdan. Þa hie eft of Norðwealum wendan mid þære herehyþe þe hie þær genumen hæfdan, þa foran hie ofer Norðhymbra land 7 swa on Eastengle swa þæt hie seo fyrd geræcean ne mihte, oþþæt hie coman on Eastsexna land easteweard on an igland þæt is ute on þære sæ þæt is Mereseg hatæn. 7 þa se here eft hamweard wende þe Exanceaster beseten hæfde, þa hergodan hie upp on Suþseaxum neh Cisseceastre, 7 þa burhware hie geflymdan 7 heora manig hund ofslogan 7 heora scipu sume genaman. Þa þy ilcan geare on forewerdne winter þa Deniscan þe on Meresigge sæton tugon heora scipu upp on Temese 7 þa upp on Liggean. Þæt wæs ymbe twa gear þæs þe hi hider ofer sæ coman.
896 Ond þon ilcan geare worhte se foresprecena here geweorc be Liggean .xx. mila bufan Lundenbyrig. Þa þæs on sumera foran micel dæl þara burhwara 7 eac swa oþres folces þæt hie gedydan æt þara Deniscra geweorce, 7 þær wurdan geflymde 7 sume .iiii. cinges þegnas ofslegene. Ða þæs on hærfeste wicode se cing on neaweste þære byrig ða hwile þe hie heora corn geripon, þæt þa Deniscan him ne mihtan þæs ripes forwyrnan. Þa sume dæge rad se cing upp be þære ea 7 gehawode hwær man mihte þa ea forwyrcean þæt hie ne mihtan þa scipu ut bringan, 7 hie þa swa dydan, worhtan twa geweorc on twa healfe þære ea. Þa hie þæt geweorc furðum ongunnæn hæfdon, þa ongeat se here þæt hie ne mihton þa scipu ut bringan. Þa forletan hie þa scipu 7 eodan ofer land, þæt hie gedydan æt Cwatbrycge be Sæfyrn, 7 þæt geweorc worhtan. Ða rad seo fyrd æfter þam here, 7 þa men of Lundenbyrig gefetodan þa scipu, 7 þa hie alædan ne mihtan hi tobræcon, 7 þa þe þær stælwyrþe wæron binnan Lundenbyrig gebrohtan. 7 þa Deniscan hæfdan heora wif befæst on Eastenglum ær hie ut of þam geweorce foran. Þa sæton hie þone winter æt Bricge. Þæt wæs embe .iii. gear þæs þe hie on Limenanmuðan hider ofer sæ coman.
897 Ond þæs on sumera on þysum geare tofor se here, sum on Eastengle, sum on Norðhymbre, 7 þa þe feohlease wæron him þær scipu begeatun 7 suþ ofer sæ foran to Signe. Næfde se here, Godes þances, Angelcynnes ealles fullswiþe gebrocad, ah hie wæron myccle swiþor gebrocade on þam ðrim gearum mid ceapes cwylde 7 manna, ealra swyþost mid þam þæt monige þara selestra cinges þegna þe þær on lande wæron forðferdon on þam þrim gearum. Þara wæs sum Swiþulf bisceop on Hrofesceastre, 7 Ceolmund ealdormann on Cent, 7 Beorhtulf ealdorman on Eastsexum, 7 Ealhheard bisceop æt Dorceceastre, 7 Eadulf cinges þegn on Suþseaxum, 7 Beornulf wicgerefa on Wintanceastre, 7 Ecgulf cinges horsþen, 7 manige toeacan him, þeh ic þa geþungenestan witan nemde. Þy ilcan geare drehtan þa hergeas on Eastenglum 7 on Norðhymbrum Westsexna land swiþe be þam suðstaðe mid stæl hergum, ealra swiþost mid þam æscum þe hie feala geara ær timbredan. Ða het Ælfred cing timbran lange scipu ongean þa æscas, þa wæron fulneah twa swa lange swa ða oþre, sume hæfdon .lx. arena, sume ma, þa wæron ægþer ge swiftran ge unwealtran ge eac hearran þonne þa oþre, næron hie naþor ne on frysisc gesceapen ne on denisc, buton swa him sylfum þuhte þæt hie nytweorðoste beon mihton. Þa æt sumum cyrre þæs ilcan geares coman þær .vi. scipu to Wiht 7 þær mycel yfel gedydan, ægþær ge on Defnum ge welhwær be þam særimum. Þa het se cing faran mid nigenum to þara niwra scipa, 7 forforan him þone muþan foran on utermere, þa foran hie mid þrim scipum ut ongean hie, þeo stodan æt ufeweardum ðam muþan on dryggum, wæron þa menn upp on lande of agane. Þa gefengon hie þara þreora scipa twa æt ðæm muþan uteweardum, 7 þa men ofslogan, 7 þæt an oþwand, on þæm wæron þa menn eac swyþe ofslegene butan .v., þa coman forðon onweg þe þara oþerra scipu asætan, ða wurdan eac uneaþelice aseten, þreo asætan on þa healfe ðære dypan þe þa Deniscan scipu geseten wæran, 7 þa ealle on oþre healfe, þæt heora ne mihte nan to oþrum. Ac þa þæt wæter wæs geebbod feala furlanga fram þam scipum, þa eodon þa Deniscan fram þam oþrum þrim scipum to þam oþrum ðrim þe on heora healfe wæron beebbode, 7 hie þa ðær gefuhtan, þær wearð ofslegen Lucuman cinges gerefa 7 Wulfheard Frysa 7 Æbbe Frysa 7 Æþelhere Frysa 7 Æþelferð, cinges geneat, 7 ealra manna Frysiscra 7 Engliscra .lxii., 7 þara Deniscra .cxx. Þa com þam Deniscan scipum þeah ær flod to, ær þa cristenan mihtan heora ut asceofan, 7 hie þurh þæt ut oþreowan. Ða wæron hie to ðan gesargode þæt hie ne mihtan Suþsexna land utan berowan, ah heora þær twa sæ on land wearp, 7 þa menn man lædde to Wintceaster to ðam cinge, 7 he hie þær ahon het, 7 þa menn coman on Eastengle þe on ðam anum scipe wæron swiþe forwundode. Þy ilcan sumera forwearð na læs þonne .xx. scipa mid mannum mid ealle be þam suþriman. Þy ilcan geare forðferde Wulfric cinges horsþegn, se wæs Wealhgerefa.
898 Her on þysum geare gefor Æþelm Wiltunscire ealdorman nigen nihtum ær middan sumera, 7 her forðferde Ealhstan, se wæs on Lundenne bisceop.
901 Her gefor Ælfred Aþulfing .vi. nihtum ær Ealra Haligra mæssan, se wæs cing ofer eall Angelcynn butan þam dæle ðe under Dene anwealde wæs, 7 he heold þæt rice oþrum healfum geare læs þe .xxx. wintra, 7 þa feng Eadweard his sunu to rice. 7 þa gerad Æþelwold æþeling his fædran sunu þone ham æt Winburnan, 7 æt Tweoxneam, þæs cinges unþances 7 his witena. Þa rad se cing mid fyrde þæt he gewicode æt Baddanbyrig wiþ Winburnan; 7 Aþolwold sæt binnan þam ham mid þam mannum þe him to gebugan, 7 hæfde ealle þa gatu forworhte inn to him, 7 sæde þæt he wolde oþþe þær lybban oþþe þær licggean. Þa under ðam þa rad se æþeling on niht aweg 7 gesohte þone here on Norðhymbrum [n901.4] , 7 hie hine underfengon heom to cinge 7 him to bugan. Þa berad man þæt wif þæt he hæfde ær genumen butan ðæs cinges leafe 7 ofer þara bisceopa gebodu, forðon þe heo wæs nunne ær gehalgod. 7 on þys ilcan geare forðferde Æþered, se wæs on Defnum ealdormann, .iiii. wucan ær Ælfred cing.
903 Her gefor Aþulf ealdorman, Ealhswiþe broðor, Eadweardes modor cinges, 7 Uirgilius abbud on Scottum ond Grimbold mæssepreost. [n903.1]
904 Her com Aþelwold hider ofer sæ mid eallum þam flotan þe he begitan mihte, 7 him to gebogen wæs on Eastsexum.
905 Her gelædde Æþelwold þone here on Eastenglum to unfriþe, þæt hie hergodan ofer eall Myrcna land þæt hie coman to Cracgelade, 7 foran þær ofer Temese 7 naman ægþer ge on Bradene ge þær onbutan eal þæt hie gehentan mihtan, ond wendon þa eft hamweard. Ða for Eadweard cing æfter, swa he raðost mihte his fyrde gegaderian, 7 oferhergode eall heora land betuh dicon 7 Wusan eall oþ fennas norð. Ða he eft þonon faran wolde, þa het he beodan ofer ealle ða fyrd, þæt hie foran ealle ut ætsamne. Ða ætsætan ða Centiscan þær beæftan ofer his bebod 7 .vii. ærendracan he him hæfde to onsend. Þa befor se here hie þær, 7 hie þær gefuhtan, 7 þær wearð Sigulf ealdormann ofslegen 7 Sigelm ealdormann 7 Eadwold cinges þegn 7 Cenulf abbud 7 Sigebriht Sigulfes sunu 7 Eadwold Accan sunu 7 manige eac to him, þeah ic þa geþungenestan nemde, 7 on ðara Deniscra healfe wæs ofslegen Eohric cing 7 Aþelwold æþeling, þe hie him to cinge gecuron, 7 Byrhsige, Byrhtnoðes sunu æþelinges, 7 Ysopo hold 7 Oscytel hold 7 swiþe manig eac mid him, þe we nu genemnan ne magon. 7 þær wæs on gehweþere hand mycel wæl geslegen, 7 þara Deniscra wearð ma ofslegen, þeah hi wælstowe geweald ahton. 7 Ealhswiþ gefor þy ilcan geare.
906 Her on ðysum geare gefor Ælfred, se wæs æt Baþan gerefa. 7 þy ilcan geare man gefæstnode þæt frið æt Yttingaforda, swa swa Eadweard cing gerædde, ægþer ge wiþ Eastenglum ge wiþ Norðhymbre.
909 Her gefor Denulf se wæs on Wintanceastre bisceop.
910 Her feng Friþestan to bisceopdome on Wintanceastre. Ond Asser gefor æfter ðam, se wæs æt Scirburnan bisceop. 7 þy ilcan geare sende Eadweard cing fyrde ægþer ge of Westsexum ge of Myrcum, 7 heo gehergode swiþe mycel on þæm norðhere ægþer ge on mannum ge on gehwylcum yrfe, 7 manige menn ofslogan þara Deniscra, 7 þær wæron .v. wucan inne.
911 Her bræc se here þone friþ on Norðhymbrum 7 forsawan ælc riht þe Eadweard cing 7 his witan him budan, 7 hergodan ofer Myrcna land, 7 se cing hæfde gegadrod sum hund scipa, 7 wæs þa on Cent, 7 þa scipu foran be suþan east ondlang sæ togeanes him. Ða wende se here þæt his fultumes se mæsta dæl on ðam scipum, 7 þæt hie mihtan faran unbefohtone [n911.2] þær þær hie woldan. Þa geahsode se cing þæt þæt hie on heregað foron, þa sende he his fyrde ægþer ge of Westsexum ge of Myrcum, 7 hie offoran þone here hindan, þa he hamweard wæs, 7 him wiþ gefuhton 7 þone here geflymdon 7 his feala þusenda ofslogan. 7 þær wæs Eowils cing ofslegen 7 Healfden cing 7 Ohter eorl 7 Scurfa eorl 7 Oþulf hold 7 Benesing hold 7 Anlaf se swearta 7 Þurferð hold 7 Osferð Hlytte 7 Guðferð hold 7 Agmund hold 7 Guðferð.
912 Her gefor Æþered ealdormann on Myrcum. 7 Eadweard cing feng to Lundenbyrig 7 to Oxnaforda 7 to eallum þam landum þe þærto hyrdon.
913 Her on þys geare embe Martines mæssan het Eadweard cing getimbran þa norðran burh æt Heortforda betuh Meran 7 Beneficcean 7 Ligean. 7 þa æfter þam þæs on sumera betuh gandagan 7 middan sumera for Eadweard cing mid sumum his fultome on Eastsexe to Mældune 7 wicode þær þa hwile þe man þa burh worhte 7 getimbrede æt Witham, 7 him beah god dæl þæs folces to þe ær under Deniscra manna anwealde wæron, 7 sum his fultum worhte ða burh þa hwile æt Heortforda on suþhealfe Ligean.
914 Her on geare rad se here ut ofer Eastron of Hamtune 7 of Ligraceastre 7 bræcon þone frið, 7 slogan manige menn æt Hocenertune 7 þær onbutan. 7 þa swiþe raðe æfter þam, swa ða oþre ham coman, þa fundon hie oþre flocrade þæt rad ut wiþ Legtunes, þa wurdan þa landleode his geware 7 him wið gefuhtan, 7 gebrohtan hie on fullan fleame 7 ahreddan eall þæt hie genumen hæfdon 7 eac heora horsa 7 heora wæpna mycelne dæl.
915 Her on þysum geare com mycel sciphere hider ofer suþan of Lidwiccum, 7 twegen eorlas mid, Ohter 7 Hraold, 7 foron ða west onbutan þæt hie gedydan on Sæfernmuþan 7 hergodan on Norðwealas æghwær be þam staðum þær þær hie ðonne onhagode, 7 gefengon Camelgeac bisceop on Yrcingafelda 7 læddon hine mid him to scipum, 7 þa alysde Eadwerd cing hine mid .xl. pundon. Þa æfter þon þa for se here eall up 7 wolde faran þa gyt on hergað wiþ Yrcingafeldes. Ða gemetton þa menn hie of Hereforda 7 of Gleawceastre 7 of þam nehstan burgum, 7 him wið gefuhtan 7 hie geflymdan, 7 ofslogan þone eorl Hraold 7 þæs oþres eorles broðor, Ohteres, 7 mycel þæs herges, 7 bedrifan hie on anne pearroc and besætan hie þær utan þæt hie him sealdon gislas þæt hie of ðæs cinges onwealde faran woldan. 7 se cing hæfde funden þæt him man sæt wiþ on suþ healfe Sæfyrnmuþan westan fram Wealum, east æt Afenemuþan, þæt hie ne dorstan þæt land nahwær on þa healfe gesecean. Þa bestælan hie hie ðeah nihtes upp æt sumum twam cyrrum, æt oþrum cyrre be eastan Weced, æt oþrum cyrre æt Portlocan. Þa sloh hie man æt ægþrum cyrre, þæt heora feawa onweg coman butan ða ane þe þær ut ætswymman mihton to þam scipum. 7 þa sæton hie ute on þam iglande æt Steapan Reolice oþ þone fyrst þe hie wurdon swiþe metelease, 7 manige menn hungre acwolen, forðon hi ne mihton nanne mete geræcan, foran þa þonan to Deomedum 7 þanon to Yrlande, 7 þis wæs on hærfest. 7 þa æfter þam on þam ilcan geare foran to Martines mæssan þa for Eadweard cing to Buccingaham mid his fyrde 7 sæt þær .iiii. wucan 7 geworhte þa byrig buta on ægðre healfe ea ær he þonon fore. 7 Þurcytel eorl hine gesohte him to hlaforde, 7 þa eorlas ealle, 7 þa yldestan menn þe to Bedeforda hyrdon. [n915.3]
902 (Mercian Register) Her Ealhswið forðferde. 7 þy ilcan geare wæs þæt gefeoht æt þam Holme Cantwara 7 þara Deniscra.
904 (Mercian Register) Her mona aðeostrode.
905 (Mercian Register) Her oþywde cometa.
907 (Mercian Register) Her wæs Ligceaster geedneowod.
909 (Mercian Register) Her wæs Sancte Oswaldes lic gelædd of Beardanigge on Myrce.
910 (Mercian Register) On þysum geare Engle 7 Dene gefuhtan æt Teotanheale, 7 Engle sige naman. 7 þy ilcan geare Æþelflæd getimbrede þa burh æt Bremesbyrig.
911 (Mercian Register) Þa oþres geares þæs gefor Æþered Myrcna hlaford.
912 (Mercian Register) Her com Æþelflæd Myrcna hlæfdige on þone halgan æfen Inuentione Sancte Crucis to Scergeate 7 þær ða burh getimbrede, 7 þæs ilcan geares þa æt Bricge.
913(Mercian Register) Her Gode forgifendum for Æþelflæd Myrcna hlæfdige mid eallum Myrcum to Tamaweorðige 7 þa burh ðær getimbrede on foreweardne sumor, 7 þæs foran to Hlafmæssan þa æt Stæfforda.
914 (Mercian Register) ða ðæs oþre geare þa æt Eadesbyrig on foreweardne sumor, 7 þæs ilcan geares eft on ufeweardne hærfest þa æt Wæringwicon.
915 (Mercian Register) ða ðæs oþre geare on ufan midne winter þa æt Cyricbyrig 7 þa æt Weardbyrig, 7 þy ilcan geare foran to middan wintra þa æt Rumcofan.
916 (Mercian Register) Her wærð Ecgbriht abbud unscyldig ofslegen foran to middan sumera on .xvi. Kalendas Iulii , þy ilcan dæge wæs Sancte Ciricius tid þæs þroweres, mid his geferum, 7 þæs ymb .iii. niht sende Æþelflæd fyrde on Wealas 7 abræc Brecenanmere 7 þær genam þæs cinges wif feower 7 ðritiga sume.
917 (Mercian Register) Her Æþelflæd Myrcna hlæfdige, Gode fultmigendum, foran to Hlæfmæssan begeat þa burh mid eallum þam ðe þærto hyrde þe is haten Deoraby, 7 þær wæron eac ofslegene hire þegna feower þe hire besorge wæron binnan ðam gatum.
918 (Mercian Register) Her heo begeat on hire geweald mid Godes fultome on forewerdne gear gesimbsumlice þa burh æt Legraceastre, 7 se mæsta dæl þæs herges þe þærto hyrde wearð underþyded. 7 hæfdon eac Eforwicingas gehaten, 7 sume on wedde geseald, sume mid aþum gefæstnod þæt hie on hire rædenne beon woldan. Ac swiþe hrædlice þæs þe hie þæs geworden hæfde, heo gefor .xii. nihtum ær middan sumera binnan Tamanweorðe þy eahtoþan geare þæs þe heo Myrcna anwald mid riht hlaforddome healdende wæs, 7 hire lic liþ binnan Gleawceastre on þam east portice Sancte Petres ciricean.
919 (Mercian Register) Her eac wearð Æþeredes dohtor Myrcna hlafordes ælces anwealdes on Myrcum benumen, 7 on Westsexe alæded ðrim wucan ær middum wintra, seo wæs haten Ælfwyn.
919 (Mercian Register) Here also was the daughter of Ethelred, the lord of the Mercians, deprived of all power in Mercia, and was taken into Wessex three weeks before mid winter, she was called Ælfwyn.
924 (Mercian Register) Her Eadweard cing gefor on Myrcum æt Fearndune, 7 Ælfweard his sunu swiþe hraþe þæs gefor on Oxnaforda, 7 heora lic licgað on Wintanceastre. 7 Æþestan wæs of Myrcum gecoren to cinge 7 æt Cingestune gehalgod, 7 he geaf his swystor [n924mr.1] .
934 Her for Æþestan cing on Scotland, ægþer ge mid landhere ge mid sciphere, 7 his micel oferhergode.
937 Her Æþelstan cing, eorla drihten,
beorna beaggifa, 7 his broþor eac,
Eadmund æþeling, ealdorlangne tir
geslogon æt sake sweorda ecggum
embe Brunnanburh. bordweall clufan,
heowan heaðolinda hamora lafum,
eaforan Eadweardes, swa him geæþele wæs
fram cneomagum, þæt hie æt campe oft
wið laðra gehwane land ealgodon,
hord 7 hamas. Hettend crungon,
Scotta leode 7 scipflotan
fæge feollan, feld dennade
secga swate, siþþan sunne upp
on morgentid, mære tungol,
glad ofer grundas, Godes candel beorht,
eces Drihtnes, þæt seo æþele gesceaft
sah to setle. þær læg secg manig
garum forgrunden, guma norðerne
ofer scyld sceoten, swylce Scyttisc eac,
werig, wigges sæd. Westsex forð
andlangne dæg eoredcystum
on last legdon laðum þeodum,
heowan hereflyman hindan þearle
mecum mylenscearpan. Myrce ne wyrndon
heardes handplegan hæleþa nanum
þara mid Anlafe ofer eargebland
on lides bosme land gesohtan,
fæge to gefeohte. Fife lagon
on ðam campstede cininges geonge,
sweordum aswefede, swilce seofone eac
eorlas Anlafes, unrim herges,
flotan 7 Scotta. þær geflymed wearð
Norðmanna brego, nede gebæded,
to lides stefne lytle weorode;
cread cnear on flot, cing ut gewat
on fealone flod, feorh generede.
Swylce þær eac se froda mid fleame com
on his cyþþe norð, Costantinus,
har hilderinc, hreman ne þorfte
mecean gemanan; her wæs his maga sceard,
freonda gefylled on folcstede,
forslegen æt sacce, 7 his sunu forlet
on wælstowe wundun forgrunden,
geongne æt guþe. Gylpan ne þorftan
beorn blandenfeax billgeslyhtes,
eald inwitta, ne Anlaf þe ma;
mid heora herelafum hlihhan ne þorftan
þæt hie beadoweorca beteran wurdan
on campstede cumbolgehnastes,
garmittinge, gumena gemotes,
wæpengewrixles, þæs hie on wælfelda
wiþ Eadweardes eaforan plegodan.
Gewitan him þa Norðmenn nægled cnearrum,
dreorig daroða laf, on Dyngesmere
ofer deop wæter Dyflen secean,
eft Iraland, æwiscmode.
Swylce þa gebroðer begen ætsomne,
cing 7 æþeling, cyþþe sohtan,
Westseaxna land, wigges hremige.
Letan him behindan hraw bryttigean
salowigpadan, þone sweartan hræfn,
hyrnednebban, 7 þone hasopadan,
earn æftan hwit, æses brucan,
grædigne guþhafoc 7 þæt græge deor,
wulf on wealde. Ne wearð wæl mare
on þys eglande æfre gyta
folces afylled beforan þyssum
sweordes ecgum, þæs þe us secggeað bec,
ealde uþwitan, siþþan eastan hider
Engle 7 Sexan upp becoman,
ofer brad brimu Brytene sohtan,
wlance wigsmiþas, Wealas ofercoman,
eorlas arhwate eard begeaton.
940 Her Æþelstan cing forðferde on .vi. Kalendas Nouembris embe .xl. wintra butan anre nihte þæs þe Ælfred cing forðferde, 7 Eadmund æþeling feng to rice, 7 he wæs þa .xviii. wintre, 7 Æþelstan cing rixode .xiiii. gear 7 .x. wucan.
942 Her Eadmund cing, Engla þeoden,
mæcgea mundbora, Myrce geeode,
dyre dædfruma, swa Dor sceadeþ,
Hwitanwylles geat 7 Humbran ea,
brada brimstream. Burga fife,
Ligeraceaster 7 Lindkylne
Snotingaham, swylce Stanford eac
7 Deoraby. Dæne wæran æror
under Norðmannum nede gebæded
on hæþenum hæfteclammum
lange þrage, oþ hie alysde eft
for his weorðscipe wiggendra hleo,
eofera Eadweardes, Eadmund cining.
Her Eadmund cing onfeng Anlafes cinges æt fulwihte, 7 þy ilcan geare ymbe teala mycelne fyrst he onfeng Rægnoldes cinges æt bisceopes handa.
944 Her Eadmund cing geeode eall Norðhymbra land him to gewealde, 7 aflymde ut twegen cingas, Anlaf [n944.1] Sihtrices sunu 7 Rægnold Guþferðes sunu.
945 Her Eadmund cing oferhergode eall Cumbra land 7 hit let eall to Malculme Scotta cinge on þæt gerad þæt he wære his midwyrhta ægþer ge on sæ ge on lande.
946 Her Eadmund cing forðferde on Sancte Agustines mæssedæg, 7 he hæfde rice seofoþe healf gear, 7 þa feng Eadred æþeling his broðor to rice, 7 gerad eall Norðhymbra land him to gewealde, 7 Scottas him aðas sealdon þæt hie eall woldan þæt þæt he wolde.
956 Her forðferde Eadred cing, 7 Eadwig feng to rice.
957 Her Eadgar æþeling feng to Myrcna rice.
959 Her forðferde Eadwig cing, 7 Eadgar his broðor feng to rice, ægðer ge on Westseaxum ge on Myrcum ge on Norðhymbrum, 7 he wæs þa .xvi. wintre.
971 Her forðferde Oskytel arcebisceop, se wæs ærest to Dorkeceastre to leodbisceope gehalgod 7 eft to Eoferwicceastre be Eadredes cinges unnan 7 ealra his wit(en)ena þæt he wæs to ærcebisceope gehalgod. 7 he wæs .xxii. wintra bisceop, 7 he forðferde on Ealra Halgena mæsseniht .x. nihton ær Martines mæssan æt Tame, 7 Þurkytel abbud, his mæg, ferede þæs bisceopes lic to Bedanforda forðan þe he wæs þær ða abbud on ðone timan.
972 Her forðferde Eadmund æþeling.
974 Her Eadgar wæs, Engla waldend,
corðre myccclum to kynge gehalgod
on þære ealdan byrig, Acemannesceastre;
eac hie egbuend oþre worde beornas
Baðan nemnað. þær wæs blis mycel
on þam eadgan dæge eallum geworden,
þone niða bearn nemnað 7 cegeað
Pentecostenes dæg. þær wæs preosta heap,
mycel muneca þreat, mine gefræge,
gleawra gegaderod. 7 þa agangen wæs
tyn hund wintra geteled rimes
fram gebyrdtide bremes cinges,
leohta hyrdes, buton ðær to lafe
þa get wæs winter geteles, þæs gewritu secgað,
seofon 7 .xx.; swa neah wæs sigora frean
þusend aurnen, ða þa þis gelamp.
7 him Eadmundes eafora hæfde
nigen 7 .xx., niþweorca heard,
wintra on worlde, ða þis geworden wæs,
Ond þa on ðam þittigæþan wæs wæs þeoden gehalgod.
975 Her geendode eorðan dreamas
Eadgar, Engla cing, ceas him oþer leoht,
wlitig 7 wynsum, 7 þis wace forlet,
lif þis læne. Nemnað leoda bearn,
menn on moldan, þone monaþ gehwær
on þisse eþeltyrf, þa þe ær wæron
on rimcræfte rihte getogene,
Iulius monð, þær se geonga gewat
on þone eahtoðan dæg Eadgar of life,
beorna beahgifa. Feng his bearn syþþan
to cynerice, cild unwexen,
eorla aldor, ðam wæs Eadweard nama.
7 him tirfæst hæleþ .x. nihtum ær
of Brytene gewat, bisceop se goda,
þurh gecyndne cræft, þam wæs Cyneweard nama.
Ða wearð on Myrcum, mine gefræge,
wide 7 welhwær waldendes lof
afylled on foldan. Fela wearð todræfed
gleawra Godes þeowa; þæt wæs gnornung mycel
þam þe on breostum wæg byrnende lufan
meotodes on mode. þa wæs mærða Fruma
to swiþe forsawen, sigora waldend,
rodera Rædend, þa man his riht tobræc.
Ða wearð eac adræfed deormod hæleþ,
Oslac, of earde ofer yþa gewalc,
ofer ganotes bæð, gomolfeax hæleþ,
wis 7 wordsnotor, ofer wætera geþring,
ofer hwæles eþel, hama bereafod.
þa wearð eac ætywed uppe on roderum
steorra on staðole, ðone stiþferhþe,
hæleþ higegleawe, hatað wide
cometa be naman, cræftgleawe menn,
wise woðboran. Wæs geond werþeode
Waldendes wracu wide gefræge,
hungor ofer hrusan; þæt eft heofona Weard
gebette, Brego engla, geaf eft blisse gehwæm
egbuendra þurh eorðan wæstm.
977 Her wæs þæt myccle gemot æt Kyrtlingtune ofer Eastron, 7 þær forðferde Sideman bisceop on hrædlican deaþe on .ii. Kalendas Maii , se wæs Defnascire bisceop, 7 he wilnode þæt his licræst sceolde beon æt Cridiantune æt his bisceopstole. Þa het Eadweard cing 7 Dunstan arcebisceop þæt hine man ferede to Sancta Marian mynstre, þæt is æt Abbandune, 7 man eac swa dyde, 7 he is eac arwyrþlice bebyrged on þa norðhealfe on Sanctus Paulus portice.
(Cotton Tiberius A.iii 178r) Ðæs wæs agangen fram Cristes acennednesse .cccc. wintra 7 .xciiii. wintra, ða Cerdic 7 Cynric his sunu comam upp æt Cerdicesoran mid .v. scipum; 7 se Cerdic wæs Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Giwising, Giwis Wiging, Wig Freawining, Freawine Freoþogaring, Freoþogar Branding, Brand Bældæging, Bældæg Wodening. 7 þæs embe .vi. gear þe hie up coman hie geeodan Westsexna land, 7 þæt wæron þa ærestan cingas þe Westsexna land æt Wealum genaman; 7 he hæfde þæt rice .xvi. winter, 7 þa gefor he, 7 feng his sunu Cynric to ðam rice 7 heold .xxvi. wintra. þa he forðferde þa feng Ceawlin to, his sunu, 7 heold .xvii. gear. Þa he gefor, þa feng Ceol to ðam rice 7 heold .v. gear. Þa hie gefor, ða feng Ceol(f)wulf to his broður, 7 rixode .xvii. gear, 7 heora cynn gæð to Cerdice. Þa feng Cynegils to, Ceolwulfes broðor sunu, to rice 7 rixode .xx. wintra, 7 he onfeng ærest fulwihte Westsexna cinga, 7 þa feng Cenwalh to 7 heold .xxxi. wintra, se Cenwealh wæs Cynegilses sunu; 7 þa heold Sexburh cwen an gear þæt rice æfter him. Ða feng Æscwine to rice, þæs cynn gæð to Cerdice, 7 heold .ii. gear. Þa feng Centwine to Westsexna rice Cinegilsing 7 rixode .viiii. gear. ða feng Ceadwalla to þam rice, þæs cynn gæð to Cerdice, 7 heold .iii. gear. Ða feng Ine to Westsexna rice, þæs cynn gæþ to Cerdice, 7 heold .xxxvii. wintra. Þa feng Æþelheard to, þæs cyn gæþ to Cerdice, 7 heold .xvi. winter. [intro.1] Þa feng Sigebriht to, þæs cynn gæð to Cerdice, 7 heold .i. gear. Þa feng Cynewulf to, þæs cynn gæþ to Cerdice, 7 heold .xxxi. wintra. Þa feng Birhtric to rice, þæs cyn gæþ to Cerdice, 7 heold .xvi. gear. Þa feng Ecgbriht to þam rice 7 heold .xxxvii. wintra 7 .vii. monað, 7 þa feng Æþelwulf his sunu to 7 heold .ix. teoðe healf gear. Se Aþelwulf wæs Ecgbrihting, Ecgbriht Ealhmunding, Ealhmund Eafing, Eafa Eopping, Eoppa Ingilding, Ingild Cenreding, 7 Ine Cenreding 7 Cuðburg Cenreding 7 Cwenburg Cenreding, Cenred Ceolwalding, Ceolwald Cuþwulfing, Cuðwulf Cuðwining, Cuðwine Celming, Celm Cynricing, Cinric Creoding, Creoda Cerdicing. And þa feng Æþelbald his sunu to 7 heold .v. gear. Þa feng Æþelbriht his broðor to 7 heold .v. gear. [intro.2] Ða feng Ælfred heora broðor to 7 heold oþran healfan geare læs þe .xxx. wintra; þa feng Eadweard to Ælfreding 7 heold .xxiiii. winter; ða he forðferde, þa feng Æþelstan to, his sunu, 7 heold .xiiii. gear 7 .vii. wucan 7 .iii. dagas; þa feng Eadmund to, his broþor, 7 heold seofoðe healf gear butan .ii. nihtum; ða fend Eadred his broþor to 7 heold .ix. gear 7 .vi. wucan; þa feng Eadwig to, Eadmundes sunu cinges, 7 heold .iii. gear 7 .xxxvi. wucena buton .ii. dagum þa he forðferde þa fend Eadger to, his broðor, 7 heold .xvi. gear 7 .viii. wucan 7 .ii. niht; ða he forðferde, þa feng Eadweard to, Eadgares sunu, 7 heold.
(Cotton Tiberius Papa SERGIUS in sacrario beati PETRI capsam argeneam quę in angulo obscurissimo diutissime iacuerat et in ea crucem diuersis ac pretiosis lapidibus adornatam Domino reuelante repperit. De qua tractis quattuor petalis q[uib]us gemmę inclusę erant mire magnitudinis portionem ligni salutiferę Dominicę crucis iterius repositam inspexit. Quę ex tempore illo omnibus annis in basilica Saluatoris quę appelatur Constantiniana; die exaltionis eius ab omni osculator atque adoratur populo. GREGORIUS misit pallium AUGUSTINO; Boniface Iusto; Honorius Honorio et Deusdedit;Uitalianus Theodoro Brihtuualdo; GREGORIUS Tatuuino; Gregorius Nothelmo; Gregorius Cuhtberhto; Paulus Breguuiino; Paulus Ianberhto; Adrianus Æthelheardo; Leo Wlfredo; Formosus Pliemundo; Iohannes Feologildo; Iohannes Æthelhelmo; idemque Iohannes Wlfelmo; Agapitus Odoni; Iohannes Dunstano pallium dedit; idem Æthegaro dedit; Iohannes Sigerico; idem Iohannes Ælfrico atque Ælfego pallium dedit; Benedictus papa Ælfstano uel Liuing atque Æthelnotho pallia dedit; Alexander Eadsino et Rodberhto pallia dedit; Uictor misit pallium per Godricum decanum Stigando; Alexander LANFRANCO pallium dedit; Urbanus Anselmo pallium misit per Walterium cardinalem.

John Joscelyn has added the complete annal for 675 from Manuscript A. It is unclear from Taylor whether he added the annal number and whether he followed his practise of substituting -ð- for -þ-.

Joscelyn has added ðæs cen is beforan. 7 Ine feaht wið Suðseaxum 7 ðær ofslog Aldbryht from Manuscript A.

Joscelyn has added the complete annal for 730 from Manuscript A. It is unclear from Taylor whether he added the annal number and whether he followed his practise of substituting -ð- for -þ-.

Joscelyn has added arcebisceop forðferde from Manuscript A. Manuscript C continues with ærcebisceop forðferde.

Joscelyn has added tide from Manuscript A.

Joscelyn has underlined the -d- and added an n above.

This word starts a new paragraph.

Joscelyn has underlined the -a- and added an o above.

Joscelyn has underlined the Ead- and added Iaen above.

John Joscelyn has added rex from Manuscript A.

Joscelyn has underlined the Cyn- and added Ceol above.

ADE sende he
The sentence makes more sense adding the he from ADE.

C Westseaxna
This should read Suðseaxna.

C Cantawarabirig
-wa- underpointed and u written over the a yielding Cuntawic .

Erased in the manuscript.

Erased in the manuscript.

The manuscript originally read Hrifn and the -i- has been altered to read -ę-.

This word begins a new paragraph.

There is an erasure of about 3 letters at this point.

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing o over the -a-.

Joscelyn has underlined the second -e- and added an o above.

Crudely altered from -i- to -o-.

There is an erasure of about six letters after this word.

The scribe originally wrote unge- at the end of line 26v11, but the -ge- has been erased.

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing a over the -o- in -wold.

Joscelyn has added buton ðæs cyninges leafe over these words.

Note n901.1a

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing a over the -o- in -wold.

Note n901.1b

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing æ over the -a-.

Note n901.1c

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing o over the -a-.

Note n901.1d

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing o over the -a-.

Note n901.1e

Joscelyn has inserted an e above the line between the g and a to make geatu.

Joscelyn has added bestæl he hin [sic] over these words.

Joscelyn has added on- over this word.

John Joscelyn has added 7 se cyng het ridan æfter, 7 ða ne mehte hine mon ofridan from Manuscript A.

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing o over the second -a-.

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing o over the second -a-.

Note n903.0a

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing a over the -o-.

John Joscelyn has added 8 idu Julij from Manuscript A.

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing a over the -o-.

Joscelyn has added aspon over this word.

Joscelyn notes a spelling difference from "A" here by writing a over the -o-.

Joscelyn has added fryð over this word.

An erasure of four to five letters follows unbefohtone.

Joscelyn has added holdas over this word.

There is an erasure here.

John Joscelyn has added ealle mæste ðe to Bedanforda hierdon, 7 eac monige ðara ðe to Hamtune hierdon from Manuscript A.

C Eforwicingas hire
B omits hire.

Breaks off in mid sentence.

One or two letters have been erased at this point.

A superscript cross appears at this point in the manuscript, marking the ommision of the clause for Cuþred's reign.

A superscript cross appears at this point in the manuscript, marking the ommision of the clause for Æþered's reign.