Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Manuscript C Cotton Tiberius

[60BC] Ær CRISTES GEFLÆscnesse .lx. wintra Gaius Iulius se casere ærest Romana Brytenland gesohte 7 Bryttas mid gefeohte cnysede, 7 hy oferswiðde 7 swa þeah ne mihte þær rice gewinnan.
[60BC]Before the incarnation of Christ sixty years, Gaius Julius the emperor, first of the Romans, sought the land of Britain and he crushed the Britons in battle and overcame them. And nevertheless he was unable to gain any empire there.
1 Octauianus rixode .lxvi. wintra, 7 on þam .lii.gere his rices Crist wæs acenned.
1 Octavianus reigned sixty-six years; and in the fifty-second year of his reign Christ was born.
2 Ða ðry tungolwitigan of eastdæle coman to þam þæt hie Crist weorðodan, 7 þa cild on Bethleem ofslegene wæran for Cristes ehtnesse fram Herode.
2 Then three astrologers from the east came to worship Christ; and the children in Bethlehem were slain by Herod in persecution of Christ.
4 Her swealt Herodes fram him sylfum ofsticod, 7 Archelaus his sunu feng to rice.
Here died Herod, stabbed by his own hand, and Archelaus his son succeeded to the rule.
7 Fram frymðe middangeardes oþ þis gear wæranagen.v. þusenda wintra 7 .cc. wintra.
7 From the beginning of the world to this year were agone five thousand winters and two hundred winters.
12 Philippus 7 Herodestodæland Lysiam 7 Iudeam fyþer ricum.
23 Philip and Herod divided Lycia and Judea into four kingdoms.
15 Her feng Tyberius to rice.
>15 Here Tiberius succeeded to the rule.
25 Her onfeng Pilatus gymene ofer Iudeas.
25 Here Pilate began to reign over the Jews.
29 Her wæs Crist gefulwad 7 Petrus 7 Andreas gehwyrfde, 7 Iacobus 7 Iohannes 7 Philippus 7 þa .xii. apostolas.
29 Here was Christ baptized; and Peter and Andrew were converted, and James, and John, and Philip, and all the twelve apostles.
33 Her wæs Crist ahangen fram frymðe middangeardes ymb.v. þusenda 7 .cc. 7 .xxvi. wintra.
33 Here was Christ crucified; about five thousand two hundred and twenty six winters from the beginning of the world.
34 Her wæs Sanctus Paulus gehwyrfed 7 Sanctus Stephanus oftorfod.
34 Here was St. Paul converted, and St. Stephen stoned.
35 Her se eadiga Petrus se apostol gesæt bisceopsetl on Antiochia þære ceastre.
35 Here the blessed apostle Peter settled an episcopal see in the city of Antioch.
39 Her onfeng Gaius rice.
39 Here Caius undertook the empire.
44 Her se eadiga Petrus se apostol gesæt bisceopsetl on Rome.
44 Here the blessed Peter the apostle settled an episcopal see at Rome.
45 Her Herodes swealt, se þe Iacob ofsloh anum geare ær his agenum deaðe.
45 Here died Herod, who slew James one year ere his own death.
47 Her Claudius oþer Romana kyninga Brytene gesohte 7 þæne mæstan dæl on his geweald onfeng, 7 eac swylce Orcadius þa ealand Romana cynedome underþeodde.
47 Here Claudius, the second of the Roman emperors who invaded Britain, took the greater part into his power, and added the Orkneys to the dominion of the Romans.
62 Her Iacobus frater Domini þrowade.
62 Here James, the brother of Christ, suffered.
63 Her Marcus se godspellere forðferde.
63 Here Mark the evangelist departed.
69 Her Petrus 7 Paulus þrowodan.
69 Here Peter and Paul suffered.
70 Her Uespassianus feng to rice.
70 Here Vespasian undertook the empire.
71 Her Titus, Uespassianus sunu, on Hierusalem ofsloh Iudea .cxi. þusenda.
71 Here Titus, Vespasian’s son, killed 111,000 Jews in Jerusalem
81 Her feng Titus to rice, se þe sæde þæt he þæne dæg forlure þe he naht to gode ne gedyde.
81 Here Titus succeeded to the rule - he who said that he lost the day on which he did no good act
83 Her Domicianus, Tites broðor, feng to rice.
83 Here Domitian, Titus’s brother, succeeded to the rule.
85 Her Iohannes se godspellere on Pathmo þam ealande awrat þa bocApocalipsis .
85 Here John the evangelist in the island Patmos wrote the book called "The Apocalypse".
100 Her Simon se apostol wæs ahangen, 7 Iohannes se godspellere gereste on þam dæge in E<ffeso>.
100 Here Simon the apostle was crucified and John the evangelist rested on this day at Ephesus.
101 Her Clemens papa forðferde.
101 Here Pope Clemens departed
109 Her Ignatius bisceop þrowode.
109 Here Bishop Ignatius suffered.
167 Her Eleuther on Rome onfeng bisceopdome 7 þæne wuldorfæstlice .xv. winter geheold. To þam Lucius Brytene cyng sende bocstafas, bæd þæt he wære cristen gedon, 7 he þurhteah þæt þæt he bæd.
167 Here Eleutherius in Rome received the bishopric and he gloriously for 15 winters held it. To him Lucius, king of Britain, sent letters asking that he might be made Christian, and he carried out what he asked.
189 Her Seuerus onfeng rice 7 he rixode .xvii. gear. Se Brytenland mid dic forgyrde fram sæ oþ sæ.
189 Here Severus succeeded to the rule and he ruled 17 years. He enclosed Britain with a dyke from sea to sea.
381 Her Maximus se casere feng to rice, se wæs on Brytenlande geboren, 7 þanon he for in Gallia.
381 Here Maximus the emperor succeeded to the rule -- he was in Britain born, and he went from there into Gaul.
409 Her Gotan abræcan Romeburh, 7 næfre syððan Romane ne rixodan on Brytene.
409 Here the Goths destroyed Rome and never since Rome ruled in Britain.
418 Her Romane gesomnodan ealle þa goldhord þe on Brytene wæran, 7 sume on eorðan ahyddan þæt hy syððan nænig mann findan ne mihte, 7 sume mid him on Gallia læddan.
418 Here the Romans gathered all the gold hoards that were in Britain and hid some in the earth that no one might find them since and some they took with them to Gaul.
430 Her Palladius se bisceop wæs onsended to Scottum, þæt he heora geleafan getrymede, fram Calestino þam papan.
430 Here Paladius the biship was sent from Pope Celestine to the Scots that he could strengthen their belief.
449 Her Mauricius 7 Ualentinus onfengon rice 7 rixodan .vii. gear. On heora dagum Hengest 7 Horsa fram Wyrtgeorne gelaþode, Brytta kyninge, gesohtan Brytene on þam stede þe is genemned Hypwinesfleot, ærest Bryttum to fultume, ac hy eft on hy fuhton.
449 Here Mauritius and Valentinus took over the empire and ruled 7 winters. In their days Hengest and Horsa, invited by Vortigern, king of the Britons, came to Britain at the place which is called Ebbsfleet, first to the help of the Britons, but afterwards they fought them.
455 Her Hengest 7 Horsa gefuhtan wið Wyrtgeorne þam kyninge on þære stowe þe is gecweden Æglesþrep, 7 his broðor Horsan man þær ofsloh, 7 æfter þam feng Hengest to rice 7 Æsc his sunu.
455 Here Hengest and Horsa fought against Vortigern the king in the place with is called Ægelcsthrep, and his brother Horsa was killed; and after that Hengest succeeded to the rule and Æsc his son.
456 Her Hengest 7 Æsc his sunu fuhton wið Bryttas on þære stowe þe is gecweden Creacanford 7 þær ofslogan .iiii. wera, 7 þa Bryttas þa forletan Kentland 7 mid myclum ege flugon to Lundenbyrig.
457 Here Hengest and Æsc fought against the Britons in the place which is called Creacanford and there killed four thousand men, and the Britons then deserted Kent and with much fear fled to London.
461 Her Hengest 7 Æsc gefuhton wið Wealas neah Wippedesfleote 7 þær ofslogan .xii. Wylisce ealdormen, 7 heora þær wearð an ofslegen, þam wæs nama Wipped.
465 Here Hengest and Æsc fought against the Britons near Wippedcsfleot and there 12 British chiefs died, and [a thegn] of theirs was there slain, who was named Wipped.
473 Her Hengest 7 Æsc gefuhton wið Wealas 7 genaman unarimedlicu herereaf, 7 þa Wealas flugan þa Engle swa swa fyr.
473 Here Hengest and Æsc fought against the Britons and took countless spoils and the Britons fled from the English as from fire.
477 Her com Ælle on Brytenland 7 his þry suna, Kymen 7 Wlencing 7 Cissa, mid þrim scipum on þa stowe þe is genemned Kymenesora, 7 þær ofslogan manige Wealas 7 sume on fleam bedrifan on þæne wudu þe is genemned Andredeslea.
477 Here came Ælle to Britain and his three sons Kymen and Wlencing and Cissa with three ships on the place with is named Cymenesora, and there they slew many Britons and some drove into flight into the wood with is named Andredeslea.
485 Her Ælle gefeaht wið Wealum neh Mearcredesburnan stæðe.
485 Here Ælle fought against the Britons near the bank of Mearcredesburnan.
488 Her Æsc feng to rice 7 wæs .xxiiii. wintra Cantwara cing.
488 Here Æsc succeeded to the rule and was 34 winters king of the people of Kent.
491 [*]Her Ælle 7 Cissa ymbsætan Andredesceaster 7 ofslogan ealle þa ðe þærinne wæran þæt þær ne wearð furþum an Bryt to lafe.
491 Here Ælle and Cissa besieged Andredescester and slew all of their inhabitants that there was not one Briton left to live.
495 Her coman twegen ealdormen on Brytene, Cerdic 7 Cynric his sunu, mid .v. scipum on þone stede þe is gecweden Cerdices ora, 7 þi ilcan dæge hie gefuhtan wið Wealum.
495 Here came two chieftains to Britain, Cerdic and Cynric his son, with five ships in the place with is called Cerdices ora and the same day they fought with the Britons.
501 Her com Port on Brytene 7 his twegen sunu, Bieda 7 Mægla, mid twam scipum on þære stowe þe is nemned Portesmuþa 7 þær ofslogan anne Brittiscne man swiþe æþelne.
501 Here came Port to Britain and this two sons Bieda and Mægla with two ships in the place which is called Portsmouth and there killed a British man of very high rank.
508 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric ofslogan anne Brittiscne cing þam wæs nama Natanleod 7 .v. wera mid him, þa æfter þam wæs þæt land genemned Natanleag a oð Cerdicesford.
508 Here Certic and Cinric slew a British king whose name was Natanleod and five thousand men with him; and the land up to Charford was named Netley after him.
514 Her coman Westseaxe on Brytene mid þrim scipum on þa stowe þe is gecweden Cerdiceshora, 7 Stuf 7 Wihtgar gefuhtan wið Bryttas 7 hie geflymdan.
514 Here came the West Saxons into Britain with three ships in the place which is called Certicesora, and Stuf and Wihtgar fought against the Britons and put them to flight.
519 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric rice onfengan, 7 þy ilcan geare hie gefuhton wið Bryttas þær man nemneþ Cerdicesford.
514 Here Cerdic and Cynric succeeded to the rule, and they in the same year fought the Britons at a place called Cerdicesford [Charford].
527 Her Cerdic 7 Cinric fuhtan wið Bryttas on þære stowe þe is gecweden Cerdicesleag.
527 Here Cerdic and Cynric fought against the Britons in the place which is called Cerdicesleag.
530 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric genaman Wihte ealand 7 ofslogan fea men on Wihtgarabyrig.
530 Here Certic and Cynric took Wihte island [Isle of Wight] and slew a few men in Wihtgarabyrig.
534 Her Cerdic forðferde, 7 Cynric his sunu rixode .xxvii. wintra, 7 hie gesealdan heora twam nefum, Stufe 7 Wihtgare, Wihte ealand.
534 Here Certic departed, and Cynric his son ruled for 27 winters, and they gave their two kinsmen, Stuf and Wihtgar, Wihte island [Isle of Wight].
538 Her sunne aðeostrede .xiiii. dagum ær kalendas Martius fram ærmorgene oþ undern.
538 Her was an eclipse of the sun 14 days before the kalends of March [February 16th] from before morning to undern [9 a.m.]
540 Her sunne aþeostrode on .xii. kalendas Iulii , 7 steorran hie æteowdan ful neah healfe tid ofer undern.
540 Here was an eclipse of the sun on the 12 kalends of July [June 20th] and stars were visible very near half an hour after undern [9 a.m.]
544 Her Wihtgar forðferde, 7 hine man bebyrigde on Wihtgarabyrig.
544 Here Wihtgar departed, and man buried him in Wihtgarabyrg.
547 Her Ida feng to rice, þanen Norðanhymbra kinecynn onwoc, Ida wæs Eopping, Eoppa Esing, Esa wæs Inguing, Ingui Angenwitting, Angenwit Alocing, Aloc Benocing, Benoc Brandring, Brand Bældæging, Bældæg Wodening, Woden Freoþolafing, Freoþelaf Freoþewulfing, Friþulf Finning, Finn Godulfing, Godulf Geating.
547 Here Ida succeeded to the rule, from whom Northumbria's ruling family arose. Ida was the son of Eoppa, the son of Esa, the son of Ingui, the son of Angenwit, the son of Aloc, the son of Benoc, the son of Brand, the son of Bældæg, the son of Woden, the son of Freotholaf, the son of Freothowulf, the son of Finn, the son of Godwulf, the son of Geat.
552 Her Cynric feaht wið Bryttas on þære stowe þe is genemned Searoburh, 7 þa Bryttas geflimde. Cerdic wæs Cynrices fæder, Cerdic Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Gewising, Giwis Wiging, Wig Freawining, Freawine Freoþogaring, Freoþogar Bran<d>ing, Brand Bældæging, Bældæg Wodening.
552 Here Cynric fought with the Britons in the place which is called Searoburh [Salisbury], and the Britons fled. Cerdic was Cynric's father. Cerdic was the son of Elesa, the son of Esla, the son of Gewis, the son of Wig, the son of Freawine, the son of Freothogar, the son of Brand, the son of Bældæg, the son of Woden.
556 Her Cinric 7 Ceawlin fu<h>tan wið Bryttas æt Beranbyrig.
556 Here Cinric and Ceawlin fought with the Britons at Beranbyrig. [Barbury]
560 Her Ceaulin rice onfeng on Westseaxum, 7 Ælle to Norðhymbra rice, 7 þæt heold .xxx. wintra. Ælle wæs Yffing, Yffe Uxfreaing, Uxfrea Wilgi<s>ling, Wilgisl Westerfalcing, Westerfalca Sæfugling, Sæfugel Sæbalding, Sæbald Sigegeating, Sigegeat Swebdæging, Swebdæg Sigegaring, Sigegar Wægdæging, Wægdæg Wodening.
560 Here Ceaulin succeeded to the rule of the West Saxons, and Ælle to the Northumbrian realm, and that held 30 winters. Ælle was the son of Yffe, the son of Uxfrea, the son of Wilgils, the son of Westerfalca, the son of Sæfugel, the son of Sæbald, the son of Sigegeat, the son of Swefdæg, the son of Sigegar, the son of Wægdæg, the son of Woden.
565 Her Columba presbiter com of Scottum on Brittas, Peohtas to lærenne, 7 on Hii þam ealande minster worhte.
565 Here Columba the presbyter came from the Scots among the Britons, to instruct the Picts, and he built a monastery on the island of Hii [Iona].
568 Her Ceawlin 7 Cuþa gefuhtan wið Æþelbriht 7 hine on Kent geflimdan, 7 .ii. ealdormen on Wibbandune <ofslogon>, Oslaf 7 Cnebban.
568 Here Ceawlin and Cuþa fought with Æþelbriht, and pursued him into Kent. And they slew two aldermen at Wibbandune [Wimbledon], Oslaf and Cnebban.
571 Her Cuðulf feaht wið Bryttas æt Biedcanforda 7 feower tunes genam, Liggeanburh 7 Æglesburh 7 Bensingtun 7 Egonesham, 7 þy ilcan geare he gefor.
571 Here Cuðulf fought with the Britons at Biedcanforda [Bedford], and took four towns, Lenbury and Aylesbury and Benson and Ensham, and in this same year he died.
577 Her Cuðwine 7 Ceawlin fuhtan wið Bryttas 7 iii kingas ofslogan, Conmægl 7 Condidan 7 Farinmægl, on þære stowe þe is gecweden Deorham, 7 genaman þreo ceastra on heom, Gleawceaster 7 Cyrenceaster 7 Baþanceaster.
577 Here Cuðwine and Ceawlin fought with the Britons and slew three kings, Conmægl and Condidan and Farinmægl, on the spot that is called Deorham, and took from them three cities, Gloucester and Cirencester and Bath.
584 Her Ceawlin 7 Cuða fuhtan wið Bryttas on þæm stede þe man nemneð Feþanleag, 7 Cuþan man þær ofsloh, 7 Ceawlin manige tunas genam 7 unarimedlic herereaf, 7 yrre he hwearf þonon to his agnum.
584 Here Ceawlin and Cuða fought with the Britons on the spot that man calls Feþanleag. And Cutha was there slain. And Ceawlin took many towns and countless booty, and in anger he returned then to his own [land].
588 Her Ælle king forðferde, 7 Æþelric rixode æfter him .v. gear.
588 Here king Ælle departed, and Æþelric ruled after him five years.
591 Her Ceol rixode .v. gear.
591 Here Ceol ruled five years.
592 Her wearð micel wælfyll æt Woddesbeorge, 7 Ceawlin wæs ut adrifen.
592 Here there was a great slaughter at Woddesbeorge [Wanborough], and Ceawlin was driven out.
593 Her Ceawlin 7 Cwichelm 7 Crida forwurdan, 7 Æþelferð feng to rice.
593 Here Ceawlin and Cwichelm and Crida died, and Æþelferð succeeded to the realm.
596 Her Gregorius papa sende to Britene Agustinum mid wel manegum munecum, þa Godes word Angla þeode godspelledan.
596 Here Pope Gregory sent Augustine to Britain with many monks, who preached God's word to the English people.
597 Her ongan Ceolwulf rixian on Westseaxum, 7 symble he feaht 7 wann oþþe wið Angelcynn oððe wyð Wealas oþþe wyð Peohtas oþþe wið Scottas. Se wæs Cuþyng, Cuþa Kynricing, Cynric Cerdicing, Cerdic Elesyng, Elesa Esling, Esla Gewising, Gewis Wiging, Wig Freawining, Freawine Freoþogaring, Freoþogar Branding, Brand Bældæging, Bældæg Wodening.
597 Here began Ceolwulf to rule over the West Saxonx, and constantly he fought and won, either against the Angles or against the Welsh or against the Picts or against the Scots. He was the son of Cutha, Cutha of Cynric, Cynric of Cerdic, Cerdic of Elesa, Elesa of Gewis, Gewis of Wye, Wye of Frewin, Frewin of Frithgar, Frithgar of Brand, Brand of Balday, and Balday of Woden.
601 Her sende Gregorius Agustine arcebisceope pallium on Brytene 7 wel manige godcunde lareowas him to fultume, 7 Paulinus bisceop gehwyrfde Eadwine Norþanhymbra kining to fulwihte.
601 Here Pope Gregory sent the pall to Archbishop Augustine in Britain, and well many regligious teachers to assist him; and Bishop Paulinus converted Edwin, king of the Northumbrians, to baptism.
603 Her wæs gefeoht æt Egesanstane.
603 Here was a battle at Egesanstane.
604 Her Eastseaxe onfengon geleafan 7 fulwihtes bæð under Sæbrihte cinge 7 Mellite bisceope.
604 Here the East Saxons received the faith and the baptismal bath under King Sæberhte and bishop Mellitus.
606 Her forðferde Gregorius ymb .x. gear þæs þe he us fulwiht sende. His fæder wæs haten Gordianus 7 his modor Siluia.
606 Here pope Gregory departed around ten years after he sent us baptism. His father was called Gordianus and his mother Silvia.
607 Her Ceolulf feaht wið Suþseaxe.
607 Here Ceolulf fought against the South Saxons.
611 Her Cynegils feng to rice on Westseaxum 7 heold .xxxi. wintra, se Kynegils wæs Ceoling, Ceola Cuþing, Cuþa Cynricing.
611 Here Cynegils succeeded to the realm of the West Saxons and held it 31 winters. Cynegils was the son of Ceol, Ceol the son of Cuþa, Cuþa the son of Cynric.
614 Her Cynegils 7 Cwichelm gefuhton on Beamdune 7 ofslogan .ii. <þusenda> Weala 7 .xlv.
614 Here Cynegils and Cwichelm fought at Beandune and killed two thousand Britons and forty five.
616 Her Æþelbriht Cantwara king forðferde, 7 Eadbald his sunu feng to rice, 7 þi ilcan geare wæs agan fram frimðe middangeardes .v. <þusenda> wintra 7 .dccc.
616 Here Æþelbriht, the king of the Kentish people departed, and Eadbald his son succeeded to the realm, and the same year was owned from the beginning of the world five thousand winters and eight hundred.
625 Her Paulinus fram Iusto þam arcebisceope wæs gehadod Norþanhymbrum to bisceope.
625 Here Paulinus from Justin the archbishop was consecrated as bishop of the Northumbrians.
626 Her Eanflæd, Eadwines dohtor cinges, wæs gefullod on þone halgan hæfen Pentecosten. 7 Penda hæfde .xxx. wintra rice, 7 he wæs .l. wintra þa he to rice feng. Penda wæs Pybbing, Pybba Creoding, Creoda Cynewalding, Cynewald Cnebbing, Cnebba Iceling, Icel Eomæring, Eomær Angelþeowing, Angelþeow Offing, Offa Wærmunding, Wærmund Wihtlæging, Wihtlæg Wodening.
626 Here Eanfled, king Edwine's daughter, was baptized on the holy eve of Pentecost. And Penda held for 30 winters the realm and he was fifty winters when he succeeded to the realm. Penda was the son of Pybba, Pybba of Creoda, Creoda of Cynewald, Cynewald of Cnebba, Cnebba of Icel, Icel of Eomer, Eomer of Angelthew, Angelthew of Offa, Offa of Wearmund, Wearmund of Whitley, Whitley of Woden.
627 Her Eadwine king wæs gefullod mid his þeode on Eastran.
627 Here king Edwine was baptized with his people on Easter.
628 Her Cynegils 7 Cwichelm gefuhtan wið Pendan æt Cyrenceastre 7 siþþan geþingodan.
628 Here Cynegils and Cwichelm fought with Penda at Cyrenceastre and after came to terms.
632 Her wearð Eorpwald gefullad.
632 Here Eorpwald was baptized.
633 Her wearð Eadwine ofslegen, 7 Paulinus hwearf eft to Cantwarum 7 gesæt þær bisceopsetl on Hrofceastre.
633 Here Edwine was slain, and Paulinus returned after to Kent, and occupied the bishop see of Rochester.
634 Her Byrinus bisceop bodade Westseaxum fulwiht.
634 Here Bishop Birinus preached to the West Saxons baptism.
635 Her Cynegils king wearð gefullad fram Byrino þæm bisceope on Dorkeceastre, 7 Oswald his onfeng.
635 Here king Cynegils was baptized from Birinus the Bishop in Dorchester and Oswald his sponsor.
636 Her Cwicelm wæs gefullod on Dorkeceastre 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde, 7 Felix bisceop bo<d>ade Eastenglum Cristes geleafan.
636 Here Cwicelm was baptized in Dorchester, and in the same year departed, and Bishop Felix preached to the East Angles the faith of Christ.
639 Her Byrinus fullade Cuþred cing on Dorkeceastre 7 eac his onfeng him to sunu.
639 Here Birinus baptized King Cuthred in Dorchester, and also received him as his godson.
640 Her Eadbald Cantwara king forðferde, 7 he rixode .xxv. wintra.
640 Here Eadbald, king of the people of Kent, departed, and he had reigned 25 winters.
641 Her Oswald Norðanhymbra king wæs ofslegen, 7 Kenwealh feng to Westsexana rice 7 heold .xxxi. wintra.
641 Here Oswald, king of the Northumbrians, was slain. And Cenwealh succeeded to the kingdom of the West Saxons, and held it for 31 winters.
642 Se Kenwealh het atimbrian þa ealdan cyricean on Wintanceastre.
642 The same Cenwealh had built the old church of Winchester.
643 Her Paulinus forðferde, se þe wæs arcebisceop ær on Eoforwicceastre 7 eft on Hrofceastre.
643 Here Paulinus departed, he who was archbishop before of York and after of Rochester.
644 Her Kenwealh king wearð ut adrifen fram Pendan cinge.
644 Here king Kenwealh was driven out by king Penda.
645 Her wæs Kenwealh gefullad.
645 Here was Kenwealh baptized.
647 Her Kenwealh gesealde Cuþrede his mæge .iii. <þusenda> hida landes be æscesdune. Se Cuþred wæs Cwichelming, Cwichelm Cynegilsing.
647 Here Kenwealh gave to Cuthred his kinsman three thousand hides of land by Ashdown. This Cuthred was the son of Cwichelm, the son of Cynegils.
649 Her Ægelbriht of Galwealum æfter Byrine þam romaniscean bisceope onfeng bisceopdomes on Westseaxum.
649 Here Ægelbriht of Gaul after Byrin the Roman bishop received the bishopric of Wessex.
651 Her Oswine king wæs ofslegen, 7 Aidan bisceop forðferde.
651 Here king Oswine was slain, and bishop Aidan departed.
652 Her Kenwealh gefeaht æt Bradanforda be Afene.
652 Here Kenwealh fought at Bradford-by-Avon.
653 Her Middelengle onfengon under Peadan ealdormenn rihtne geleafon.
653 Here the Middle Angles received under ealdorman Peada the true faith.
654 Her Onna cyng wearð ofslegen, 7 Botulf ongan þæt menster timbrian æt Yceanho.
653 Here king Onna was slain, and Botwulf began the minster to build at Yceanho.
655 Her Penda forwearð, 7 Myrce wurdon Cristene. Þa wæs agangen fram frymþe middangeardes .v. þusenda wintra 7 .dccc. 7 .l. wintra. 7 Peada feng to Myrcna rice Pending.
655 Here Penda perished, and the Mercians became Christian. Then was passed from the beginning of the world five thousand winters and eight hundred and fifty winters. And Peada succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians, the son of Penda.
657 Her forðferde Peada, 7 Wulfhere Pending feng to Myrcna rice.
657 Here departed Peada, and Wulfhere, son of Penda succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians.
658 Her Cenwealh gefeaht æt Peonnum wið Wealas 7 hi geflymde oþ Pederedan. Þis wæs gefohten siððan he of Eastenglum com, 7 he wæs ðær on wræce .iii. gear. Hæfde hine Penda adræfedne 7 rices benumene forþon he his sweo<s>tor anforlet.
658 Here Cenwalh fought at Peonnum against the Welsh, and they fled as far as the Parret. This was fought after he came from East Anglia, he was there in exile three years. Penda had driven him out and deprived him of his kingdom because he deserted his sister.
660 Her Ægelbriht gewat fram Cenweale, 7 Wine heold þone bisceopdom .iii. gear, 7 se Ægelbriht onfeng Persa bisceopdomes on Galwealum be Signe.
660 Here bishop Agelbirt departed from Cenwalh, and Wine held the bishopdom three years, and this Agelbirt received the bishopric of the Parisians in Gaul by the Seine.
661 Her Cenwealh gefeaht on Eastron on Posentesbyrig, 7 gehergode Wulfhere Pending on Æscesdune. 7 Cuðred Cwicelming 7 Cenbryht cing an anum geare forðferdon. 7 on Wiht gehergode Wulfhere Pending, 7 gesealde Wihtwaran Aþelwolde Suðsexana cynge forþon Wulfhere hine onfeng æt fulwihte, 7 Eoppa presbiter be Wilferþes worde 7 Wulfhere cing brohte Wihtwaran fulwiht ærest manna.
661 Here Cenwalh fought on Easter in Posentesbyrg, and Wulfhere, son of Penda, harried as far as Ashdown; and Cuthred, son of Cwichelm, and Cenberht king in one year departed; And on Wight Wulhere, son of Penda, harried, and gave the people of Wight to Æthelwold king of the south Saxons, because Wulfhere him sponsored at baptism. And Eoppa the priest, by Wilfred's command and king Wulfhere's, brought to the people of Wight baptism--the first man.
664 Her sunne aþystrode, 7 Arcenbriht Cantwara cyng forðferde, 7 Colman mid his geferum for to his cyððe. 7 þy ilcan geare wæs micel manncwealm, 7 Ceadda 7 Wilferð wæron gehadode, 7 þy ilcan geare Deusdedit forþferde.
664 Here the sun eclipsed, and Eorcenberht, king of the Kentish people departed, and Colman with his companions went to his native country. And the same year was much death, and Ceadda and Wilfrid were consecrated, and in the same year Deusdedit departed.
668 Her Theodorius man hadode to ærcebisceope.
668 Here Theodore people consecrated to archbishop.
669 Her Ecgbriht cing sealde Basse mæssepreoste Raculf menster on to tymbrianne.
669 Here King Egbert gave priest Bass Reculver, a minster to build.
670 Her forðferde Osweo Norþanhymbra cyng, 7 Ecgferð rixode æfter him. 7 Hloþhere feng to bisceopdome ofer Wessexna, Ægelbrihtes bisceopes nefa, 7 heold .vii. gear, 7 Theodor bisceop hine gehalgode. 7 se Osweo wæs Æþelferðing, Æþelferð Æþelricing, Æþelric Iding, Ida Eopping.
span class="annalNumber">670 Here departed Oswiu, king of the Northumbrians, and Ecgfrith reigned after him. And Leuthere succeeded to the bishopric over the West Saxons, Bishop Agilbert’s nephew, and held seven years, and Bishop Theodore him consecrated. And this Oswiu was the son of Æthelfrith, the son of Æthelric, the son of Ida, the son of Eoppa.
671 Her wæs þæt micle fugla wæl.
671 Here was the great destruction of birds.
672 Her forðferde Cenwealh, 7 Seaxburh .i. ger ricsode, his cwen, æfter him.
672 Here departed Cenwealh, and Seaxburh one year ruled, his queen, after him.
673 Her Ecgbriht Cantwara cyng forðferde, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs sinoð æt Heortforda, 7 Sancte Æþelbriht ongann þæt menster æt Elige.
673 Here Egbert, king of the people of Kent, departed, and in the same year there was a synod at Hertford, and St. Æthelthryth began the monastery at Ely.
674 Her feng Æscwine to rice on Westseaxum, se wæs Cenfusing, Cenfus Cenferðing, <Cenferð> Cuþgilsing, <Cuþgils> Ceolwulfing, Ceolwulf Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing.
674 Here Æscwine succeeded to the kingdom of Wessex. He was the son of Cenfus, the son of Cenferth, the son of Cuthgils, the son of Ceolwulf, the son of Cynric, the son of Cerdic.
675 Her Wulfhere Pending 7 Æscwine gefuhton æt Biedanheafde, 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde Wulfhere, 7 Æþelred feng to rice.
675 Here Wulfhere, the son of Penda, and Æscwine fought at Biedanheafde, and in the same year Wulfhere departed, and Æþelred succeeded to the kingdom
676 Her Æscwine forðferde, 7 Hædde feng to bisceopdome, 7 Centwine feng to rice, 7 se Centwine wæs Cynegylsing, Cynegyls Ceolulfing, 7 Æþelred Myrcna cyng oferhergode Centland.
676 Here Æscwine departed, and Haedde succeeded to the bishopric, and Centwine succeeded to the kingdom, and Centwine was the son of Cynegils, the son of Ceolwulf; And Ethelred, king of the Mercians, ravaged Kent.
678 Her oðywde cometa se steorra, 7 Wilferð bisceop wæs adrifen of his bisceopdome fram Ecgferðe cynge.
679 Her Ælfwine wæs ofslegen, 7 Sancte Æþeldrið forðferde.
680 Her gesæt Theodorus arcebisceop sinoð on Hæðfelda forþon he wolde þone Cristes geleafan gerihtan, 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde Hild abbudesse.
683 On þysum geare Centwine geflimde Bryttwealas oþ sæ.
685 Her Ceadwalla ongan æfter rice winnan, se Ceadwalla wæs Cenbrihting, Cenbriht Ceadding, Ceadda Cuþing, Cuþa Ceaulining, Ceawlin Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing, 7 Mul wæs Ceadweallan broþor, þone eft man on Cent forbærnde. 7 þy ilcan geare Ecgferð king man ofsloh, se Ecgferð wæs Osweoing, Osweo Æþelferþing, Æþelferð Æþelricing, Æþelric Iding, Ida Eopping. 7 Hloðhere þy ilcan geare forðferde.
686 Her Ceadwealla 7 Mul Cent 7 Wiht forhergodon.
687 Her Mul wearð on Cent forbærned 7 oþre .xii. men mid him 7 þy gere Ceadwealla eft Cent forhergode.
688 Her Ine feng to Wessexna rice 7 heold .xxxvii. wintra. 7 þy ilcan geare Ceadwealla for to Rome 7 fulwiht onfeng fram þam papan, 7 se papa hine het Petrus, 7 ymb .vii. niht he ferde forð. Þonne wæs se Ine Cenreding, Cenred Ceolwalding, Ceolwald wæs Cynegylses broþor, 7 þa wæron Cuðwines suna Ceaulin<in>ges, Ceaulin Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing.
690 Her Theodorus ærcebisceop forðferde, 7 feng Brihtwold to þam bisceopdome. Ær wæron romanisce bisceopos, syþþan wæron englisce.
690 Here archbishop Theordore departed, and Brihtwold succeeded to the bishopric. Before there were Roman bishops, thereafer there were English.
694 Her Cantware geþyngedon wið Ine 7 him gesealdon .xxx. <þusenda> punda forþon þe hi ær Mul forbærndon. 7 Wihtred feng to Cantwara rice 7 heold .xxxiii. wintra, se Wyhtred wæs Ecgbrihting, Ecgbriht Ercanbrihting, Earcanbriht Eadbalding, Eadbald Eþelbrihting.
694 Here the people of Kent made terms with Ine and to him gave 30 thousand pounds because they before Mul had burned. And Wihtred succeeded to the kingdom of the Kentish people and held it 33 winters, this Withred was the son of Egbert, the son of Eorcenberht, the son of Eadbald, the son of Ethelbert.
703 Her Hædde bisceop forðferde, 7 he heold þone bisceopdom .xxxvii. wintra on Wintanceastre.
704 Her Æþelred Pending Myrcna cyng onfeng munuchade 7 þæt rice heold .xxix. wintra. Þa feng Cenred to.
705 Her Ealdferð Norþanhymbra cing forðferde, 7 Seaxulf bisceop.
708 Her Ealdhelm forðferde, se wæs be westan wuda bisceop. 7 wæs todæled on foreweardum Danieles dagum on twa bisceopscira Wessexna land, 7 ær hit wæs .i., oþer heold Daniel oþer heold Ealdhelm. Æfter Ealdhelme feng Forðhere to. 7 Ceolred feng to Myrcna rice, 7 Cenred for to Rome 7 Offa mid him.
<710> [n710.1] Her Beorhtfrið ealdormann feaht wið Peohtas, 7 Ine 7 Nunna fu<h>ton wið Gerente þam cinge.
<714> [n714.1] Her forðferde Guþlac se halga.
<715> [n715.1] Her Ine 7 Ceolred gefuhton æt Woddesbeorge.
<717> [n717.1] Her Osred Norþanhymbra cing wearþ ofslegen, se hæfde .vii. winter rice æfter Ealdferþe. Þa feng Cenred to rice 7 heold .ii. gear, þa Osric 7 heold .xi. gear. 7 on þam geare Ceolwold Myrcna cing forðferde, 7 his lic restat on Licetfelda, 7 Æþelredes Pendinges on Beardanigge. 7 þa feng Æþelbald to rice on Myrcum 7 heold .xli. wintra, Æþelbald wæs Alweoing, Alweo Eawing, Eawa Pypping, þæs cynn ys beforan. 7 Ecgbriht, se arwyrða wer, on Hii þam ealande þa munucas on riht gecyrde þæt hi Eastron on riht heoldon 7 þa cyrclican sceare.
<718> [n718.1] Her Inegild Ines broþor forðferde, 7 hira sweostor wæron Cwenburh 7 Cuðburh, 7 seo Cuðburh þæt lif æt Winburnan arærde, 7 heo wæs forgifen Ealdferþe Norþanhymbra cynge, 7 hi be him lyfiendum hi gedældon.
<721> [n721.1] Her Daniel ferde to Rome, 7 þy ilcan geare Ine ofsloh Cenewulf.
<722> [n722.1] Her towearp Æþelburh cwen Tantun, <þe> Ine ær timbrede. 7 Ealdbriht wreccea gewat on Suþrige 7 on Suðsexe. 7 Ine gefeaht wið Suþsexum.
725 Her Wihtred Cantwara cing forðferde.
726 Her Ine for to Rome, 7 feng Æþelheard to Wessexnarice 7 heold .xiiii. gear. 7 þy ilcan geare gefuhton Æþelheard 7 Oswald se æþeling, 7 Oswald wæs Æþelbalding, Æþelbald Cynebalding, Cynebald Cuþwining, Cuðwine Ceaulining.
729 Her cometa se steorra hine oðywde, 7 Sancte Ecgbriht forðferde.
731 Her wæs Osric ofslegen Norðhymbra cyning, 7 feng Ceolwulf to þam rice 7 heol<d> .viii. ger, 7 se Ceolwulf wæs Cuþing, Cuþa Cuðwining, Cuðwine Leodwalding, Leodwald Ecgwalding, Ecgwald Ealdhelming, Ealdhelm Ocing, Ocea Iding, Ida Eopping. 7 Brihtwald arcebisceop gefor, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs Tatwine gehalgod to ærcebisceope.
733 Her Æþelbald geeode Sumortun, 7 sunne aþystrode.
734 Her wæs se mona swilce he wære mid blode begoten, 7 ferdan forð Tatwine 7 Beda.
736 Her Noþhelm ærcebisceop onfeng pallium fram Romana bisceope.
737 Her Forðhere bisceop 7 Friþogyð cwen ferdon to Rome.
738 Her Eadbriht Eating, Eata Leodwalding, feng to Norðhymbra rice 7 heold .xxi. geara, 7 his broþor wæs Ecgbriht Eating ærcebisceop, 7 hi restat begen on Eoferwicceastre on anum portice.
740 Her Æþelheard cyng ferde forð, 7 feng Cuþred to Wessexna rice 7 heold .xxvi. wintra, 7 heardlice he gewann wið Æþelbald cing. 7 Cuðbriht wæs to ærcebisceope gehalgod 7 Dun bisceop to Hrofesceastre.
743 Her Æþelbald 7 Cuðred fu<h>ton wið Wealas.
744 Her Daniel gesæt on Wintanceastre, 7 Hunferð feng to bisceopdome.
745 Her Daniel forðferde, þa wæs .xliii. wintra agan siððan he onfeng bisceopdome.
746 Her man sloh Selred cing.
747 Her wæs ofslegen Cynric Wessexna æþeling, 7 Eadbriht Cantwara cing forðferde.
750 Her Cuðred cing feaht wið Æþelhun þone ofermedan ealdormann.
752 Her Cuþred gefeaht þy .xii. gere his rices æt Beorhforda wið Æþelbald.
753 Her Cuðred feaht wið Wealas.
754 Her Cuðred forðferde 7 Cyneheard feng to bisceopdome æfter Hunferðe on Wintanceastre, 7 Cantwaraburh forbarn þy gere, 7 Sigebriht feng to Wessexna rice 7 heold an gear.
755 Her Cynewulf benam Sigebrihte his rices 7 Wessexna witan for unrihtum dædum butan Hamtunscire, 7 he hæfde þa oð he ofsloh þone ealdormann þe him lengest mid wunude. 7 hine þa Cynewulf of Andred adræfde, 7 he þær wunode oþ þæt hine an swan ofstang æt Pryfetesflodan, 7 he wræc þone ealdormann Cumbran. 7 Cynewulf oft mid miclum gefeohtum feaht wið Britwealum. 7 ymb .xxxi. wintra þæs þe he rice hæfde, he wolde adræfan anne æþeling, se wæs Cyneheard haten 7 he wæs Sigebrihtes broþor. 7 þa geahsode he þone cyng lytle werode on wifcyððe on Merantune, 7 hyne þær berad, 7 þa burh utan beeodan ær hine þa menn onfundon þe mid þam cinge wæron. 7 þa onget se cing þæt, 7 he on þa duru uteode 7 þa unheanlice hine werede oþ he on þone æþeling locode, 7 hi ealle þa on þone cing feohtende wæron oþ þæt hi hine ofslegenne hæfdon. 7 þa on ðæs wifes gebærum onfundon þæs cinges þegnas ða unstilnesse 7 þæder urnon swa hwilc swa þonne gearo wearð, 7 him þa se æþeling æghwilcum feoh 7 feorh bead, 7 hira nænig þicgan nolde, ac hi simle feohtende wæron oþ hi ealle lagon buton anum bryttiscan gisle, 7 se wæs forwundod. Þa on mergen gehyrdon þæt þæs cinges þegnas þe beæftan him wæron þæt se cing wæs ofslegen, þa ridon hi þæder 7 his ealdorman Osric 7 Wigferð his þegn 7 þa menn þe he ær beæftan læfde, 7 þone æþeling on þære byrig gemettun þær se cing ofslegen læg, 7 hi him þa gatu to belocen hæfdon, 7 hi þær to eodon. 7 þa bead he him hyra agenne dom feos 7 landes gif hi him þæs rices uþon, 7 him cyðdon þæt hira magas him mid wæron þa þe him fram noldon, 7 þa cwædon hi þæt him nænig mæg leofra nære ðonne hira hlaford 7 hi næfre his banan folgian noldon. 7 þa budon hi hyra magum þæt hi him gesunde fram eodon, 7 hie cwædon þæt þæt ilce hiera geferum geboden wære þe ær mid þam cinge wæron. Þa cwædon hi þæt hie þæs ne amundon 'þe ma þe eowre geferan þe mid þam cinge ofslegene wæron'. 7 hie þa ymb þa gatu feohtende wæron oþ þæt hie þærinne fulgon 7 þone æþeling ofslogon 7 þa menn þe mid him wæron, ealle buton anum, þæs duxes godsunu, 7 he his feorh generode, 7 þeah he wæs oft gewundod. Se Cynewulf rixode .xxxi. geara, 7 his lic lið on Wintanceastre, 7 þæs æþelinges æt Axanmenster, 7 heora rihtfæderencynn gæð to Cerdice. 7 þy ilcan geare man ofsloh Æþelbald Myrcna cing on Seccandune, 7 his lic lið on Hreopandune, 7 Beornred feng to rice 7 hit lytle hwyle heold 7 ungefealice, 7 þy ilcan geare feng þa Offa to rice 7 heold .xxxix. wintra, 7 Ecgferð his sunu .xli. daga 7 .c. daga, se Offa wæs Þingferþing, Þingferð Eanwulfing, Eanwulf Osmoding, Osmod Eawing, Eawa Pybbing, Pybba Creoding, Creoda Cynewalding, Cynewald Cnebbing, Cnebba Iceling, Icel Eomæring, Eomær Angelþeowing, Angelþeow Offing, Offa Wærmunding, Wærmund Wihtlæging, Wihtlæg Wodening.
758 Her Cuðbriht ærcebisceop forðferde.
759 Her Bregowine wæs to ærcebisceope gehadod to Sancte Mihaheles tide.
760 Her Æþelbriht Cantwara cing forðferde.
762 Her wæs se micla winter.
763 Her Eadbriht wæs gehadod to ærcebisceope on þone .xl. dæg ofer midne winter.
764 Her Eadbriht ærcebisceop onfeng pallium.
772 Her Mildred bisceop forðferde.
774 Her oðywde read Criste<s> mæl on heofenum æfter sunnan setlgange, 7 þy geare gefuhtun Myrce 7 Cantware æt Ottanforda, 7 wundorlice nædran wæron gesewene on Suðsexena lande.
777 Her Cynewulf 7 Offa gefuhton ymb Benesingtun, 7 Offa genam þone tun.
780 Her Ealdsexe 7 Francan gefuhton.
783 Her Cyneheard ofsloh Cynewulf cing, 7 he þær wearð ofslegen 7 .lxxxiiii. manna mid him, 7 þa onfeng Beorhtric Wessexna rices, 7 he rixode .xvi. winter, 7 his lic lið æt Werham, 7 his rihtfæderencynn gæð to Cerdice.
785 Her wæs geflit 7 fullic sinoð æt Cealchyþe, 7 Eanbriht ærcebisceop forlet sumne dæl his bisceopdomes, 7 fram Offan cinge Higebriht wæs gecoren, 7 Ecgferð to cinge gehalgod.
787 Her nam Brihtric cing Offan dohtor Eadburge, 7 on his dagum comon ærest .iii. scipu Norðmanna, 7 þa se gerefa þærto rad 7 hie wolde drifan to þæs cinges tune, þy he nyste hwæt hie wæron, 7 hine man ofsloh. Þæt wæron þa ærestan scypu Deniscra manna þe Angelcynnes land gesohton.
790 Her Eadbriht ærcebisceop forðferde, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs gecoren Æþelheard abbud to ærcebisceope.
792 Her Offa Myrcna cing het Æþelbrihte þæt heafod ofaslean.
794 Her Adrianus papa 7 Offa cing forðferdon, 7 Æþelred Norðhymbra cing wæs ofslegen fram his agenre þeode, 7 Ceolulf bisceop 7 Eadbald bisceop of þam lande aforan, 7 Ecgferð feng to Myrcna rice 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde, 7 Eadbriht onfeng rice on Cent, þam wæs oðer nama nemned Prænn.
796 Her Cynulf Myrcna cing oferhergode Cantware 7 Mercware, 7 gefengon Prænn hyra cing 7 gebundenne hine on Merce læddon.
797 Her Romane Leone þam papan his tungon forcurfon 7 his eagan ut astungon 7 hine of his setle aflymdon, 7 þa sona eft Gode fultumiendum he mihte geseon 7 sprecan, 7 eft wæs papa swa he ær wæs.
799 Her Æþelheard arcebisceop 7 Cynebriht Wessexna bisceop foron to Rome.
800 Her Brihtric cing forðferde, 7 Worr ealdormann, 7 Ecgbriht feng to Wessexna rice. 7 þy ilcan dæge rad Æþelmund ealdormann of Hwiccum ofer æt Cynemæresforda, þa gemetten hine Weohstan ealdormann mid Wilsætum, þær wearð micel gefeoht 7 hi þær begen ofslegene wæron þa ealdormenn, 7 Wilsæte naman sige.
802 [n802.1] Her wæs gehadod Beornmod bisceop to Hrofeceastre.
803 [n803.1] Her Æþelheard arcebisceop forðferde, 7 Wulfred wæs to arcebisceope gehalgod, 7 Forðred abbud forðferde.
804 [n804.1] Her Wulfred arcebisceop pallium onfeng.
805 [n805.1] Her Cuðred cing forðferde on Cantwarum, 7 Ceolburh abbudesse, 7 Heabriht ealdormann.
812 [n812.1] Her Carl cing forðferde, 7 he rixode .xlv. wintra. 7 Wulfred arcebisceop 7 Wigbryht Wessexena bisceop foron begen to Rome.
813 [n813.1] Her Wulfred arcebisceop mid bletsunge þæs papan Leon hwearf eft to his agnum bisceopdome. 7 þy gere gehergode Ecgbriht cing on Westwealas fram easteweardum oþ westewearde.
814 [n814.1] Her Leo se æþela papa 7 se halga forðferde, 7 æfter him Stef(h)anus feng to rice.
816 [n816.1] Her Stephanus papa forðferde, 7 æfter him wæs Paschalis to papan gehalgod. 7 þy ilcan geare forbarn Angelcynnes scole.
819 [n819.1] Her Cenulf Myrcna cing forðferde, 7 Ceolwulf feng to rice, 7 Eadbriht ealdormann forðferde.
821 [n821.1] Her Ceolwulf wearð his rices bescyred.
822 [n822.1] Her .ii. ealdormenn wurdon ofslegene, Burhelm 7 Muca 7 sinoð wæs æt Cleofeshoo.
823 [n823.1] Her wæs Weala gefeoht 7 Defna æt Gafulford. 7 þy ilcan geare gefeaht Ecgbriht 7 Beornulf Myrcna cing æt Ellendune, and Ecgbriht sige nam, 7 þær wæs micel wæl ofslegen. Þa sende <he> Aþulf his sunu of þære fyrde 7 Ealhstan his bisceop 7 Wulfheard his ealdormann to Cent micle werede, 7 hie Baldred þone cing norð ofer Temese adrifon 7 Cantware him to cierdon, 7 Suþrige 7 Suðsexe 7 Eastsexe, þy hie fram his magum ær mid unrihte anydde wæron. 7 þy ilcan geare Eastengla cing 7 seo þeod gesohton Ecgbryht cing him to friþe 7 to mundboran for Myrcna ege, 7 þy ilcan geare slogon Eastengle Beornulf Myrcna cing.
825 Her Ludecan Myrcna cing 7 his fif ealdormenn mid him man ofsloh, 7 Wiglaf feng to rice.
827 Her mona aþystrode on middes wintres mæsseniht. 7 þy geare geeode Ecgbriht cing Myrcna rice 7 eall þæt be suþan Humbre wæs, 7 he wæs eahtaþa cing se ðe Bretenanwealda wæs. 7 ærest wæs Ælle Wessexna cing se þus micel rice hæfde, se æftra wæs Ceaulin Wessexena cing, se þridda wæs Æþelbriht Cantwara cing, se feorða wæs Rædwald Eastengla cing, fifta wæs Eadwine Norðhymbra cing, syxta wæs Oswald se æfter him rixode, seofoþa wæs Osweo, Oswaldes broðor, eahtoþe Ecgbriht Wessexena cing. 7 se Ecgbriht lædde firde to Dore wið Norþanhymbre, 7 hie þær eaðmedo budon 7 geþwærnesse, 7 hie on þam tohwurfon.
828 Her eft Wiglaf onfeng Myrcna rice, 7 Aþelwold bisceop forðferde. 7 þy ilcan geare lædde Ecgbriht cing fyrde on Norðwealas, and he hi ealle him to eaðmodre hyrsumnesse gedyde.
829 Her Wulfred arcebisceop forðferde.
830 Her Ceolnoþ wæs gecoren to bisceope 7 gehadod, 7 Felogild abbud forðferde.
831 Her Ceolnoð arcebisceop onfeng pallium.
832 Her hæþene menn oferhergodon Scepigge.
833 Her feaht Ecgbriht cing wið .xxxv. scyplæsta æt Carrum, 7 þær wearð micel wæl geslegen, 7 þa Deniscan ahton wælstowe geweald. 7 Hereferð 7 Wigþen, .ii. bisceopes, forðferdon, 7 Duda 7 Osmod, .ii. ealdormenn, forðferdon.
835 Her com micel scyphere on Westwealas, 7 hi to anum gecyrdon 7 wið Ecgbriht Wessexena cing winnende wæron. Þa he þæt gehyrde, he <þa> mid firde ferde 7 him wið gefeaht æt Hengestesdune, 7 ægþer geflimde ge þa Wealas ge þa De<nisc>an.
836 Her Ecgbriht cing forðferde, 7 hyne hæfde ær Offa Mircna cing 7 Brihtric Wessexena cing aflymed .iii. gear of Angelcynnes lande on Francland ær he cing wære, 7 þy fultomode Brihtric Offan þy he hæfde his dohtor him to cwene. 7 se Ecgbriht ricsode .xxxvii. wintra 7 .vii. monoð, 7 feng þa Aþelwulf Ecgbrihting to Wessexena rice, 7 he sealde Æþestane his suna Cantwara rice 7 Eastsexena rice 7 Suðrigea 7 Suðseaxena.
837 Her Wulfheard ealdormann gefeaht æt Hamtune wið .xxxiiii. scyphlæsta 7 þær micel wæl gesloh 7 sige nam, 7 þy geare forðferde Wulfheard. 7 þy ilcan geare gefeaht Æþelhelm ealdorman wið Deniscne here on Port mid Dorsætun 7 gode hwile þone here geflymde, 7 þa De<nisc>an ahton wælstowe geweald 7 þone ealdormann ofslogan.
838 Her Herebriht ealdormann wæs ofslegen fram hæþenum mannum 7 mænige menn mid him on Merscwarum, 7 þy ilcan gere eft on Lindesie 7 on Eastenglum 7 on Cantwarum wurdon ofslegene fram þam herige.
839 Her wæs micel wælsliht on Lundene 7 on Cantwarabirig 7 on Hrofesceastre.
841 Her Æþelwulf cing gefeaht æt Carrum wið .xxxv. scyphlæsta, 7 þa Deniscan ahton wælstowe geweald.
845 Her gefeaht Eanulf ealdormann mid Sumorsætum 7 Eahlstan bisceop 7 Osric ealdormann mid Dorsætum gefu<h>ton æt Pedredan muþan wið Deniscne here, 7 þær micel wæl geslogon 7 sige namon.
853 Her Ceorl ealdormann gefeaht wið hæþene here mid Defnascire æt Wicganbeorhge, 7 þær micel wæl geslogon 7 sige namon. 7 hæþene menn ærest on Tenet ofer winter sæton. 7 þy ilcan geare comon feorðe healf hund scipa on Temese muþan, 7 bræcon Cantwara burh 7 Lundenburh, 7 geflymdon Beorhtwulf Myrcna cing mid his fyrde, 7 foron suð ofer Temese on Suþrige, 7 him gefeaht wið Aþulf cing 7 Aþelbald his sunu æt Aclea mid Wessexena firde, 7 þær þæt mæste wæl geslogon þe we secgan hyrdon oð þysne andweardan dæg, 7 þar sige namon. 7 þy ilcan geare Æþestan cing 7 Ealhere ealdormann gefu<h>ton on scypun, 7 mi<cel>ne here ofslogon æt Sandwic on Cent 7 .viii. scipu gefengon 7 þa oðre geflymdon.
854 Her bæd Burhred Myrcna cing 7 his witan Aþelwulf cing þæt he him gefultomode þæt he him Norðwealas gehyrsumude. He þa swa dide 7 mid fyrde for ofer Myrce on Norðwealas, 7 he him ealle gehyrsume gedyde. 7 þy ilcan geare sende Aþelwulf cing Ælfred his sunu to Rome, þa wæs domne Leo papa on Rome, 7 he hyne to cinge gehalgode 7 hine him to bisceopsuna genam. Þa þy ilcan geare Ealhhere mid Cantwarum 7 Huda mid Suþrigium gefuhton on Tenet wið hæþenum here 7 ærest sige namon, 7 þær wearð mæni mon ofslegen 7 adruncen on gehwæþere hand, 7 þa ealdormenn begen deade. 7 þæs ofer Eastron geaf Aþelwulf cing his dohtor Burhrede cinge of Wessexum on Myrce.
856 Her hæþene menn ærest in Sceapigge ofer winter sætun. 7 þy ilcan geare gebocode Aþelwulf cing teoþan dæl his landes ofer eall his rice Gode to lofe 7 him syluum to ecre hælo, 7 þy ilcan gere ferde to Rome mid micelre weorðnesse, 7 þær wæs .xii. monað wuniende, 7 þa him hamweard for, 7 him þa Carl Francena cing his dohtor geaf him to cwene, 7 æfter þam to his leodum com, 7 hie þæs fegne wæron, 7 ymb .ii. gear þæs þe he of Francum com, he gefor, 7 his lic lið on Wintanceastre, 7 he rixode .xix. healf gear. 7 se Aþelwulf wæs Ecgbrihting, Ecgbriht Ealhmunding, Ealhmund Eafing, Eofa Eopping, Eoppa Ingelding, Ingeld wæs Ines broþor Wessexena cinges, 7 he heold þæt rice .xxxvii. wintra 7 eft ferde to Sancte Petre 7 þær his feorh gesealde. 7 hi wæron Cenredes sunu, Cenred wæs Ceolwalding, Ceolwald Cuðing, Cuþa Cuðwining, Cuðwine Ceaulining, Ceaulin Cynricing, Cynric Creoding, Creoda Cerdicing, Cerdic wæs Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Gewising, Gewis Wigging, Wig Freawining, Freawine Freoþogaring, Freoþogar Branding, Brand Bældæging, Bældæg Wodening, Woden Frealafing, Frealaf Finning, Finn Godulfing, Godulf Geatting, Geatt Tætwaing, Tætwa Beawing, Beaw Scealdwaing, Scealdwa Heremoding, Heremod Itermoning, Itermon Haðraing, Haþra Hwalaing, Hwala Bedwiging, Bedwig Sceafing. id est filius Noe , se wæs geboren on þære earce Noes, Lamech, Matusalem, Enoh, Iared, Malalehel, Camon, Enos, Seth, Adam primus homo et pater noster id est Cristus . Ond þa fengon Aþelwulfes sunu .ii. to rice, Aþelbald to Wessexena rice 7 Æþelbriht to Cantwara rice 7 to Suðrigea 7 to Suðsexena rice, 7 þa ricsode Aþelbald .v. gear.
861 Her Aþelbald cing forðferde, 7 his lic lið æt Scireburnan, 7 þa feng Æþelbriht to eallum þam rice his broðor, 7 he hit heold on godre geþwærnesse. 7 on his dæge com micel scyphere upp 7 abræcon Wintanceaster, 7 wið þone here gefuhton Wulfheard ealdormann mid Hamtunscire 7 Aþelwulf ealdormann mid Bearrucscire, 7 hi ðone here geflymdon 7 wælstowe geweald ahton. 7 se Æðelbriht ricsode .v. gear, 7 his lic lið æt Scireburnan.
866 Her sæt hæþen here on Tenet 7 genam frið wið Cantwarum, 7 Cantware him feoh geheton wið þam friðe, 7 under þam friðe 7 þam feohgehate se here hyne on nyht upp bestæl 7 oferhergode ealle Cænt eastewearde.
867 Her Æþered Æðelbrihtes broþor feng to Wessexena rice. 7 þy ilcan gere com micel hæþen here on Angelcynnes land 7 wintersetl namon on Eastenglum, 7 ðær gehorsode wurdon, 7 hie him frið wið namon.
868 Her for se here of Eastenglum ofer Humbre muþan to Eoferwicceastre on Norðanhymbre, 7 þær wæs micel ungeðwærnes þære ðeode betwuh him selfum, 7 hi hæfdon hyra cing aworpenne Osbriht 7 ungecyndne cing underfengon Ællan. 7 hi late on gere to þan gecyrdon þæt hi wið þone here wæron winnende, 7 hi ðeah micle fyrd gegaderedon 7 ðone here sohton on Eoferwic 7 on ða ceastre bræcon, 7 hi sume ðærinne wurdon, 7 þær wæs ungemetlic wæl geslegen Norðanhymbre, sume binnan, sume butan, 7 þa cingas begen ofslegene wæron, 7 seo laf wið þone here frið nam. 7 ðy ilcan gere gefor Ealhstan bisceop, 7 he hæfde þæt bisceoprice æt Scireburnan .l. wintra, 7 his lic lið þær on tune.
869 Her for se ilca here innan Myrce to Snotengaham 7 þær wintersetl namon. 7 Burhred Myrcna cing 7 his witan bædon Æþered Wessexena cing 7 Ælfred his broðor þæt hi him gefultumedon þæt hi wið þone here gefuhton. 7 ða ferdan hi mid Wessexena fyrde innan Myrce oþ Snotingaham 7 þone here ðær gemetton on þam geweorce 7 hine inne besæton, 7 þær nan hefelic gefeoht ne wearð, 7 Myrce frið namon wið þone here.
870 Her for se here eft to Eoforwicceastre 7 þær sæt an gear.
871 Her rad se here ofer Myrce on Eastengle 7 wintersetl namon æt Þeodforda, 7 þy wintra Eadmund cing him wið feaht, 7 þa Deniscan sige namon 7 ðone cing ofslogon 7 þæt land geeodon eall. 7 þy ilcan geare gefor Ceolnoð arcebisceop.
872 Her com se here to Readingum on Wessexe, 7 ðæs eft ymb .iii. niht ridon .ii. eorlas upp. Ða gemette Aþelwulf ealdormann hie on Englafelda, 7 him þær wið gefeaht 7 sige nam, 7 hyra ðær wearð oþer ofslegen þæs nama wæs Sidroc. Ða ymb .iiii. niht Æþered cing 7 Ælfred his broþor ðær micle fyrd to Readingum gelæddon 7 wið þone here gefuhton, 7 þær wæs micel wæl geslegen on gehwæþere hand, 7 Aðelwulf ealdormann wearð ofslegen, 7 þa Deniscan ahton wælstowe geweald. 7 þæs ymb .iiii. niht gefeaht Æþered cing 7 Ælfred his broðor wið ealne þone here on Æscesdune, 7 hi wæron on twam gefylcum, on oþrum wæs Bagsecg 7 Healfdene, þa hæðenan cingas, 7 on oðrum wæron þa eorlas. 7 ða feaht se cing Æþered wið þara cinga getruman, 7 þær wearð se cing Bagsecg ofslegen, 7 Ælfred his broðor feaht wið þara eorla getruman, 7 þær wearð Sidroc eorl ofslegen se ealda 7 Sidroc se geongra 7 Osbearn eorl 7 Fræna eorl 7 Harold eorl, 7 þa hergeas begen geflymde, 7 fela þusenda ofslegenra, 7 on feohtende wæron oþ niht. 7 ðæs ymbe .xiiii. niht gefeaht Æþered cing 7 Ælfred his broðor wið þone here æt Basingun, 7 þær þa Deniscan sige namon. 7 ðæs ymbe .ii. monþas gefeaht Æþered cing 7 Ælfred his broþor wið þone here æt Meretune, 7 hie wæron on twam gefylcum, 7 hie butu geflymdon 7 lange on dæg sige ahton, 7 þær wearð micel wælsliht on gehwæ<þ>ere hand, 7 þa Deniscan ahton wælstowe geweald, 7 þær wearð Heahmund bisceop ofslegen 7 fela godra manna. 7 æfter þyssum gefeohte com micel sumerlida to Readingum. 7 þæs ofer Eastron gefor Æþered cing, 7 he ricsode .v. ger, 7 his lic lið æt Scireburnan menster. Ða feng Ælfred Æþelwulfing his broþor to Wessexena rice. 7 ðæs ymbe anne monað gefeaht Ælfred cing wið ealne þone here lytle werede æt Wiltune 7 hine lange on dæg geflymde, 7 þa Deniscan ahton wælstowe geweald. 7 þæs geares wurdon .ix. folcgefeoht gefohten wið þone here on þy cynerice be suðan Temese butan þam þe him Ælfred þæs cinges broþor 7 ealdormenn 7 cinges þegnas oft rada on ridon, þe mon na ne rimde, 7 þæs geares wæron ofslegene .ix. eorlas 7 .i. cing, 7 þy geare namon Wessexan frið wið þone here.
873 Her for se here to Lundenbyrig fram Readingum 7 ðar nam wintersetl, 7 þa namon Myrce frið wið þone here.
874 Her for se here on Norðhymbre, 7 he nam wintersetl on Lindesse æt Turesigge, 7 þa naman Myrce frið wið þone here.
875 Her for se here of Lindesse to Hreopedune 7 þær wintersetl nam 7 ðone cing Burhred ofer sæ adræfdon ymbe twa 7 .xx. wintra þæs ðe he rice hæfde, 7 þæt land eall geeodon. 7 he for to Rome 7 þær gesæt, 7 his lic lið on Sancta Marian circan on Angelcynnes scole. 7 þy ilcan gere hie sealdon Ceolwulfe, anum unwisum cinges ðegne, Myrcnarice to healdenne, 7 he him aþas swor 7 gislas sealde þæt hit him gearo wære swilce dæge swa hie hit habban woldon, 7 he gearo wære mid him selfum 7 mid eallum ðam þe him gelæstan woldon to þæs heres ðearfe.
876 Her for se here fram Hreopedune, 7 Healfdene for mid sumum þam here on Norðhymbre 7 nam wintersetl be Tina<n> þære ea, 7 se here þæt land geeode 7 oft hergode on Peohtas 7 on Strecled Wealas, 7 for Godrum 7 Oscytel 7 Anwend, þa .iii. cingas, of Hreope<dune> to Grantebricge mid micle here 7 sæton þær an gear. 7 þy sumera for Ælfred cing ut on sæ mid scyphere 7 gefeaht wið .vii. scyphlæstas 7 hyra an gefeng 7 þa oðre geflymde.
877 Her hine bestæl se here into Werham Wessexena fyrde. 7 siððan wið þone here se cing nam frið, 7 him þa gislas sealdon þe on ðam here weorðoste wæron to þam cinge 7 him þa aðas sworan on þam halgan beage, þe hi ær noldon nanre þeode, þæt hi hrædlice of his rice faran woldon, 7 hi þa under þam hi nihtes bestælon ðære fyrde se gehorsoda here inn to Exanceastre. 7 þy geare Healfdene Norðanhymbra land gedælde, 7 ergende wæron 7 hira tilgende wæron.
878 Her com se here to Exancestre fram Werham, 7 ða mette hie micel myst on sæ 7 þær forwearð .cxx. scypa æt Swanewic. 7 se cing Ælfred æfter þam gehorsodan here mid fyrde rad oþ Exancester, 7 hi hindan ofridan ne mihte, 7 hi him gislas sealdon, swa fela swa he habban wolde, 7 micle aþas sworon, 7 ða godne frið heoldon. 7 þa on hærfeste gefor se here on Myrcna land 7 hit gedældon sum 7 sum Ceolwulfe sealdon.
879 Her hine bestæl se here on midne winter ofer .xii. niht to Cyppanhamme, 7 geridon Wessexna land 7 þar gesæton, 7 micel ðæs folces ofer sæ adræfdon, 7 ðæs oþres þone mæstan dæl hi geridon, 7 þæt folc hym to gebigde buton þam cinge Ælfrede. He lytle werede uneþelice æfter wudum for 7 on morfæstenum. 7 þæs ilcan wintres wæs Inweres broðor 7 Hea<l>fdenes on Wessexena rice mid .xxiii. scypa, 7 hine mon þær ofsloh 7 .dccc. manna mid him 7 .lx. manna his heres, 7 ðær wæs se guðfana genumen þe hie hræfn heton. Ond þæs on Eastron worhte Ælfred cing lytle werede geweorc æt Æþelingaigge, 7 of ðam geweorce wæs winnende wið þone here, 7 Sumursætena se dæl se ðær nehst wæs. Þa on þære .vii. wucan ofer Eastron he gerad to Ecgbrihtes stane be eastan Sealwuda, 7 him comon þær ongen Sumursæte ealle, 7 Wilsæte 7 Hamtunscir se dæl þe hire beheonan sæ wæs, 7 his gefægne wæron. 7 he for þæs embe ane niht of þam wicum to Iglea 7 ðæs eft embe ane niht to Eðandune, 7 þær gefeaht wið ealne þone here 7 hine geflymde 7 him æfter rad oþ þæt geweorc 7 ðær sæt .xiiii. niht, 7 ða sealde se here him foregislas 7 micle aþas þæt hie of his rice woldon, 7 him eac geheton þæt hyra cing fulwihte onfon wolde, 7 hie þæt gelæston. 7 ðæs embe .iii. wucan com se cing Godrum þritega sum þara manna ðe on þam here weorþoste wæron æt Alre, þæt ys wið Æþelingaigge, 7 his se cing ðær onfeng æt fulwihte, 7 hys crysumlysing wæs æt Wedmor, 7 he wæs .xii. niht mid þam cinge, 7 he hine mi<cl>um 7 his geferan mid feo weorþode.
880 Her for se here to Cyrenceastre of Cyppanhamme 7 sæt þær an winter. 7 ðy ilcan gere gegadrodon an hloð wicinga 7 gesæt æt Fullanhamme be Temese. 7 þy ilcan gere aþystrode seo sunne ane tid dæges.
881 Her for se here of Cyrenceastre on Eastengle 7 gesæt þæt land 7 gedælde. 7 þy ilcan gere for se here ofer sæ þe ær on Fullanhamme sæt on Francland to Gænt 7 sæt þær an ger.
882 Her for se here ufur on Francland, 7 þa Francan him wið gefuhton, 7 þær wearð se here gehorsod æfter þam gefeohte.
883 Her for se here upp andlang Mæse ufur on Francland 7 þæt sæt an gear. 7 þy ilcan gere for Ælfred cing mid scypum ut on sæ 7 gefeaht wið .iiii. scyphlæstas Deniscra manna, 7 þara scypa tuw genam 7 ða menn ofslegene wurdon þe ðær on wæron, 7 .ii. scyphlæstas him on hand (h)eodon, 7 ða wæron miclum ofslegene 7 forwundode ær hi on hand eodon.
884 Her for se here upp on Scald to <C>undað 7 þær sæt an ger. 7 Marinus papa sende þa lignum domini Ælfrede cinge, 7 þy ilcan gere lædde Sihelm 7 Æþestan þa ælmessan to Rome 7 eac on I<n>dea to Sancte Thome 7 to Sancte Bartholomeae, þa hi sæton wið þone here æt Lundenne 7 hie þær Godes þances swiðe bentiþe wurdon æfter þam gehate.
885 Her for se here upp on Sunnan to Embenum 7 ðær sæt an ger.
886 Her todælde se foresprecena here on tuw, oðer dæl to Hrofesceastre 7 ymbsæton þa cester 7 worhton oþer fæsten embe hie selfe, 7 hie ðeah þa ceaster aweredon oþþæt Ælfred cing com utan mid fyrde. Þa eode se here to hyra scipum 7 forleton þæt geweorc, 7 hi wurdon þær behorsode, 7 s<n>a ðy ilcan sumera eft ofer sæ gewitu<n>. Þy ilcan gere sende Ælfred cing sciphere of Cent on Eastengle. Sona swa hi comon on Stufe muþan, ða gemetten hie .xvi. scipu wicinga 7 wið þa gefuhton 7 ða scipu ealle geræhton 7 ða menn ofslogon. Ða hie hamweard wendon mid þare herehyðe, þa metton hie micelne scyphere wicinga 7 þa wið þa gefuhton þy ilcan dæge, 7 ða Deniscan ahton sige. Ðy ilcan gere ær middan wintra forðferde Carl Francna cing, 7 hine ofsloh an efor. 7 ane gere ær his broðor forðferde, se hæfde eac þæt westrice, ða wæron Hloðwiges sunu begen. Se forðferde þy ilcan gere þe seo sunne aðystrode, se wæs ðæs Carles sunu þe Æðelwulf Wessexena cing hys dohtor hæfde him to cwene. Þy ilcan gere gegaderode micel scyphere on Ealdseaxum, 7 þær wearð micel gefeoht, tuwa on gere, 7 þa Seaxan hæfdon sige, 7 ðær wæron Frysan mid. Þy ilcan gere feng Carl to ðam westrice 7 to eallum ðam rice þe beheonan Wendelsæ 7 begeondan þisse sæ, swa hit his ðridda fæder hæfde, butan Lidwicingum, se Carl wæs Hloðwiges sunu, se Hloþwig wæs Carles broðor, se wæs Iudettan fæder þe Æðelwulf cing hæfde, 7 hi wæron Hloðwiges suna. Se Hloðwi wæs þæs ealdan Carles sunu, se Carl wæs Pippenes sunu. Ðy ilcan gere forðferde se goda papa Marinus, se gefreode Angelcynnes scole be Ælfredes bene cinges, 7 he sende him micle gyfa 7 ðære rode dæl þe Crist on ðrowode. 7 þy ilcan gere se here on Eastenglum bræc frið wið Ælfred cing.
887 Her for se here eft west þe ær east gelænde, 7 ða upp on Signe 7 þar wintersetu namon æt Paris þære birig. Þy ilcan gere gesette Ælfred cing Lundenburh, 7 him eall Angelcynn tocyrde, þæt butan Deniscra manna hæftnede wæs, 7 he þa befæste þa burh Æðerede ealdormenn to healdenne.
888 Her for se here upp þurh ða bricge æt Paris, 7 þa upp andlang Signe oþ Mæterne, 7 ða upp on Mæterne oþ Cariei, 7 ða sæton þara 7 innan Ionan tuw winter on ðam twam stedum. 7 þy ilcan gere forðferde Carl Francna cing, 7 Earnulf his broðor sunu hine .vi. wucan ær he forðferde berædde æt þam rice, 7 ða wearð þæt rice todæled on .v., 7 .v. cingas to gehalgode, þæt wæs þeah mid Earnulfes geðafunge. 7 hie cwædon þæt hie þæt to his handa healdan sceoldon forþon hira nan næs on fædren healfe to geboren butan him anum. Earnulf ða wunude on þam lande be eastan Rin, 7 Hroðulf þa feng to ðam middelrice, 7 Odda to þam westdæle, 7 Beorngar 7 Wiða to Langbeardna lande 7 to þam landum on þa healfe muntes, 7 þæt heoldon mid micelre unsybbe 7 .ii. folcgefeoht gefuhton 7 þæt land oft 7 gelome forbærndon 7 æghwæðer oþerne oftrædlice utdræfde. 7 þy ilcan gere ðe se here for forð upp ofer ða bricge æt Paris, Æþelm ealdorman lædde Wessexena ælmessan 7 Ælfredes cinges to Rome.
889 Her lædde Beocca ealdormann Wessexena ælmessan 7 Ælfredes cinges to Rome, 7 Æðelswið cwen, seo wæs Ælfredes sweostor cinges, forðferde 7 hire lic lið æt Pauian, 7 þy ilcan gere Æþered arcebisceop 7 Aþelwold ealdormann forðferdon on anum monþe.
890 Her on þysum geare næs nan færeld to Rome buton twegen hleaperas Ælfred cing sende mid gewritum.
891 Her lædde Beornhelm abbud Wessexena ælmessan to Rome 7 Ælfredes cinges, 7 Godrum se norðerna cing forðferde, þæs fulluhtnama wæs Æðestan, se wæs Ælfredes cinges godsunu, 7 he bude on Eastenglum 7 þæt land ærest gesæt. 7 þy ilcan gere for se here of Signe to Sant Loðdan, þæt is betuh Bryttum 7 Francum, 7 Bryttas him wið gefuhton 7 sige hæfdon, 7 hie bedrifon ut on ane ea 7 mænige adrencton.
892 Her for se here east, 7 Earnulf cing gefeaht wið þam rædehere ær þa scipu comon mid Eastfrancum 7 Seaxum 7 Bægerum, 7 hine geflymde. 7 ðry Scottas comon to Ælfrede cinge on anum bate butan ælcum gereðrum of Hibernia, þonon hie hie bestælon forþon þe hi woldon for Godes lufun on elþeodinesse beon, hi ne rohton hwær. Se bat wæs geworht of þriddan healfre hyde þe hi on foron, 7 hi namon mid him þæt hi hæfdon to .vii. nihtum mete, 7 ða comon hi embe .vii. niht to lande on Cornwealum 7 foron þa sona to Ælfrede cinge, þus hi wæron genemnede, Dubslane 7 Machbethu 7 Mælinmumin. 7 Swifneh, se betsta lareow þe on Scottum wæs, gefor. 7 þy ilcan geare ofer Eastron embe gandagas oþþe ær ætywde se steorra þe man on bocleden het cometa, sume menn cweþað on Englisc þæt hit si fexede steorra, forðam þær stent lang leoma of, hwilum on ane healfe, hwilum on ælce healfe.
893 Her on þisum geare for se micla here ðe we gefyrn ær embe spræcon eft on þam eastrice westweard to Bunan, 7 þær wurdon gescypude swa þæt hi asetton hi on ænne sið ofer mid horsum mid ealle, 7 þa comon upp on Limene muðan mid .cc. scypa. Se muða is on easteweardre Cent on þæs ilcan wuda eastende þe we Andred hataþ, se wudu is westlang 7 eastlang .cxx. mila lang oððe lengra 7 .xxx. mila brad, seo ea þe we ær embe spræcon lið ut of þam wealde. On þa ea hi tugon upp hira scypu oþ þone weald .iiii. mila fram ðam muþan uteweardun 7 þær abræcon an geweorc inne; on þam fæstene sæton feawa cyrlisce menn on, 7 wæs samworht. Þa sona æfter þam com Hæsten mid .lxxx. scypa upp Temese muþan 7 worhte him geweorc æt Middeltune, 7 se oþer here æt Apuldre.
894 On ðys gere, þæt wæs embe .xii. monað þæs ðe hi on þam eastrice weorc geworht hæfdon, Norþa<n>hymbre 7 Eastengle Ælfrede cinge aþas geseald hæfdon 7 Eastengle foregisla .vi., 7 ðeah ofer þa treowa swa <oft swa> þa oðre hergeas mid ealle herge ut foron, þonne foron hi mid oþþe on oðre healfe. 7 þa gegadorode Ælfred cing his fyrd 7 for þæt he gewicode betuh þam hergum þær ðær he nehst rymet hæfde for wudufæstene 7 for wæterfæstene swa þæt he mihte ægðerne geræcon gif hi ænigne feld secean woldon. Þa foran hie siððan æfter þam wealde hloðum 7 flocradum be swa hwæðere efes swa hit þonne fyrdleas wæs, 7 hi mon eac mid oþrum folcum sohte mæstra daga ælce, oþþe on dæg oððe on niht, ge of þære fyrde ge eac of þam burgum. Hæfde se cing his fyrd on tuw tonumen swa þæt hi wæron symble healfe æt ham, healfe ute, buton þam mannum ðe þa burga heoldon. Ne com se here oftor eall ute of ðam setum þonne tuwa, oþre siðe þa hi ærest to lande comon ær seo fyrd gesamnod wære, oðre siþe ða hi of þam gesetum faran woldon. Þa hi gefengon micle herehyþe, 7 ða woldon ferian norðweardes ofer Temese innan Eastsexe ongen þa scypu. Ða forrad seo fyrd hi foran 7 him wið gefeaht æt Fearnhamme 7 þone here geflymde, 7 þa herehiþe ahræddon, 7 hie flugon ofer Temese butan ælcum forda, þa upp be Calne on anne iggeoð. Þa besæt seo fyrd hi þær utan þa hwile ðe hi lengest mete hæfdon, ac hi hæfdon þa hyra stemninge gesetene 7 hyra mete genotodne, 7 wæs se cing þa þæderweardnes on fære mid þære scire þe mid him selfum fyrdode. Þa he ðæderweardnes wæs, 7 seo oþru fyrd wæs hamweard, 7 ða Deniscan sæton þær behindon, forþon hyra cing wæs gewundod on þam gefeohte þæt hi hyne ne mihton ferian. Ða gegaderodon ða þe on Norðhymbrum bugeað 7 on Eastenglum sum hund scypa 7 foron suð ymbutan 7 ymbsæton an geweorc on Defnascire be þære norðsæ, 7 þe suðan ymbutan foron ymbsæton Exanceaster. Þa se cing þæt hyrde, þa wende he hine west wið Exanceastres mid ealre þære fyrde butan swiðe gewealdenum dæle easteweardes þæs folces. Þa foron forð oþ hi comon to Lundenbyrig 7 ða, mid þam burhwarum 7 mid þam fultume ðe him westan com, foran east to Beamfleote. Wæs ða Hæsten þær cumen mid his herge þe ær æt Middeltune sæt, 7 eac se micla here wæs ða þærto cumen ðe ær on Limene muþan sæt æt Apuldre. Hæfde Hæsten ær geworht þæt geweorc æt Beamfleote, 7 wæs þa ut afaren on hergeað, 7 wæs se micla here æt ham. Þa foron hi to 7 geflymdon þone here 7 þæt geweorc abræcon 7 genamun eall þæt ðær binnan wæs, ge on feo ge on wifum ge eac on bearnum, 7 brohton eall inn to Lundenbyrig 7 ða scypu ealle oþþe tobræcon oððe forbærndon oþþe to Lundenbyrig brohton oððe to Hrofesceastre. 7 Hæstenes wif 7 his .ii. suna man brohte to þam cinge, 7 he hi eft him agef, forðan þe hyra wæs oðer his godsunu, oþer Æðeredes ealdormannes, hæfdon hi hyra onfangen ær Hæsten to Beamfleote come, 7 he him hæfde geseald aþas 7 gislas, 7 se cing him eac wel feoh sealde 7 eac swa ða he ðone cniht agef 7 þæt wif. Ac sona swa hi to Beamfleote comon 7 þæt geweorc geworht hæfdon, swa hergode he his rice þone ilcan ende þe Æðered his cumpæder healdan sceolde, 7 eft oþre siðe he wæs on hergeoþ gelend on þæt ilce rice ða man his weorc abræc. Þa se cing hine west wende mid þære fyrde wið Exanceastres, swa ic ær sæde, 7 se here ða burh beseten hæfde, þa he ðær to gefaren wæs, þa eodon hi to hyra scypum. Ða he wið þone here ðær west abysgod wæs 7 ða hergeas wæron þa begen gegadrode to Sceabyrig on Eastsexum 7 ðær geweorc worhtan, foron þa begen ætgædre upp be Temese, 7 him com to micel eaca ægþer ge of Eastenglum ge of Norðhymbrum. Þa gegadrode Æþered ealdormann 7 Æðelelm ealdormann 7 Æþelnoð ealdormann, 7 þa cingas ðegnas þe ða æt ham wæron æt þam geweorcum, of ælcere byrig be eastan Pedredan, ge be westan Sealwuda, ge be eastan, ge eac be norðan Temese, 7 be westan Sæfern, ge eac sum dæl þæs Norðweallcynnes. Þa hi ða gegadrode wæron ealle, ða offoron hi þone here hindon æt Buttingtune on Sæferne staðe 7 hine þær utan besæton on ælce healfe on anum fæstenne. Ða hi þa ðær fela wucena sæton on twa healfa þære ea, 7 se cing wæs west on Defnum wið þone scyphere, ða wæron hi mid metelieste gewægde, 7 hæfdon þa micelne dæl þara horsa freten, 7 ða oþre wæron hungre acwolen. Þa eodon hi ut to þam mannum þe on east healfe ðære ea wicodon 7 him wið gefuhton, 7 þa Cristenon hæfdon sige. 7 þær wearð Ordeh cinges þegn ofslegen, 7 eac mænige oðre cinges þegnas, 7 þara Deniscra þær wearð swyþe micel geslegen, 7 þe dæl þe ðær on weg com wurdon on fleame generede. Þa hi ða on Eastsexe comon to hyra geweorce 7 to hira scypum, þa gegadrode seo laf eft of Eastenglum 7 of Norðhymbrum micelne here onforan winter, 7 befæstan hyra wif 7 hyra scipu 7 hyra feoh on Eastenglum, 7 foron anstreces dæges 7 nihtes þæt hi gedydon on anre westre ceastre on Wirhealum seo is Liegecester gehaten. Þa ne mihte seo fyrd hi na hindan offaran ær hi wæron inne on þam geweorce, besæton ðeah þæt geweorc sume .ii. dagas, 7 genamon ceapes eall þæt ðær butan wæs, 7 þa menn ofslogon þe hi foran forridan mihton buton þam geweorce, 7 þæt corn eall forbærndon 7 mid hyra horsum frettan on ælcre efennehþe. 7 þæt wæs embe .xii. monaþ þæs ðe hi ær hider ofer sæ comon.
895 Ond þa sona æfter þam on ðysum geare for se here of Wirheale innan Norðwealas forðam hi þær sittan ne mihton, þæt wæs forþy ðe hi wæron benumen ægþer ge ðæs ceapes ge þæs cornes þe hi gehergod hæfdon. Þa hi eft of Norðwealum wendon mid þære herehyþe ðe hi þær genumen hæfdon, þa foron hi ofer Norðhymbra land 7 on Eastengle swa swa seo fyrd hi geræcan ne mihte, oðþæt hi comon on Eastsexena land easteweard on an igland þæt is ute on þære sæ þæt is Meresig haten. 7 ða se here eft hamweard wende þe Exanceaster besetan hæfde, þa hergodon hi upp on Suðseaxum neah Cisseceastre, 7 þa burhware hi geflymdon 7 hira mænig hund ofslogon 7 hira scipu sume genamon. Þa ðy ilcan geare on foreweardne winter þa Deniscan þe on Meresigge sæton tugon hyra scipu upp on Temese 7 þa upp on Ligenan. Þæt wæs embe twa gear þæs ðe hi hider ofer sæ comon.
896 Ond þy ilcan geare worhte se foresprecena here geweorc be Ligenan .xx. mila bufan Lundenbyrig. Þa ðæs on sumera foron micel dæl þara burhwara 7 eac swa oþres folces þæt hi gedydon æt þæra Deniscra geweorce, 7 þær wurdon geflymde 7 sume .iiii. cinges þegnas ofslegene. Þa ðæs on hærfeste wicode se cing on neaweste þære byrig þa hwile ðe hi hyra corn geripon, þæt ða Deniscan him ne mihton þæs ripes forwyrnan. Þa sume dæge rad se cing upp be ðære ea 7 gehawode hwær man mihte þa ea forwyrcan þæt hi ne mihton þa scipu ut bringan, 7 hi ða swa didon, worhton twa geweorc on twa healfe þære ea. Þa hi þæt geweorc furþum ongunnen hæfdon, þa onget se here þæt hi ne mihton ða scipu ut bringon. Þa forleton hi þa scypu 7 eodon ofer land, þæt hi gedydon æt Cwatbricge be Sæfern, 7 þæt geweorc worhton. Ða rad seo ferd æfter þam herge, 7 þa menn of Lundenbyrig gefetedon þa scypu, 7 þa ealle þe hi alædan ne mihton hi tobræcon, 7 þa ðe þær stælweorðe wæron binnan Lundenbyrig gebrohton. 7 þa Dæniscan hæfdon hyra wif befæst innan Eastengle ær hi ut of þam geweorce foron. Þa sæton hi þone winter æt Bricge. Þæt wæs embe þreo gear þæs ðe hi on Limene muþan hider ofer sæ comon.
897 Ond þæs on sumera on þysum geare tofor se here, sum on Eastengle, sum on Norðhymbre, 7 þa ðe feohlease wæron him þær scypu begeatun 7 suð ofer sæ foron to Signe. Næfde se here, Godes þances, Angelcynnes ealles full swiðe gebrocod, ac hi wæron micle swiþor gebrocode on þam þrim gearum mid ceapes cwylde 7 manna, ealra swiðost mid þam þæt monige ðara selestra cinges þegna þe ðær on lande wæron forðferdon on þam þrim gearum. Ðara wæs sum Swiþulf bisceop on Hrofesceastre, 7 Ceolmund ealdormann on Cent, 7 Beorhtulf ealdormann on Eastsexum, 7 Ealhheard bisceop æt Dorceceastre, 7 Eadulf cinges þegn on Suðseaxum, 7 Beornulf wicgerefa on Wintanceastre, 7 Ecgulf cinges horsten, 7 monige to eacan him, þeah ic þa geþungenestan nemde. Ðy ilcan gere drehton þa hergeas on Eastenglum 7 on Norðhymbrum Wessexena land swiþe be þam suðstaþe mid stælhergeum, ealra swiþost mid þam æscum þe hi fela geara ær timbredon. Þa het Ælfred cing timbrian lange scipu ongen þa æscas, þa wæron full neah twa swa lange swa þa oðre, sume hæfdon .lx. ara, sume ma, þa wæron ægþer geswiftran ge unwealtran ge eac hearran þonne þa oðre, næron hi naþor ne on Frysisc gesceapen ne on Denisc, buton swa him selfum þuhte þæt hi nytweorþoste beon mihton. Þa æt sumun cyrre þæs ilcan geres comon þær .vi. scypu to Wiht 7 þær micel yfel gedydon, ægþær ge on Defenum ge welhwær be þam særiman. Þa het se cing faran mid nigonum to þara niwra scypa, 7 forforon him þone muþan foran on utermere, ða foron hi mid þrim scypum ut ongean hi, .iii. stodon æt ufeweardum þam muþan on driggum, wæron þa menn upp on lande of agane. Þa gefengon hi þara ðreora scypu twa æt þam muþan uteweardum, 7 þa menn ofslogon, 7 þæt an oðwand, on þam wæron eac ða menn ofslegene butan .v., þa comon forþy onweg ðe þara oðerra scypu asæton, ða wurdon eac uneaþelice aseten, .iii. asæton on þa healfe þæs deopes þe ða Deniscan scypu aseten wæron, 7 þa ealle on oðre healfe, þæt hyra ne mihte nan to oðrum. Ac þa þæt wæter wæs aebbod fela furlanga fram þam scypum, þa eodon þa Deniscan fram ðam oðrum þrim scypum to þam oðrum þrim þe on hyra healfe wæron beebbode, 7 hi þa ðær gefuhton, 7 þær wearð ofslegen Lucuman cinges gerefa 7 Wulfheard Frysa 7 Æbbe Frysa 7 Æþelere Frysa 7 Æþelferð, cinges geneat, 7 ealra manna Frysiscra 7 Engliscra .lxii., 7 ðara Deniscra .cxx. Þa com þam Deniscan scypum þeah ær flod to, ær þa Cristenan mihton hira ut ascufan, 7 hi forði ut oþreowon. Þa wæron hi to ðam gesargode þæt hi ne mihton Suðsexana land utan berowan, ac hira þær twa sæ on land wearp, 7 ða menn mon lædde to Winteceaster to þam cinge, 7 he hi þær ahon het, 7 þa menn comon on Eastengle þe on ðam anum scype wæron swyðe forwundode. Þy ilcan sumera forwearð na læs þonne .xx. scypa mid mannum mid ealle be ðam suðriman. Þy ilcan geare forðferde Wulfric cinges horsþegn, se wæs wealhgerefa.
898 Her on þysum geare gefor Æþelm Wiltunscire ealdormann nigon nihtum ær middan sumera, 7 her forðferde Ealhstan, se wæs on Lundenne bisceop.
901 Her gefor Ælfred Aþulfing .vi. nihtum ær Ealra Halgena mæssan, se wæs cing ofer eall Angelcynn butan þam dæle þe under Dena anwealde wæs, 7 he heold þæt rice oþrum healfum geare læs þe .xxx. wintra, 7 þa feng Eadweard his sunu to rice. 7 þa gerad Aþelwold æþeling his fæderan sunu þone ham æt Winburnan, 7 æt Tweoxneam, þæs cinges unþances 7 his witena. Þa rad se cing mid fyrde oð he gewicode æt Baddanbyrig wið Winburnan, 7 Aþelwold sæt binnan þam ham mid þam mannum þe him to gebugon, 7 he hæfde ealle ða gatu forworhte inn to him, 7 sæde þæt he wolde oþþe ðær libban oððe þær licgean. Þa under þam þa rad se æþeling on niht aweg 7 gesohte þone here on Norðhymbrum, 7 hi hine underfengon hym to cinge 7 him to bugon. Þa berad mann þæt wif þæt he hæfde ær genumen butan þæs cinges leafe 7 ofer þara bisceopa gebodu, forðon heo wæs ær to nunnan gehalgod. 7 on þys ilcan gere forðferde Æþered, wæs on Defnum ealdormann, .iiii. wucan ær Ælfred cing.
903 Her gefor Aþulf ealdormann, Ealhswiðe broþor, Eadwerdes modor cinges, 7 Uirgilius abbud of Scottum 7 Grimbold mæssepreost.
904 Her com Aþelwold hider ofer sæ mid eallum þam flotan þe he begitan mihte, 7 him to gebogen wæs on Eastsexum.
905 Her gelædde Aþelwold þone here on Eastenglum to unfriðe, þæt hi hergodon ofer eall Myrcna land oþ hi comon to Creaccgelade, 7 foron þær ofer Temese 7 namon ægþer ge on Brædene ge ðær onbutan eall þæt hi gehenton meahton, 7 wendon þa eft hamweard. Þa for Eadweard cing æfter, swa he raþost mihte his fyrde gegadrian, 7 oferhergode eall hyra land betweoh dicum 7 Wusan eall oþ fennas norð. Þa he eft þanon faran wolde, þa het he beodan ofer ealle þa fyrd, þæt hi foron ealle ut ætsomne. Þa ætsætan þa Centiscan þær beæftan ofer his bebod 7 .vii. ærendracan he him hæfde to asend. Þa befor se here hi ðær, 7 hi þær gefuhton, 7 þær wearð Sigulf ealdormann ofslegen 7 Sigelm ealdormann 7 Eadwold cinges þegn 7 Cenulf abbud 7 Sigebriht Sigulfes sunu 7 Eadwold Accan sunu 7 mænige eac to him, þeah ic þa geþungnestan nemde, 7 on þara Deniscra healfe wæs ofslegen Eohric cing 7 Aþelwold æþeling, þe hi him to cinge gecuron, 7 Beorhsige, Beorhtnoþes sunu æþelinges, 7 Ysopo hold 7 Oscytel hold 7 swiðe mænig eac mid him, þe we nu genemnan ne magon. 7 ðær wæs on gehwæþere hand micel wæl geslegen, 7 þara Deniscra wearð ma ofslegen, þeah hi wælstowe geweald ahton. 7 Ealhswið gefor þy ilcan gere.
906 Her on ðisum gere gefor Ælfred, wæs æt Ba<þ>um gerefa. 7 on þam ilcan gere man gefæstnode þone frið æt Yttingaforda, swa swa Eadweard cing gerædde, ægþer ge wið Eastengle ge wið Norðhymbre.
909 Her gefor Denulf se wæs on Winteceastre bisceop.
910 Her feng Friðestan to bisceopdome on Winteceastre, 7 Asser gefor æfter þam, se wæs æt Scireburnan bisceop. 7 þy ilcan gere sende Eadweard cing fyrde ægþer ge of Wessexum ge of Myrcum, 7 heo gehergode swiðe micel on þam norðhere ægþer ge on mannum ge on gehwilcum yrfe, 7 mænige menn ofslogon þara Deniscra, 7 þær wæron .v. wucan inne.
911 Her bræc se here þone frið on Norðhymbrum 7 forsawan ælc riht þe Eadweard cing 7 his witan him budon, 7 hergodon ofer Myrcna land, 7 se cing hæfde gegadorod sum hund scypa, 7 wæs ða on Cent, 7 þa scipu foron be suþan east andlang sæ togenes him. Þa wende se here þæt his fultumes se mæsta dæl wære on þam scypum, 7 þæt hi mihton unbefohtone faran þær ðær hi woldon. Þa geahsode se cing þæt þæt hi on hergeað foron, þa sende his fyrde ægþer ge of Wessexum ge of Myrcum, 7 hi offoron þone here hindan, þa he hamweard wæs, 7 him wið gefuhton 7 ðone here geflymdon 7 his fela ðusenda ofslogon. 7 þær wæs Eowils cing ofslegen 7 Healfden cing 7 Ohter eorl 7 Scurfa eorl 7 Oðulf hold 7 Benesing hold 7 Anlaf se swearta 7 Þurferð hold 7 Osferð hlytte 7 Guðferð hold 7 Agmund hold 7 Guðferð.
912 Her gefor Æþered ealdormann on Myrcum. 7 Eadweard cing feng to Lundenbyrig 7 to Oxnaforda 7 to eallum þam landum þe ðærto hyrdon.
913 Her on þys gere embe Martines mæssan het Eadweard cing atimbran ða norðran burh æt Heortforda betweoh Meran 7 Beneficcean 7 Ligenan. 7 þa æfter ðam þæs on sumera betweox gandagum 7 middansumera for Eadweard cing mid sumum his fultume on Eastsexe to Mældune 7 wicode þær ða hwile þe man ða burh worhte 7 getimbrode æt Witham, 7 him beah god dæl þæs folces to þe ær under Deniscra manna anwealde wæron, 7 sum his fultum worhte þa burh þa hwile æt Heortforda on suðhealfe Ligean.
914 Her on geare rad se here ut ofer Eastron of Hamtune 7 of Ligreceastre 7 bræcon þone frið, 7 slogon mænige menn æt Hocenertune 7 þær onbutan. 7 ða swiðe raþe æfter þam, swa ða oðre ham comon, þa fundon hi oðre f<lo>crade þæt rad ut wið Ligtunes, 7 þa wurdon þa landleode his gewære 7 him wið gefuhton, 7 gebrohton hi on fullan fleame 7 ahreddon eall þæt hi genumen hæfdon 7 eac hira horsa 7 hira wæpna micelne dæl.
915 Her on þysum gere com micel scyphere hider ofer suðan of Lidwiccum, 7 .ii. eorlas mid, Ohter 7 Hraold, 7 foron þa west onbutan þæt hi gedydon on Sæfernmuþan 7 hergodon on Norðwealas æghwær be þam staðum þær hi þonne onhagode, 7 gefengon Camelgeac bisceop on Yrcingafelda 7 læddon hine mid hym to scypum, 7 þa alysde Eadweard cing hine mid .xl. pundon. Þa æfter ðam þa for se here eall up 7 wolde faran þa gyt on hergoð wið Yrcingafeldes. Þa gemetton þa menn hi of Hereforda 7 of Gleweceastre 7 of ðam nehstan burgum, 7 him wið gefuhton 7 hi geflymdon, 7 ofslogon þone eorl Hraold 7 ðæs oþres eorles broþor, Ohteres, 7 micel þæs heres, 7 bedrifon hi on anne pearroc 7 besæton hi þærutan oþ hi him sealdon gislas þæt hi of ðæs cinges anwealde faran woldon. 7 se cing hæfde fundon þæt him man sæt wið on healfe Sæfernmuþan westan fram Wealum, east oð Afene muþan, þæt hine dorston þæt land nawern on þa healfe gesecan. Þa bestælon hi hi þeah nihtes upp æt sumum twam cirrum, æt oþrum cyrre be eastan Weced, æt oðrum cyrre æt Portlocan. Þa sloh hi mon æt ægþrum cyrre, þæt hyra feawa on weg comon buton þa ane þe ðær ut ætswymman mihton to þam scypum. 7 þa sæton hi ute on ðam iglande æt Steapan Reolice oþ þone ferst þe hi wurdon swiðe metelease, 7 monige menn hungre acwolen, forðon hine mihton nanne mete geræcan, foron ða þanon to Deomedum 7 þanon to Yrlande, 7 þis wæs on hærfest. 7 þa æfter ðam on þam ilcan gere ætforan Martines mæssan þa for Eadweard cing to Buccingahamme mid his fyrde 7 sæt þær .iiii. wucan 7 geworhte þa byrig buta on ægðer healfe eas ær he þanon fore. 7 Þurcytel eorl hine gesohte him to hlaforde, 7 þa eorlas ealle, 7 ða yldestan menn þe to Bedaforda hyrdon, 7 eac mænige þara ðe to Hamtune hyrdon.
902 (Mercian Register) Her Ealhswið forðferde. 7 þy ilcan gere wæs þæt gefeoht æt þam Holme Cantwara 7 þara Deniscra.
904 (Mercian Register) Her mona aþystrode.
905 (Mercian Register) Her ætywde cometa.
907 (Mercian Register) Her wæs Ligcester geedniwod.
909 (Mercian Register) Her wæs Sancte Oswaldes lic gelæded of Beardanigge on Myrce.
910 (Mercian Register) On þysum gere Engle 7 Dene gefuhton æt Teotanheale, 7 Engle sige namon. 7 þy ilcan geare Æðelflæd getimbrede þa burh æt Bremesbyrig.
911 (Mercian Register) Ða ðæs oþres geares gefor Æþered Myrcna hlaford.
912 (Mercian Register) Her com Æþelflæd Myrcna hlæfdige on þone halgan æfen Inuentione Sancte Crucis to Scergeate 7 þær ða burh getimbrede, 7 þæs ilcan geares þa æt Bricge.
913 (Mercian Register) Her Gode forgyfendum for Æþelflæd Myrcna hlæfdige mid eallum Myrcum to Tamaweorðige 7 þa burh þær getimbrede on foreweardne sumor, 7 þæs foran to Hlafmæssan þa æt Stæfforda.
914 (Mercian Register) Þa ðæs oþre geare þa æt Eadesbyrig on foreweardne sumor, 7 þæs ilcan geres eft on ufeweardne hærfest þa æt Wæringwicum.
915 (Mercian Register) Þa ðæs oþre geare on ufan midne winter þa æt Cyricbyrig 7 þa æt Weardbyrig, 7 ðy ilcan gere foran to middan wintra þa æt Rumcofan.
916 (Mercian Register) Her wæs Ecgbriht abbud unscyldig ofslegen foran to middan sumera on .xvi. Kalendas Iulii , þy ilcan dæge wæs Sancte Ciricius tid þæs ðroweres, mid his geferum, 7 ðæs embe þreo niht sende Æþelflæd fyrde on Wealas 7 abræc Brecenanmere 7 þær genam ðæs cinges wif feower 7 ðritiga sume.
917 (Mercian Register) Her Æþelflæd Myrcna hlæfdige, Gode fultumgendum, foran to Hlæfmæssan begeat þa burh mid eallum þam ðe þærto hyrde þe ys haten Deoraby, þær wæron eac ofslegene hyre þegna feower ðe hire besorge wæron binnan þam gatum.
918 (Mercian Register) Her heo begeat on hire geweald mid Godes fultume on foreweardne gear gesybsumlice þa burh æt Ligraceastre, 7 se mæsta dæl þæs herges þe ðærto hirde wearð underþeoded. 7 hæfdon eac Eforwicingas hire gehaten, 7 sume on wedde geseald, sume mid aþum gefæstnod þæt hi on hyre rædenne beon woldon. Ac swiðe hrædlice þæs ðe hi þæs geworden hæfde, heo gefor .xii. nihtun ær middan sumera binnan Tamaweorþige ðy eahtoþan geare þæs ðe heo Myrcna anweald mid riht hlaforddome healdende wæs, 7 hyre lic lið binnan Gleawcestre on þam east portice Sancte Petres cyrcean.
919 (Mercian Register) Her eac wearð Æþeredes dohtor Myrcna hlafordes ælces anwealdes on Myrcum benumen, 7 on Westsexe aleded þrim wucum ær middan wintra, seo wæs haten Ælfwyn.
919 (Mercian Register) Here also was the daughter of Ethelred, the lord of the Mercians, deprived of all power in Mercia, and was taken into Wessex three weeks before mid winter, she was called Ælfwyn.
921 (Mercian Register) Her Eadweard cing getimbrede þa burh æt Cledemuþan.
921 Here king Eadweard built the borough at Clede mouth.
924 (Mercian Register) Her Eadweard cing gefor on Myrcum æt Fearndune, 7 Ælfwerd his sunu swiðe hraðe þæs gefor æt Oxnaforda, 7 hira lic lið æt Wintanceastre. 7 Æþelstan wæs of Myrcum gecoren to cinge 7 æt Cingestune gehalgod, 7 he geaf his sweostor.
934 Her for Æþelstan cing on Scotland, ægþer ge mid landhere ge mid scyphere, 7 his micel oferhergode.
937 Her Æþelstan cing, eorla drihten,
beorna beahgyfa, 7 his broðor eac,
Eadmund æþeling, ealdorla<n>gne tir
geslogon æt sæcce swurda ecgum
embe Brunnanburh. Bordweall clufon,
heowon heaþolinda hamora lafum,
aforan Eadweardes, swa him geæþele wæs
fram cneomægum, þæt hi æt campe oft
wið laþra gehwæne land ealgodon,
hord 7 hamas. Hettend crungon,
Scotta leode 7 scypflotan
fæge feollan, feld dennade
secga swate, siððan sunne upp
on morgentid, mære tungol,
glad ofer grundas, Godes candel beorht,
eces Drihtnes, oþ seo æþele gesceaft
sah to setle. þær læg secg monig
garum ageted, guman norðerne
ofer scyld scoten, swilce Scyttisc eac,
werig wigges sæd. 7 Wessexe forð
andlangne dæg eoredcystum
on last legdon laþum ðeodon,
heowon hereflymon hindan þearle
mecum mylenscearpum. Myrce ne wyrndon
heardes handplegan hæleþa nanum
þara ðe mid Anlafe ofer eargebland
on liþes bosme land gesohton,
fæge to gefeohte. Fife lagon
on þam campstede cingas geonge,
sweordum aswefde, swilce .vii. eac
eorlas Anlafes, 7 unrim herges,
flotan 7 Scotta. þær geflymed wearð
Norðmanna brego, neade gebæded,
to lides stefne lytle werode;
cread cnear on flot, cinging ut gewat
on fealone flod, feorh generode.
Swilce þær eac se froda mid fleame com
on his cyððe norð, Costantinus,
har hilderinc, hreman ne ðorfte
meca gemanan; her wæs his maga sceard,
freonda gefylled on his folcstede,
beslegen æt sæcce, 7 his sunu forlet
on wælstowe wundum forgrunden,
geongne æt guþe. Gylpan ne þorfte
beorn blandenfex billgeslihtes,
eald inwitta, ne Anlaf þy ma;
mid hyra herelafum hlihhan ne ðorftun
þæt hi beadoweorca beteran wurdon
on campstede cumbolgehnastes,
garmittinge, gumena gemotes,
wæpengewrixles, þæs hi on wælfelda
wið Eadweardes aforan plegodon.
Gewiton hym þa Norðmenn negledcnearrum,
dreori dareþa laf, on Dingesmere
ofer deop wæter Dyflin secan,
eft Yraland, æwiscmode.
Swylce þa broðor begen ætsomne,
cing 7 æþeling, cyþþe sohton,
Wessexena land, wigges hremige.
Leton hym behindon hra brittigan
salowigpadan, þone sweartan hrefn,
hyrnednebban, 7 þone hasupadan,
earn æftan hwit, æses brucan,
grædigne guðhafoc 7 þæt græge deor,
wulf on wealde. Ne wearð wæl mare
on þys iglande æfre gyta
folces gefylled beforan þyssum
swurdes ecgum, þæs ðe us secgað bec,
ealde uþwitan, siððan eastan hider
Engle 7 Sexe upp becomon,
ofer brade brimu Bretene sohton,
wlance wigsmiðas, Wealas ofercomon,
eorlas arhwate eard begeaton.
940 Her Æþelstan cing forðferde on .vi. Kalendas Novembris embe .xl. wintra butan anre nihte þæs ðe Ælfred cing forðferde, 7 Eadmund æþeling feng to rice, 7 he wæs ða .xviii. wintre, 7 Æþelstan cing ricsode .xiiii. gear 7 .x. wucan.
942 Her Eadmund cing, Engla þeoden,
mecga mundbora, Myrce geeode,
dyre dædfruma, swa Dor sceadeþ,
Hwitanwyllesgeat 7 Hunbran ea,
brada brimstream. burga fife,
Ligeracester 7 Lindcylne
Snotingaham, swilce Stanford eac
7 Deoraby. Dene wæron æror
under Norðmannum nyde gebæded
on hæþenra hæfteclommum
lange þrage, oþ hi alysde eft
for his weorðscype wiggendra hleo,
afora Eadweardes, Eadmund cing.
Her Eadmund cing onfeng Onlafes cinges æt fullwihte, 7 þy ilcan gere embe tela micelne ferst he onfeng Rægnoldes cinges æt bisceopes handa.
944 Her Eadmund cing geeode eall Norðhymbra land him to gewealde, 7 aflymde ut .ii. cingas, Anlaf Sihtrices sunu 7 Rægnold Guþferðes sunu.
945 Her Eadmund cing oferhergode eall Cumbra land 7 hit let eall to Malculme Scotta cinge on þæt gerad þæt he wære his midwyrhta ægþer ge on sæ ge on lande.
946 Her Eadmund cing forðferde on Sancte Augustines mæssedæg, 7 he hæfde rice seofoþe healf gear, 7 þa feng Eadred æþeling his broðor to rice, 7 gerad eall Norðhymbra land him to gewealde, 7 Scottas him aþas sealdon þæt hi eall woldon þæt he wolde.
956 Her forðferde Eadred cing, 7 Eadwi feng to rice.
957 Her Eadgar æþeling feng to Myrcna rice.
959 Her forðferde Eadwig cing, 7 Eadgar his broþor feng to rice, ægðer ge on Wessexum ge on Myrcum ge on Norðhymbrum, 7 he wæs þa .xvi. wintre.
971 Her forðferde Oskitel arcebisceop, se wæs ærest to Dorkeceastre to leodbisceope gehalgod 7 eft to Eoferwicceastre be Eadweardes cinges unnan 7 be ealra his witena þæt he wæs to arcebisceope gehalgod. 7 he wæs twa 7 .xx (ii) . wintra bisceop, 7 he forðferde on Ealra Halgena mæsseniht .x. nihton ær Martines mæssan æt Tame, 7 Þurkytel abbud, his mæg, ferede þæs bisceopes lic to Bedanforda forþan ðe he wæs þa þær abbud on þone timan.
972 Her forðferde Eadmund æþeling.
974 Her Eadgar wæs, Engla waldend,
corþre myccclum to kinge gehalgod
on þære ealdan byrig, Acemannesceastre;
eac hie egbuend oþre worde
beornas Baþan nemneð. Þær wæs blis micel
on þam eadgan dæge eallum geworden,
þone niþa bearn nemnað 7 cegeaþ
Pentecostenes dæg. Þær wæs preosta heap,
mycel muneca þreat, mine gefræge,
gleawra gegadorod. 7 þa agangen wæs
tyn hund wintra geteled rimes
fram gebyrdtide bremes cinges,
leohta hirdes, butan þær to lafe ða get
wæs wintergetæles, þæs ðe gewritu secgað,
seofan 7 .xx., swa neah wæs sigora frean
þusend aurnen, þa ða þis gelamp.
7 him Eadmundes eafora hæfde
nigen 7 .xx., niðweorca heard,
wintra on wurulde, þa ðis geworden wæs,
7 þa on þam ðittigeþan wæs ðeoden gehalgod.
975 Her geendode eorþan dreamas:
Eadgar Angla cing ceas him oþer leoht,
wlytig 7 winsum, 7 ðis wace forlet,
lif þis læne. Nemnað leoda bearn,
menn on moldan, þone monað gehwær
on þysse eþeltyrf, þa ðe ær wæron
on rimcræfte rihte getogene,
Iulius monþ, ðær se geonga gewat
on þone eahtoþan dæg Eadgar of life,
beorna beahgifa. Feng his bearn siððan
to cynerice, cild unwexen,
eorla aldor, þam wæs Eadweard nama.
7 him tirfæst hæleð .x. nihtum ær
of Britene gewat, bisceop se goda,
þurh gecyndne cræft, þam wæs Cyneweard nama.
Þa wearð on Myrcum, mine gefræge,
wide 7 welhwær waldendes lof
afylled on foldan; feala wearð todræfed
gleawra Godes þeowa. Þæt wæs gnornung micel
þam ðe on breostum wæg byrnende lufan
meotodes on mode. Ða wæs mærþa fruma
to swiðe forsawen, sigora waldend,
rodera rædend, þa man his riht tobræc.
Þa wearð eac adræfed deormod hæleþ,
Oslac of earde ofer yþa gewalc,
ofer ganotes bæð, gomolfeax hæleþ,
wis 7 wordsnotor, ofer wætera geþring,
ofer hwæles eþel, hama bereafod.
Þa wearð eac ætywed uppe on roderum
steorra on staþole, þone stiðferhþe,
hæleð higegleawe, hatað wide
cometa be naman, cræftgleawe menn,
wise woðboran. Wæs geond werþeode
waldendes wracu wide gefræge,
hungor ofer hrusan; þæt eft heofona weard
gebette brego engla, geaf eft blisse gehwæm
egbuendra þurh eorðan wæstm.
976 Her on þys geare wæs se miccla hungor on Angelcynne.
977 Her wæs þæt myccle gemot æt Kyrtlingtune ofer Eastron, 7 ðær forðferde Sidemann bisceop on hrædlican deaþe on .ii. Kalendas Maius , se wæs Defnascire bisceop, 7 he wilnode þæt his licræst sceolde beon æt Cridiantune æt his bisceopstole. Þa het Eadweard cing 7 Dunstan arcebisceop þæt hine man ferede to Sancta Marian mynstre, þæt (h)is æt Abbandune, 7 man eac swa dyde, 7 he is eac arwyrðlice bebyrged on þa norð healfe on Sanctus Paulus portice.
978 Her on þysum geare wearð Eadweard cyning gemartyrad, 7 Æþelred æþeling his broðor feng to þam rice, 7 he wæs on þam ylcan geare to cinge gehalgod. On þam geare forðferde Alfwold, se wæs bisceop on Dorsætum, 7 his lic lið on þam mynstre æt Scireburnan.
979 On þys geare wæs Æþelred to cininge gehalgod on þone Sunnandæig feowertyne niht ofer Eastron æt Cingestune, 7 þær wæron æt his halgunge twegen ercebisceopas 7 tyn leodbisceopas. Þy ilcan geare wæs gesewen blodig wolcen on oftsiðas on fyres gelicnesse, 7 þæt wæs swyðost on middeniht oþywed, 7 swa on mistlice beamas wæs gehiwod, þonne hit dagian wolde, þonne toglad hit.
980 Her on þys geare wæs Æþelgar abbod to bisceope gehalgod on .vi. Nonas Mai to þam bisceopstole æt Seolesigge, 7 on þam ylcan geare wæs Suðhamtun forhergod fram scipherige 7 seo burhwaru mæst ofslegen 7 gehæft, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs Tenetland gehergod, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs Legeceasterscir gehergod fram norð scipherige.
981 Her on þys geare wæs Sancte Petrocesstow forhergod, 7 þy ilcan geare wæs micel hearm gedon gehwær be þam særiman, ægþer ge on Defenum ge on Wealum. 7 on þam ylcan geare forðferde Ælfstan bisceop on Wiltunscire, 7 his lic lið on þam mynstre æt Abbandune, 7 Wulfgar feng þa to ðam bisceopdome. 7 on þam ylcan geare forðferde Womær abbod on Gent.
982 Her on þys geare comon upp on Dorsætum .iii. scypu wicinga 7 hergodon on Portlande. Þy ilcan geare forbarn Lundenbyrig, 7 on þam ylcan geare forðferdon twegen ealdormenn, Æþelmær on Hamtunscire 7 Eadwine on Suðseaxum, 7 Æþelmæres lic lið on Wintanceastre on Niwan mynstre 7 Eadwines on þam mynstre æt Abbandune. Þæs ylcan geares forðferdon twa abbodessan on Dorsætum, Herelufu on Sceaftesbyrig 7 Wulfwin on Werham. 7 þy ilcan geare for Odda Romana casere to Greclande 7 þa gemette he þara Sarcena mycele fyrde cuman upp of sæ, 7 woldon þa faran on hergoð on þæt cristene folc, 7 þa gefeaht se casere wið hi, 7 þær wæs micel wæl geslægen on gehwæþere hand, 7 se casere ahte wælstowe geweald, 7 hwæðere he þær wæs micclum geswenced ær he þanon hwurfe, 7 þa he hamweard for. Þa forðferde his broþor sunu, se wæs haten Odda, 7 he wæs Leodulfes sunu æþelinges, 7 se Leodulf wæs þæs ealdan Oddan sunu 7 Eadweardes cininges dohtor sunu.
983 Her forðferde Ælfhere ealdorman, 7 feng Ælfric to þam ilcan ealdordomscipe. 7 Benedictus papa forþferde.
984 Her forðferde Aþelwold bisceop on Kalendas Agustus .
985 Her wæs Ælfric ealdorman ut adræfed of earde. 7 on þam ilcan geare wæs Eadwine to abbode gehalgod to þam mynstre æt Abbandune.
986 Her se cyning fordyde þæt bisceoprice æt Hrofeceastre. Her com ærest se micla yrfcwealm on Angelcyn.
988 Her wæs Wecedport geheregod, 7 Goda se Defenisca þegen ofslagen 7 mycel wæl mid him. Her gefor Dunstan arcebisceop, 7 Æþelgar, bisceop feng æfter him to arcestole, 7 he lytle hwile æfter þæm lyfode, butan .i. gear 7 .iii. monþas.
990 Her Sigeric wæs gehalgod to arcebisceope, 7 Eadwine abbod forðferde, 7 Wulfgar abbod feng to þam rice.
991 Her wæs Gypeswic gehergod, 7 æfter þon swiðe raðe wæs Brihtnoð ealdorman ofslegen æt Mældune. 7 on þam geare man gerædde þæt man geald ærest gafol Denescum mannum for ðam miclan brogan þe hi worhton be ðam særiman, þæt wæs ærest .x. ðusend punda. Þæne ræd gerædde ærest Syric arcebisceop.
992 Her Oswald se haliga arcebisceop forlet þis lif 7 geferde þæt heofenlice, 7 Æþelwine ealdorman gefor on þam ilcan geare. Þa gerædde se cyning 7 ealle his witan þæt man gegadrede ealle ða scipu þe ahtes wæron to Lundenbyrig, 7 se cyning þa betæhte þa fyrde to lædenne Ælfrice ealdormenn 7 Þorede eorlle 7 Ælfstane bisceope 7 Æscwige bisceope, 7 sceoldon cunnian, meahton hy þone here ahwær utan betre<p>pan. Þa sende se ealdorman Ælfric 7 het warnian ðone here, 7 þa on ðære nihte þe hy on ðone dæig togædere fon sceoldan, þa sceoc he on niht fram þære fyrde him sylfum to myclum bysmore, 7 se here ða ætbærst butan an scyp þær man ofsloh. 7 þa gemette se here ða scypu on Eastenglum 7 of Lundene, 7 hi ðær ofgeslogan micel wæl 7 þæt scyp genaman eall gewæpnod 7 gewædod þæt se ealdorman on wæs. 7 ða æfter Oswaldes arcebisceopes forðsiþe feng Ealdulf abbod to Eoforwicstole 7 to Wigernaceastre, 7 Kenulf to ðam abbudrice æt Buruh.
993 Her on þis geare wæs Bebbanburuh abrocen 7 mycel herehyþe ðær genumen, 7 æfter þam com to Humbran muþan se here 7 ðær mycel yfel worhton ægþer ge on Lindesige ge on Norðhymbran. Þa gegaderede man swiðe micle fyrde, 7 þa hi togædere gan sceoldon, þa onstealdan þa heretogan ærest þone fleam, þæt wæs Fræna 7 Godwine 7 Fryþegyst. On þyssum geare het se cyning ablendan Ælfgar, Ælfrices sunu ealdormannes.
994 Her on ðissum geare com Anlaf 7 Swegen to Lundenbyrig on Natiuitas Sanctę Marię mid .iiii. 7 hundnigontigum scypum, 7 hi ða on þa buruh fæstlice feohtende wæron 7 eac hi mid fyre ontendon woldan, ac hi þær geferdon maran hearm 7 yfel þonne hi æfre wendon þæt him ænig buruhwaru gedon sceolde. Ac seo halige Godes modor on þam dæge hire mildheortnesse þære buruhware gecydde, 7 hi ahredde wið heora feondum. 7 hi þanone ferdon 7 worhton þæt mæste yfel ðe æfre æni here gedon meahte on bærnette 7 heregunge 7 on manslyhtum ægþer ge be ðam særiman 7 on Eastseaxum 7 on Kentlande 7 on Suðseaxum 7 on Hamtunscire, 7 æt neaxtan namon him hors 7 ridon him swa wide swa hi woldan 7 unasecgendlice yfel wyrcgende wæron. Þa gerædde se cyning 7 his witan þæt him man tosende 7 him behet gafol 7 metsunge wið þon ðe hi þære heregunge geswicon, 7 hi ða þæt underfengon, 7 com þa eall se here to Hamtune 7 ðær wintersetl namon, 7 hi mon þær fedde geond eall Westseaxena rice, 7 him mon geald feos .xvi. ðusend punda. Þa sende se cyning æfter Anlafe cynge Ælfeah bisceop 7 Æþelweard ealdorman, 7 man gislude þa hwile into þam scipum, 7 hi ða læddon Anlaf mid miclum wurðscipe to þam cyninge to Andeferan, 7 se cyning Æþelred his onfeng æt bisceopes handa 7 him cynelice gifode, 7 him þa Anlaf behet, swa he hit eac gelæste þæt he næfre eft to Angelcynne mid unfriðe cuman nolde.
995 Her on þissum geare æteowde cometa se steorra, 7 Sigeric arcebisceop forðferde.
996 Her on þissum geare wæs Ælfric gehalgod to arcebisceope to Cristes cyrican.
997 Her on ðissum geare ferde se here abutan Defenanscire into Sæfern muðan 7 þær heregodon ægðer ge on Cornwealum 7 on Norðwealum 7 on Defenum, 7 eodon him þa up æt Wecedport 7 þær micel yfel worhton on bærnette 7 on mannslihtum, 7 æfter þam wendon eft abutan Penwiðsteort on þa suðhealfe 7 wendon þa into Tamermuðan 7 eodon þa up oð hi comon to Hlydanforda, 7 ælc þing bærndon 7 slogon þe hi gemitton, 7 Ordulfes mynster Tæfingstoc forbærndon 7 unasecgendlice herehyðe mid him to scypon brohton.
998 Her wende se here eft eastweard into Frommuðan 7 þær æghwær up eodon swa wide swa hi woldon into Dorsæton, 7 man oft fyrde ongean hi gaderede, ac sona swa hi togædere gan sceoldan, þonne wearð þær æfre ðuruh sum þing fleam astiht, 7 æfre hi æt ende sige ahton. 7 þonne oðre hwile lagon him on Wihtlande 7 æton him þa hwile of Hamtunscire 7 of Suðseaxum.
999 Her com se here eft abutan into Temese 7 wendon þa up andlang Me<d>wægan 7 to Hrofeceastre, 7 com þa seo Centisce fyrd þar ongean, 7 hi ða þær fæste togædere fengon, ac wala þæt hi to raðe bugon 7 flugon. 7 þa Deniscan ahton wælstowe geweald, 7 namon þa hors 7 ridan swa hwider swa hi sylf woldon 7 forneah ealle West Kentingas fordydon 7 forheregodon. Ða rædde se cyning wið his witan þæt man sceolde mid scypfyrde 7 eac mid landfyrde hym ongean faran, ac þa ða scipu gearwe wæron, þa ylcodan þa deman fram dæge to dæge 7 swencte þæt earme folc þæt on ðam scipon læg, 7 a, swa hit forðwerdre beon sceolde, swa wæs hit lætre fram anre tide to oþre. 7 a hi leton heora feonda werod wexan, 7 a man rymde fram þære sæ, 7 hi foron æfre forð æfter. 7 þonne æt ðam ende ne beheold hit nan þing, seo scypfyrding ne seo landfyrding, buton folces geswinc 7 feos spylling 7 heora feonda forðbyldung.
1000 Her on þisum geare se cyning ferde in to Cumerlande 7 hit swiðe neah eall forheregode, 7 his scypu wendon ut abutan Legceaster 7 sceoldan cuman ongean hine, ac hi ne meahton. Þa geheregodon hi Monige, 7 se unfriðflota wæs ðæs sumeres gewend to Ricardes rice.
1001 Her com se here to Exanmuðan, 7 eodon þa up to ðære byrig 7 ðær fæstlice feohtende wæron, ac him mon swiðe heardlice wiðstod. Þa wendon hi geond þæt land 7 dydan eal swa hi bewuna wæron, slogon 7 bærndon. Þa gesomnede man þær ormæte fyrde Defenisces folces 7 Sumersætisces folces, 7 hi ða tosomne comon æt Peonnho, 7 sona swa hi togædere coman, þa beah þæt folc, 7 hi ðær mycel wæll ofslogan 7 ridon þa ofer þæt land, 7 wæs æfre heora æftra siþ wyrsa þonne se æra, 7 mid him ða micle herehuðe to scipon brohton. 7 ðanon wendon into Wihtlande 7 ðær him ferdon abutan swa swa hi sylf woldan, 7 him nan þing ne wiðstod, ne him to ne dorste scyphere on sæ, ne landfyrd, ne eodon hi swa feor up. Wæs hit þa on ælce wisan hefig tyme, forðam þe hi næfre hiora yfeles ne geswicon.
1002 Her on ðissum geare se cyning gerædde 7 his witan þæt man sceolde gafol gyldan þam flotan 7 frið wið hi niman wið þon þe hi heora yfeles geswican sceoldan. Þa sende se cyning to þam flotan Leofsige ealdorman, 7 he ða þæs cyninges worde 7 his witena gryð wið hi gesette, 7 þæt hi to metsunge fengon 7 to gafole, 7 hi ða þæt underfengon, 7 him mon ða gegeald .xxiiii. þusend punda. Þa ongemang þissum ofsloh Leofsige ealdorman Æfic þæs cynges heahgerefan, 7 se cyng hine ða utode of earde. 7 þa on ðam ilcan Lenctene com seo hlæfdige Ricardes dohtor hider to lande, 7 on þam ilcan sumera Ealdulf arcebisceop forðferde, 7 on þam geare se cyng het ofslean ealle þa Deniscan men þe on Angelcynne wæron, ðis wæs gedon on Britius mæssedæig, forðam þam cyninge wæs gecyd þæt hi woldan hine besyrwan æt his life 7 siððan ealle his witan 7 habban siþþan þis rice.
1003 Her wæs Exacester tobrocen þuruh þone Frenciscan ceorl Hugan, ðe seo hlæfdige hire hæfde geset to gerefan, 7 se here ða þa buruh mid ealle fordyde 7 micle herehyðe þær genamon. 7 on þam ilcan geare eode se here up into Wiltunscire. Þa gegadere<de> man swiðe micle fyrde of Wiltunscire 7 of Hamtunscire, 7 swiðe anrædlice wið þæs heres werd wæran. Þa sceolde se ealdorman Ælfric lædan þa fyrde, ac he teah ða forð his ealdan wrencas. Sona swa hi wæron swa gehende þæt ægðer here on oþerne hawede, þa gebræd he hine seocne 7 ongan hine brecan to spiwenne 7 cwæð þæt he gesicled wære, 7 swa þæt folc becyrde þæt he lædan sceolde, swa hit gecweden ys, þonne se heretoga wacað, þonne bið eall se here swiðe gehindrad. Þa Swegen geseah þæt hi anræde næron 7 þæt hi ealle toforan, þa lædde he his here into Wiltune, 7 hi þa buruh geheregodon 7 forbærndon, 7 eode him þa to Searbyrig 7 þanone eft to sæ ferde þær he wiste his yðhengestas.
1004 Her com Swegen mid his flotan to Norðwic 7 þa buruh eall geheregode 7 forbærnde. Þa gerædde Ulfcytel wið ða witan on Eastenglum þæt hit betere wære þæt mon wið þone here friðes ceapode ær hi to mycelne hearm on ðam earde gedydon, for ðæm hi unwæres comon 7 he fyrst næfde þæt he his fyrde gegaderede. Þa under ðam griþe þe him betweonan beon sceolde, þa bestæl se here up of scypon 7 wendon hiora fore to Þeodforda. Þa Ulfcytel þæt undergeat, þa sende he þæt mon sceolde þa scipu toheawan, ac hi abruðan þa ðe he to þohte, 7 he ða gegaderede his fyrde digolice swa he swyðost mihte. 7 se here com þa to Ðeodforda binnan .iii. wucan þæs ðe hi ær geheregodon Norðwic, 7 þær binnon .i. niht wæron 7 þa buruh heregodon 7 forbærndon. Þa on mergen, ða hi to scipon woldon, þa <com> Ulfcytel mid his werode þæt hi ðær togædere fon sceoldon, 7 hi þær togædere fæstlice fengon, 7 micel wæl ðær on ægðre hand gefeol. Ðær wearð Eastengla folces seo yld ofslagen, ac gif þæt fulle mægen ðær wære, ne eodon hi næfre eft to scipon, swa hi sylfe sædon, þæt hi næfre wyrsan handplegan on Angelcynne ne gemitton þonne Ulfcytel him to brohte.
1005 Her on þissum geare wæs se micla hungor geond Angelcyn swylce nan man ær ne gemunde swa grimne. 7 se flota ðæs geares gewende of þissum gearde to Denemarce 7 lytelne fyrst let þæt he eft ne com.
1006 Her forðferde Ælfric arcebisceop, 7 Ælfeah, bisceop feng æfter him to ðam arcestole. 7 on þam ilcan geare wæs Wulfgeate eall his ar ongenumen, 7 Wulfeah 7 Ufegeat wæron ablende, 7 Ælfelm ealdorman ofslagen, 7 Kenulf bisceop forðferde. 7 þa ofer þone midne sumor com þa se micla flota to Sandwic 7 dydon eal swa hi ær gewuna wæron, heregodon 7 bærndon 7 slogon swa swa hi ferdon. Þa het se cyng abannan ut ealne þeodscipe of Wesseaxum 7 of Myrcnum, 7 hi lagon ute þa ealne ðone hærfest on fyrdinge ongean þone here, ac hit naht ne beheold þe ma ðe hit oftor ær dide. Ac for eallum þissum se here ferde swa he sylf wolde, 7 seo fyrding dyde þære landleode ælcne hearm þæt him naðer ne dohte, ne inghere ne uthere. Þa hit winter læhte, þa ferde seo fyrd ham. 7 se here com ða ofer ða Sancte Martines mæssan to his friðstole Wihtlande 7 tylode him þær æghwær þæs ðe hi behofedon, 7 þa to ðam middan wintran eodan him to heora gearwan feorme ut þuruh Hamtunscire into Bearrucscire to Readingon, 7 hi a dydon heora ealdan gewunan, atendon hiora herebeacen swa hi ferdon. Wendon þa to Wealingaforda 7 þæt eall forswældon, 7 wæron him ða ane niht æt Ceolesige, 7 wendon him þa (i)andlang Æscesdune to Cwicelmeshlæwe, 7 þær onbidedon beotra gylpa, forðon oft man cwæð, gif hi Cwicelmeshlæw gesohton, þæt hi næfre to sæ gan ne scoldon, wendon him þa oðres weges hamwerd. Þa wæs ðær fyrd gesomnod æt Cynetan, 7 hi þær togædere fengon, 7 sona þæt wered on fleame gebrohton 7 syþþan hiora herehyþe to sæ feredan, ac þær mihton geseon Wincesterleode rancne here 7 unearhne ða hi be hiora gate to sæ eodon, 7 mete 7 madmas ofer .l. mila him fram sæ fetton. Þa wæs se cyning gewend ofer Temese into Scrobbesbyrigscire 7 nam þær his feorme in þære middes wintres tide. Ða wearð hit swa micel ege fram þam here þæt man ne mihte geþencan 7 ne asmeagan hu man hi of earde adrifan sceolde oþþe ðisne eard wið hi gehealdan, forðan þe hi hæfdon ælce scire on Wesseaxum stiðe gemearcod mid bryne 7 mid heregunge. Agan se cyning þa georne to smeagenne wið his witan hwæt him eallum rædlicust þuhte þæt mon ðissum earde gebeorhgan mihte ær he mid ealle fordon wurde. Þa gerædde se cyng 7 his witan eallum þeodscype to þearfe, þeah hit him eallum lað wære, þæt man nyde moste þam here gafol gildan. Þa sende se cyning to þam here 7 him cyðan het þæt he wolde þæt him grið betweonon beon sceolde 7 him mon gafol gulde 7 metsunge syllan sceolde, 7 hi ða ealle þæt underfengon, 7 hi ma<n> metsode þa geond Angelcyn.
1007 Her on ðissum geare wæs þæt gafol gelæst þam here, þæt wæs .xxxvi. þusend punda. On þissum geare eac wæs Eadric geset to ealdormen geond Myrcna rice.
1008 Her bebead se cyng þæt man sceolde ofer eall Angelcyn scypu fæstlice wyrcan, þæt is ðonne of þrim hund hidum 7 of tynum ænne scegð 7 of .viii. hidum helm 7 byrnan.
1009 Her on þissum geare wurdan þa scypu gearwe ðe we ær ymbbe spræcon, 7 hiora wæs swa feala swa næfre ær, þæs ðe us bec secgað, on Angelcynne ne gewurdon on nanes cyninges dæge, 7 hi ma<n> ða ealle togædere ferode to Sandwic, 7 ðær sceoldan licgan 7 þisne eard healdan wið ælcne uthere. Ac we ða gyt næfdon þa gesælða ne þone wyrðscype þæt seo scypfyrd nyt wære þissum earde þe ma ðe heo oftor ær wæs. Þa gewearð hit on þissum ylcan timan oþþe lytle ær þæt Brihtric, Eadrices broðor ealdormannes, forwregde Wulfnoð cild to þam cyninge, 7 he þa ut gewende 7 him þa to aspeon þæt he hæfde .xx. scypa 7 he ða heregode æghwær be ðam suðriman 7 ælc yfel worhton. Þa cydde man into þære scypfyrde þæt man hi eaðe befaran mihte, gif man embe wære. Þa genam se Brihtric him to hund eahtatig scypa 7 ðohte þæt he him micles wordes wyrcan sceolde, þæt he Wulfnoð cucone oþþe deadne begytan sceolde. Ac þa hi ðiderwerd wæron, þa com him swilc wind ongean swilc nan man ær ne gemunde, 7 þa scypo ða ealle tobeot 7 toþærsc 7 on land awearp, 7 com se Wulfnoð sona 7 þa scypo forbærnde. Þa ðis þus cuð wæs to þam oðerum scipum þær se cyng wæs, hu ða oþre geferdon, hit wæs þa swilc hit eall rædleas wære, 7 ferde se cyning him ham 7 þa ealdormen 7 ða heahwitan 7 forleton þa scipo ðus leohtlice. 7 þæt folc þa þæt on ðam scipon wæron fercodon eft to Lundene 7 leton ealles þeodscypes geswinc ðus leohtlice forwurðan. 7 næs se sige na betere þe eal Angelcyn to hopode. Ða þeos scypfyrd þus geendod wæs, þa com sona æfter Lafmæssan se ungemætlica unfrið<here> þe we heton Ðurkilles here to Sandwic, 7 sona wendon hiora fore to Cantwarebyrig 7 ða buruh raðe geeodon, gif hi ðe hraðor to him friðes ne gyrndon, 7 ealle Eastcentingas frið wið þone here genamon 7 him gesealdon .iii. þusend punda. 7 se here þa sona æfter ðam wende oþ he com to Wihtlande, 7 þær æghwær on Suðsexum 7 on Hamtunscire 7 eac on Bearrocscire heregodon 7 bærndon swa hiora gewuna is. Þa het se cyning abannan ut ealne þeodscype þæt man on ælce healfe wið hi healdan sceolde, ac þeahhwæðere hi ferdon loca <hu> hi woldon. Þa sume siðe hæfde se cyning hi forne forgan mid ealre fyrde, þa hi to scypon woldan, 7 eal folc gearu wæs him on to fonne, ac hit wæs þa ðuruh Eadric ealdorman gelet swa hit gyt æfre wæs. Ða æfter Sanctus Martinus mæssan þa ferdon hi eft agen to Cent 7 namon him wintersetl on Temesan 7 lifdon him of Eastseaxum 7 of ðam scirum þe ðær nexð wæron on twam healfum Temese, 7 oft hi on þa buruh Lundene fuhton, ac si Gode lof þæt heo gyt gesund stent, 7 hi þær æfre yfel geferdon. 7 þa æfter middan wintra ða namon hi ænne upgang(ang) ut þuruh Ciltern 7 swa to Oxenaforda, 7 ða buruh forbærndon, 7 namon hit ða on twa healfa Temese to scypeweard. Þa gewarnode man hi þæt ðær wæs fyrd gegaderod æt Lundene ongean hi, wendon him ða ofer æt Stane 7 ðus ferdon ealne þone winter, 7 þæt Lencten wæron him on Cent 7 betton hiora scypu.
1010 Her on ðissum geare com se foresprecena here ofer Eastron to Eastenglum 7 wendon up æt Gypeswic 7 eodon anreces þær hi geacsodon Ulfcytel mid his fyrde, þis wæs on ðam dæge prima Ascensio Domini , 7 þa sona flugon Eastengle, þa stod Grantabricscir fæstlice ongean. Þær wæs ofslagen Æþelstan ðæs cynges aþum 7 Oswig 7 his sunu 7 Wulfric Leofwines sunu 7 Eadwig Æfices broðor 7 feala oþera godra þegna 7 folces ungerim. Þone fleam ærest astealde Þurcytel Myranheafod, 7 þa Denan ahton wælstowe geweald 7 þone eard .iii. monþas hergodon 7 bærndon. Ge fyrðon on þa wildan fennas hi ferdon, 7 men 7 yrfe hi slogon 7 bærndon geond þa fennas, 7 Þeodford hi forbærndon 7 Grantabricge, 7 syððan wendon eft suðwerd into Temese, 7 ridan þa gehorsedan men ongean þa scipo. 7 siððan eft hrædlice wendon westweard on Oxenafordscire, 7 þanon on Buccingahamscire, 7 swa andlang Usan oð hi comon to Bedeforda, 7 swa forð oþ Temesan ford, 7 a bærndon swa hi geferdon. Wendon þa eft to scipon mid hiora herehyðe 7 þonne hi to scipon ferdon, þonne sceolde fyrd ut eft ongean þæt hi up woldan, þonne ferde seo fyrd ham. 7 þonne hi wæron be easton, þonne heold man fyrde be westan, 7 þonne hi wæron be suðan, þonne wæs ure fyrd be norðan. Þonne bead man eallan witan to cynge, 7 man sceolde þonne rædan hu man þisne eard werian sceolde, ac þeah mon þonne hwæt rædde, þæt ne stod furðon ænne monað. Æt nextan næs nan heafodman þæt fyrde gaderian wolde, ac ælc fleah swa he mæst mihte, ne furðon nan scir nolde oþre gelæstan æt nextan. Ða ætforan Sanctus Andreas mæssan þa com se here to Hamtune 7 þæt port sona forbærndon, 7 ðær abutan swa mycel swa hi sylfe woldon, 7 þanon wendon ofer Temese into Wesseaxum, 7 swa wið Caneganmersces 7 þæt eall forbærndon. Þa hi swa feor gegan hæfdon swa hi ða woldan, comon þa to ðam middan wintra to hiora scipon.
1011 Her on þissum geare sende se cyning 7 his witan to ðam here 7 gyrndon friðes, 7 him gafol 7 metsunge beheton wið þam ðe hi hiora hergunge geswicon. Hi hæfdon þa ofergan, .i. Eastengle 7 .ii. Eastsexe 7 .iii. Middelsexe 7 .iiii. Oxenafordscire 7 .v. Grantabricscire 7 .vi. Heortfordscire 7 .vii. Buccingahamscire 7 .viii. Bedefordscire 7 .ix. healfe Huntadunscire 7 micel .x. on Hamtunscire, 7 be suþan Temese ealle Kentingas 7 Suðsexe 7 Hæsting<as> 7 Suðrige 7 Bearrocscire 7 Hamtunscire 7 micel on Wiltunscire. Ealle þas ungesælða us gelumpon þuruh unrædas þæt man nolde him a timan gafol beodon oþþe wið gefeohtan, ac þonne hi mæst to yfele gedon hæfdon, þonne nam mon frið 7 grið wið hi, 7 naþelæs, for eallum þissum griðe 7 gafole, hi ferdon æghweder flocmælum 7 heregodon ure earme folc, 7 hi rypton 7 slogon. 7 þa on ðissum geare betweox Natiuitas Sanctę Marię 7 Sancte Michaeles mæssan hi ymbsæton Cantwareburuh, 7 hi into comon þuruh syruwrencas, forðan Ælmær hi becyrde, þe se arcebisceop Ælfeah ær generede æt his life. 7 hi þær ða genaman þone arcebisceop Ælfeah 7 Ælfweard cynges gerefan 7 Leofrune abbatissan 7 Godwine bisceop, 7 Ælfmær abbod hi leton aweg. 7 hi ðær genamon inne ealle þa gehadodan men 7 weras 7 wif, þæt wæs unasecgendlic ænigum men hu micel þæs folces wæs, 7 on þære byrig syþþan wæron swa lange swa hi woldon. 7 hi ða hæfdon þa buruh ealle asmeade, wendon him þa to scypan 7 læddon þone arcebisceop mid him. Wæs ða ræpling, se ðe ær wæs heafod Angelkynnes 7 Cristendomes. Þær man mihte ða geseon yrmðe þær man oft ær geseah blisse on þære earman byrig þanon com ærest Cristendom 7 blis for Gode 7 for worulde. 7 hi hæfdon þone arcebisceop mid him swa lange oð þæne timan þe hi hine gemartiredon.
1012 Her on þissum geare com Eadric ealdorman 7 ealle þa yldestan witan, gehadode 7 læwede, Angelcynnes to Lundenbyrig toforan þam Eastron, þa wæs Easter dæg on þam datarum Idus Aprilis . 7 hi ðær þa swa lange wæron oþ þæt gafol eal gelæst wæs ofer ða Eastron, þæt wæs ehta 7 feowertig þusend punda. Ða on þæne Sæternesdæg wearð þa se here swyðe astyred angean þone bisceop, forþam ðe he nolde him nan feoh behaten, ac he forbead þæt man nan þing wið him syllan ne moste. Wæron hi eac swyþe druncene, forðam þær wæs broht win suðan. Genamon þa ðone bisceop, læddon hine to hiora hustinge on ðone Sunnanæfen octabas Pasce , þa wæs .xiii. Kalendas Maius , 7 hine þær ða bysmorlice acwylmdon, oftorfedon mid banum 7 mid hryþera heafdum, 7 sloh hine ða an hiora mid anre æxe yre on þæt heafod, þæt mid þam dynte he nyþer asah, 7 his halige blod on þa eorðan feol, 7 his haligan sawle to Godes rice asende. 7 mon þone lichaman on mergen ferode to Lundene, 7 þa bisceopas Eadnoþ 7 Ælfun 7 seo buruhwaru hine underfengon mid ealre arwurðnysse 7 hine bebyrigdon on Sancte Paules mynstre, 7 þær nu God sutelað þæs halgan martires mihta. Ða þæt gafol gelæst wæs 7 friðaþas asworene wæron, þa toferde se here wide swa he ær gegaderod wæs. Ða bugon to þam cynge of ðam here fif 7 feowertig scypa, 7 him beheton þæt hi woldon þysne eard healdan, 7 he hi fedan sceolde 7 scrydon.
1013 On ðam æftran geare þe se arcebisceop wæs gemartyrod se cyning gesette Lyfinc bisceop to Cantwarabyrig to ðam arcestole. 7 on þissum ylcan geare toforan þam monðe Augustus com Swegen cyning mid his flotan to Sandwic, 7 wende þa swiðe raðe abutan Eastenglum into Humbra muþan, 7 swa upweard andlang Trentan oð he com to Genesburuh. 7 þa sona beah Uhtred eorl 7 ealle Norðhymbre to him 7 eal þæt folc on Lindesige, 7 siððan þæt folc into Fifburhingum, 7 raðe þæs eall here be norðan Wæclinga stræte, 7 him man sealde gislas of ælcere scire. Syððan he undergeat þæt eall folc him to gebogen wæs, þa bead he þæt man sceolde his here mettian 7 horsian, 7 he ða wende syþþan suðweard mid fulre fyrde 7 betæhte þa scipu 7 ða gislas Cnute his suna. 7 syððan he com ofer Wæclinga stræte, worhton þæt mæste yfel þæt ænig here don mihte. Wende þa to Oxenaforda, 7 seo buruhwaru sona beah 7 gislude, 7 þanon to Winceastre, 7 hi þæt ylce dydon. Wende þa þanon eastwerd to Lundene, 7 mycel his folces adrang on Temese forðam þe hi nanre bricge ne cepton. Þa he to ðære byrig com, þa nolde seo buruhwaru bugan, ac heoldan mid fullan wige ongean, forðan þær wæs inge se cyng Æþelred 7 Þurcyl mid him. Þa wende Swegen cyng þanon to Wealingaforda 7 swa ofer Temese westweard to Baþan 7 sæt ðær mid his fyrde. 7 com Æþelmær ealdorman þyder 7 þa westernan þegenas mid him, 7 bugon ealle to Swegene 7 hi gisludon. Þa he ðus gefaren hæfde, wende þa norðweard to his scipum 7 eal þeodscype hine hæfde þa for fulne cyng, 7 seo buruhwaru æfter ðam on Lundene beah 7 gislude, forðon hi ondredon þæt he hi fordon wolde. Þa bead Swegen ful gyld 7 metsunge to his here ðone winter, 7 Þurkyl bead þæt ylce to ðam here þe læg æt Grenawic, 7 for eallon þam hi heregodon swa oft swa hi woldon. Þa ne dohte naðer þisse leode ne suðan ne norðan. Þa wæs se cyning Æþelred sume hwile mid þam flotan þe on Temese læg, 7 seo hlæfdige gewende þa ofer sæ to hire breðer Ricarde 7 Ælfsige abbud of Buruh mid hire, 7 se cyning sende Ælfun bisceop mid þam æþelingum Eadwerde 7 Ælfrede ofer sæ þæt he hi bewitan sceolde. 7 se cyning gewende þa fram ðam flotan to þam middan wintra to Wihtlande, 7 wæs ðær þa tid, 7 æfter þære tide wende ofer ða sæ to Ricarde 7 wæs ðær mid him oþ þone byre þæt Swegen wearð dead.
1014 Her on þissum geare Swegen geendode his dagas to Candelmæssan .iii. Nonas Februarius , 7 se flota þa eal gecuron Cnut to cyninge. Þa geræddon þa witan ealle þe on Englalande wæron, gehadode 7 læwede, þæt man æfter þam cyninge Æþelrede sende, 7 cwædon þæt him nan hlaford leofra nære þonne hiora gecynda hlaford gif he hi rihtlicor healdan wolde þonne he ær dyde. Þa sende se cyning his sunu Eadweard hider mid his ærend(d)racum 7 het gretan ealne his leodscype, 7 cwæð þæt he him hold hlaford beon wolde 7 ælc þæra ðinga betan þe hi ealle ascunudon, 7 ælc þara ðinga forgyfen beon sceolde þe him gedon oþþe gecweden wære, wið þam ðe hi ealle anrædlice butan swicdome to him gecyrdon. 7 man þa fulne freondscipe gefæstnode mid worde 7 mid wedde on ægþre healfe, 7 æfre ælcne Deniscne cyng utlah of Englalande gecwædon. Þa com Æþelred cyning innon ðam Lengtene ham to his agenre þeode, 7 he glædlice fram him eallum onfangen wæs. Þa syððan Swegen dead wæs, sæt Cnut mid his here on Genesburuh oþ þa Eastron, 7 gewearð him 7 þam folce on Lindesige anes þæt hi hine horsian woldon 7 syþþan ealle ætgædere faran 7 heregian. Ða com se cyning Æþelred mid fulre fyrde þyder, ær hi gearwe wæron, to Lindesige, 7 man þa hergode 7 bærnde 7 sloh eal þæt mancynn þæt man ræcan mihte. 7 Cnut gewende him aweig ut mid his flotan, 7 wearð þæt earme folc þus beswicen ðuruh hine, 7 wende þa suðweard oþ he com to Sandwic, 7 let don up þær ða gislas þe his fæder gesealde wæron 7 cearf of hiora handa 7 earan 7 nosa. 7 buton eallum þissum yfelum se cyng het gyldan þam here ðe on Grenawic læig .xxi. þusend punda. 7 on þissum geare on Sancte Michaeles mæsseæfen com þæt mycle sæflod gynd wide þysne eard 7 arn swa feor up swa næfre ær ne dyde 7 adrencte feala tuna 7 mancynnes unarimedlic getel.
1015 Her on þissum geare wæs þæt mycle gemot on Oxenaforda, 7 ðær Eadric ealdorman beswac Siferð 7 Morcore, þa yldestan þegenas into Seofonburgum, bepæhte hi into his bure 7 hi man þær inne ofsloh ungerisenlice. 7 se cyng þa genam ealle hiora æhta 7 het niman Siferðes lafe 7 gebringan hi binnan Ealdelmesbyrig. Þa æfter lytlum fæce ferde Eadmund æþelinc to 7 genam þæt wif ofer ðæs cynges gewil 7 hæfde him to wife. Ða toforan Natiuitas Sancte Marię ferde se æþeling þanon westan norð into Fifburgum 7 gerad sona ealle Sigeferðes are 7 Morcores, 7 þæt folc eal him tobeah. 7 ða on þam ilcan timan com Cnut cyng to Sandwic 7 wende þa sona abutan Centland into Westseaxum oð he com to Frommuðan 7 heregode þa on Dorsætum 7 on Wiltunscire 7 on Sumersætum. Þa læig se cyng seoc æt Cosham. Þa gadarade Eadric ealdorman fyrde 7 se æþeling Eadmund be norðan. Þa hi togædere comon, ða wolde se ealdorman beswican þone æþeling, 7 hi toferdon þa butan gefeohte forðan 7 rymdon heora feondum. 7 Eadric ealdorman aspeon þa feowerti scipa fram ðam cinge 7 beah ða to Cnute, 7 Westsexe bugon 7 gislodon 7 horsodon þone here, 7 he wæs þær ða oþ midne winter.
1016 Her on þissum geare com Cnut mid his here 7 Eadric ealdorman mid him ofer Temese into Myrcum æt Cregelade, 7 wendon þa to Wærincwicscire innan ðære Middanwintres tide 7 heregodon 7 bærndon 7 slogon eal þæt hi to comon. Ða ongan se æþeling Eadmund to gaderigenne fyrde. Þa seo fyrd gesomnod wæs, ða ne onhagode heom ðarto buton þæt wære þæt se cyng ðær mid wære 7 hi hæfdon þære burhware fultum of Lundene. Geswicon ða þære fyrdinge, 7 ferde him ælc man ham. Þa æfter ðære tide þa bead man eft fyrde be fullan wite þæt ælc man ðe fere wære forð gewende, 7 man sende to ðam cynge to Lundene 7 bæd hine þæt he come ongean þa fyrde mid þam fultume ðe he gegaderian mihte. Þa hi ealle tosomne comon, þa ne beheold hit nan ðinc þe ma ðe hit oftor ær dyde. Þa cydde man þam cynge þæt hine man beswican wolde þa þe him on fultume beon sceoldon. Forlet ða þa fyrde 7 cyrde him eft to Lundene. Ða rad se æþeling Eadmund to Norðhymbron to Uhtrede eorle, 7 wende ælc mon þæt hi woldon fyrde somnian ongean Cnut cyng. Þa fyrdedon hi into Stæffordscire 7 into Scrobsæton 7 to Legceastre, 7 hi heregodon on heora healfe 7 Cnut on his healfe. Wende him ut þuruh Buccingahamscire into Bedanfordscire, 7 ðanon to Huntadunscire, swa into Hamtunscire andlang fennes to Stanforda, 7 þa into Lindcolnescire, þanon ða to Snotingahamscire, 7 swa to Norðhymbran to Eoferwicweard. Ða Uhtred geahsode þis, ða forlet he his hergunge 7 efste norðweard 7 beah ða for nyde 7 ealle Norðhymbro mid him, 7 he gislode, 7 hine mon ðeah hwæþere ofsloh ðuruh Eadrices ræd ealdormannes, 7 Þurcytel Nafenan sunu mid him. 7 þa æfter ðam gesette se cyng Yric into Norðhymbron him to eorle eal swa Uhtred wæs, 7 syððan wende him suðwerd oþres weges eal be westan 7 com þa eal se here toforan þam Eastron to scypon. 7 se æþeling Eadmund gewende to Lundene to his fæder, 7 ða æfter Eastron wende se cyng Cnut mid eallon his scipon to Lundenwerd. Þa gelamp hit þæt se cyning Æþelred forðferde ær þa scypo comon. He geendode his dagas on Sancte Georgius mæssedæig, 7 he geheold his rice mid myclum geswince 7 earfoðnessum þa hwile ðe his lif wæs. 7 þa æfter his ende ealle ða witan þa on Lundene wæron 7 seo burhwaru gecuron Eadmund to cyninge, 7 he his rice heardlice werode þa hwile þe his tima wæs. Þa comon ða scypo to Grenawic to þam gangdagum, 7 hi binnon lytlan fæce gewendon to Lundene, 7 hi ða dulfon ane mycle dic on suðhealfe 7 drogon hiora scypo on westhealfe þære bricge 7 bedicodon þa syððan þa buruh utan þæt nan man ne mihte ne ing ne ut, 7 hi oft rædlice on þa buruh fuhton, ac hi him heardlice wiðstodon. Þa wæs Eadmund cyng ær ðam gewend ut 7 gerad þa Westsexon, 7 him beah eal folc to, 7 raðe æfter þam he gefeaht wið þone here æt Peonnan wið Gillingaham, 7 oþer gefeoht he gefeaht æfter middansumera æt Sceorstane, 7 þær mycel wæl feoll on ægðre healfe, 7 ða heras him sylfe toeodan, on þam gefeohte wæs Eadric ealdorman 7 Ælmær dyrling þam here on fultume ongean Eadmung kyning. 7 þa gegaderede he þryddan siðe fyrde, 7 ferde to Lundene eal be norðan Temese 7 swa ut þuruh Clæighangran, 7 þa buruhwaru ahredde 7 þæne here geflymde to hiora scypon. 7 þa ðæs ymbe twa niht gewende se cyning ofer æt Bregentforda 7 þa wið þone here gefeaht 7 hine geflymde, 7 þær adranc mycel wæl Englisces folces for hiora agenre gymeleaste, þa ðe ferdon beforan þære fyrde 7 woldan fon feng. 7 se cyning æfter þam gewende to Westseaxum 7 his fyrde samnode. Þa gewende se here sona to Lundene 7 ða buruh utan embsæt 7 hyre stearclice onfeaht ægðer ge be wætere ge be lande, ac se ælmihtiga God hi ahredde. Se here gewende þa æfter þam fram Lundene mid hyra scypum into Arewan, 7 ðær up foron 7 ferdon on Myrcan 7 slogon 7 bærndon swa hwæt swa hi o<fer>foran, swa hira gewuna is, 7 him metes tilodon, 7 hi drifon ægþer ge scipu ge hyra drafa into Medwæge. Þa gesamnode Eadmund cyng feorðan siðe ealle his fyrde 7 ferde ofer Temese æt Brentforda 7 ferde innon Kent, 7 se here him fleah beforan mid hiora horsum into Sceapige, 7 se cyning ofsloh heora swa fela swa he offaran mihte, 7 Eadric ealdorman gewende þa ðone cyning ongean æt Egelesforda, næs nan mara unræd geræd þonne se wæs. Se here gewende eft up on Eastsexan 7 ferde into Myrcum 7 fordyde eall þæt he oforferde. Þa se cyning geahsode þæt se here uppe wæs, þa gesomnode he fiftan siðe ealle Engla þeode 7 ferde him æthindan 7 offerde hi on Eastsexum æt þære dune þe man hæt Assandun, 7 þar togædere heardlice fengon. Þa dyde Eadric ealdorman swa swa he ær oftor dyde, astealde þæne fleam ærest mid Magesæton, 7 aswac swa his cynehlaforde 7 ealre Angelcynnes þeode. Þær ahte Cnut sige 7 gefeht him ealle Engla þeode. Þær wearð Eadnoþ bisceop ofslagen 7 Wulfsige abbud 7 Ælfric ealdorman 7 Godwine ealdorman on Lindesige 7 Ulfcytel on Eastenglum 7 Æþelweard Æþelwines sunu ealdormannes, 7 eal Angelcynnes duguð þar wearð fordon. Þa æfter þissum gefeohte gewende Cnut kynincg up mid his here to Gleauceastrescire ðær he ofahsade þæt se cyning wæs Eadmund. Ða gerædde Eadric ealdorman 7 ða witan þe ðar wæron þæt þa cynegas seht naman him betwynan, 7 hi gislas him betwynan sealdon, 7 þa cynegas comon togædere æt Olanege 7 hira freondscype þær gefæstnodon ge mid wedde ge mid aþe 7 þæt gyld setton wið þone here, 7 hi tohwurfon ða mid þissum sehte, 7 feng Eadmund to Westsexan 7 Cnut to Myrcan. 7 se here gewende þa to scypon mid þam ðingon þe hi gefangen hæfdon, 7 Lundenwaru griðode wið þone here 7 him frið gebohton, 7 se here gebrohton hyra scipu on Lundene 7 him wintersetl ðærinne namon. Þa to Sancte Andreas mæssan forðferde se kyning Eadmund, 7 his lic lið on Glæstingabyrig mid his ealdan fæder Eadgare. 7 on ðam ilcan geare forðferde Wulfgar abbud on Abbandune, 7 Æþelsige feng to þam abbodrice.
1017 Her on þissum geare feng Cnut kyning to eallon Angelcynnes ryce 7 hit todælde on feower, him sylfan Westsexan 7 Þurkylle Eastenglan 7 Eadrice Myrcan 7 Irke Norðhymbran. 7 on þissum geare wæs Eadric ealdorman ofslagen 7 Norðman Leofwines sunu ealdormannes 7 Æþelweard Æþelmæres sunu greatan 7 Brihtric Ælfehes sunu on Defenascire. 7 Cnut cyning afly<m>de ut Eadwig æþeling 7 eft hine het ofslean. 7 þa toforan Kalendas Agusti het se cynigc fetian him þæs cyniges lafe Æþelrædes him to wife Ricardes dohtor.
1018 Her on þissum geare wæs þæt gafol gelæst ofer eal Angelcyn, þæt wæs ealles twa 7 hundseofontig þusend punda, buton ðam þe seo burhwaru on Lunden geald, þæt wæs endlyfte healf þusend punda. 7 se here ða ferde sum to Denemearce, 7 .xl. scypa belaf mid þam cynige Cnute, 7 Dene 7 Engle wurdon sammæle æt Oxnaforda.
1019 Her gewende Cnut cyng to Denemearcon 7 ðær wunode ealne þone winter.
1020 Her on þissum geare forðferde Lyfing arcebisceop. 7 Cnut cyning com eft to Englalande, 7 þa on Eastron wæs mycel gemot æt Cyringceastre, þa geutlagode man Æþelweard ealdorman 7 Eadwig ceorla cyngc. 7 on ðisum geare se cyng for to Assandune, 7 Wulfstan arcebisceop 7 Þurkil eorl 7 manega bisceopas mid heom, 7 gehalgodan þæt mynster æt Assandune.
1021 Her on ðissum geare to Martines mæssan Cnut kyning geutlagode Þurkyl eorl .
1022 Her Cnut kyningc for ut mid his scipon to Wiht 7 Æþelnoð arcebisceop for to Rome.
1023 Her Cnut cyning com eft to Englalande, 7 Þurcil 7 he wæran anræde. 7 he betæhte Þurcille Denemearcan 7 his sunu to healdenne, 7 se cyning nam Þurciles sunu mid him to Englalande. 7 he let ferian syððan Sancte Ælfeges reliquias of Lundene to Cantwarabyrig.
1028 Her Cnut cing for to Norwegon mid .l. scipum.
1030 Her wæs Olaf cing ofslagen on Norwegon of his agenum folce, 7 wæs syððan halig. 7 þæs geres ær ðam forferde Hacun se dohtiga eorl on sæ.
1034 Her gefor Æþeric bisceop, 7 he lið on Ramesige.
1035 Her forðferde Cnut cing on .ii. Idus Nouembris æt Sceftesbyrig, 7 hine man ferode þanon to Winceastre 7 hine þær bebyrigde. 7 Ælfgyfu seo hlæfdie sæt þa ðær binnan 7 Harold, þe sæde þæt he Cnutes sunu wære 7 þære oðre Ælfgyfe, þeh hit na soð nære. He sende to 7 let niman of hyre ealle þa betstan gærsuma ðe heo ofhealdan ne mihte þe Cnut cing ahte, 7 heo sæt þeh forð þær binnan ða hwile þe heo moste.
1036 Her com Ælfred se unsceððiga æþeling Æþelrædes sunu cinges hider inn 7 wolde to his meder þe on Wincestre sæt, ac him ne geþafode Godwine eorl ne ec oþre men þe mycel mihton wealdan, forðan hit hleoðrode þa swiðe toward Haraldes, þeh hit unriht wæs:
Ac Godwine hine þa gelette 7 hine on hæft sette
7 his geferan he todraf 7 sume mislice ofsloh.
Sume hi man wið feo sealde, sume hreowlice acwealde.
sume hi man bende, sume hi man blende,
sume hamelode, sume hættode.
Ne wearð dreorlicre dæd gedon on þison earde
syþþan Dene comon 7 her frið namon.
Nu is to gelyfenne to ðan leofan Gode
þæt he blission bliðe mid Criste
þe wæron butan scylde swa earmlice acwealde.
Se æþeling lyfode þa gyt; ælc yfel man him gehet,
oð þæt man gerædde þæt man hine lædde
to Eligbyrig swa gebundenne.
Sona swa he lende on scype man hine blende
7 hine swa blindne brohte to ðam munecon,
7 he þar wunode ða hwile þe he lyfode.
Syððan hine man byrigde swa him wel gebyrede,
ful wurðlice, swa he wyrðe wæs
æt þam westende þam styple ful gehende,
on þam suðpo<r>tice seo saul is mid Criste
1037 Her man geceas Harald ofer eall to cinge, 7 forsoc Harðacnut, forðan he wæs to lange on Denemarcon. 7 man draf ða ut his modor Ælfgyfe ða cwene butan ælcere mildheortnesse ongean þone weallendan winter, 7 heo com ða to Bricge begeondan sæ, 7 Baldwine eorl hi ðær wel underfeng 7 hig þær geheold þa hwile ðe hire neod wæs. 7 þæs geres ær gefor Æfic se æðela decanus on (H)eofeshamme.
1038 Her gefor Æþelnoð se goda arcebisceop 7 Æþelric bisceop on Suðsexum 7 Ælfric bisceop on Eastenglum 7 Byrhteh bisceop on Wihracestrescire .xiii. Kalendas Ianuarii .
1039 Her com se mycla wind. 7 Byrhtmær bisceop gefor on Licetfelda, 7 Wealas slogon Eadwine Leofrices broðor eorles 7 Þurcil 7 Ælfget 7 swiðe fela godra manna mid heom, 7 her com ec Harðacnut to Bricge þar his modor wæs.
1040 Her swealt Harald cing. Þa sende man æfter Harðacnute to Bricge, wende þæt man wel dyde, 7 he com ða hider mid .lx. scipum foran to middan sumera, 7 astealde þa swiðe strang gyld þæt man hit uneaðe acom, þæt wæs .viii. marc æt ha<melan> 7 him wæs þa unhold eall þæt his ær gyrnde, 7 he ne gefremede ec naht cynelices þa hwile ðe he ricxode. He let dragan up þæne deadan Harald 7 hine on fen sceotan.
1041 Her let Harðacnut hergian eall Wihracestrescire for his twegra huscarla þingon ðe þæt strange gyld budon, þa sloh þæt folc hi binnan port innan ðam mynstre. 7 þæs geres sona com Eadward his broðor on medren fram begeondan sæ, Æþelrædes sunu cinges, ðe wæs ær for fela gearon of his earde adrifen, 7 ðeh wæs to cinge gesworen, 7 he wunode þa swa on his broðor hirede þa hwile ðe he leofode. 7 on þison gere ec swac Harðacnut Eadulf eorl under his griðe, 7 he wæs þa wedloga.
1042 Her gefor Harðacnut swa þæt he æt his drince stod, 7 he færinga feoll to þære eorðan mid egeslicum anginne, 7 hine gelæhton ðe þar neh wæron, 7 he syððan nan word ne gecwæð, 7 he forðferde on .vi. Idus Iunius . 7 eall folc underfeng ða Eadward to cinge, swa him gecynde wæs.
1043 Her wæs Eadward gehalgod to cinge on Wincestre on forman Easter dæig mid myccelum wyrðscype, 7 ða wæron Eastron .iii. Nonas Aprelis . Eadsige arcebisceop hine halgade, 7 toforan eallum þam folce hine wel lærde, 7 to his agenre neode 7 ealles folces wel manude. 7 Stigant preost wæs gebletsad to bisceope to Eastenglum. 7 raðe þæs se cing let geridan ealle þa land þe his modor ahte him to handa, 7 nam of hire eall þæt heo ahte on golde 7 on seolfre 7 on unasecgendlicum þingum, forðam heo hit heold ær to fæste wið hine. 7 raðe þæs man sette Stigant of his bisceoprice 7 nam eal þæt he ahte þam cinge to handa, forðam he wæs nehst his modor ræde 7 heo for swa swa he hire rædde, þæs ðe men wendon.
1044 Her Eadsige arcebisceop forlet þæt bisceoprice for his untrumnysse 7 bletsade þærto Siward abbud of Abbandune to bisceope be ðæs cinges leafe 7 ræde 7 Godwines eorles. Hit wæs elles feawum mannum cuð ær hit gedon wæs, forðam se arcebisceop wende þæt hit sum oðer man abiddan wolde oþþe gebicgan þe he wyrs truwode 7 uðe, gyf hit ma manna wiste. 7 on ðisum gere wæs swyðe mycel hunger ofer eall Englaland, 7 corn swa dyre swa nan man ær ne gemunde swa þæt se sester hwætes eode to .lx. peninga 7 eac furðor. 7 þæs ylcan geres se cingc for ut to Sandwic mid .xxxv. scypon, 7 Æþelstan cyricwyrd feng to þam abbodrice æt Abbandune, 7 on þam ylcan gere Eadward cing nam Eadgyþe Godwines eorles dohtor him to wife .x. nihtum ær Candelmæssan.
1045 Her on þysum geare forðferde Bryhtwold bisceop on .x. Kalendas Mai , 7 Eadward cyng geaf Heramanne his preoste þæt bisceoprice. 7 on þan ylcan sumera for Eadward cyng ut mid his scypan to Sandwic, 7 þar wæs swa mycel here gegæderod swa nan man ne geseh scyphere nænne maran on þysan lande. 7 on þis ylcan geare forðferde Lyuync bisceop on .xiii. Kalendas Aprelis , 7 se cyng geaf Leofrice his preoste þæt biscoprice.
1046 Her on þysum geare for Swegn eorl into Wealan, 7 Griffin se norþerna cyng forð mid him, 7 him man gislode. Þa he hamwerdes wæs, þa het he feccan him to þa abbedessan on Leomynstre, 7 hæfde hi þa while þe him geliste 7 let hi syþþan faran ham. 7 on þis ylcan geare man geutlagode Osgod Clapan foran to Middanwintre. 7 on þis ylcan geare æfter Candelmæssan com se stranga winter mid forste 7 mid snawe 7 mid eallon ungewederon, þæt næs nan man þa on liue þæt mihte gemunan swa stra<n>gne winter swa se wæs ge þurh mancwealm ge þurh orfcwealm, ge fugelas 7 fixas þurh þone micelan cyle 7 hunger forwurdan.
1047 Her on þysum geare forðferde Grimcytel bisceop, he wæs on Suðsexan bisceop, 7 he lið on Cristes Cyrican on Cantwarabyrig, 7 Eadward cyncg geaf Hecan his preoste þæt bisceoprice. 7 on þis ylcan geare forðferde Ælfwine bisceop on .iiii. Kalendas Septembres , 7 Eadward cyncg geaf Stigande bisceope þæt bisceoprice. 7 Æþelstan abbud on Abbandune forðferde on þan ylcan geare on .iiii. Kalendas Aprelis , þa wæs Esterdæig .iii. Nonas Aprelis . 7 wæs ofer eall Englaland swyþe mycel mancwelm on þan ylcan geare.
1048 Her on þisum geare wæs mycel eorðstyrung wide on Englalande. 7 on þam ylcan geare man gehergode Sandwic 7 Wiht 7 ofslohan þa betsta men þe þar wæron, 7 Eadward cining 7 þa eorlas foran æfter þam ut mid heora scypun. 7 on þam ylcan geare Siward bisceop forlet þæt bisceoprice for his untrumnysse 7 for to Abbandune, 7 Eadsige arcebisceop feng eft to þam bisceoprice, 7 he forðferde þæs binnan .viii. wucan on .x. Kalendas Nouembris .
1049 [*]Her on þisum geare se casere gaderode unarimedlice fyrde ongean Baldewine of Brycge þurh þæt þæt he bræc þæne palant æt Neomagan 7 eac fela oðra unþanca þe he him dyde. Seo fyrd wæs unatellendlic þe he gegaderod hæfde. Ðær wæs Leo se papa of Rome 7 fela mærra manna of manegan þeodscipan. He sende eac to Eadwerde cingce 7 bæd hine scipfultumes þæt he ne geþafode þæt he him on wætere ne ætburste, 7 he for ða to Sandwic 7 þær læg mid myclan scyphere forð þæt se casere hæfde of Baldwine eall þæt he wolde. Ðar com eft ongean Swegen eorl to Eadwerde cinge 7 gyrnde to him landes þæt he mihte hine on afedan. Ac Harold his broðor wiðcwæð 7 Beorn eorl, þæt hig noldon him agyfan nan þingc þæs þe se cing heom gegyfen hæfde. He com hider mid hiwunge, cwæð þæt he wolde his man beon, 7 bæd Beorn eorl þæt he him on fultume wære, ac se cingc him æ<l>ces þinges forwyrnde. Ða gewende Swegen to his scypon to Bosanham, 7 for Godwine eorl fram Sandwic mid .xlii. scypon to Pefenasæ 7 Beorn eorl forð mid him, 7 þa se cing lyfde eallon Myrceon ham, 7 hig swa dydon. Ða cydde man þam cinge þæt Osgod lage on Ulpe mid .xxix. scypon, þa sende se cing æfter þam scypon þe he ofsendan mihte þe innan Norðmuþan lagon. Ac Osgod fette his wif on Brige, 7 wende eft ongean mid .vi. scypon, 7 þa oðre foron on Eastseaxon to Eadolfesnæsse 7 þær hearm dydon, 7 wendon eft to scypon. Þa læg Godwine eorl 7 Beorn eorl on Pefenasæ mid heora scypon. Ða com Swegen eorl mid facne 7 bæd Beorn eorl þæt he his gefera wære to þam cinge to Sandwic, cwæð þæt he him aþas swerigan wolde 7 him hold beon. Þa wende Beorn for þære sibbe þæt he him swican nolde, nam ða .iii. geferan mid him, 7 ridon þa to Bosanham eall swa hi sceoldon to Sandwic þær Swegenes scypa lagon, 7 hine man sona geband 7 to scype lædde, 7 ferdon þa to Dærentamuðan, 7 hine þær let ofslean 7 deope bedelfan. Ac hine Harold his mæg þar fette 7 to Wincestre lædde, 7 þær bebyride wið Cnut cing his eam, 7 se cing þa 7 eall here cwædon Swegen for niðing. .viii. scypa he hæfde ær he Beorn amyrðrode, syððan hine forleton ealle butan .ii., 7 he gewende þa to Bricge 7 þar wunode mid Baldwine. 7 on þysum geare forðferde Eadnoð se goda bisceop on Oxnafordscire, 7 Oswig abbud on Þornige, 7 Wulfnoð abbud on Westmynstre, 7 Eadwerd cing geaf Ulfe his preoste þæt bisceoprice, 7 hit yfele beteah. 7 on þyson ylcan geare Eadwerd cing scylode .ix. scypa of male, 7 hi foron mid scypon mid eallon anweg, 7 belifon .v. scypa bæftan, 7 se cing heom behet .xii. monað gyld. 7 on þam ylcan geare ferde Hereman bisceop 7 Ealdred bisceop to Rome to ðam papan on þæs cinges ærende.
1050 Her on þysum gere comon þa bisceopas ham fram Rome, 7 man geinlagode Swegen eorl. 7 on þys ylcan geare forðferde Eadsige arcebisceop on .iiii. Kalendas Nouembris , 7 eac on þys ylcan geare Ælfric arcebisceop on Eoferwiccestre on .xi. Kalendas Februarius 7 his lic lið on Burh. Þa hæfde Eadwerd cing witena gemot on Lunden to mid Lencten, 7 sette Hrodberd to arcebisceope to Cantwarebyrig 7 Sperhafoc abbud to Lunden, 7 geaf Roðulfe bisceope his mæge þæt abbudrice on Abbandune. 7 þæs ylcan geares he sette ealle þa litsmen of male.
1051 Her on þysum geare com Rodbeard arcebisceop hider ofer sæ mid his pallium. 7 on þys ylcan geare man flymde Godwine eorl 7 ealle his suna of Englalande, 7 he gewende to Bricge 7 his wif 7 his .iii. suna, Swegen 7 Tostig 7 Gyrð, 7 Harold 7 Leofwine wendon to Irlande, 7 þær wunedon þæne winter. 7 on þys ylcan geare forðferde seo ealde hlæfdige, Eadwerdes cinges moder 7 Harðacnutes, Imme hatte, .ii. Idus Martius , 7 hyre lic lið on Ealdan Mynstre wið Cnut cing.
1052 Her com Harold eorl of Irlande mid scipum on Sæfernmuðan neh Sumersætan gemæran and Defenescire, 7 þær mycel gehergode, 7 þæt landfolc him ongean gaderodan ægðer ge of Sumersæton ge of Defenescire, 7 he hig aflymde 7 þær ofsloh ma þonne .xxx. godera þegena butan oðrum folce, 7 sona æfter þan for abutan Penwiðsteort. 7 þa let Eadward cyng scypian .xl. snacca, ða lagan æt Sandwic manega wucan, þa sceoldon sætnian Godwines eorles, þe on Brycge wæs þæne winter, 7 he þeh com hider to lande ærest swa hig hit nysten. 7 on ðam fyrste, þe he her on lande wæs, he gespeon him to ealle Kenting<as> 7 ealle þa butsecarlas of Hæstingan 7 þær æghwar be þære særiman 7 eallne þæne eastende 7 Suðsexan 7 Suðrigan 7 mycel elles to eacan þan. Þa cwædon ealle þæt hi mid him woldon licgan 7 lybban. Ða geaxedon þæt lið þæt on Sandwic læg embe Godwines fare, setton þa æfter, 7 he heom ætbærst 7 him sylfan gebearh þær þær he þa mihte, 7 þæt lið wende agen to Sandwic 7 swa hamwerd to Lundenbyrig. Ða þa Godwine geaxode þæt þæt lið þe on Sandwic læg wæs ham gewend, þa for he eft ongean to Wiht, 7 þær abutan be þam særiman swa lange læg þæt hig comon togædere, Harold eorl his sunu 7 he, 7 hi na mycelne hearm ne dydon syððan hig togædere comon buton þæt heo metsunge namon, ac speonnon heom eall þæt landfolc to be ðam særiman 7 eac up on lande, 7 hig foron towerd Sandwic, 7 læson æfre forð mid heom ealle þa butsecarlas þe heo gemetton, 7 comon þa to Sandwic mid geotendan here. Ða Eadwerd cyng þæt geaxode, þa sende he up æfter maran fultume, ac hi comon swyðe late. 7 Godwine sah him æfre towerd Lundenes mid his liðe þæt he com to Suðgeweorce, 7 þær onbad sume hwile oð þæt flod up eode. On þam fyrste he eac gefadode wið þa burhware, þæt hi woldon mæst ealle þæt þæt he wolde. Þa he hæfde ealle his fare gerecenod, þa com se flod, 7 hig brudon up ða sona heora ancran 7 heoldon þurh þa brycge be ðam syðlande. 7 seo landfyrd com ufenon 7 trymedon hig be þam strande, 7 hi hwemdon þa mid þam scypon wið þæs norðlandes, swylce hig woldon þæs cynges scipa abutan betrymman. Se cyng hæfde eac mycele landfyrde on his healfe toeacan his scypmannum, ac hit wæs heom mæst eallon lað þæt hig sceoldon fohtan wið heora agenes cynnes mannum, for þan þar wæs lyt [*]elles þe aht mycel myhton buton Englisce men on ægþer healfe, 7 eac hig noldon þæt utlendiscum þeodum wære þes eard þurh þæt þe swiðor gerymed þe hi heom sylfe ælc oðerne forfore. Geræddon þa þæt man sende wise men betweonan 7 setton grið on ægðre healfe, 7 Godwine for upp 7 Harold his sunu 7 heora lið swa mycel swa heom þa geþuhte. 7 wæs þa witena gemot, 7 man sealde Godwine clæne his eorldom swa full 7 swa forð swa he fyrmest ahte, 7 his sunum eall swa eall þæt hi ær ahten, 7 his wife 7 his dehter swa ful 7 swa forð swa hi ær ahton. 7 hi gefæstnodon heom þa fulne freondscipe betweonan 7 eallum folce gode lage beheton. and geutlageden þa ealle Frencisce men þe ær unlage rærdon 7 undom demdon, 7 unræd ræddon into ðissum earde buton swa feala swa hig geræddon þæt þam cynge gelicode mid him to hæbbenne þe him getreowe wæron 7 eallum his folce. 7 Rodbeard bisceop 7 Willem bisceop 7 Ulf bisceop uneaðe ætburstan mid þam Frenciscum mannum þe heom mid wæron, 7 swa ofer sæ becomon. 7 Godwine eorl 7 Harold 7 seo cwen sæton on heora are. Swegen for æror to Hierusalem of Bricge, 7 wearð hamweard dead æt Constantinopolim to Michaheles mæsse. Ðæt wæs on þone Monandæg æfter Sancta Marian mæsse þæt Godwine mid his scipum to Suðgeweorce becom, 7 þæs on merigen on þone Tiwesdæg hi gewurdon sehte, swa hit her beforan stent. Godwine þa gesiclode hraðe þæs þe he up com, 7 eft gewyrpte, ac he dyde ealles to lytle dædbote of þære Godes are þe he hæfde of manegum halgum stowum. On þam ylcan geare com se stranga wind on Thomas mæsseniht 7 gehwær mycelne hearm dyde. Eac man sloh Hris þæs Welscan cynges broþer.
1053 On þysum geare wæs se cyning on Winceastre on Eastran 7 Godwine eorl mid him 7 Harold eorl his sunu 7 Tostig. [*]Ða on oðran Easterdæge s<æ>t he mid ðam cynincge æt gereorde, þa færinga sah he niðer wið þæs fotsetles, spræce benumen 7 ealre his mihte, 7 hine man ða bræd into ðæs kinges bure, 7 ðohtan þæt hit ofergan sceolde, ac hit næs na swa, ac þurhwunode swa unspecende 7 mihteleas forð oð þone Ðunresdæg, 7 ða his lif alet, 7 he lið þær binnan Ealdan Mynstre. 7 his sunu Harald feng to his eorldome, 7 let of ðan þe he ær hæfde, 7 Ælfgar fengc ðærto. Ðæs ylcan geares gefor Wulfsie bisceop on Licedfelda, 7 Leofwine abbud on Cofantreo feng to ðam bisceoprice, 7 Ægelward abbud on Glæstingabyrig gefor, 7 Godwine abbud on Wincelcumbe. Eac Wylsce menn geslogan mycelne dæl Englisces folces ðæra weardmanna wið Wæstbyrig. On ðisson geare næs nan arcebisceop on ðissan lande, butan Stigand bisceop heold þæt bisceoprice on Cantwarabyrig on Cristes cyrcean 7 Kynsige on Eoforwic, 7 Leofwine 7 Wulfwi foran ofer sæ 7 leton hig hadian þær to bisceopum, se Wulfwi feng to ðam biscoprice þe Ulf hæfde be him libbendum 7 of adræfdum.
1054 Her for Siward eorl mid mycclum here into Scotlande 7 mycel wæl of Scottum gesloh 7 hig aflymde, 7 se cing ætbærst. Eac feoll mycel on his healfe ægðer ge Densce ge Englisce 7 eac his agen sunu. Ðæs ylcan geares man halgode þæt mynster on Eofeshamme on .vi. Idus Octobris . On ðam ylcan geare ferde Ealdred bisceop suð ofer sæ into Sexlande, 7 wearð þær mid mycelre arwurðnesse underfangen. Þy ylcan geare swealt Osgod Clapa færinga swa swa he on his reste læt.
<1055> [n1055.1] On þysum geare forðferde Siward eorl on Eoforwic, 7 his lic lið binnan þam mynstre æt Galmanho þe he sylf æt getimbrade Gode to lofe 7 eallum his halgum. Ða ðæræfter binnan lyttlan fyrste wæs witena gemot on Lundene, 7 man geutlagode þa Ælfgar eorl, Leofrices sunu eorles, butan ælcan gylte, 7 he gewende ða to Irlande 7 begeat him ðær lið, þæt wæs .xviii. scipa butan his agenan. 7 wendan ða to Brytlande to Griffine cinge mid þam werede, 7 he hine underfeng on his griðe, 7 hig gegaderadan ða mycle fyrde mid ðam Yriscan mannan 7 mid Walkynne. 7 Rawulf eorl gaderade mycele fyrde agean to Herefordport, 7 hi sohtan hi ðær, ac ær þær wære ænig spere gescoten, ær fleah ðæt Englisce folc, forðan þe hig wæran on horsan, 7 man sloh ðær mycel wæl, abutan feower hund manna oððe fife, 7 hig nænne agean. 7 hig gewendan ða to ðam porte 7 ðæt forbærndan, 7 þæt mære mynster ðe Æþelstan se arwurða biscop ær let getimbrian, þæt hig beryptan 7 bereafodan æt haligdome 7 æt hreaue 7 æt eallon ðingan, 7 þæt folc slogan 7 sume on weg læddan. Ða gaderade man fyrde geond eall Englaland swyðe neah, 7 hig coman to Gleaweceastre, 7 wendan swa unfeorr ut on Wealas 7 þær lagon sume hwile, 7 Harald eorl let dician ða dic abutan þæt port þa hwile. Þa on ðam þa spæc man to friðe, 7 Harald eorl 7 ða ðe mid him wæron coman to Bylgeslege, 7 ðær frið 7 freondscipe heom betweonan gefæstnodan, 7 man geinlagode þa Ælfgar eorl, 7 man ageaf him eall þæt him wæs ær ofgenumen, 7 þæt sciplið gewende to Legeceastre, 7 ðær abiden heora males þe Ælfgar heom behet. Se mannslyht wæs on .ix. Kalendas Nouembris . On ðam ylcan geare forðferde Tremerig se Wylsca biscop sona æfter ðære hergunge, se wæs Æþelstanes biscopes gespelia syððan he unfere wæs.
<1056> [n1056.1] Her gefor Æþelstan se arwurða bisceop on .iiii. Idus Februarii , 7 his lic lið on Herefordport, 7 man sette Leofgar to biscupe, se wæs Haroldes eorles mæssepreost, se werede his kenepas on his preosthade oððæt he wæs biscop. Se forlet his crisman 7 his hrode, his gastlican wæpna, 7 feng to his spere 7 to his sweorde æfter his biscuphade, 7 swa for to fyrde ongean Griffin þone wyliscan cing, 7 hine man ðar ofsloh 7 his preostas mid him, 7 Ælfnoð scirgerefa<n>, 7 manega gode menn mid heom, 7 ða oðre ætflugon. Þis wæs .viii. nihton ær middan sumera. Earfoðlic is to atellanne seo gedrecednes 7 seo fare eall 7 seo fyrdung 7 þæt geswinc 7 manna fyll 7 eac horsa þe eall Engla here dreah, oððæt Leofric eorl com wið 7 Harald eorl 7 Ealdred bisceop, 7 macedan seht þær betweonan, swa þæt Griffin swor aðas þæt he wolde beon Eadwarde kinge hold underkingc 7 unswicigende. 7 Ealdred bisceop feng to ðam biscuprice þe Leofgar hæfde ær .xi. wucan 7 .iiii. dagas. On ðam ylcan geare gefor Cona se casere. Ðæs geres gefor Odda eorl, 7 his lic lið on Perscoran, 7 he wæs to munece gehadod ær <h>is ende, he gefor on .ii. Kalendas Septembres [n1056.2] .
<1065> [*]Her on þissum geare foran to hlafmæssan het Harold eorl bytlian on Brytlande æt Portascihð, þa þa he hyt gegan hæfde, 7 þar mycel god gegaderode, 7 þohte þone kingc Eadward þar to habbenne fo<r> huntnoþes þingon, 7 þa hyt eall mæst gegaderod wæs, þa for Cradoc Griffines sunu to mid eallum þam þe he begytan mihte 7 þæt folc mæst eall ofsloh þe þar t<i>mbrode 7 þæt god genam þe þar gegaderod wæs, 7 se mannsliht wæs on Sancte Barþolomeus mæssedæig. 7 þa æfter Michaheles mæssan foran þa þegnas ealle on Eoferwicscire to Eoferwic, 7 Tostiges eorles huskarlas þar ofslogon ealle þa þe hig geaxian mihton 7 hys gærsuman namon, 7 Tostig wæs þa æt Brytfordan mid þam kinge. 7 þa wel raðe þar æfter wæs mycel gemot æt Norðhamtune 7 swa on Oxenaforda on þon dæig Simonis 7 Iude, 7 wæs Harold eorl þar, 7 wolde heora seht wyrcan gif he mihte, ac he na mihte, ac eall hys eorldom hyne anrædlice forsoc 7 geutlagode 7 ealle þa mid hym þe unlage rærdon, forþam þe <he> rypte God ærost 7 ealle þa bestrypte þe he ofer mihte æt life 7 æt lande. 7 hig namon heom þa Morkere to eorle, 7 Tostig for þa ofer sæ 7 hys wif mid him to Baldwines lande, 7 wintersetl namon æt Sancte Audomare. And Eadward kingc com to Westmynstre to þam Middanwintre, 7 þæt mynster þar let halgian þe he sylf getimbrode Gode to lofe 7 Sancte Petre 7 eallum Godes halgum, 7 seo circhalgung wæs on Cilda mæssedæig, 7 he forðferde on Twelftan Æfen, 7 hyne man bebyrigde on Twelftan Dæig on þam ylcan mynstre swa hyt her æfter seigð:
<H>er Eadward kingc, Engla hlaford,
sende soþfæs<te> sawle to Criste
on Godes wæra, gast haligne.
He on worulda her wunode þrage
on kyneþrymme, cræftig ræda.
.xxiiii. freolic wealdend
wintra gerimes weol<an> brytnode
7 healfe tid, hæleða wealdend,
weold wel geþungen Walum 7 Scottum
7 Bryttum eac, byre Æðelredes
Englum 7 Sexum oretmægcum,
swa ymbclyppað ceald brymmas,
þæt eall Eadwarde, æðelum kinge,
hyrdon holdlice hagestealde menn.
Wæs a bliðemod bealuleas kyng
þeah he lang ær lange bereafod,
wunode wræclastum wide geond eorðan,
syððan Cnut ofercom kynn Æðelredes
7 Dena weoldon deore rice
Engla landes .xxviii.
wintra gerimes weran bry<t>nodan.
Syððan forð becom freolice in geatwum
kyningc kystum god, clæne 7 milde,
Eadward se æðela eðel bewerode,
land 7 leode oð þæt lunger becom
deað se bitera 7 swa deore genam
æþelne of eorðan. Englas feredon
soþfæste sawle innan swegles leoht
7 se froda swa þeah befæste þæt rice
heahþungenum menn, Harolde sylfum,
æþelum eorle, se in ealle tid
hyrde holdlice hærran sinum
wordum 7 dædum, wihte ne agælde
þæs þe þearf wæs þæs þeodkyninges.
7 Her wearð Harold eac to kynge gehalgod, 7 he lytle stillnesse þar on gebad þa hwile þe he rices weold.
<1066> <O>n þisum geare com Harold kyng of Eoforwic to Westmynstre to þam Eastran þe wæron æfter þam middan wintran þe se kyng forðferde, 7 <wæron> þa Eastran on þone dæig .xvi. Kalendas Mai . Þa wearð geond eall Engla land swylc tacen on heofenum gesewen swylce nan mann ær ne geseh. Sume menn cwædon þæt hyt cometa se steorra wære, þone sume menn hatað þone fexedan steorra<n>, 7 he æteowde ærest on þone æfen Letania Maiora , þæt ys .viii. Kalendas Mai , 7 swa scean ealle þa .vii. niht. 7 sona þar æfter com Tostig eorl fram begeondan sæ into Wiht mid swa myclum liðe swa he begytan mihte, 7 him man geald þar æigðer ge feoh ge metsunge, 7 for þa þano<n> 7 hearmas dyde ægwar be þam særiman þar he to mihte oð þæt he becom to Sandwic. [*]Ða cydde man Harolde kynge, þe on Lundene wæs, þæt Tostig his broðor wæs cumen to Sandwic. Þa gegadorade he swa mycele scipfyrde 7 eac landfyrde swa nan cingc ær her on lande ne gegaderade, forðam þe him wæs to soðan gesæd þæt Willelm eorll fram Normandige, Eadwardes cingces mæg, wolde hider cuman 7 þis land gegan eall swa hit syððan aeode. Þa Tostig þæt geaxode þæt Harold cing wæs toward Sandwic, þa for he of Sandwic 7 nam of þam butsekarlon sume mid him, sume þances, sume unþances, 7 gewende þa norð into <Humbran> 7 þær hergode on Lindesege 7 þær manege(i) gode men ofsloh. Þa Eadwine eorl 7 Morkere eorl þæt undergeaton, þa coman hi þyder 7 hine of þæm lande adrifon, 7 he for ða to Scotlande, 7 Scotta cynning hine griðede 7 him to metsunge fylste, 7 þær ealne sumor wunode. Ða com Harold ciningc to Sandwic 7 þær his liðes abad, for þam þe hit wæs lang ær hit man gegaderian mihte, 7 þa his lið gegaderad wæs, þa for he into Wiht 7 þær læg ealne þone sumor 7 þone hærfest, 7 man hæfde landfyrde æghwar be sæ, þeh hit æt þam ende naht ne forstode. Þa hit wæs to Natiuitas Sanctę Marię, þa wæs manna metsung agan, 7 hig nan man þar na leng gehealdan ne mihte. Ða lyfde man mannum ham, 7 se cyngc rad up, 7 man draf þa scypu to Lunde<ne>, 7 manega forwurdon ær hi þyder comon. Þa ða scypu ham coman, þa com Harold cyning of Norwegan norð into Tinan on unwaran mid swyðe miclum sciphere 7 na lytlan, þæt mihte beon <mid ðreom hund scypum> oððe ma, 7 Tostig eorl him com to mid eallum þam þe he begiten hæfde eall swa hy æ<r> gesprecen hæfdon 7 foran þa begen mid eallum ðam liðe andlang Usa<n> up to Eoferwicward. Ða cydde man Harolde cynge be suðan þa h<e> of scipe cumen wæs, þæt Harold cyng on Norwegan 7 Tostig eorl wæron up cumene neh Eoferwic. Þa for he norðweard dæges 7 nihtes swa hraðe swa he his fyrde gegaderian mihte. Þa ær þam þe se cynning Harold þyder cuman mihte, þa gegaderode Eadwine eorl 7 Morkere eorll of heora eorldome swa mycel werod swa hi begitan mihton 7 wið þone here gefuhton 7 mycel wæl geslogon, 7 þær wæs þæs Engliscan folces mycel ofslagen 7 adrenct 7 on fleam bedrifen, 7 Normen ahton wælstowe gewald. 7 þis gefeoht wæs on Vigilia Mathei Apostoli, 7 wæs Wodnesdæg. 7 þa æfter þam gefeohte for Harold cyningc of Norwegan 7 Tostig eorl into Eoferwic mid swa miclum folce swa heom þa geþuhte, 7 hi mon gislade of þære burh 7 eac to metsunge fylste, 7 swa þanon to scipe foran 7 to fullan friðe gespræcon þæt hig ealle mid him suð faran woldon 7 þis land gegan. Ða amang þissan com Harold Engla cyningc mid ealre his fyrde on ðone Sunnandæg to Tada 7 þær his lið fylcade 7 for þa on Monandæg þurh ut Eoferwic, 7 Harold cyningc of Norwegan 7 Tostig eorl 7 heora gefylce wæron afaren of scipe begeondan Eoferwic to Stanford brycge, for þam þe him wæron behaten to gewissan þæt him man þær of ealre þære scire ongean hy gislas bringan wolde. Ða com Harold Engla cyning heom ongean on unwaran begeondan þære brycge, 7 hi þær togædere fengon 7 swyðe heardlice lange on dæg feohtende wæron, 7 þær wæs Harold cyning of Norwegan 7 Tostig eorl ofslagen 7 ungerim folces mid heom, ægðer ge Normana ge Englisca, 7 þa Normen [*]flugon þa Englis<c>a. Ða wes þer an of Norwegan þe wiðstod þet Englisce folc, þet hi ne micte þa brigge oferstigan, ne sige gerechen. Þa seite an Englisce mid anre flane, ac hit nactes ne widstod, ænd þa com an oþer under þere brigge end hine þurustang en under þere brunie. Þa com Harold Engla chinge ofer þere brigge 7 hys furde forð mid hine, 7 þere michel wel geslogon, ge Norweis ge Flæming, 7 þes cyninges su<nu þe> het 'Mundus' let Harold faran ham to Norweie mid alle þa scipe.

A Caroline -a- has been inserted above the -er-

An a has been added above the -e- in the same ink as Talbot's marginal gloss Antiocha

This is actually written as .v., with a macron over the v.

A todęldun
B todældan
D todældon
E todældun

Written as .v., with a macron over the v.

There are traces of an e but no further erasure.

There is a thin and badly controlled macron.

Corrected from ymbretan by modification of the -re-.

Written on an erasure.

A macron has been added over the -v- in Talbot's brown ink.

A fea (with -la) in another hand
*G fea
B fea
E feala

AE fuhton
B fuhtan
C fultan

This word is omitted in B.

Written above kingas and overruns into the margin.

Both B and C make the k- by adding a vertical stroke that descends well below the line before a c-.

Capital s, about 5mm high.

Capital c, about 5mm high.

Capital c, about 4mm high.

The k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

The k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

The -s has been made from -f by erasure of the crossbar.

There is an erased letter before the k-, which has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

MS B reads .iim. .

The k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

There is a macron above the -v- in what appears to be Talbot's ink.

Dots appear above and below the initial h-.

The k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

The k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

The -k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

The -k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

The k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

The k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

AE þusendu
B .iiim.

The manuscript has .v. with a macron above the -v-.

Corrected from -i-.

Altered from -n-.

Written over a minim.

Connecting mark added in sixteenth century ink.

Made from an -m- by erasure of the final minim.

This should read Æþelþryþ. MS B shares the error.

A Cenferþ
B Ceferð

Over an erasure.

Square capital H-, the same height as the following minim.

A Þeodorius
B Þeodorus
The scribe originally wrote -iu- but erased the final minim of the -u- and joined the remaining minims to form a slightly odd -u-.

The -k- has been made by adding a vertical stroke to a c-.

A Ceaulininges
B Ceawlininges
There is a distinct stain around this word in the manuscript.

Written over an -r- in the same ink.

A .xxx.m.
B .xxxm.

BC .xxxvii.
ADEF .xxvii.

The annal number originally read AN.dccx. but the final -x has been erased.

The annal number originally read AN.dccxiiii. but the final minim has been erased, though two faint marks remain.

Presumably, the annal number originally read AN.dccxv. but no trace of the final -v remains.

The annal number originally read AN.dccxvii. but no trace of the final -i remains.

BC Ceolwold
ADE Ceolred

The annal number originally read AN.dccxviii. and traces of the final -i remain.

The annal number originally read AN.dccxxi. and traces of the final -i remain.

The annal number originally read AN.dccxxii. no trace of the final -i remains.

Added above the line over a caret in a scribal or contemporary correction.

BC .xxvi.
ADE .xvi.
The manuscript read cristelmæl.

A cristesmęl
B cristes mæl
DE cristes mel

The annal number originally read AN.dcccii. and has been modified by erasure of the final -i to read 801. Traces of the erased second -i remain.

The annal number originally read AN.dccciii. and has been modified by erasure of the final -i to read 802. No trace of the erased -i remains.

The annal number originally read AN.dccciiii. and has been modified by erasure of the final -i to read 803. Traces of the erased fourth -i remain.

The annal number originally read AN.dcccv. and has been modified by erasure of the -v. To fit the sequence of modified annal numbers, this should have been modified to read 804 by insertion of four minims, but this has not been done.

The annal number originally read AN.dcccxii. and has been modified by erasure of the final -i to read 811.

The annal number originally read AN.dcccxiii. and has been modified by erasure of the final -i to read 812.

The annal number originally read AN.dcccxiiii. and has been modified by erasure of the final -i to read 813.

One or two letters have been erased, probably -vi.

Two letters have been erased, probably -ix.

An -i has been erased.

The final -i has been erased.

The final -i has been erased, but traces remain. The sequence of erasures ends here.

ADEF Suþseaxna
B Westsexna

A 7
B þa

A miclum
B myclum
DE mycclum

The two redundant minims have been inserted above in a contemporary hand.

There is a macron over the preceding -e-.

Rositzke expands cw(macron) to cwom

C hi ma metsode
D him ametsode
E him man metsod

This is abbreviated in the manuscript as oft with a macron over the t.

MS unfrið
DE unfriðhere
F here

DE upgang

Glossed with imma, above the line in dark ink.

DE adds 7 þær wurdon gehorsode, 7 syþþan ahton Eastengla geweald after this word.

In the same correcting hand as in annals 971 and 1009.

Inserted above the line by caret. This is the start of a group of corrections written with a fine nib.

Inserted above the line by caret. The hand is the same as that the corrector of 1046.

Inserted above the line by caret. The hand is the same as that the corrector of 1046.

Inserted above the line by caret. The hand is the same as that the corrector of 1046.

Inserted above the line by caret. The hand is the same size as the corrector of 1046, but slightly thicker.

The first stroke of the -a- is visible; the rest of the letter has been lost to a tear.

Rositzke reads sæt without comment but the æ is very badly formed.

The annal number is missing. Joscelyn supplies it.

The annal number is missing. 1056 is supplied in an early modern hand identified as Joscelyn by Lutz, but this attribution is disputed in Irvine, 1056n1.

Joscelyn adds god man 7 clæne 7 swiðe æðele.

The annal number is missing. 1065 is supplied in an early modern hand identified as Joseclyn by Lutz.

A space has been left for the missing capital h.

D soðfeste
Nowell soðfæst
The descender of the second s is visible.

D weolan

The annal number is missing, but Joscelyn has written Ano dñi 1066. A space was left for the capital initial of On

D mid ðreō hund scypum
Space was left in the manuscript for twenty-four or twenty-five letters and Joscelyn has written mid ðreō hund scypum in this space, matching the corresponding words from MS D.

The upper right corner of the page has flaked away here.

Reading from O'Brien O'Keeffe.

A space for eleven or twelve characters has been left in the manuscript. Joscelyn supplies Humbran.