Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Manuscript D Cotton Tiberiues B iv

[Introduction] Brytene igland is ehta hund mila lang 7 twa hund mila brad, 7 her synd on þam iglande fif geþeodu, Ænglisc, Brytwylsc, Scottysc, Pihttisc 7 Boclæden. Ærest wæron buend þyses landes Bryttas, þa comen of Armenia, 7 gesæton suþonwearde Brytene ærost. Ða gelamp hit þæt Pehtas comon suþon of Scitthian, mid langum scipum na manegum, 7 þa comon ærest on Norð Ybernian up, 7 þær bædon Scottas þæt hi þær moston wunian. Ac hig noldon heom lyfan, for þon þe hig cwædon þæt hi ne mihton ealle ætgædere gewunian þær. 7 þa cwædon þa Scottas, we magon eow hwæþere ræd gelæron. We witon oþer igland her beeastan, þær ge magon eardian gyf ge wyllað, 7 gyf hwa eow wiðstent, we eow fultumiað þæt ge hit magon gegangan. Ða ferdon þa Pihtas 7 geferdon þis land norþanweard, suþonweard hit hæfdon Bryttas, swa we ær cwædon. 7 þa Pihtas heom abædon wif æt Scottan, on þa gerad þæt hi gecuron hyre cynecynn aa on þa wifhealfe, þæt hy heoldon swa lange syþþan. 7 þa gelamp ymbe geara ryne þæt Scotta sum dæl gewat of Ybernian on Brytene, 7 þæs landes sumne dæl geeodon, 7 wæs heora heretoga Reoda gehaten, fram þam hy synd genæmnede Dalreodi.

Syxtigum wintrum ær þon Crist wære acænned, Gaius Iulius, Romane Casere, mid hundehtatigum ceolum gesohte Brytene. Ðær he wæs ærest geswænced mid grimmum gefeohte, 7 mycelne dæl his heres forlædde. 7 þa he forlet his here gebidan mid Scottum, 7 gewat suð into Galwalum 7 þær gegaderode syx hund scipa, mid þam he gewat eft into Brytene. 7 þa hi ærost togædere geræsde, þa mon ofsloh þæs kaseres gerefan, se wæs Labienus gehaten. Ða genamon þa Walas 7 adrifon sumre ea ford ealne mid scearpum stængum greatum innan þam wætere. Seo ea hatte Tæmese. Ða þæt onfundon þa Romani, þa noldon hig faran ofer þone ford. Ða flugon þa Brytwalas to þam wuduwestenum. 7 se kasere geeode wel monige heahburh mid myclum gewinne, 7 eft gewat into Galwalum.
[Introduction] The island of Britain is eight hundred miles long and two hundred miles broad and here in this island are five nations, English, British, Scottish, Pictish, and Latin. The first inhabitants of this land were Brittons; they came from Armenia, and first settled in the south of Britain. Then befell it that Picts came from the south from Scythia, with long ships, not many, and first landed in North Hibernia, and there entreated the Scots that they might there abide. But they would not permit them, for they said that they could not all abide there together. And then the Scots said, We may nevertheless give you counsel. We know another island eastward of this, where ye may dwell if you will, and if any one withstand you, we will assist you, so that you may subdue it. Then went the Picts and subdued this land northwards; the southern part the Britons had, as we before have said. And the Picts obtained wives for themselves of the Scots, on this condition, that they should always choose their royal lineage on the woman's side; which they have held ever since. And then befell it in the course of years that some part of the Scots departed from Hibernia on Britain, and conquered some portion of the land. And the leader was called Reoda; from whom they are named Dalreodi.

Sixty years before Christ was born, Gains Julius, emperor of the Romans, with eighty ships, sought Britain. There he was at first distressed by a fierce battle, and a large portion of his army was dispersed. And then he left his army to abide among the Scots, and went south into Gaul, and there collected six hundred ships, with which he came again into Britain. And as they first rushed together, the emperor's prefect was slain: he was called Labienus. Then the Welsh took large and sharp stakes and drove them into the fording place of a certain river under water; this river was called Thames. When the Romans discovered this, then would they not go over the ford. Then fled the Britons to the wood-wastes, and the emperor conquered very many of their chief cities after a great struggle, and departed again into Gaul.
1 Octauianus rixade .lxvi. wintra 7 on þam .xlii. geare his rices Crist wæs acenned.
1 Octavianus reigned sixty-six years; and in the forty-second year of his reign Christ was born.
2 Ða tungelwitegan of eastdæle comon to þam þæt hi Crist wyrþoden, 7 þa cild on Betleem ofslagene wæron for ehtnesse fram Erode.
2 Then astrologers from the east came to worship Christ; and the children in Bethlehem were slain by Herod in persecution of Christ.
3 Her swealt Herodes fram him sylfum ofsticod, 7 Archelaus his sunu feng to rice.
3 Here died Herod, stabbed by his own hand, and Archelaus his son succeeded to the rule.
6 Fram frymþe middaneardes oþ þis gear wæron agan .v. þusend wintra 7 .cc. wintra.
6 From the beginning of the world to Herewere agone five thousand winters and two hundred winters.
12 Philippus 7 Herodes todældon Lissian 7 in Iudeum .iiii. ricu todældon.
12 Philip and Herod divided Lycia and Judea into four kingdoms.
16 Her feng Tiberius to rice.
>16 Here Tiberius succeeded to the rule.
26 Her onfeng Pilatus gemine ofer Iudeas.
26 Here Pilate began to reign over the Jews.
30Her wæs Crist gefullad, 7 Petrus 7 Andreas gehwyrfde, 7 Iacobus 7 Iohannes 7 Philippus 7 þa .xii.apostolas.
30 Here was Christ baptized; and Peter and Andrew were converted, and James, and John, and Philip, and all the twelve apostles.
33Her wæs Crist ahangen fram fruman middangeardes ymbe .v. þusend wintre 7 .cc. 7 .xxvi.
33 Here was Christ crucified; from the beginning of the world about five thousand winters and two hundred and twenty six.
34Her wæs Sanctus Paulus gehwyrfed 7 Sanctus Stephanus oftorfod.
34 Here was St. Paul converted, and St. Stephen stoned.
35Her se eadiga apostol Petrus gesæt bisceopsetl on Antiochia cestre.
35 Here the blessed apostle Peter settled an episcopal see in the city of Antioch.
39 Her onfeng Gaius rice.
39 Here succeeded Caius to the empire.
45 Her se eadiga Petrus se apostol gesæt bisceopsetl on Rome.
45 Here the blessed Peter the apostle settled an episcopal see at Rome.
46Her Erodes swealt se þe Iacobum ofsloh anum geare ær his agenum deaðe.
46 Here died Herod, he who James slew one year ere his own death.
47Her Claudius Romana kyning gewat mid here on Brytene, 7 þæt egland geeode 7 ealle Pihtas 7 Walas underþeodde Romana rice. Ðis gefeoht he gefremede þam feorþan geare his rices.7 on þam geare gewearð se mycla hungor on Siria þe wæs forwitgad Actibus Apostolorum þurh Agabum þone witgan. Ða feng Neron to rice æfter Claudie, se æt nyhston forlet Brytene egland for his uncafscipe.
47 Here Claudius, king of the Romans, went with an army into Britain, and subdued the island, and subjected all the Picts and Welsh to the rule of the Romans. He fought this war in the fourth year of his reign. And in that year occurred the great famine in Syria, which was foretold in the Acts of the Aposdes by Agabus the prophet. Then Nero succeeded to the rule after Claudius, who finally abandoned the island of Britain because of his sloth.
62Her Iacob frater Domini þrowade.
62 Here James, the brother of Christ, suffered.
63Her Marcus se godspellere forðferde.
63 Here Mark the evangelist departed.
68Her Petrus 7 Paulus þrowodon.
68 Here Peter and Paul suffered.
70Her Uespassianus onfeng rice.
70 Here Vespasian undertook the empire.
71Her Titus Uespassianus sunu in Hierusalem ofsloh Iudea .cxi. þusenda.
71 Here Titus, Vespasian’s son, in Jerusalem slew 111,000 Jews
81Her feng Titus to rice, se þe sæde þæt he þone dæg forlure þe he naht to gode on ne dyde.
81 Here Titus succeeded to the rule - he who said that he lost the day on which he did no good act
84Her Domitianus Tites broþor feng to rice.
84 Here Domitian, Titus’s brother, succeeded to the rule.
87 Her Iohannes se godspellere in Patma þam eglande wrat þa boc Apocalipsis.
87 Here John the evangelist in the island Patmos wrote the book "The Apocalypse".
100 Her Simon se apostol wæs ahangen 7 Iohannes se godspellere hine gereste in Effesia.
100 Here Simon the apostle was crucified and John the evangelist him rested at Ephesus.
101 Her Clemens papa forðferde.
101 Here Pope Clemens departed
110 Her Ignatius biscop þrowode.
110 Here Bishop Ignatius suffered.
155 Her Marcus Antonius 7 Aurelianus his broþor fengon to rice.
155 Here Marcus Antonius and Aurelianus his brother succeeded to the rule.
167 Her Eleutherius on Rome onfeng biscopdom 7 þone wyrðlice .xv. wintre geheold. To þam Lucius Brytwalana cyng sænde mæn 7 bæd fulwihtes, 7 he him sona sænde, 7 hig syþþan wunedon on rihton geleafan oð Dioclitianus rice.
167 Here Eleutherius in Rome received the bishopric and he honourably for 15 winters held it. To him Lucius, king of Britain, sent men and asked for baptism and he at once sent it to thim, and they afterwards remained in the true faith until Diocletian’s reign.
189 Her Seuerus feng to rice 7 ferde mid here on Brytene 7 mid gefeohte geeode þæs eglandes mycelne dæl, 7 þa geworhte weal mid turfum, 7 bredweal þæronufon, fram sæ to sæ, Britwalum to gebeorge. He ricsade .xvii. gear 7 þa geendode on Eoforwic. Bassianus his sunu feng to rice. Oþer his sunu wæs gehaten Geta, se forwearð.
189 Here Severus succeeded to the rule and journeyed with an army to Britain and through fighting conquered a great part of the island, and then made a wall of turf, with a broad wall on top, from sea to sea, as a protection for the Britons. He ruled 17 years and then died in York. Bassianus his son succeeded to the rule. His other son was called Geta. He perished.
693 Her wæs Brihtwald gehalgod to arcebiscop fram Guodune Galwala biscop on .v. Nonas Iulii. In þas tid Gefmund biscop forðferde, 7 Bryhtwald gehalgode Tobiam on his steall, 7 Dryhthelm wæs of life gelæd.
693 Here was Brihtwold consecrated to archbishop from Godwin, bishop of the Gauls, on the 5th nones of July [July 3]. In this time bishop Gifemund departed, and Brihtwold consecrated Tobian in his place, and Dryhthelm was from this life led.
694 Her Cantware geþingodon wið Ine 7 him gesealdon .xxx. þusenda, for þon ðe hy ær Mul forbærndon. 7 Wihtred feng to Cantwara rice, 7 heold .xxxiii. wintra. Se Wihtred wæs Ecgbrihting, Ecgbriht Ercanbrihting, Ercanbryht Eadbalding, Eadbald Æþelbryhting.
694 Here the people of Kent made terms with Ine, and to him gave 30 thousand [pounds], because they before Mul had burned. And Wihtred succeeded to the kingdom of the Kentish people, and held it 33 winters. This Withred was the son of Egbert, the son of Eorcenberht, the son of Eadbald, the son of Ethelbert.
697 Her Suðanhymbre ofslogon Ostryðe, Æþelredes cwene, Ecgferðes swester.
697 Here the Southumbrians slew Osthryth, Ethelred’s queen, Ecgfrith’s sister.
699 Her Pihtas slogon Beorht ealdorman.
699 Here the Picts slew ealdorman Beorht.
702 Her Cenred feng to Suþanhymbra rice.
703 Her Hædde biscop forðferde, 7 he heold þone biscopdom .xxvii. wintra on Wintanceastre.
704 Her Æþelred Pending Myrcna cyning onfeng munuchade, 7 þæt rice heold .xxix. wintra, 7 þa feng Cenred to.
705 Her Aldfrið Norþanhymbra cyning forðferde on .xviiii. Kalendas Ianuarii on Driffelda. Þa feng Osræd his sunu to rice.
709 Her Aldelm biscep forþferde, se wæs bewæstan wudu biscop, 7 wæs todæled on foreweardum Daniheles dagum on twa biscopscire Westseaxna landes, 7 ær hit wæs an, oðer heold Daniel, oðer Aldhelm, æfter Aldhelme Forðhere feng to. 7 Ceolred feng to Myrcna rice, 7 Cenred for to Rome, 7 Offa mid him, 7 Cenred wæs þær oð his lifes ende. 7 þy ilcan geare Wilferð biscop forðferde in Undalum, 7 his lic man lædde to Ripum. He wæs biscop .xlv. wintra, þone Ecgferð cyning ær bedraf to Rome.
710 Her Acca Wilferðes preost feng to þam biscopdome þe he ær heold. 7 þam ylcan geare feaht Beorhtfrið ealdorman wið Pehtas betwux Hæfe 7 Cære, 7 Ine 7 Nun his mæg gefuhton wið Gerente Weala cyninge, 7 þam ylcan geare man sloh Sigbald.
714 Her geferde Guðlac se halga.
715 Her Ine 7 Ceolred gefuhton æt Wodnesbeorge.
716 Her Osred Norþanhymbra cyning wearð ofslagen besuðan gemære, 7 se hæfde .viii. winter rice æfter Ealdferðe, þa feng Cenred to rice, 7 heold .ii. gear, þa Osric, 7 heold .xi. 7 eac on þam ylcan geare Ceolred Myrcna cyning forðferde, 7 his lic resteð on Licetfelda, 7 Æthelredes Pendinges on Beardanigge. 7 þa feng Æþelbald to rice on Myrcum, 7 heold .xli. wintra. 7 Ecgberht se arwurða wer gecyrde Ie hiwan to rihtum Eastrum, 7 to Sancte Petres scære.
718 Her Ingild forferde, Ines broþor, 7 heora swustra wæron Cwenburh 7 Cuþburh, 7 seo Cuthburh þæt lif æt Winburnan arærde, 7 heo wæs forgyfen Norðhymbra cyninge Ealdferðe, 7 hi be him lifgendum gedældon.
721 Her Danihel ferde to Rome. 7 þy ilcan gære Ine ofsloh Cynewulf þone æþeling. 7 her forðferde seo halga biscop Iohannes, se wæs biscop .xxxiii. geara 7 .viii. monðas 7 .xii. dagas, 7 his lic resteð in Beoforlic.
722 Her Æþelburh cwen towearp Tantun þone Ine ær timbrade, 7 Ealdbryht wrecca gewat on Suðrige 7 on Suðseaxe.
725 Her Wihtred Cantwara cyning forðferde on non Kalendas Maii, se rixade .xxxiiii. wintra. 7 Ine gefeaht wið Suðseaxum 7 þær ofsloh Eadbryht þone æþeling þe he ær ut flymde.
726 Her Ine ferde to Rome, 7 feng Æþelheard to Westseaxna rice his mæg 7 heold .xiiii. gear. 7 þy ilcan geare gefuhton Æþelheard 7 Oswald se æðeling, 7 se, Oswald wæs Æþelbalding, Æðelbald Cynebalding, Cynebald Cuðwining, Cuðwine Ceawlining.
727 Her forðferde Tobias biscop in Hrofecæstre, 7 on his stall Bryhtwald arcebiscop gehalgode Aldwulf to biscope.
729 Her æteowdan twegen cometan. 7 þy ilcan geare Osric forðfærde, se wæs .xi. winter cyning. 7 se halga Ecgberht forðfærde in Ii. Þa feng Ceolwulf to þam rice 7 heold .viii. gear.
730 Her Oswald se æþeling forðferde.
731 Her Bryhtwold arcebiscop forðferde on Idus Ianuarii, se wæs biscop .xxxvii. wintra 7 syx monþas 7 .xiiii. dagas. 7 her wæs ofslægæn Osric Norþhymbra cyning, 7 feng Ceolulf to þam rice 7 heold .viii. gear. 7 se Ceolulf wæs Cuþing, Cuða Cuþwining, Cuðwine Leodwalding, Leodwald Ecgwalding, Ecgwald Ealdhelming, Ealdhelm Ocing, Ocea Iding, Ida Eopping. 7 Bryhtwald ercebiscop gefor. 7 þa ilcan geare wæs Tacwine gehalgod to ærcebiscope, se wæs ær in Mercum preost on Breodune. Hine halgodon Danihel Wæntan biscop 7 Ingwald Lunden biscop, 7 Aldwine Licetfelda biscop 7 Aldwulf Hrofescæstre biscop die .x. Iunii mensis.
733 Her Æþelbald geeode Sumertun, 7 sunne aþystrode, 7 Acca wæs adryfen of bisceopdome.
734 Her wæs se mona swylce he wære mid blode begoten, 7 forðferde Tacwine arcebiscop, 7 eac Beda, 7 Ecgberht man gehalgode to biscope.
735 Her onfeng Ecgberht biscop pallium æt Rome.
736 Her Noðhelm ercebiscop onfeng pallium fram Romana biscope.
737 Her Forþhere biscop 7 Freoðogyð cwen ferdon to Rome. 7 Ceolwulf cyning feng to Petres scære, 7 sealde his rice Eadberhte his fæderan sunu, se ricsade .xxi. wintra. 7 Æþelwold biscop 7 Acca forðferdon, 7 Cynwulf man gehalgode to biscop. 7 þy ilcan gære Æþelbald cyning hergode Norðhymbra land.
738 Her Eadberht Eating, Eata Leodwalding, feng to Norðhymbra rice 7 heold xxi wintra, 7 his broþor wæs Ecgberht Eating arcebiscop, 7 hy restað begen on Eoforwiccæstre on anum portice.
740 Her Æþelheard cyning forðfærde, 7 feng Cuþred his mæg to Westseaxena rice, 7 heold .xvi. gear, 7 heardlice gewan wið Æþelbald Myrcna cyning. 7 Cuðbryht wæs to arcebiscop gehalgod 7 Dunn biscop to Hrofescæstre.
741 Her forbarn Eoforwic.
743 Her Æþelbald Myrcna cyning 7 Cuþræd Westseaxena cyning gefuhton wið Wealas.
744 Her Daniel gesæt on Wintanceastre 7 Hunferð feng to biscopdome. 7 steorran foron swyðe scotygende. 7 Wilferð se iunga, se wæs biscop on Eoforwic, forðferde on .iii. Kalendas Maias, se wæs .xxx. wintra biscop.
745 Her Daniel forðferde, þa wæs .xliii. wintra agan syþþan he onfeng to biscopdome.
746 Her man sloh Selred cyning.
748 Her wæs ofslægen Cynric Westseaxna æþeling, 7 Eadbryht Cantwara cyning forþferde.
750 Her Cuðred Wæstseaxna cyning gefeaht wið Æþelhun þone ofermodigan ealdormann.
752 Her Cuþred Westseaxna cyning gefeaht þy .xii. geare his rices æt Beorhforde wið Æþelbald Myrcna cyning 7 hine geflymde.
753 Her Cuðred Westseaxna cyning gefeaht wið Wealas.
754 Her Cuþred Westseaxna cyning forðferde, 7 Cyneheard onfeng biscopdome æfter Hunferþe on Wintancæstre, 7 Cantwaraburh forbarn þy geare, 7 Sigebryht his mæg feng to Westseaxena rice 7 heold an gear.
755 Her Cynewulf benam Sigebryhte his mæge his rices 7 Wæstseaxna witan for unrihtum dædum butan Hamtunscire, 7 he hæfde þa oð he ofsloh þone ealdorman þe him længst wunode. 7 hine þa Cynewulf on Andred adræfde, 7 he þær wunade oð ðæt an swan hine ofstang æt Pryftes flodan. 7 se Cynewulf oft myclum gefeohtum feaht wið Brytwealas. 7 ymb xxi wintra þæs þe he rice hæfde, he wolde adrefan ænne æþeling se wæs Cyneheard haten, 7 se, Cyneheard wæs þæs Sigebryhtes broþer. 7 þa geahsode he þone cyning lytle werede on wifcyðþe on Mærantune, 7 hine þær berad, 7 þone bur utan beeodon, ær hine þa men onfunden þe mid þam cyninge wæron. 7 þa ongeat se cyning þæt, 7 he on þa duru eode, 7 þa unheanlice hine wærede oð he on þone æþeling locade, 7 þa ut ræsde on hine 7 hyne myclum gewundode, 7 hy ealle on þone cyning feohtende wæron oð þæt heo hine ofslægenne hæfdon. 7 þa on ðæs wifes gebærum onfundon þæs cyninges þegnas þa unstilnesse, 7 þa þyder urnon swa hwylc swa þonne gearo wearð raðost, 7 heora se æþeling gehwylcum feoh 7 feorh bead, 7 heora nænig þicgan nolde, ac hie symble feohtende wæron oð heo ealle lagon butan anum Brytwyliscum gisle, 7 se swyðe gewundod wæs. Þa on morgen gehyrdon þæt þæs cyninges þægnas þe him beæftan wæron, þæt seo cyning ofslægen wæs, ða ridon hi þyder 7 his ealdorman Osric 7 Wiferð his þegn 7 þa men þe he him beæftan ær læfde, 7 þone æþeling on þære byrig metton þær se cyning ofslægen læg, 7 hi þa gatu him to belocen hæfdon, 7 þa þærto eodon. 7 þa bead he him heora agenne dom feos 7 landes gyf hi him þæs rices uþon, 7 him cyðde þæt heora magas him mid wæron þa þe him fram noldon, 7 þa cwædon hie þæt him nænig mæg leofra nærre þonne heora hlaford, 7 hi næfre his banan folgian noldon, 7 þa budon hi heora magum þæt hi him gesunde fram eodon. 7 hi cwædon þæt ilce heora geferum geboden wære þe ær mid þam cyninge wæron, ða cwædon heo þæt hi hit þæs ne onmunden þon ma þe heora geferan þe mid þam cyninge wæron ofslægene. 7 hy þa ymb þa geatu feohtende wæron oð hi þærinne fulgon 7 þone æþeling ofslogon 7 þa men þe mid him wæron ealle butan anum, se wæs þæs ealdormannes godsunu, 7 he his feorh generede, 7 he wæs oft gewundod. 7 se Cynewulf ricsode .xxxi. wintra 7 his lic ligeð on Wintanceastre, 7 þæs æðelinges on Axanmynster. 7 heora rihtfædrencynn gæþ to Certice. 7 þy ilcan geare mon ofsloh Æþelbald Mearcna cyning on Sæcandune, 7 his lic ræsteð on Hreopandune, 7 he ricsade .xli. wintra. 7 Beornred feng to rice 7 lytle hwile heold 7 ungefealice, 7 þy ilcan geare Offa geflemde Beornred 7 feng to þam rice 7 heold .xxxix. wintra, 7 his sunu Ecgferð heold .xli. daga 7 .c. daga. Wæs se Offa Þincferþing.
757 Her Eadberht Norðhymbra cyning feng to scære, 7 Oswulf his sunu feng to þam rice 7 ricsade an gær, 7 hine ofslogon his hiwan on .viii. Kalendas Agustus.
758 Her Cuthbryht arcebiscop forðferde.
759 Her Bregowine wæs to arcebiscop gehalgod to Sancte Michaheles tide. 7 Moll Æþelwald fent to rice on Norðhymbrum, 7 ricsade .vi. winter, 7 hit þa forlæt.
760 Her Æþelbryht Cantwara cyning forðferde 7 Ceolwulf eac forðferde.
761 Her wæs se mycla winter. 7 Moll Norþhymbra cyning ofsloh Oswine æt Eadwines clife on .viii. Idus Agustus.
762 Her Ianbryht wæs gehadod to arcebiscop on þone .xl. dæg ofer midne winter. 7 Friþuweald biscop æt Hwiterne forðferde on Nonas Maius, se wæs gehalgod on Ceastre on .xviii. Kalendas September þam .vi. wintra Ceolwulfes rices, 7 he wæs biscop .xxix. wintra. Þa man halgode Pehtwine to biscop æt Ælfetee on .xvi. Kalendas Agustus to Hwiterne.
765 Her feng Alchred to Norðhymbra rice 7 ricsade .viiii. winter.
766 Her forðferde Ecgberht arcebiscop in Eoforwic on .xiii. Kalendas Decembris, se wæs biscop .xxxvii. wintra, 7 Friðebryht in Hagustaldesee, se wæs biscop .xxxiiii. wintra, 7 man gehalgode Æþelberht to Eoforwic 7 Alchmund to Hagustaldesee.
768 Her forðferde Eadberht Eating on .xiii. Kalendas Septembris.
772 Her Milred biscop forðferde.
774 Her Norðhymbra fordrifon heora cyning Alchred of Eoforwic on Eastertid 7 genamon Æþelred Molles sunu him to hlaforde, se ricsade .iiii. winter. 7 men gesegon read Cristes mel on heofenum æfter sunnan setlgange. On þy geare gefuhton Myrce 7 Cantware æt Ortanforda, 7 wunderlice nædran wæron gesewene on Suðseaxna lande.
776 Her forðferde Pehtwine biscop on .xiii. Kalendas Octobris, se wæs biscop .xiiii. winter.
777 Her Cynewulf 7 Offa gefliton ymb Benesingtun 7 Offa genam þone tun. 7 þa ilcan geare man gehalgode æþelberht to biscop to Hwituerne in Eoforwic on .xvii. Kalendas Iulii.
778 Her Æþelbald 7 Heardberht ofslogon .iii. heahgerefan, Ealwulf Bosing æt Cyningesclife, Cynewulf 7 Ecgan æt Helaþirnum on .xi. Kalendas Aprilis. 7 þa feng Alfwold to rice, 7 Æþelred bedraf of lande, 7 he ricsade .x. winter.
779 Her Ealdseaxe 7 Francan gefuhton. 7 Norðhymbra heahgerefan forbærndon Beorn ealdorman on Seletune on .viii. Kalendas Ianuarii 7 Æþelberht arcebiscop forðferde in Cæstre, in þæs steal Eanbald wæs ær gehalgod, 7 Cynewulf biscop gesæt in Lindisfarnaee.
780 Her Alchmund biscop in Hagustaldesee forðferde on .vii. Idus Septembris, 7 Tilberht man gehalgode on his steall on .vi. Non Octobris, 7 Higbald man gehalgode to biscop æt Soccabyrig to Lindisfarnaee, 7 Alfwold cyning sænde man æfter pallium to Rome, 7 Eanbald dyde to arcebiscop.
782 Her forþferde Werburh Ceolredes cwen 7 Cynewulf biscop on Lindisfarnaee, 7 seonoþ wæs æt Aclæ.
784 Her Cyneheard ofsloh Cynewulf cyning, 7 he þær wearð ofslægen 7 .lxxxiiii. manna mid him, 7 þa onfeng Berhtric Westseaxna rice, 7 he ricsode .xvi. gear, 7 his lic ligeð æt Werham, 7 his rihtfederencyn gæð to Certice.
785 Her forðferde Botwine abbot in Hripum. 7 þær wæs geflitfullic sinoþ æt Cealchyðe. 7 Iacbryht arcebiscop forlæt sumne dæl his biscopdomes, 7 fram Offan cyning Hygebryht wæs gecoren, 7 Ecgferð to cyninge gehalgod. 7 in þas tid wæron ærendracan gesend of Rome fram Adrianum papan to Englalande to niwanne þone geleafan 7 þa sibbe þe Sanctus Gregorius us sende þurh þone biscop Augustinum, 7 hi man wið weorðscype underfeng 7 mid sibbe ongæn sænde.
787 Her nam Berhtric cyning Offan dohter Eadburge. 7 on his dagum comon ærest .iii. scypu Norðmanna of Hæreðalande, 7 þa sæ gerefa þærto rad, 7 hie wolde drifan to þæs cyninges tune þe he nyste hwæt hi wæron, 7 hine man ofsloh þa. Ðæt wæron þa ærestan scipu Dæniscra manna þe on Engelcynnes land gesohton.
788 Her wæs sinoð gegaderad on Norþhymbra lande æt Wincanheale on .iiii. Nonas Septembris, 7 Aldberht abbod forðferde in Hripum.
789 Her wæs Alfwald Norðhymbra cyning ofslægen fram Sigan on .viiii. Kalendas Octobris, 7 heofonlic leoht wæs lome gesewen þær þær he ofslægen wæs, 7 he wæs bebyrged on Hagustaldesee innan þære cyrican. 7 sinoð wæs gegaderod æt Aclea. 7 Osred Alchredes sunu feng to rice æfter him, se wæs his nefa.
790 Her Ianbryht arcebiscop forðferde, 7 þa ilcan geare wæs gecoren Æþelheard abbod to arcebiscop. 7 Osræd Norðhymbra cyning wæs beswicen 7 of rice adræfed, 7 Æþelred Aþelwaldes sunu eft feng to rice.
791 Her wæs Baldwulf gehalgod to biscop to Hwiterne on .xvi. Kalendas Agustus fram Eanbalde arcebiscop 7 fram Æþelberhte biscop.
792 Her Offa, Myrcna cyning, het Æþelbryhte þæt heafod of aslean. 7 Osred, þe wæs Norðhymbra cyning, æfter wræcsiþe ham cumenum, gelæht wæs 7 ofslægen on .xviii. Kalendas Octobris, 7 his lic ligþ æt Timanmuðe. 7 Æþelred cyning feng to niwan wife, seo wæs Ælfled gehaten, on .iii. Kalendas Octobris.
793 Her wæron reðe forebecna cumene ofer Norðhymbra land, 7 þæt folc earmlic bregdon, þæt wæron ormete þodenas 7 ligrescas, 7 fyrenne dracan wæron gesewene on þam lifte fleogende. Þam tacnum sona fyligde mycel hunger, 7 litel æfter þam, þæs ilcan geares on .vi. Idus Ianuarii, earmlice hæþenra manna hergunc adilegode Godes cyrican in Lindisfarnaee þurh hreaflac 7 mansliht. 7 Sicga forðferde on .viii. Kalendas Martius.
794 Her Adrianus papa 7 Offa cyning forðferdon, 7 æþelred, Norðanhymbra cyning, wæs ofslægen fram his agenre þeode on .xiii. Kalendas Maii, 7 Ceolwulf biscop 7 Eadbald biscop of þam lande aforon, 7 Ecgferð feng to Myrcna rice 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde. 7 Eadbryht onfeng rice on Cænt, þam wæs oþer nama nemned Præn. 7 æþelheard ealdorman forðfærde on Kalendas Agustus. 7 þa hæþenan on Norðhymbrum hergodon 7 Ecgferþæs mynster æt Done muþan bereafodon, 7 þær heora heretogena sum ofslægen wearð, 7 eac heora scypu sume þurh oferweder wurðon tobrocene, 7 heora fela þær adruncan, 7 sume cuce to þam stæþe comon 7 þa man sona ofsloh æt þære ea muþan.
795 Her wæs se mona aþystrod betwux hancræde 7 dagunge on .v. Kalendas Aprilis. 7 Eardwulf feng to Norðanhymbra cynedome on .ii. Idus Maii, 7 he wæs syððan gebletsod 7 his cynestole ahafen on .vii. Kalendas Iunii on Eoforwic fram Enabalde arcebiscop 7 æþelberhte 7 Higbalde 7 Badwulfe.
796 Her forðferde Offa, Myrcna cyning, on .iiii. Kalendas Augustus, se ricsode .xl. wintra, 7 Eanbald arcebiscop on .iiii. Idus Augustus þæs ilcan geares, 7 his lic ligð on Eoforwic, 7 þæs ilcan geares forðfærde Ceolwulf biscop, 7 man gehalgode oþærne Eanbald on þæs oðres stal on .xviiii. Kalendas Septembris. 7 þy ilcan geare Ceolwulf, Myrcna cyning, oferhergode Cantware 7 Mercware 7 gefengon Præn heora cyning 7 gebundenne hine gelæddon on Myrce.
797 Her Romana Leone þam papan his tungan forcurfon, 7 his eagan ut astungan, 7 hine of his setle aflymdon, 7 þa sona æft Gode gefultumendum he mihte geseon 7 sprecan, 7 eft wæs papa swa he ær wæs. 7 Eanbald onfeng pallium on .vi. Idus Septembris, 7 æþelberht biscop forðfærde on .xvii. Kalendas Nouembris, 7 Heardred man gehalgode on his steal to biscop on .iii. Kalendas Nouembris.
798 Her wæs micel gefeoht on Norðhymbra lande on længtene on .iiii. Nonas Aprilis æt Hwælleage, 7 þær man sloh Alric Heardbearhtes sunu 7 oþre mænige mid him.
799 Her æþelheard arcebiscop 7 Cynebryht Westseaxna biscop for to Rome.
800 Her wæs se mona aþystrad on þære oðre tid on niht on .xvii. Kalendas Februarii. 7 Beorhtric cyning forðferde 7 Worr ealdorman, 7 Ecgbryht feng to Westseaxna rice. 7 þy ilcan dæge rad æþelmund ealdorman of Hwiccum ofer æt Cynemæresforda, þa mette hine Weohstan ealdorman mid Wilsætum, 7 þær wearð mycel gefeoht 7 þær begen ofslægene wæron þa ealdormæn, 7 Wilsæte namon sige.
801 Her wæs gehadod Beornmod biscop to Hrofeceastre.
802 Her aþystrade se mona on dagunge on .xiii. Kalendas Ianuarii, 7 Beornmod wæs gehalgod to biscop to Hrofesceastre þy ilcan geare.
803 Her forðfærde Higbald, Lindisfarna biscop, on .viii. Kalendas Iulii, 7 man halgode on his steall Ecgberht on .iii. Idus Iunii, 7 æþelheard arcebiscop forðfærde on Cænt, 7 Wulfred wæs to arcebiscop gehalgod.
804 Her Wulfred arcebiscop onfeng pallium.
805 Her Cuþred cyning forðferde on Cantwarum 7 Ceolburh abbodesse 7 Heardbryht ealdorman.
806 Her se mona aþystrode on Kalendas Septembris, 7 Eardwulf Norðhymbra cyning wæs of his rice adrifen, 7 Eanberht Hagestaldes biscop forðferde.
812 Her Carl cyning forðfærde, 7 he ricsode .xlv. wintra, 7 Wulfred arcebiscop 7 Wigbryht Westseaxna biscop foron begen to Rome.
813 Her Wulfred arcebiscop mid bletsunge þæs papan Leon hwearf eft to his agnum biscopdome. 7 þy geare geheregode Ecgbryht cyning on Westwealas fram eastweardum oð westewearde.
814 Her Leo se æþela papa 7 se halga forðferde, 7 æfter him Stephanus feng to rice.
816 Her Stephanus papa forðferde, 7 æfter him wæs Paschalis to papan gehalgod. 7 þy ilcan geare forbarn Angelcynnes scolu.
819 Her Cenwulf Myrcna cyning forðferde, 7 Ceolwulf feng to rice, 7 Eadbryht ealdorman forðferde.
821 Her wearð Celwulf his rices bescered.
822 Her twegen ealdormen wurdon ofslægene, Burhhelm 7 Muca, 7 sinoð wæs æt Cloveshoo.
823 Her wæs Weala gefeoht 7 Defena æt Gafulforda. 7 þy ilcan geare gefeaht Ecgbryht Westseaxna cyning 7 Beornulf Myrcna cyning æt Eallandune, 7 Ecgbryht sige nam, 7 þær wæs mycel wæl geslægen. Þa sænde he æþelwulf his sunu of þære fyrde 7 Ealhstan his biscop 7 Wulfheard his ealdorman to Cænt mycle werede, 7 hi Baldred þone cyning norð ofer Tæmese adrifon, 7 Cantwaræ him to cyrdon, 7 Suðrige 7 Suðseaxe 7 Eastseaxe, þy hi fram his magum ær mid unrihte anydde wæron. 7 þy ilcan geare Eastengla cyning 7 seo þeodde gesohte Ecgbryht cyning him to friðe 7 to mundboran for Myrcna ege, 7 þy ilcan geare slogon Eastængle Beornulf Myrcna cyning.
825 Her Ludecan, Myrcna cyning, 7 his .v. ealdormæn mon ofsloh mid him, 7 Wiglaf feng to rice.
827 Her mona aþystrode on middes wintres mæsseniht. 7 þy geare geeode Ecgbeorht cyning Myrcna rice 7 eal þæt ðe besuþan Humbre wæs, 7 he wæs se .viii. cyning se ðe Brytenwealda wæs. 7 ærest wæs ælle Suðseaxna cyning se þus mycel hæfde, oþær wæs Ceawlin Westseaxna cyning, .iii. , æþelbryht Cantwara cyning, .iiii., Rædwald Eastængla cyning, .v., Eadwine Norðhymbra cyning, .vi., wæs Oswald, þe æfter him ricsode .vii., wæs Oswiu Oswaldes broþor, .viii., Ecgbryht Westseaxna cyning. 7 se Ecgbryht lædde fyrde to Dore wið Norðhymbre, 7 hi him þær eadmedo budon 7 geþwærnysse, 7 hi on þam tohwurfon.
828 Her Wiglaf æft onfeng Myrcna rice, 7 æþelbald biscop forðferde, 7 þy ilcan geare Ecgbryht cyning lædde fyrde on Norðwealas, 7 hi him ealle to eadmodre hyrsumnysse dyde.
829 Her Wulfred arcebiscop forðferde.
830 Her Ceolnoð wæs biscop gecoren 7 gehadod, 7 Feologild abbod forðferde.
831 Her Ceolnoð arcebiscop onfeng pallium.
832 Her hæþene men oferheregodon Sceapigge.
833 Her Ecgbryht cyning gefeaht wið .xxv. sciphlæsta æt Carrum, 7 þær wearð mycel wæl geslægen, 7 þa Dæniscan ahton wælstowe geweald. 7 Hereferð 7 Wigferð, .ii. biscopas, forðferdon, 7 Dudda 7 Osmod, .ii. ealdormen, forðferdon.
835 Her com mycel sciphere on Westwealas, 7 hi to anum gecyrdon, 7 wið Ecgbryht Westseaxna cyning winnende wæron. Þa fyrdode him togeanes 7 wið him feaht æt Hængestesdune, 7 þær ægþer aflymde ge þa Wealas ge ða Dæniscan.
836 Her Ecgbryht cyning forðferde, 7 hine hæfde ær Offa Myrcna cyning 7 Beorhtric Westseaxna cyning aflymed .iii. gear of ængelcynnes lande on Francland ær he cyning wære. 7 se Ecgbryht ricsode .xxxvii. wintra 7 .vii. monþas, 7 feng æþelwulf his sunu to Westseaxna rice, 7 Æþelstan his oþær sunu feng to Cantwara rice 7 to Suðrigean 7 to Suðseaxena rice.
837 Her Wulfheard ealdorman gefeaht æt Hamtune wið .xxxiii. scyplæsta 7 þær mycel wæl gesloh 7 sige nam, 7 þy geare forðfærde Wulfheard, 7 æþelhelm ealdorman gefeaht wið þa Dæniscan on Port mid Dorsæton, 7 se ealdorman wearð ofslægen, 7 þa Dæniscan ahton wælstowe geweald.
838 Her Ecgbryht ealdorman wæs ofslægen fram æþenum mannum 7 manega men mid him on Myrcwarum, 7 þy ilcan geare eft on Lindesige 7 on Eastænglum 7 on Cantwarum wurdon ofslægene fram þam herige.
839 Her wæs mycel wælsliht on Lundenne 7 on Cantwic 7 on Hrofesceastre.
840 Her æþelwulf cyning gefeaht æt Carrum wið .xxxv. sciphlæsta, 7 þa Dæniscan ahton wælstowe geweald.
845 Her Earnulf dux mid Sumersæton 7 Ealhstan biscop 7 Osric dux mid Dorsæton gefuhton æt Pedredan muðan wið Dæniscne here, 7 þær mycel wæl geslohgon 7 sige namon.
851 Her Ceorl ealdorman gefeaht wið hæþenne mæn mid Defenanscire æt Wicgeanbeorge, 7 þær mycel wæl geslogon 7 sige naman. 7 hæþene mæn on Tænet ofer winter gesæton. 7 þa ylcan geare com feorðe healf hund scipa on Temese muðan, 7 bræcon Cantwaræburh, 7 geflymdon Beorhtwulf Myrcna cyning mid his fyrde, 7 foron þa suð ofer Temese on Suðrige, 7 him þær gefeaht wið æþelwulf cyning 7 æþelbald his sunu æt Aclea mid Westseaxna fyrde, 7 þær þæt mæste wæl geslogon on hæðenum herge þæ we æfre gesæcgan hyrdon, 7 þær sige namon. 7 þy ilcan geare Æþelstan cyning 7 Ealhhere dux gefuhton on scipum, 7 mycelne here ofslogon æt Sandwic, 7 .viiii. scipu gefengon, 7 þa oðre geflymdon.
853 Her Burhred Myrcna cyning underþeodde him Norðwealas mid æþelwulfes cyninges fultume. 7 þy ilcan geare Alhhere mid Cantwarum 7 Huda mid Suðrigum gefuhton on Tænet wið hæþenne here, 7 þær wurdon feola ofslægene 7 adruncene on ægðre hand, 7 þa ealdormen begen ofsleagon. 7 Burhred Myrcna cyning feng to æþelwulfes dohter Westseaxna cyninges.
855 Her hæþene mænn ærest on Sceapige ofer winter sæton. 7 þy ilcan geare gebocade Æþelwulf cyning teoðan dæl his landes ofer eal his rice Gode to lofe 7 him sylfum to ecre hæle. 7 þy ilcan geare færde to Rome mid myclum weorðscipe, 7 þær wunode .xii. monað. 7 he feng to Carles dohter, Francna cyninges, þa he hamweard wæs, 7 gesund ham com, 7 þa ymbe .ii. gear forðferde, 7 his lic ligð on Wintaceastre, 7 he ricsade nigonteoðe healf gear, 7 he wæs Ecgbryhting, 7 þa fengon his .ii. suna to rice, æþelbald to Suðrigean 7 to Westseaxna rice, 7 he ricsode .v. gear. 7 se Æþelwulf wæs Ecgbrihting, Ectbryht Ealhmunding, Ealhmund Eafing, Eafa Eopping, Eoppa Ingelding, Ingeld wes Ines broðer, Westseaxna cyninges, 7 he heold þæt rice xxxvii wintra, 7 eft ferde to Sancte Petre, 7 þær his feorh gesealde, 7 hi wæron Cænredes suna. Cenred wæs Cealwalding, Ceolwald Cuþing, Cuða Cuþwining, Cuðwine Ceawlining, Ceawlin Cynericing, Cynric Creoding, Creoda Cearticing, Ceartic wæs Elesing, Elesa Gewising, Gewissung, Wig Freawining, Freawine Freoþegaring, Freoþegar Branding, Brand Beldæging, Bældæg Wodening, Woden Frealafing, Frealaf Finning, Fin Godulfing, Godulf Gating, Geat Tætwaing, Tætwa Beawing, Beaw Scealdwaing, Scealdhwa Heremoding, Heremod Itermoning, Itermon Haðrahing, Haþra, Hwala Beowung, Beowi Sceafing, id est filius Noe, se wæs geboren on þære arce Nones, Lameh Maturalem Enoc Iared Malalehel Camon Enos Seth Adam primus homo æt pater noster est Christus. Ond þa fengon æþelwulfes .ii. suna to rice, æþelbald to Westseaxna rice, 7 æþelbryht to Cantwara rice 7 to Eastseaxena rice 7 to Suðrigean 7 to Suðseaxena rice, 7 þa ricsode æþelbald .v. gear.
860 Her æþelbald cyning forðferde, 7 his lic ligð æt Scireburnan, 7 feng to æþelbryht, to eallum þam rice, his broþor. 7 on his dæge com mycel sciphere up 7 abræcon Wintanceaster. 7 wið þone here fuhton Osric ealdorman mid Hamtunscire 7 æþelwulf ealdorman mid Bearrucscire, 7 þone here geflymdon 7 wælstowe geweald ahton. 7 se æþælbryht ricsode .v. gear, 7 his lic ligð æt Scireburnan.
865 Her sæt se hæðen here on Tænet 7 genam frið wið Cantwarum, 7 Cantware him feoh geheton wið þam friðe, on þam feohgehate se here hine on niht up bestæl 7 oferhergade elle Cænt eastwearde.
866 Her feng æþered æþelbryhtes broþor to Seaxna rice. 7 þy ilcan geare com mycel hæðen here on Angelcynnes land 7 wintersetl namon on Eastænglum, 7 þær gehorsade wurðan, 7 hi him wið frið namon.
867 Her for se here of Eastænglum ofer Humbre muðan to Eoforwicceastre on Norðanhymbre, 7 þær wæs mycel ungeþwærnys þære þeode betwux him sylfum, 7 hi hæfdon heora cyning aworpenne Osbryht 7 ungecyndne cyning underfengon ællan, 7 hi late on geare to þan gecyrdon þæt hi wið þone here winnende wæron, 7 hi þeah mycle fyrd gegadredon, 7 þone here sohton æt Eoforwicceastre 7 þa ceastre bræcon, 7 hi sume inne wurdon, 7 þær wæs ungemetlic wæl geslægen Norðanhymbra, sume binnan, sume butan, 7 þa cyningas begen ofslægene, 7 seo laf wið þone here frið nam. 7 þy ilcan geare gefor Ealhstan biscop, 7 he hæfde þæt biscoprice æt Scireburnan L wintra, 7 his lic ligð þær on tune.
868 Her for se ilca here innan Myrce to Snotengaham, 7 þær wintersetl namon. 7 Burhred Myrcna cyning 7 his witan bædon æþered Westseaxna cyning 7 Ælfred his broþor þæt hi him fultumedon þæt hi wið þone here gefuhton. 7 þa ferdon hi mid Westseaxa fyrde innon Myrce oð Snotengaham, 7 þone here metton þær on þam weorce, 7 hine inne besæton, 7 þær nan hefiglic gefeaht ne wearð, 7 on Myrce frið namon wið þone here.
869 Her for se here eft to Eoforwicceastre 7 þær sæt an gear.
870 Her rad se here ofer Myrce innon Eastængla 7 wintersetl namon æt Þeodforda, 7 þy wintra Eadmund cyning him wið feaht, 7 þa Dæniscan sige naman, 7 þone cyning ofslogon, 7 þæt land eall geeodon. 7 þy geare gefor Ceolnoð arcebiscop to Rome.
871 Her com se here to Readingum on Westseaxe, 7 þæs ymbe .iii. niht ridon twegen eorlas up, þa gemette æþelwulf ealdorman hie on ænglafelda 7 him þær wið gefeaht 7 sige nam, 7 heora wearð oþær þær ofslægen, þæs nama wæs Sidrac. Ða ymb .iiii. niht æþered cyning 7 Ælfred his broþer þær mycle fyrd to Readingum gelæddon 7 wið þone here gefuhton, 7 þær wæs mycel wæl geslægen on gehwæðre hand, 7 Eaðelwulf ealdorman wearð ofslægen, 7 þa Dæniscan ahton wealstowe geweald. 7 þæs ymb .iiii. nyht gefeaht æþered cyning 7 Ælfred his broþor wið ealne þone here on æscesdune, 7 hi wæron on twam gefylcum, on oðrum wæs Bagsecg 7 Healfdene, þa hæðenan cyningas, 7 on oþrum wæron þa eorlas. 7 þa feaht se cyning æþered wið þara cyninga getruman, 7 þær wearð se cyning Bagsecg ofslægen, 7 Ælfred his broþor wið þara eorla getruman, 7 þær wearð Sidroc eorl ofslægen se ealda 7 Sidroc se geonga 7 Osbearn eorl 7 Fræna eorl 7 Harald eorl, 7 þa hergas begen geflymde, 7 fela þusenda ofslagendra, 7 on feohtende wæron oð niht. 7 þæs ymbe .xiiii. niht gefeaht æþered cyning 7 Ælfred his broþor wið þone here æt Basingum, 7 þær þa Dæniscan sige namon. 7 þæs ymb twegen monþas gefeaht æþered cyning 7 Ælfred his broþor wið þone here æt Meredune, 7 hi wæron on twam gefylcum, 7 hi butu geflymdon 7 lange on dæg sige ahton, 7 þær wearð mycel wælslyht on gehwæðre hond, 7 þa Dæniscan ahton wealstowe geweald, 7 þær wearð Heahmund biscop ofslægen 7 feola godra manna. 7 æfter þysum gefeohte com mycel sumerlida to Readingum. 7 þæs ofer Eastron gefor æþered cyning, 7 he ricsode .v. gear, 7 his lic ligð æt Winburnan mynster. Ða feng Ælfred æþelwulfing his broþor to Westseaxna rice. 7 þæs ymb ænne monað gefeaht Ælfred cyning wið ealne þone here lytle werede æt Wiltune 7 hine longe on dæg geflymde, 7 þa Dæniscan ahton wælstowe geweald. 7 þæs geares wurdon .viiii. folcgefeoht gefeohten wið þone here on þam cynerice besuðan Temese, butan þe him Ælfred þas cynges broþor 7 ealdormen 7 cyningæs þegnas oft radan on ridon, þe mon na ne rimde, 7 þæs geares wæron ofslægene .viiii. eorlas 7 an cyning, 7 þy geare namon Westseaxe frið wiþ þone here.
872 Her for se here to Lundenbyrig fram Readingum 7 þær nam wintersetl, 7 þa namon Myrce frið wiþ þone here.
873 Her nam se here wintersetl æt Turcesige.
874 Her for se here of Lindesse to Hreopendune 7 þær wintersetl nam, 7 þone cyning Burhred ofer sæ adræfdon ymb .xxii. wintra þæs þe he rice hæfde, 7 þæt land eall geeodon. 7 he for to Rome 7 þær gesæt, 7 his lic ligð on Sancta Marian cyrican on Angelcynnes scolæ. 7 þy ilcan geare hi sealdon Ceolwulfe anum unwisum cyninges þegne Myrcna rice to healdenne, 7 he him aþæs swor 7 gislas sealde þæt hit him gearo wære swa hwilce dæge swa hi hit habban woldon, 7 he gearo wære mid him sylfum 7 mid eallum þam þe him gelæstan wolden to þæs heres þearfe.
875 Her for se here fram Hreopedune, 7 Healfdene for mid sumum þam here on Norðhymbre 7 nam wintersetl be Tinan þære ea, 7 se here þæt land geeode 7 oft gehergode on Pehtas 7 on Strætled Wealas, 7 for Goðrum 7 Oscytel 7 Anwend þa þry cyningas of Hreopedune to Grantanbrycge mid micclum here 7 sæton þær an gear. 7 þy sumera for Ælfred cyning ut on sæ mid sciphere 7 gefeaht wið .vii. sciphlæsta, 7 heora an gefeng 7 þa oðre geflymde.
876 Her hine bestæl se here into Werham Westseaxna fyrde. 7 syþþan wið þone here se cyning frið nam, 7 him ða gislas sealdon þe on þam here weorþuste wæron to þam cyninge, 7 him þa aðas sworon on þam halgan beage, þe hi ær nanre þeode noldon, þæt hredlice of his rice foron, 7 hi ða under þam hi nihtes bestælon þære fyrde se gehorsade here into Exanceastre. 7 þy geare Hlafdene Norðhymbra land gedælde, 7 ergende wæron, 7 heora tilgende wæron.
877 Her com se here to Eaxanceastre fram Werham, 7 se sciphere seglode west ymbutan, 7 þa gemette hy mycel myst on sæ, 7 þær forwearð .cxx. scipa æt Swanawic. 7 se cyning Ælfred æfter þam gehorsedum here mid fyrde rad oð Eaxanceaster, 7 hi hindan ofridan ne mihte ær hi on þam fæstenne wæron, þær him mon to ne mihte. 7 hi him þær foregislas sealdon swa fela swa he habban wolde, 7 mycle aðas sworon, 7 þa godne frið heoldon. 7 þa on herfæste gefor se here on Myrcna land, 7 hit gedældon sum, 7 sum Ceolwulfe sealdon.
878 Her hine bestæl se here on midne winter ofer Twelftan niht to Cippanhamme, 7 geridon Westseaxna land 7 gesæton, 7 mycel þeos folces ofer sæ adræfdon, 7 þæs oþres þone mæstan dæl hi geridon butan þam cyninge Ælfrede, 7 he lytle wærede unyðelice æfter wudum for 7 on morfæstenum. 7 þæs ylcan wintra wæs Iweres broþor 7 Healdænes on Westseaxum on Defenascire, 7 hine mon þær sloh 7 .dccc. monna mid him 7 .xl. monna his heres, 7 þær wæs se guðfana genumen ðe hi Hræfn hæton. 7 þæs on Eastron worhte Ælfred cyning lytle wærede geweorc æt æþelingaige, 7 of þam geweorce wæs winnende wið þone here, 7 Sumersætena se dæl þe þærnehst wæs. Þa on þære .vii. wucan ofer Eastron he gerad to Ecgbryhtes stane beeastan Sealwudu, 7 him comon þær ongean Sumorsæte ealle, 7 Wilsæte, 7 Hamtunscir se dæl þe hire beheonon sæ wæs, 7 his gefægene wæron. 7 he for ymb ane niht of þam wicum to æglea, 7 þæs eft ymb ane to Eðandune, 7 þær gefeaht wið ealne þone here, 7 hine geflymde, 7 him æfter rad oð ðæt geweorc, 7 þær sæt .xiiii. niht, 7 þa sealde se here him gislas 7 mycle aðas þæt hi of his rice woldon, 7 him eac gehæton þæt heora cyning fulwihte onfon wolde, 7 hi þæt gelæston. 7 þæs ymbe .iii. wucan com se cyning Godrum þritiga sum þara manna þe in þam here weorþuste wæron æt Alre, 7 þæt is wið æþelingaige, 7 his se cyning onfeng þær æt fulwihte, 7 his crismlising wæs æt Wedmor, 7 he wæs .xii. niht mid þam cyninge, 7 he hine mycclum 7 his geferan mid feo weorðode.
879 Her for se here to Cirenceastre of Cippanhamme 7 sæt þær an winter. Þi geare gegaderodon an hloð wicinga 7 gesæt æt Fullanhamme be Temese. 7 þi ylcan geare aþystrode seo sunne ane tid dæges.
880 Her for se here of Cirenceastre on Eastængle, 7 geset þæt land, 7 gedælde. 7 þy ilcan geare for se here ofer sæ þe on Fullanhamme sæt on Francland to Gend, 7 sæt þær an gear.
881 Her for se here ufor on Francland, 7 þa Francan him wið gefuhton, 7 þær þa wearð se here gehorsad æfter þam gefeohte.
882 Her for se here up onlong Mæse ufor on Francland, 7 þær sæt an gear. 7 þy ilcan geare for Ælfred cyning mid scipum ut on sæ 7 gefeaht wið .iiii. sciphlæstas Dæniscra manna, 7 þara scipa twa genamon, 7 þa mæn ofslogon, 7 twa him on hand eodon, 7 þa men wæron myclum ofslægene 7 forwundode ær hi on hand eodon.
883 Her for se here up on Scald to Cundoð, 7 þær sæt an gear. 7 Marinus papa sende þa lignum Domini Ælfrede cyninge, 7 þy ilcan geare lædde Sighelm 7 Æþelstan þa ælmessan to Rome þe Ælfred cyning gehet þyder, 7 eac on Indea to Sancte Thome 7 to Sancte Bartholomeae, þa hi sæton wið þone here æt Lundenne, 7 hy þær, Godes þances, swyðe bentigðe wurdon æfter þam gehatum.
884 Her for se here up on Sunnan to Embenum 7 þær sæt an gear.
885 Her todælde se forespræcena here on twa, oðer dæl east, oðer dæl to Rofeceastre, 7 hi utan ymbesæton, 7 hi þeah ða ceastre awæredon oð þæt Ælfred cyning com utan mid fyrde. Þa eode se here to heora scipum 7 forlæton þæt geweorc, 7 hi wurdon þær behorsode, 7 sona þy ilcan sumera eft ofer sæ gewitan. Þy ilcan geare sende Ælfred cyning sciphere of Cænt on Eastængle. Sona swa hi comon on Sture muðan, þa gemetton hy .xvi. scipu wycinga, 7 wið þa gefuhton, 7 þa scipu ealle gehrehton, 7 þa men ofslogon. Þa hi ða hamweard wendon mid þære herehyðe, þa gemetton hi mycelne sciphere wicinga, 7 wið gefuhton þy ilcan dæge, 7 þa Dæniscan ahton sige. Þy ilcan geare ær middanwintre forðferde Karl Francna cyning, 7 hine ofsloh an eofor, 7 ane geare ær his broþor forðferde, se hæfde eac þæt westrice, þa wæron Hloðwies suna begen, se forðferde þy ilcan geare þe seo sunne aþystrode, se wæs þæs Carles sunu þe æþelwulf, Wæstseaxena cyning, his dohtor hæfde to cwene. Þy ilcan geare gegaderode mycel sciphere on Ealdseaxum, 7 þær wearð mycel gefeaht tuwa on geare, 7 þa Seaxan heafdon sige, 7 þær wæron Frysan mid. Þy ilcan geare feng Karl to þam westrice 7 to eallum þam rice beheonan Wendelsæ 7 begeondan þisse sæ, swa hit his þridda fæder hæfde, butan Lidwicingum. Se Karl wæs Hloðwies sunu, se Hloðwig wæs Karles broþor, se wæs Iuþættan fæder þe Aðælwulf cyning hæfde, 7 hy wæron Hloðwies suna. Se Hloðwig wæs þæs ealdan Karles sunu, se Karl wæs Pipines sunu. Ðy ilcan geare forðfærde se goda papa Marinus, se gefreode Angelcynnes scole be Ælfredes bene, Westseaxena cyninges, 7 he sende him micla gifa 7 þære rode dæl þe Crist on þrowode. 7 þy ilcan geare se here on Eastænglum bræc frið wið Ælfred cyning.
886 Her for se here eft west þe ær east gelende, 7 þa up on Sigene, 7 þær wintersetu namon æt Paris þære byrig. Ðy ilcan geare gesette Ælfred cyning Lundenburh, 7 him eall ængelcyn to gecyrde 7 butan Dæniscra manna hæftnede wæs, 7 he þa befæste þa burh æþelrede ealdorman to healdenne.
887 Her for se here up þurh þa brycge æt Paris, 7 þa up andlang Sigene oð Mæterne, 7 þa up on Mæterne oð Caziei, 7 þa sæton þara 7 innan Ionan, twa winter on þam twam stedum. 7 þy ilcan geare forðferde Karl Francna cyning, 7 Earnulf his broþor sunu hine .vi. wucum ær he forðferde berædde æt þam rice. 7 þa wearð þæt rice todæled on .v., 7 .v. cyningas to gehalgode, þæt wæs ðeah mid Earnulfes geþafunge, 7 hi cwædon þæt hi him þæt to handa healdan scoldan, for þan heora nan næs on fædranhealfe to geboren butan him anum. Earnulf þa wunode on þam lande beestan Rine, 7 Hroþulf þa feng to þam middelrice, 7 Oda to þam westdæle, 7 Beorngar 7 Wiða to Langbeardna lande 7 to þam landum on þa healfe muntes, 7 þæt heoldon mid mycelre unsibbe, 7 tu folcgefeoht gefuhton, 7 þæt land oft 7 gelome forhergodon, 7 æghwæþær oþerne oftrædlice ut adræfde. 7 þy ilcan geare þe se here for forð up ofer þa brycge æt Paris, æþelhelm ealdorman lædde Westseaxna ælmessan 7 Ælfredes cyninges to Rome.
888 Her lædde Beocca ealdorman Westseaxna ælmessan 7 Ælfredes cyninges to Rome. 7 ælþelswyð cwen, seo wæs Ælfredes swustor cyninges, 7 heo forðferde, 7 hire lic ligð æt Pauian. 7 þy ilcan geare æþered arcebiscop 7 æþelwald ealdorman forðferdon on anum monðe.
889 On þyssum geare næs nan færeld to Rome buton twegen hleaperas Ælfred cyning sende mid gewirtum.
890 Her lædde Beornhelm abbod Westseaxena ælmæssan to Rome 7 Ælfredes cyninges. 7 Guðrum se norðerna cyning forðferde, 7 þæs fulluhtnama wæs Æþelstan, se wæs Ælfredes cyninges godsunu, 7 he bugude on Eastænglum 7 þæt land ærest gesæt. 7 þy ilcan geare for se here of Signe to Scanleoðan, þæt is betweoh Bryttum 7 Francum, 7 Bryttas him wið gefuhton 7 hæfdon sige, 7 hi bedrifon ut on ane ea 7 manige adrengton.
892 Her for se here east, 7 Earnulf cyning gefeaht wið þam radhere, ær þa scipu comon, mid Eastfrancum 7 Seaxum 7 Bergerum, 7 hine geflymde. 7 þry Scottas comon to Ælfrede cynge on anum bate butan ælcum gereþrum of Hibernia, þanon hie hi bestælon for þon ðe hi woldon for Godes lufon on elþeodignesse beon, 7 hi ne rohton hwær. Se bat wæs geworht of þryddan healfre hyde ðe hy on foron, 7 hi namon mid him þæt hi heafdon to vii nihtum mete, 7 þa comon hy ymb vii niht to lande on Cornwealum, 7 foron þa sona to Ælfrede cynge. Þus hi wæron genemnede, Dublasne 7 Machbethu 7 Maelmumin. 7 Swifreh se betsta lareow þe on Scottum wæs gefor. 7 þy ilcan geare ofer Eastron ymbe gangdagas oððe ær ætywde se steorra þe man on Læden hæt cometa. Sume men cweðað on ænglisc þæt hit sy fexede steorra, for þam þær stænt lang leoma on hwilum on ane healfe.
893 Her on þyssum geare for se mycla here þe we fyrn ær ymbe spræcon eft of þam eastrice westweard to Bunan, 7 þær wurdon gescipude, swa þæt hi asetton hi on anne sið ofer mid horsum mid ealle, 7 þa comon up on Limene muðan mid .cc. hund scipa. Se muð is on easteweardere Cænt on þæs ilcan wuda ende þæ we Andred gehatað. Se wuda is westlang 7 eastlang .cxx. mila lang oþþe lengra 7 .xxx. mila brad. Seo ea þe we ær ymbe spræcon lið ut of þam wealde. On þa ea hi tugon up heora scipu oð þone weald .iiii. mila fram þam muþan uteweardum, 7 þær abræcon an geweorc. Inne on þam fæstene sæton feawa cyrlisce men on, 7 wæs samworht. Þa sona æfter þam com Hæsten mid .lxxx. scipa up on Temese muðan, 7 worhton him geweorc æt Middeltune, 7 se oðer here æt Apultre.
894 On þysson geare, þæt wæs ymbe tweolf monað þæs ðe hi on þam eastrice geweorc hæfdon geweorht, hæfdon Norðanhymbre 7 Eastængle Ælfrede cyninge aþas geseald, 7 Eastængle foregisla .vi., 7 þeah ofer þa treowa, swa oft swa þa oðre hergas mid ealle herge ut foron, þonne foron hi, oþþe mid, oððe on hyra healfa. 7 þa gadrode Ælfred cyning his fyrd 7 for þæt he gewicode betuh þam hærgum þær þær he neest rymet hæfde for wudufæstenne, swa þæt he mihte ægþærne geræccan gif hi ænigne feld secan woldon. Þa foron hi syððan æfter þam wealde hloþum 7 flocrædum be swa hwæðre healfe swa hit þonne fyrdleas wæs, 7 hi man eac mid oþrum folcum sohte mæstra daga ælce, oððe on dæg oððe on niht, ge of þære fyrde ge eac of þam burhgum. 7 hæfde se cyning his fyrd on twa tonumen, swa þæt hi wæron symble healfe æt ham, healfe ute, butan þam mannum þe þa burhga heoldon. Ne com se here oftor eall ute of þam setum þonne tuwa, oðre siðe þonne hi of þam setum faran woldan. Þa hi gefengon mycele herehyðe, 7 þa woldon ferian norðweardæs ofer Temese innan Eastseaxe ongean þa scipu. Þa forrad seo fyrd hy foran, 7 him wið feaht æt Fearnhamme, 7 þone here geflymde, 7 þa herehyðe ahreddon, 7 hi flugon ofer Temese butan ælcum forda, þa up be Calne on anne igeað. Þa besæt se fyrd hi ðer utan þa hwile þe hi mete hæfdon, ac hi hæfdon þa hyra steminge gesetene 7 hyra mete genotodne, 7 wæs þa se cyning þyderweardnes on fare mid þære scire þe mid him sylfum fyrdedon. Þa he ða þyderweard wæs, 7 seo oþru fyrd wæs hamweard, 7 þa Dæniscan sæton þær behindan, for þon hyra cyning wæs gewundod on þam gefeohte þæt hi hine ne meahton ferian. Þa gaderoden þa ðe on Norðhymbrum bugeað 7 on Eastenglum sum hund scipa 7 foron suð ymbutan, 7 ymbsæton an geweorc on Defenanscire be ðære norðsæ , 7 þa ðe suþan ymbutan foran ymbsæton Eaxance aster. Þa se cyning þæt gehyrde, þa wende he hine west wið Eaxanceastres mid ealre þære fyrde buton swiðe gewaldenum dæle eastweardes þæs folces. Þa foron forð oð hi comon to Lundenbyrig, 7 þa mid þam fultume þe him wæstan com foron east to Beamflote. Wæs þa Hæstan þær cumen, þe ær on Limene muðan sæt æt Apuldre. Hæfde Hæstan ær geworht þæt weorc æt Beamflote, 7 wæs þa ut afaren on hergeað, 7 wæs se mycla here æt ham. Þa foron hi to, 7 geflymdon þone here, 7 þæt geweorc abræcon, 7 genamon eall þæt þærbinnan wæs, ge on feo ge on wifum ge eac on bearnum, 7 brohton eal into Lundenbyrig oððe Hrofeceastre, 7 Hæstnes wif 7 his .ii. suna man brohte to þam cyninge, 7 he hi eft him ageaf, for þam þe hyra wæs oþær his godsunu, oðer æþeredes ealdormannes, hæfdon hy hyra onfangen ær Hæstan to Beamfleote come, 7 he him hæfde geseald aþæs 7 gislas, 7 se cyning him eac wel ge feoh sealde, 7 eac swa he þone cniht ageaf 7 þæt wif. Ac sona swa hi to Beamfleote comon 7 þæt geweorc geworht hæfdon, swa hergode he his rice þone ilcan ende þe æþered his cumpæþer healdan sceolde, 7 eft oðre siðe he wæs on hergeað gelend on þæt ilce rice þa þa man his weorc abræc. Þa se cyning hine west wende myd þære fyrde wið Eaxanceastres, swa ic ær sæde, 7 se here þa þa burh beseten hæfde, þa he þærto gefaren hæfde, þa eodon hi to hyra scipum. Þa he ða wið þone here þær west abysgod wæs, 7 þa hergeas wæron þa gegaderode begen to Sceorebyrig on Eastseaxum, 7 þær geweorc worhton, foron þa begen ætgædere up be Temese, 7 him com to mycel eaca ægþær ge of Eastænglum ge of Norðhymbrum, foron þa up be Temese 7 be Sæferne. Þa gegaderode æþered ealdorman 7 æþelm ealdorman 7 æþelnoð ealdorman, 7 þa cyningas þægnas þe þa æt ham æt þam geweorcum wæron, of ælcere byrig beestan Pederedan, ge beeastan Selwuda, ge bewestan, ge benorðan Temese, 7 bewestan Sæfern, ge eac sum dæl þæs Norðwealcynnes. Þa hi ða ealle gegaderode wæron, þa offoron hi þone here hindan æt Buttingtune on Sæferne stæðe, 7 hine þær utan besæton on ælcere healfe on anum fæstene. Þa hi ða þær fela wucena sæton on twa healfe þære ea, 7 se cyning wæs west on Defenum wið þone scip here, þa wæron hi mid meteleaste gewægde, 7 hæfdon mycelne dæl þæra horsa freten, 7 þa oþra wæron hungre acwolen. Þa eodon hi ut to þam mannum þe on easthealfe þære ea wicodon, 7 him wið fuhton, 7 þa Cristenan ahton sige. 7 þær wearð Ordeah þæs cyninges þeng ofslægen, 7 eac manega oþre cyninges þegnas, 7 þa Dænisc an þær wearð swiðe mycel wæl geslægen, 7 se dæl þe þar onweg com wurdon on fleame generede. Þa hi ða on Eastsexe comon to hyra geweorce 7 to heora scipum, þa gegaderode seo laf eft on Eastæn glum 7 on Norðhymbrum mycelne here onforon winter, 7 befæston hyra wif 7 hyra scipu 7 hyra feoh on Eastænglum, 7 foran anstreces dæges 7 nihtes þæt hy gedydon on anre wæstre ceastre on Wirh ealum seo is Ligeceaster haten. Þa ne mihte seo fyrd hi na hindan offaran ær hi wæron inne on þam geweorce, besæton þa þeoh þæt geworc sume .ii. dagas, 7 genamon ceapes eall þæt þærbutan wæs, 7 þa men ofslogon þe hi foran ofridan mihton butan geweorce, 7 þæt corn eall forbærndon 7 mid hyra horsum fræton on ælcere efennehðe. 7 þæt wæs ymb .xii. monað þæs þe hi ær hider comon ofer sæ.
895 Ond þa sona æfter þam on þyssum gearæ for se here of Wirheale innan Norðwealas, for ðam hi ðer sitt an ne meahton, þæt wæs for þy þe hi wæron benumen ægþær ge þæs ceapes ge þæs cornnes þe hi gehergod hæfdon. Þa foron hi ofer Norðhymbra land on Eastængla, swa swa seo fyrd hy geræcean ne mihte, oð ðæt hi comon on Eastseaxena land easteweard on an igland þæt is ute on þære sæ, þæt is Meresigge haten. 7 þa se here eft hamweard wende þe Eaxanceaster beseten hæfde, þa hergoden hi up on Suðseaxum neah Cisceastre, 7 þa burhware hy geflymdon, 7 hyra monig hund ofslogon, 7 heora scipu sume genamon. Þa þy ilcan geara on foreweard winter þa Dæniscean þe on Meresigge sæton tugon heora scipu up on Temese 7 þa up on Ligean. Þæt wæs ymb twa gear þæs þe hi hider ofer sæ comon.
896 Ond þa þy ilcan geare worhte se foresprecena here geweorc be Lygean .xx. mila bufan Lundanbyrig. Þa þæs on sumere foran mycel dæl þæra burhwaræ 7 eac swa oðres folces þæt hi gedydon æt þæra Dæniscra geweorce, 7 þær wurdon geflymde, 7 sume .iiii. cynges þægnas ofslægene. Þa þæs on herfeste wicode se cyning on neaweste þære byrig þa hwile þe hi hyra corn geripon, þæt ða Dæniscan him ne mihton þæs ripes forwyrnan. Þa sume dæge rad se cyning up be þære ea, 7 gehawode hwær mon myhte þa ea forwyrcean, þæt hi ne miht on þa scipu ut bringan, 7 hy þa swa dydon, worhton twa geweorc on twa healfe þære ea. Þa hi þæt weorc furðum ongunnen hæfdon, 7 þærto gewicod hæfde, þa ongeat se here þæt hi ne mihton þa scipu ut bringan, 7 eodon þa ofer land, þæt hi gedydon æt Brygce be Sæfern, 7 þæt geweorc wrohton. Þa rad seo fyrd æfter þam herge, 7 þa men on Lundenbyrig gefetedon þa scipu, 7 ealle þa þe hi alædan ne mihton hi tobræcon, 7 þa þe þær setlwyrðe wæron binnan Lundenbyrig gebrohton. 7 þa Dæniscan hæfdon hiora wif befæst innan Eastengle ær hi ut of þam geweorce foron. Þa sæton hi þone winter æt Brygcge. Þæt wæs ymbe .iii. gear þæs þe hi on Limene muþan hider ofer sæ comon.
897 Ond þæs on sumera on þissum geare tofor se here, sum on Eastengle sum on Norðhymbre, 7 þa þe feohlease wæron him þær scipu begeaton, 7 suð ofer sæ foron to Signe. Næfde se here, Godes þances, Angelcynnes ealles fulswyðe gebrocod, ac hi wæron micele swiðor gebrocode on þam þrym gearum mid ceapes cwylde 7 manna, ealra swyþost mid þam, þæt gemanige þæra sælestena cyninges þægnas, ðe her on lande wæron, forðferdon on þam .iii. gearum. Þære wæs sum Swiðulf biscop on Hrofeceastre, 7 Ceolmund ealdorman on Cent, 7 Beorhtulf ealdorman on Eastseaxum, 7 Healhheard biscop æt Dorceastre, 7 Eadulf cynges þeng on Suðseaxum, 7 Beornulf wicgerefa on Wintanceastre, 7 Ecgulf cynges horsþegn, 7 mænige toecan him, þeah ic þa geþungestan nemde. 7 þy ilcan geare drehton þa hergas on Eastænglum 7 on Norðhymbrum Westseaxena land swyðe be þam suðstaþe mid stælhergum, ealra swyþost mid þæm æscum þæt hi feala geara ær timbredan. Þa het Ælfred cyning timbrian lange scipu ongean þas æsceas, þa wæron fulneah twa swa lange swa þa oðre, sume hæfdon .lx. ara, sume ma, þa wæron ægþer ge swiftran ge untealran ge eac hearra þonne ða oþru, næron hi nawðær ne on Frysisc gesceapen ne on Denisc, butan swa him sylfum þuhte þæt hi nytwyrðe be on meahton. Þa æt sumen cyrre þæs ilcan geares com þær .vi. scipu to Wiht, 7 þær mycel yfel gedydon, ægþær ge on Defenum ge hwelhwær be þam særiman. Þa het se cyning faran mid nigonum to þara niwra scipa, 7 forforon him þonne muðan foran on utermere, 7 þa wæforon hi mid .iii. scipum ut ongean hi, 7 .iii. stodon æt ufeweardum þam muðan on drygum, wæron þa mæn up on lande of agane. Þa gefengon hy þara þreora scipa twa æt þam muþan uteweardum, 7 þa mæn ofslogon, 7 þæt an oðwand, on þam wæron eac þa men ofslægene butan .v., þa comon for ðy onweg þe þara oðera scipu æsæton, on þa healfe þæs deopes þæ þa Dæniscan scipu asæton wæran, 7 þa, oðru ealle on oðre healfe, þæt hire ne meahte nan to oðrum. Ac þæt þæt wæter wæs aebbod fela furlange fram þam scipum, þa eodon þa Deniscean fram þam oþrum scipum to þam oþrum þrim þe on heora healfe wæron beebbode, 7 hi ða þær gefuhton. Þear wearð ofslægen Luceman þæs cynges gerefa, 7 Wulfheard Frysa, 7 Ebba Frysa, 7 æþelera Frysa, 7 æþelferð cynges geneat, 7 ealra manna Frysiscra 7 ængliscra .lxii., 7 þara Deniscra .cxx.. Þa com þam Dæniscan scipum þeah ær flod to, ær þa Cristenan meahton hira ut ascufan, 7 hi for ði ut oðreowan. Þa wæron hi to þam gegaderode þæt hi ne meahton Suðseaxena land utan berowan, ac hyra þær twa sæ on land wearp, 7 þa men mon lædde to Wiltunceastre to þam cyninge, 7 he hi þær ahon het, 7 þa men comon on Eastængle þe on ðam anum scipe wæron swyðe forwundode. Þa ylcan sumere forwearð na læs þonne .xx. scipa mid mannum mid ealle be þam suðriman. Þi ilcan geare forðferde Wulfric cynges horsþegn, se wæs Wealhgerefa.
898 Her on þysson geare gefor æþelm ealdorman æt Wiltunscire, nigon nihtum ær middansumera, 7 her forðferde Ealhstan, se wæs on Lunden biscop.
901 Her gefor Ælfred cyning .vii. Kalendas Nouembris, 7 heold þone rice .xxviii. wintra 7 healf gear, 7 þa feng Eadweard his sunu to rice. 7 þa gerad æþelwold æðeling his fæderan sunu þone ham æt Winburnan, 7 æt Tweoxnam, þæs cynges unþances 7 his witena. Þa rad se cyning mid fyrde oð ðe he gewicode æt Baddanbyrig wið Winburnan, 7 Aþelwold sæt binnan þam hame mid þam mannum þe him to gebugon, 7 he hæfde ealle þa gatu forworhte in to him, 7 sæde þæt he wolde oþþe ðær libban oððe þær licgean. Þa under þam þa rad se æþeling on niht aweg, 7 gesohte þone here on Norðhymbrum, 7 hi hine underfengon him to cyninge, 7 him to bugon. Þa berad man þæt wif þe he hæfde ær genumen butan þæs cynges leafan, 7 ofer þæra biscopa gebodu, for þam heo wæs ær to nonnan gehalgod. 7 on þis ilcan geare forðferde æþered, wæs on Defenum ealdorman, .iiii. wucan ær Ælfred cyning.
903 Her gefor Aþulf ealdorman, Ealhswyðe broðor, Eadweardes modor cynges, 7 Uirgilius abbud of Scottum, 7 Grimbald mæssepreost.
904 Her com Aðelwold hider ofer sæ mid eallum þam flotan þe he begitan mihte, 7 him to gebogen wæs on Eastseaxe.
905 Her cometa æteowde .xiii. Kalendas Nouembris. Her gelædde Aþelwold þone here on Eastenglum to unfriðe, þæt hi gehergodon ofer eall Myrcna land oð hi comon to Creoccgelade, 7 foron þær ofer Temese, 7 namon ægþær on Brædene ge þæronbutan eall þæt hi gehentan meahton, 7 wendon þa east hamweard. Þa for Eadweard cyning æfter, swa he raðost mihte his fyrd gegaderian, 7 oferhergode eall hyra land betweoh dicum 7 Wusan eall oð fennas norð. Þa he eft þanon faran wolde, þa het heo beodon ofer ealle þa fyrd þæt hi foron ealle ut ætsomne. Þa ætsæton þa Centiscan þær beæftan ofer his bebod, 7 .vii. ærendracan he him hæfde to asend. Þa befor se here hi þær, 7 hi ðær gefuhton, 7 þær wearð Siulf ealdorman ofslægen, 7 Sihelm ealdorman, 7 Eadwold cynges þeng, 7 Kenulf abbod, 7 Sigebryht Siulfes sunu, 7 Eadwold Accan sunu, 7 manige eac to him, þeah ic þa geþungenestan nemde. 7 on þæra Deniscena healfe wæs ofslægen Eoric cyning, 7 Aþelwold æþeling, þe hi him to cyninge gecurum, 7 Beorhtsige Beorhtnoðes sunu æþelinges, 7 Ysopo hold, 7 Oskytel hold, 7 swiðe mænige eac mid him, þe we nu genemnan ne magon. 7 þær wæs on gehwæðere hand mycel wæl geslægen, 7 þæra Deniscna wearð ma ofslægen, þeah hi wælst owe geweald ahton. 7 Ealhswyð gefor þy ilcan geare.
906 Her wæs Sancte Oswaldes lichoma alæded of Beardanigge. Her on þysson geare Ælfred gefor, wæs æt Baðumtune gerefa. 7 on þam ylcan geare man gefæstnode þone frið æt Ytingaforda, swa swa Eadward cyning gerædde, ægþær ge wið Eastænglum ge wið Norðhymbræ.
909 Her Myrce 7 Westseaxe gefuhton wið þone here neh Teotanheale on .viii. Idus Agustus, 7 sige hæfdon. 7 þy ilcan geare æþelflæd getimbrode Bremesburh. Her gefor Denewulf, se wæs on Wintanceastre biscop.
910 Her feng Friðstan to biscopdome on Wintaceastre 7 Asser gefor æfter þam, se wæs æt Scireburnan biscop. 7 þy ilcan geare sende Eadweard cyning fyrde ægþær ge of Westseaxum ge of Myrcum, 7 he gehergode swyðe mycel on þam norðhere, ægþær ge on mannum ge on gehwylcum yrfe, 7 manege men ofslogon þæra Dæniscra, 7 þær wæron .v. wucan inne. Her ængle 7 Dene gefuhton æt Totanheale. 7 Æþelred Myrcna ealdor forðferde, 7 Eadward cyning feng to Lundenbyrig, 7 to Oxnaforda, 7 to eallum þam landum þe þærto hyrdon. 7 mycel sciphere hider com suðan of Lidwicum, 7 hergodon swyðe be Sæfern, ac hi þær mæst ealle syþþan forforan.
911 Her bræc se here þone frið on Norðhymbrum, 7 forsawon ælc riht þe Eadweard cyning 7 his witan him budon, 7 hergodon ofer Myrcland. 7 se cyning hæfde gegaderod sum hund scipa, 7 wæs þa on Cent, 7 þa scipu foron besuðaneast andlang sæ togeanes him. Þa wende se here þæt his fultum wære se mæsta dæl on þam scipum, 7 þæt hi mihton unbefohtene faran þær þær hi woldon. Þa geahsode se cyning þæt, þæt hi on hergeað foron, þa sende he his fyrd ægðer ge of Westseaxum ge of Myrcum, 7 hy offoron þone here hindan, þa he hamweard wæs, 7 him wið þa gefuhton, 7 þone here geflymdon, 7 his feola ofslogen, 7 þær wæs Eowilisc cyng ofslægen, 7 Healden cyng, 7 Ohter eorl, 7 Scurfa eorl, 7 Aþulf hold, 7 Agmund hold.
912 Her gefor æþelred ealdorman on Myrcum, 7 Eadweard cyning feng to Lundenbyrig, 7 to Oxnaforda, 7 to eallum þam landum þe þærto hyrdon.
913 Her æþelfled getimbrode Tameweorðe, 7 eac Staffordaburh. Her on þyssum geare ymbe Martines mæssan het Eadward cyning atimbrian þa norðan burh æt Heortforda betweoh Mæran 7 Beneficean 7 Ligean. 7 þa æfter þam þæs on sumera, betwux gangdagum 7 middansumera, for Eadweard cyning mid sumum his fultume on Eastseaxe to Mældune, 7 wicode þær þa hwile þe man þa burh worhte 7 getrymode æt Witanham, 7 him beah god dæl þæs folces to þe ær under Dæniscra manna anwealde wæron, 7 sum his fultum worhte þa burh æt Heortforda, on suðhealfe Lygean.
914 Her on gere rad se here ut ofer Eastron of Hamtune 7 of Ligereceastre 7 bræcon þonne frið, 7 slogon manegan mæn æt Hocceneretune 7 þærabuton, 7 þa hwile swyðe raðe æfter þam, swa oþre ham comon, þa fundon hi oðre flocrade þæt rad ut wið Ligtunes, 7 þa wurdon þa landleode his gewær, 7 him wið gefuhton, 7 gebrohton hi on fullan fleame, 7 ahræddon eall þæt hi genumen hæfdon, 7 eac heora horsa 7 heora wæpna mycelne dæl.
915 Her on þison geare wæs Wærincwic getimbrod, 7 com mycel sciphere hider ofer suðan of Lioðwicum, 7 .ii. eorlas mid, Ohter 7 Hraold, 7 foron þa west abuton þæt hi gedyde innon Sæfern muðan, 7 hergodon on Norðwealas æghwær ge be þam staðum þær hi þonne onhagode, 7 gefengon Camelgeeac, bisceop on Iercingafelda, 7 læddon hine mid him to scipe, 7 þa alysde Eadweard cyning hine eft mid .xl. pundum. Þa æfter þam þa for se here eall up, 7 wolde faran þa git on hergeað wið Iercingafeldes. Þa gemytton hy of Hereforda 7 of Gleaweceastre 7 of þam nyxtan burgum, 7 him wið gefuhton, 7 hi geflymdon, 7 ofslogon þane eorl Hraold, 7 þæs, oþres, eorles, broþor, Ohteres, 7 mycel þæs heres, 7 bedrifon hi on anne pearroc, 7 besæton hi þær utan, oð hi him sealdon gislas þæt hi of þæs cynges anwealde faran woldon. 7 se cyng hæfde funden þæt him mon sæt wið on suðhealfe Sæfern muðan, westan fram Wealum, east oþ, Afene muþan þæt hi ne dorstan þæt land nawærn on þa healfe gesecean. Þa bestælon hi þeah nihtes up æt sumum twam cyrrum, æt oþrum cyrre beeastan Weced, æt oþrum cyrre æt Porlocan, þa sloh hi mon æt ægþerum cyrre þæt hyra feawa onweg comon, buton þa ane þe þær ut oðswymman mihton to þam scipum, 7 þa sæton hi ute on þam iglande æt Steapan Reolice oð þone fyrst þe hi wurdon swyþe metelease, 7 manege men hungre acwælon, for þon hi ne meahton nænne mete geræcan. Foron þa þanon to Deomedum 7 þanon to Yrlande, 7 þis wæs on hærfest. 7 þa æfter þam on þam ilcan geare foran to Martines mæssan, þa for Eadweard cyning to Buccingahamme mid his fyrde, 7 sæt þær feower wucan, 7 geworhte þa byrig buta on ægþær healfe eas ær he þanon fore. 7 þurcytel eorl hine gesohte him to hlaforde, 7 þa eorlas ealle, 7 þa yldestan mæn þe to Bedaforda hyrdon, 7 eac mænege þæra þe to Hamtune hyrdon.
917 Her æþelflæd Myrcna hlæfdige, Gode fultumiendum, foran to Hlammæssan, begeat þa burh mid eallum þam þe þærto hyrde, þe is gehaten Deoraby. Þær wæron eac ofslægene hyre þægna feower þe hire besorge wæron binnan þam gatan.
918 Her heo begeat on hyre geweald, mid Godes fultume, on foreweardne gear, þa burh æt Ligranceastre, 7 se mæsta dæl þæs herges þe þærto hyrde wearð hyre underþeod, 7 hæfdon eac Eoforwicyngas hyre gehaten, 7 sume on wedde geseald, sume mid aþum gefæstnod, þæt hi on hire rædinge beon woldon. Ac swyðe hrædlice þæs þe hi þus ge worden hæfde, heo gefor .xii. nihtum pridie Idus Iunii ær midd ansumera binnan Tamweorðe þy eahtoðan geare þæs þe heo Myrcna anweald mid rihte hlaforddome healdende wæs, 7 hire lic lið binnan Gleweceastre innan þam eastportice Sancte Petres cyrcean.
919 Her eac wearð æþelredes dohter, Myrcna hlafordes, ælces anwealdes on Myrcum benumen, 7 on Westseaxe alæded þrym wucum ær middanwintre, se wæs haten ælfwyn.
919 (Mercian Register) Here also was the daughter of Ethelred, the lord of the Mercians, deprived of all power in Mercia, and was taken into Wessex, three weeks before mid winter, she was called Ælfwyn.
921 Her Eadweard cyning getimbrode þa burh æt Clede muþan.
921 Here king Eadweard built the borough at Clede mouth.
923 Her Regnold cyning gewan Eoforwic.
924 Her Eadweard cyning gefor on Myrcum æt Farndune, 7 ælfweard his sunu swyþe hraðe þæs gefor ymbe .xvi. dagas æt Oxanforda, 7 hyra lic lið æt Wintanceastre. 7 Æþelstan wæs gecoren to cynge of Myrcum, 7 æt Cyngestune gehalgod. 7 he geaf his sweostor ofer sæ Ealdseaxna cynges suna.
925 Her Æþelstan cyning 7 Sihtric Norðhymbra cyng heo gesamnodon æt Tameweorðþige .iii. Kalendas Februarius, 7 Æþelstan his sweostor him forgeaf.
926 Her oðeowdon fyrena leoman on norðdæle þære lyfte. 7 Sihtric acwæl, 7 Æþelstan cyning feng to Norðhymbra rice. 7 ealle þa cyngas þe on þyssum iglande wæron he gewylde, ærest Huwal Westwala cyning, 7 Cosstantin Scotta cyning, 7 Uwen Wenta cyning, 7 Ealdred Ealdulfing from Bebbanbyrig, 7 mid wedde 7 mid aþum fryþ gefæstnodon on þære stowe þe genemned is æt Eamotum on .iiii. Idus Iulii, 7 ælc deofolgeld tocwædon, 7 syþþam mid sibbe tocyrdon.
934 Her for Æþelstan cyning on Scotland mid here ge mid sciphere, 7 his mycel oferhergode.
937 Her Æþelstan cyning, eorla drihten,
beorna beahgifa, 7 his broþor eac,
Eadmund æþeling, ealdorlangne tyr
geslogon æt secce sweorda ecgum
ymbe Brunanburh. Heordweall clufan,
heowan heaðolinda hamera lafum,
eoforan Eadweardæs, swa him geæþele wæs
fram cneomægum, þæt hi æt campe oft
wið laþra gehwæne land gealgodon,
hord 7 hamas. Heted crungon,
Scotta leode 7 scipflotan
fæge feollon, feld dennode
secga swate, siþþan sunne up
on morgentid, mære tungol,
glad ofer grundas, Godes candel beorht,
eces Drihtnes, oþ se æðele gesceaft
sah to sætle. þær læg secg monig
garum ageted, guman norþærne
ofer scyld sceoten, swylce Scyttisc eac,
werig wiges ræd. 7 Wesseaxe forð
andlangne dæg eoredcystum
on last lægdon laþum ðeodum,
heowan flyman hindan þearle
mecum mycel scearpum. Myrce ne wyrndon
heardes handplegan hæleþa nanum
þæra þe mid Anlafe ofer eargebland
on lides bosme land gesohton,
fage to feohte. Fife lagon
on þam campstede cyningas iunga,
sweordum aswefede, swylce seofene eac
eorlas Anlafes, unrim herges,
flotan 7 Scotta. þær geflymed wearð
Norðmanna brego, neade gebæded,
to lides stæfne lytle weorode;
creat cnear on flod, feorh generode.
Swylce þær eac se froda mid fleame com
on his cyððe norð, Costantinus,
hal hylderinc, hryman ne þorfte
mecga gemanan; he wæs his mæga sceard,
freonda gefylled on folcstede,
beslægen æt sæcge, 7 his sunu forlæt
on wælstowe wundum forgrunden,
geongne æt guþe. Gylpan ne þorfte
beorn blandenfeax billgeslihtes,
eald inwuda, ne Anlaf þe ma;
mid hyra herelafum hlybban ne þorftan
þæt hi beadoweorca beteran wurdon
on campstede cumbolgehnastes,
garmittunge, gumena gemotes,
wæpengewrixles, þæs þe hi on wælfelda
wið Eadweardes afaran plegodon.
Gewiton him þa Norðmen dæg gled on garum,
dreorig dareða laf, on Dyngesmere
ofer deopne wæter Dyflig secan,
eft Yraland, æwiscmode.
Swylce þa gebroþor bege ætrunne,
cyning 7 eaðeling, cyððe sohton,
Westseaxna land, wiges hremige.
Læton him behindan hra brytti<gan>
salowigpadan, þone sweartan hræfn,
hyrnetnebban, 7 þone hasuwadan,
earn æftan hwit, æses brucan,
grædigne cuðheafoc 7 þæt grege deor,
wulf on wealde. Ne wearð wæl mare
on þisne iglande æfre gita
folces gefylled beforan þyssum
sweordes ecgum, þæs ðe us secgað bec,
ealde uðwitan, siððan eastan hider
Engle 7 Seaxe up becomon,
ofer brade brimu Britene sohton,
wlance wigsmiðas, Wealas ofercomon,
eorlas arhwæte eard begeaton.
940 Her Æþelstan cyning forðferde on Gleaweceastre on .vi. Kalendas Nouembris, ymb .xl. wintra butan anre nihte þæs þe Ælfred cyning forðferde, 7 Eadmund æþeling feng to rice, 7 he wæs þa .xviii. wintre, 7 Æþelstan cyning ricsode .xiiii. gear 7 teon wucan.
941 Her Norðhymbra alugon hira getreowaða 7 Anlaf of Yrlande him to cinge gecuron.
942 Her Eadmund cyning, Engla þeoden,
mægþa mundbora, Myrce geeode,
dyre dædfruma, swa Dor sceadæð,
Hwitanwyllesgeat 7 Himbran ea,
brada brymstream. burga fife,
Ligereceaster 7 Lincolne
Snotingaham, swylce Stanford eac
7 Deoraby. Dæne wæron æror
under Norðmannum nyde gebæded
on hæðenra hæfteclommum
lange þrage, oð hy alysde eft
for his weorðscipe wigendra hleo,
afora Eadweardes, Eadmund(es) cyning.
943 Her Anlaf abræc Tamewurþe, 7 micel wæl gefeol on ægþra hand, 7 þa Denan sige ahton, 7 micele herehuþe mid him aweglæddon, þær wæs Wulfrun genumen on þære hergunge. Her Eadmund cyning ymbsæt Anlaf cyning 7 Wulfstan arcebiscop on Legraceastre, 7 he hy gewyldan meahte, nære þæt hi on niht ut ne ætburston of þære byrig, 7 æfter þæm begeat Anlaf Eadmundes cynges freondscipe, 7 se cyning Eadmund onfeng þa Anlafe cyninge æt fulwihte, 7 he him cynelice gyfode. 7 ðy ilcan geare ymbe tæla mycelne fyrst he onfeng Regnalde cyninge æt bisceopes handa.
944 Her Eadmund cyning geeode eall Norðhymbra land him to gewealde, 7 aflymde twegen cyningas, Anlaf Sihtrices sunu, 7 Regnald Guðferþes sunu.
945 Her Eadmund cyning oferhergode eall Cumbra land, 7 hit let eall to Malculfe, Scotta cyninge, on þæt gearæd þæt he wære his midwyrhta ægðær ge on sæ ge eac on lande.
946 Her Eadmund cyning forðferde on Sancte Agustinus mæssedæge, þæt wæs wide cuð hu he his dagas geendode, þæt Liofa hine ofstang æt Puclancyrcan. 7 Æþelflæd æt Domerhame, Ælfgares dohter ealdormannes, wæs þa his cwen, 7 he hæfde rice seofeðe healf gear. 7 þa æfter him feng Eadred æþeling his broþor to rice, 7 gerad þa eall Norðhymbra land him to gewealde. 7 þa Scottas him sealdon aþas þæt hi eall woldon þæt he wolde.
947 Her com Eadred cyning to Taddenesscylfe, 7 þær Wulstan se arcebiscop 7 ealle Norðhymbra witan wið þone cyning hi getreowsoden, 7 binnan litlan fæce hit eall alugon, ge wed 7 eac aþas.
948 Her Eadred cyning oferhergode eall Norðhymbra land, for þæm þe hi hæfdon genumen him Yryc to cyninge, 7 þa on þære hergunge wæs þæt mære mynster forbærnd æt Rypon þæt Sancte Wilferð getimbrede. 7 þa se cyning hamweard wæs, þa offerde se here innan Heoforwic, wæs þæs cynges fyrde hindan æt Ceasterforda, 7 þær mycel wæl geslogon. Ða wearð se cyning swa gram þæt he wolde eft in fyrdian 7 þone eard mid ealle fordon. Þa Norðhymbra witan þæt ongeaton, þa forlæton hi Hyryc 7 wið Eadred cyning gebeton þa dæde.
952 Her on þyssum geare het Eadred cyning gebringan Wulstan arcebiscop in Iudanbyrig on þam fæstenne, for þæm he wæs oft to þam cyninge forwreged. 7 on þyssum geare eac het se cyning ofslean mycel wæll on þære byrig þeotforda on þæs abbodes wrece Eadelmes, þe hi ær ofslogon.
954 Her Norðhymbre fordrifon Yric, 7 Eadred feng to Norðhymbra rice. Her Wulstan arcebiscop onfeng eft biscoprices on Dorceceastre.
955 Her forðferde Eadred cyning, 7 he rest on Ealdan mynstere. 7 Eadwig feng to Westseaxena rice, 7 Eadgar his broþor feng to Myrcena rice, 7 hi wæron Eadmundes suna cyninges 7 Sancte ælfgyfe.
957 Her forðferde Wulfstan arcebiscop on .xvii. Kalendas Ianuarii, 7 he wæs bebyrged on Undelan. 7 on þam ylcan geare wæs Dunstan abbod adræfed ofer sæ.
958 Her on þissum geare Oda arcebiscop totwæmde Eadwi cyning 7 ælgyfe, for þæm þe hi wæron to gesybbe.
959 Her Eadwig cyning forðferde, 7 feng Eadgar his broþor to rice. On his dagum hit godode georne, 7 God him geuðe þæt he wunode on sibbe, þa hwile þe he leofode. 7 he dyde, swa him þearf wæs, earnode þæs georne. He arærde Godes lof wide, 7 Godes lage lufode, 7 folces frið bette, swyþost þara cyninga, þe ær him gewurde, be manna gemynde. 7 God him eac fylste, þæt cyningas 7 eorlas georne him to bugan, 7 wurdon underþeodde to þam ðe he wolde, 7 butan gefeohte eall he gewilde, þæt he sylf wolde. He wearð wide geond þeodland swyðe geweorðað for þam ðe he weorðode Godes naman georne, 7 Godes lage smeade, oft 7 gelome, 7 Godes lof rærde, wide 7 side, 7 wislice rædde, oftost a symble, for Gode 7 for weorulde, ealre his þeode. Ane misdæde he dyde þeah to swyðe, þæt he elðeodige unsida lufode, 7 heþene þeawas innan þysan lande gebrohte to fæste, 7 utlændisce hider in tihte, 7 deriende leoda bespeon to þysan earde. Ac God him geunne þæt his goddæda swyðran weorðan þonne misdæda, his sawle to gescyldnysse on langsuman siðe.
965 Her on þissum geare Eadgar cyning genam ælfðryðe him to cwene. Heo wæs Ordgares dohtor ealdormannes.
966 Her ðoreð, Gunneres sunu, forhergode Westmoringa land. 7 þy ilcan geare Oslac feng to ealdordome.
969 Her on þissum geare Eadgar cyning het oferhergian eall Tenetland.
970 Her forðferde Eadmund æþeling.
972 Her wæs Eadgar æþeling gehalgod to cyninge on Pentecostenes mæssedæg on .v. Idus Maias, þy .xiii. geare þe he on rice feng, æt Hatabaþum, 7 he wæs þa ane wana .xxx. wintre. 7 sona æfter þam se cyning gelædde ealle his scipfyrde to Leiceastre, 7 þær him comon ongean .vi. cyningas, 7 ealle wið hine getreowsodon þæt hi woldon efenwyrhtan beon on sæ 7 on lande.
975 .viii. Idus Iulii. Her Eadgar gefor, Angla reccend, Westseaxena wine, 7 Myrcna mundbora. Cuð wæs þæt wide geond feola þeoda, þæt afaren Eadmundes ofer ganetes beð cynegas hyne wide wurðodon swiðe, bugon to þam cyninge, swa him wæs gecynde. Næs se flota swa rang, ne se here swa strang, þæt on Angelcynne æs him gefætte, þa hwile þe se æþela cyning cynestol gerehte. Her Eadweard, Eadgares sunu, feng to rice. 7 sona on þam ilcan geare on hærfest æteowde cometa se steorra, 7 com þa on ðam æftran geare swyðe mycel hungor, 7 swyðe mænigfealde styrunga geond Angolcynn. On his dagum, for his iugoðe, Godes wiþærsacan Godes lage bræcon, ælfere ealdorman, 7 oþre manega, 7 munucregol myrdon, 7 mynstra tostæncton, 7 munecas todræfdon, 7 Godes þeowas fesedon, þe Eadgar kyning het ær þone halgan biscop Aþælwold gestalian, 7 wydewan bestryptan, oft 7 gelome, 7 fela unrihta 7 yfelra unlaga, arysan up siððan, 7 aa æfter þam hit yfelode swiðe. 7 on þam timan wæs eac Oslac se mæra eorl geutod of Angelcynne.
978 Her on þissum geare ealle þa yldestan Angelcynnes witan gefeollon æt Calne of anre upfloran, buton se halga Dunstan arcebisceop ana ætstod uppan anum beame, 7 sume þær swiðe gebrocode wæron, 7 sume hit ny gedydon mid þam life.
979 Her wæs Eadweard cyning ofslægen on æfentide æt Corfes geate on .xv. Kalentas Aprilis, 7 hine mon þa gebyrigde on Werhamme, butan ælcum cynelicum wurðscipe. Ne wearð Angelcynne nan wyrse dead gedon, þonne þeos wæs, syþþan hi ærest Britenland gesohton. Menn hine ofmyrþredon, ac God hine mærsode. He wæs on life eorðlic cyning, he is nu æfter deaðe heofonlic sanct. Hyne noldon his eorðlican magas wrecan, ac hine hafað his heofonlic fæder swyðe gewrecan. Þa eorðlican banan woldon his gemynd on eorðan adilgian, ac se uplica wrecend hafað his gemynd on heofonum 7 on eorþan tobræd. Þa ðe noldon ær to his libbendan lichaman onbugan, þa nu eadmodlice on cneowum gebugað to his deada banum. Nu we magan ongytan ðæt manna wisdom, 7 heora smeagunga, 7 heora rædas syndon nahtlice ongean Godes geðeaht. Her feng æþelred to rice, 7 he wæs æfter þæm swyðe hrædlice mid micclum gefean Angelcynnes witan gehalgod to cyninge æt Cyngestune.
980 Her on þissum geare ælfhere ealdorman gefette þæs halgan cyninges lichaman æt Werhamme, 7 geferede hine mid micclum weorðscipe to Sceaftesbirig.
981 Her com ærest þa .vii. scipu 7 hergodon Hamtun.
983 Her forðferde ælfhere ealdorman, 7 feng ælfric to þam ilcan ealdordomscype.
984 Her forðferde se halga bisceop æþelwold, muneca fæder.
985 Her wæs ælfric ealdorman adræfed of earde.
986 Her se cyning fordyde þæt bisceoprice æt Hrofeceastre. Her com ærest se mycla orfcwealm on Angelcynn.
988 Her wæs Wecedport gehergod. Her wæs Goda se Defenisca þegen ofslagen 7 mycel wæl mid him. Her gefor Dunstan arcebisceop, 7 æþelgar bisceop feng to æfter him to arcestole, 7 he lytle hwile æfter þæm lyfode, buton .i. gear 7 þreo monþas.
990 Her Sigeric wæs gehalgod to arcebisceop.
991 Her wæs Gypeswic gehergod, 7 æfter þæm swyðe raþe wæs Byrihtnoð ealdorman ofslagan æt Meldune. 7 on þam geare man gerædde þæt man geald ærest gafol Deniscum mannum for þam myclan brogan þe hi worhton be þam særiman, þæt wæs ærest .x. þusend punda. Þæne ræd gerædde ærest Syric arcebisceop.
992 Her Oswald se haliga arcebiscop forlet þis lif 7 geferde þæt heofonlice, 7 æþelwine ealdorman gefor on þam ylcan geare. Þa rædde se cyning 7 ealle his witan þæt man gegadere ealle þa scipu þe ahtas wæron on Lundenbyrig, 7 se cyning þa betæhte þa fyrde to lædenne ælfrice ealdorman 7 þorede eorlle 7 ælfstane bisceop 7 æscwige bisceop, 7 sceoldon cunnian meahton hi þone here ahwær utan betræppan. Þa sende se ealdorman ælfric 7 het warnian þone here, 7 þa on þære nihte þe hi on þone dæg togædere cuman sceolden, þa sceoc he on niht fram ðære fyrde him sylfum to myclum bysmore, 7 se here ða ætbærst, butan an scip þær man ofsloh. 7 þa gemette se here þa scypu of Eastænglum 7 of Lundenne, 7 hi þær ofgeslogon micel wæll, 7 þæt scyp genamon æl gewæpnod 7 gewædod þæt se ealdorman on wæs. Ða æfter Oswaldes arcebisceopes forsiðe feng Eadulf abbod to Eoforwicstole, 7 to Wigærnaceastre, 7 Kænulf to þam abbodrice æt Burh.
993 Her on þissum geare wæs Bebbanburh abrocen, 7 micel herehuþæ þær genumen wæs, 7 æfter þæm com to Humbran muðan se here, 7 þær micel yfel worhte ægþær ge on Lindesige ge on Norðhymbran. Þa gegadrede man swiðe mycle fyrde, 7 þa hi togadre gan sceoldon, þa onstældon þa heretogan ærest þone fleam, þæt wæs Fræna 7 Godwine 7 Fryðegyst. On þissum ylcan geare het se cyning ablændan ælfgar, ælfrices sunu ealdormannes.
994 Her on þissum geare com Anlaf 7 Swegen into Lundenbyrig on Natiuitas Sancte Mariae mid feower 7 hundnigontigum scypum, 7 hi ða on þa burh fæstlice feohtende wæron, 7 eac hi mid fyre ontendan woldon. Ac hi þær geferdon maran hearm 7 yfell þonne hi æfre wendon þæt him ænig burhwaru gedon sceolde, ac seo halige Godes moder on þæm dæge hyre mildheortnysse þære burhware gecydde, 7 hi ahrædde wið heora feondum. 7 hi ða þanon ferdon 7 worhton þa mæstan yfel þe æfre ænig here don meahte on bærnette 7 hergunge 7 on manslyhtum, ægþær be þam særyman on Eastseaxum, 7 on Centlande, 7 on Suðseaxum, 7 on Hamtunscire, 7 æt neaxtan namon him hors, 7 ridon swa wide swa hi woldon, 7 unasecgendlice yfel wyrcende wæron. Ða gerædde se cyning 7 his witan þæt him man to sende 7 him behet gafol 7 metsunge wið þon þe hi þære hergunge geswicon, 7 hi ða þæt underfengon, 7 com þa eall se here to Hamtune, 7 þær wintersetl namon, 7 hi mon þær fedde geond eall Westseaxena rice, 7 him mon geald feos .xvi. þusend punda. Þa sende se cyning æfter Anlafe cynge ælfeah bisceop 7 Eaþelweard ealdorman, 7 man gislude þa hwile into scipum, 7 hi ða læddon Anlaf mid miclum wurðscipe to þam cyninge to Andefron, 7 se cyning æþelred hys onfeng æt bisceopes handa, 7 him cynelice gyfode, 7 him ða Anlaf behet, eac swa gelæste, þæt næfre eft to Angelcynne mid unfryðe cuman nolde.
995 Her on þissum geare æteowde cometa se steorra, 7 Sigeric abbod forðferde.
996 Her on þissum geare wæs ælfric gehalgode to arcebiscop to Cristes cyrican.
997 Her on þissum geare ferde se here abutan Defnanscire into Sefern muðan, 7 þær hergodon ægþær ge on Cornwealum 7 on Norðwealum 7 on Defenum, 7 eodon him þa up æt Wecedport, 7 þær mycel yfel worhton on bærnette 7 on manslihtum, 7 æfter þæm wendon eft abutan Penwæðsteort on þa suðhealfe, 7 wendon þa into Camer muðan, 7 eodon þa up oð hi comon to Hlydanforda, 7 ælc þing bærndon 7 slogon þe hi gemitton, 7 Ordulfes mynster Tæfingstoc forbærndon, 7 unasecgendlice herehuðe mid him to scypon brohton.
998 Her wende se here eft eastweard into From muðan, 7 þær æghwær up eodon swa wide swa hi woldon into Dorsæton, 7 man oft fyrde ongean hi gadrede, ac sona swa hy togædere gan sceolden, þonne wearð þær æfre þurh sum þing fleam astiht, 7 æfre hit æt ende sige ahton, 7 þonne oþre hwile lægon him on Wihtlande, 7 æton, him, þa, hwile, of, Hamtunscire 7 of Suðseaum.
999 Her com se here eft abutan into Temese 7 wendan þa up andlang Medewægan to Hrofeceastre, 7 com þa se Centisce fyrd þær ongean 7 hi ða þær fæste togædre fengon, ac wala wa þæt hi to hraðe bugon 7 flugon, 7 þa Deniscan ahton wællstowe geweald, 7 namon þa horsan, 7 ridon swa wide swa hi sylf woldon, 7 forneah ealle Westcentingas fordydon 7 forhergodon. Ða rædde se cyning wið his witan þæt man sceolde mid scypfyrde, 7 eac mid landfyrde, him ongean faran, ac þa þa scypu gearwe wæron, þa ilkede man fram dæge to dæge, 7 swæncte þæt earme folc þæt on þam scypon læg, 7 a swa hit forðwærdre beon sceolde, swa wæs hit lætre fram anre tide to oðre, 7 a hi læton heora feonda wæred weaxan, 7 a man rymde fram þære sæ, 7 hi ferdon æfre forð æfter. 7 þonne æt þam ænde ne beheold hit nan þing butan folces geswinc, 7 feos spylling, 7 heora feonda forðbylding.
1000 Her on þissum geare se cyning ferde into Cumberlande 7 swiðe neah eall forhergode, 7 his scypu wendon ut abutan Lægceaster, 7 sceoldon cuman ongean hyne, ac hi ne meahton, þa gehergodon hi Monige. 7 se unfryðflota wæs þæs sumeres gewend to Rikerdes rice.
1001 Her com se here to Eaxanmuþan, 7 up þa eodon to þære byrig, 7 þær fæstlice feohtende wæron, ac him mon swyðe heardlice wiðstod. Ða wendon hi geond þæt land 7 dydon eallswa hi bewuna wæron, slogon 7 bærndon. Ða gesamnode man þær ormæte fyrde Defenisces folces 7 Sumersætissces, 7 hi ða somne comon æt Peonnho, 7 sona swa hi togædere fengon þa beah seo ænglisce fyrd, 7 hi ðær mycel wæll ofslohgon, 7 ridon þa ofer þæt land, 7 wæs æfre hiera æftra sið wyrse þonne se æra, 7 mid him ða micle herehuðe to scypon brohton, 7 þanon wendon into Wihtlande 7 þær him ferdon abutan swa swa hi sylf woldon, 7 him nan þing ne wiðstod, ne him to ne dorste scyphere on sæ, ne landfyrd, ne edon hi swa feor up. Wæs hit ða on ælce wisan hefigtime, for þam ðe hi næfre hyora yfeles ne geswicon.
1002 Her on þissum geare se cyning gerædde 7 his witan, þæt man sceolde gafol gyldan þam flotan, 7 fryð wið hi nyman, wið þon þe hi heora yfeles geswycan sceoldon. Þa sende se cyning to þam flotan Leofsige ealdorman, 7 he þa þæs cynges worde 7 his witena grið wið hi gesette, 7 þæt hi to metsunge fengon 7 to gafole, 7 hi þa þæt underfengon, 7 him mon þa gegeald 7 .xxiiii. þusend punda. Ða ongemang þissum ofsloh Leofsige ealdorman æfic þæs cynges heahgerefan, 7 se cyng hine þa geutede of earde. 7 þa on þam ilcan lænctene com seo læfdige, Ricardes dohter, hider to lande, 7 on þam ilcan sumera Ealdulf arcebisceop forðferde. 7 on þam geare se cyng het ofslean ealle þa Deniscan men þe on Angelcynne wæron, on Britius mæssedæg, for ðam þam cynge wæs gecyd þæt hi woldon hine besyrewan æt his life, 7 siþþan ealle his witan 7 habban siþþan ðis rice.
1003 Her wæs Eaxanceaster abrocen þuruh þone Frencisan ceorl Hugan þe seo læfdige hæfde hyre geset to gerefan, 7 se here þa ða burh mid ealle fordyde, 7 micle herehuþe þær genam. 7 on þam ilcan geare eode se here up into Wiltunscire. Þa gegaderede man swyðe micle fyrde on Wiltunscire 7 of Hamtunscire, 7 swyðe anrædlice wið þæs heres werd wæron. Þa sceolde se ealdorman ælfric lædan þa fyrde, ac he teah þa forð his ealdan wrencas, sona swa hi wæron swa gehende þæt ægþær hero on oðer hawede, þa gebræd he hine seocne, 7 ongan he hine brecan to spiwenne, 7 cwæð þæt he gesycled wære, 7 swa þeah þæt folc becyrde þæt he lædan scolde, swa hit gecweden is, þonne se heretoga wacað, þonne bið eall se here swyðe gehyndred. Ða Swegen geseah þæt hi anræde næron, 7 ealle toforon, lædde his here þa into Wiltune, 7 hi ða burh gehergodon 7 forbærndon, 7 eode him þa to Searbyrig, 7 þanon æft to sæ ferde þær he wiste his yðhengestas.
1004 Her com Swegen mid his flotan to Norðwic, 7 þa burh ealle gehergode 7 forbærnde. Þa gerædde Ulfcytel wið þa witan on Eastænglum þæt hit betere wære þæt mon wið þone here fryþæs ceapede, ær hi to mycelne hearm on þam lande gedydon, for þam hi unwæres comon, 7 he fyrst næfde þæt he his fyrde gegaderede. Ða under þam gryþe ðe him betweonan beon scolde, þa bestal se here up fram scypon 7 wendon heora fore to þeotforda. Þa Ulfkytel þæt undergeat, þa sende he þæt mon sceolde þa scipo toheawan, ac hi abruðon þe ðe he to þohte, 7 he ða gaderede his fyrde digolice swa he swyðost mihte. 7 se here com ða to þeotforda binnan þrym wucan þæs ðe hi ær gehergodon Norðwic, 7 þærbinnan ane niht wæron, 7 þa buruh hergodon 7 forbærndon. Ða on mergen þa hi to scypon woldon, þa com Ulfkytel mid his wærode, 7 hi ðær togædere fæstlice fengon, 7 mycel wæll þær on ægþre hand gefeol. Þær wearð Eastengla folces seo yldesta ofslægen, ac gif þæt fulle mægen þær wære, ne eodon hi næfre eft to scypon, swa hi sylfe sædon, þæt hi næfre wyrsan handplegan on Angelcynne ne gemetton þonne Ulfkytel him brohte.
1005 Her on þissum geare wæs se micla hunger geond Angelcynn, swylcne nan man ær ne gemunde swa grymme. 7 se flota þæs gearas gewende of þissum earde to Denmearke, 7 lytelne fyrst let þæt he æft ne com.
1006 Her forðferde ælfric arcebisceop, 7 ælfeah bisceop feng to æfter him to þam arcestole. 7 on ðam ilcan geare wæs Wulfgeate eall his are on genumen, 7 Wulfeah 7 Ufegeat wæron ablænde, 7 ælfelm ealdorman ofslagen, 7 Kænulf bisceop forðferde. 7 ða ofer þone midne sumor com se micla flota to Sandwic, 7 dydon ealswa hi ær gewuna wæron, her godon 7 bærndon 7 slogon swa swa hi ferdon. Ða het se cyng abannan ut ealne þeodscipe of Westseaxum 7 of Myrcum, 7 hi lægon ute þa ealne þone hærfæst on fyrdinge ongean þone here, ac hit naht ne beheold þe ma ðe hit oftor ær dyde, ac for eallum þissum se here ferde swa he sylf wolde, 7 seo fyrding dyde þære landleode ælcne hearm, þæt him naðær ne dohte ne inhere ne uthere. Ða hit winterlæhte þa færde se fyrd ham, 7 se here com þa ofer þa Martines mæssan to his fryðstole Wihtlande, 7 tylode him þær æghwær þæs þe hi behofedon, 7 þa to þam middanwintran eodon him to heora gearwan feorme ut þurh Hamtunscire into Bearruhscire to Readingon, 7 hi a dydon hiora ealdan gewuna, ateondon hiora herebeacna swa swa hi ferdon. Wendon þa to Wealingæforda, 7 þæt eall forswælldon, 7 wæron him ða ane niht æt Ceolesege, 7 wendon him ða andlang æscesdune to Cwichelmeshlæwe, 7 þær onbidedon beotra gylpa, for þan oft man cwæð, gif hi Cwichelmæshlæwe gesohton, þæt he næfre to sæ gangen ne sceoldon, wendon him ða oþres weges hamweard. Ða wæs þær fyrd gesomned æt Cynestan, 7 hi ðær togædere fengon, 7 sona þæt wærod on fleame gebrohton, 7 syððan heora herehyðe to sæ feredon. Ðær mihton geseon Winceasterleode rancne here 7 unearhne, þa hi be heora gate to sæ eodon, 7 mete 7 madmas .l. mila him fram sæ fetton. Ða wæs se cyning gewend ofer Temese into Scrobbesbyrigscire, 7 nam þær his feorme in þære middewintres tide. Ða wearð hit swa mycel ege fram þam here, þæt nan ne mihte geþencan, 7 ne asmeagan, hu man hi of earde bringan sceolde, oþþe þisne eard wið hi gehealdan, for þan þe hi hæfdon ælce scire on Westseaxum stiðe gemercod mid bryne 7 mid hergunge. Agan se cyning þa georne to smeagenne wið his witan hwæt him eallum rædlicust þuhte, þæt mon þissum earde gebeorgan meahte, ær hi mid ealle fordon wurde. Ða gerædde se cyng 7 his witan eallum þeodscipe to þearfe, þeah hit him eallum lað wære, þæt mon nyde moste þæm here gafol geldan. Ða sende se cyning to þam here, 7 him cyðan het, þæt he wolde þæt him grið betweonan beon sceolde, 7 him mon gaful 7 metsunge sylan sceolde, 7 hi ða ealle þæt underfengon, 7 hi man metsode þa geond eall Angelcynn.
1007 Her on þissum geare wæs þæt gafol gelæst þæm unfriðhere, þæt wæs .xxxvi. þusend punda. On þissum geare wæs Eadric geset to ealdorman geond Myrcna rice. Her for ælfeah bisceop to Rome æfter pallium.
1008 Her bebead se cyng þæt man sceolde ofer eall Angelcyn scypu fæstlice wyrcan, þæt is þonne of þrym hund scipum, 7 .x. be tynum, anne scægð, 7 of .viii. hydum, helm 7 byrnan.
1009 Her on þissum geare wurdon þa scypo gearwe þe we ær ymbe spræcon, 7 hyra wæs swa fela swa næfre ær, þæs þe us bec secgað, on Angelcynne ne gewurdon on nanes cynges dæge, 7 hi man ða ealle togædere ferode to Sandwic, 7 þær sceoldon licgan, 7 þisne eard healdan wið ælcne uthere. Ac we þa gyt næfdon þa gesælða, ne þone wurðscipe, þæt seo scypferd nyt wære þissum earde, þe ma þe heo ofter ær wæs. Ða gewearð hit on þissum ylcan timan, oððe lytle ær, þæt Brihtric, Eadrices broþor ealdormannes, forwregde Wulnoð cild þone Suðseaxcisan to þam cynge, 7 he þa ut gewende, 7 him þa to aspeon þæt he hæfde .xx. scipa, 7 he þa hergode æghwær be þam suðriman 7 eac yfel worhton. Ða cydde man into þære scypfyrde þæt hy man æaðe befaran mihte, gif man ymbe beon wolde. Ða genam se Brihtric him to hundeahtatig scypa, 7 þohte þæt he him micles wordes wyrcan sceolde, þæt he Wulnoð cuconne oððe deadne begytan sceolde. Ac ða hi þiderweard wæron, þa com him swilc wind ongean, swylce nan man ear ne gemunde, 7 þa scypo ealle tobeot 7 toþærsc, 7 on lande aweorp, 7 com se Wulfnoþ sona, 7 þa scypo forbærnde. Ða þis cuð wæs to þam oðrum scypum þær se cyng wæs hu ða oðre geferdon, wæs þa swilc hit eall rædleas wære, 7 ferde se cyning him ham, 7 þa ealdormenn, 7 þa heahwitan, 7 forlæton þone scypo þus leohtlice, 7 þæt folc þa þæt on þæm scypon wæron fercodon þa scypo eft to Lundenne, 7 læton ealle þa scypas geswinc þus leohtlice forwurðan, 7 næs se sige na betera þe eall Angelcynn to hopode. Ða ðæs scypfyrd þus geendod wæs, ða com sona æfter Lafmæssan se ungemetlica unfriðhere to Sandwic, 7 sona wendon heora fore to Cantwarebyrig, 7 þa burh raþe geeodon, gif hi ðe raþor to him friðæs ne gyrndon. 7 ealle Eastcentingas frið wið þone here genamon, 7 him gesealdon þreo þusend punda. 7 se here þa sona æfter þam wende abuten oð he com to Wihtlande, 7 þær æghwær on Suðseaxum, 7 on Hamtunscire, 7 eac on Bearrocscire hergodon 7 bærndon swa heora gewuna is. Ða het se cyning abannan ut ealne þeodscipe, þæt mon ælce healfe wið hy healdan sceolde, ac þeahhwæðere hi ferdon loca hu hi woldon. Ða sume siðe hæfde se cyning hi foregan mid ealre fyrde þa hi to scypon woldon, 7 eall folc gearu wæs him on to fonne, ac hit wæs þa þuruh Eadric ealdorman gelæt swa hit gyt æfre wæs. Ða æfter Sanctus Martinus mæssan þa ferdon hi æft ongean to Cent, 7 namon him wintersetl on Tæmesan, 7 lifdon him of Eastseaxum 7 of þam scirum þe þærneaxst wæron on twa healfum Temese. 7 oft hi on þa buruh Lundenne fuhton, ac si Gode lof, þæt heo gyt gesund stent, 7 hi þær æfre yfel geferdon. Ða æfter middanwintra þa namon hi anne upgang up þuruh Ciltern, 7 swa to Oxenaforda, 7 þa burh forbærndan, 7 namon hit þa on twa healfe Temese to scype weard. Þa gehwarnede man hi þæt þær wæs fyrd æt Lundenne ongean, hi wendon him þa ofer æt Stane, 7 þus ferdon ealne þone winter, 7 þæt lencten wæron him on Cent, 7 bettan heora scypo.
1010 Her on þissum geare com se forespecena here ofer Eastron to Eastænglum, 7 wendon up æt Gypeswic, 7 eodon anreces þær hi geacsedon Ulfcytel mid his fyrde. Þis wæs on þam dæge Prima Ascensio Domini. 7 þa sona flugon Eastænglæ, þa stod Grantabricscire fæstlice ingean. Þær wæs ofslagen Æþelstan þæs cynges aþum, 7 Oswig 7 his sunu, 7 Wulf, Leofwines sunu, 7 Eadwig, æfices broþor, 7 feola oþra goda þægna, 7 folces unrim. Þone flean astealde ærest þurcytel Myranheafod, 7 þa Denan ahton weallstowe geweald, 7 þær wurdon gehorsode, 7 syþþan ahton Eastengla geweald, 7 þone eard þry monðas hergodon 7 bærndon, ge furþon on þa wilda fennas hi ferdon, 7 men 7 yrfe hi slogon, 7 bærndon geond þa fennas, 7 þeotford forbærndon, 7 Grantabricge, 7 syþþan wendan eft suðweard into Temese, 7 rydon þa gehorsedan men ongean þa scipo, 7 syþþan eft hrædlice wendon westweard on Oxenafordascire, 7 þonen to Buccingaham scire, 7 swa andlang Usan oð hi comon to Bedanforda, 7 swa forð oð Temesanford, 7 a bærndon swa hi geferdon. Wendon þa eft to scypon mid heora herehuðe. 7 þonne hi to scipon ferdon þonne scolde fyrd ut æft ongean þæt hi up woldan, þonne ferde seo fyrd ham. 7 þonne hi wæron beeastan, þonne heold man fyrde bewestan, 7 þonne hi wæron besuðan, þonne wæs ure fyrd benorðan. Ðonne bead mon ealle witan to cynge, 7 man þonne rædan sceolde hu man þisne eard werian sceolde. Ac þeah mon hwæt rædde, þæt ne stod furþon ænne monað. Æt nextan næs nan heafodman þæt fyrde gaderian wolde, ac ælc fleah swa he meast mihte, ne furþon nan scir nolde oþre geleastan æt nextan. Ða ætforan Sanctus Andreas messandæg þa com se here to Hamtune, 7 þæt port sona forbærndon 7 þærabutan swa mycel swa hi sylf woldon, 7 þanon wendon ofer Temese into Westseaxum, 7 swa wið Canegan mersces, 7 þæt eall forbearndon. Þa hi swa feor gegan heafdon swa hi ða woldon, comon þa to þam middanwintra to scypon.
1011 Her on þissum geare sende se cyning 7 his witan to þæm here 7 gyrndon fryðes, 7 him gafol 7 metsunge beheton wið þan ðe hy heora hergunge swicon. Hi hæfdon þa ofergan Eastenglæ .i., 7 Eastseaxum .ii., 7 Middelseaxe .iii., 7 Oxnaforda .iiii., 7 Grantabricga .v., 7 Heortfordescire .vi., 7 Buccingahamscire .vii., 7 Bedanfordscire .viii., 7 healfe Huntedunscire .ix., 7 micel on Hamtunscire .x., 7 besuðan Temese ealle Centinges 7 Suðseaxe 7 Hæstingas 7 Suðrige 7 Bearrocscire 7 Hamtunscire 7 micel on Wiltunscire. Ealle þa ungesælþa us gelumpon þurh unrædas, þæt man nolde a timan gafol beodan, ac þonne hi mæst to yfele gedon hæfdon, þonne nam man gryð 7 fryð wið hy, 7 na ðe læs for eallum þissum gryðe 7 gafole ferdon æghwyder flocmælum 7 hergodon, 7 ure earme folc rypton 7 slogon. 7 þa on þissum geare betweox Natiuitas Sancte Mariæ 7 Sancte Michaheles mæssan hy ymbesæton Cantwaraburh, 7 hi ðærinto comon þuruh hyre wrencas, for þan Ælmær hi becyrde, þe se arcebisceop Ælfeah ær generode his life, 7 hi þær genamon þone arcebisceop Ælfeah, 7 Ælfweard cynges gerefa, 7 Leofrune abbatissa, 7 Godwine biscop, 7 Ælmær abbod hi læton aweg, 7 hi ðær genamon inge ealle þa gehadodan men 7 wæras 7 wif, þæt wæs unasecgendlic ænigum men hu micel þæs folces wæs. 7 on þære byrig syððan wæron swa lange swa hi woldon, 7 ða hi hæfdon þa buruh ealle asmeade, wend on him þa to scypon, 7 læddon þone arcebiscop mid him. Wæs þa ræpling, se þe ær wæs heafod Angelcynnes 7 Cristendomes. Þær man meahte þa geseon ermðe þær man oft ær geseah blisse, on þære earman byrig þanon us com ærest Cristendom 7 bliss, for Gode 7 for weorulde. 7 hi hæfdon þone arcebisceop mid him swa lange oð ðone timan þe hi hine gemartredon.
1012 Her on þissum geare com Eadric ealdorman 7 ealle þa ildestan witan, gehadode 7 læwede, Angelcynnes to Lundenbyrig toforan þam Eastron, wæs Easterdæg þa on þæm datarum Idus Aprilis, 7 hi þær ða swa lange wæron oð þæt gafol eall gelæst wæs ofer þa Eastron, þæt wæs ehta 7 feowertig þusend punda. Ða on ðære Sæternesdæg wearð þa se here swyðe astyred angen þone bisceop, for ðæm ðe he nolde him nan feoh behaten, 7 forbead þæt man nan þing wið him syllan ne moste, wæron hi eac swyðe druncene, for þæm þær wæs broht win suðan. Genamon þa þone bisceop, læddon hine to heora hustinge on þone Sunnanæfen .xiii. Kalendas Maias octabas Pasche, 7 hine ðær þa oftorfedon mid banum 7 mid hryþera neata heafedum, 7 sloh hine þa an hiora mid anre eaxe ere on þæt heafod, þæt he mid þam dynte nyþær astah, 7 his halige blod on þa eorþan feoll, 7 his þa halgan sawle to Godes rice asende. 7 mon þone lichamon on mærgen færede to Lundene, 7 þa bisceopæs Eadnoð 7 Ælfun 7 seo burhwaru hine underfengon mid ealre arwurðnysse, 7 hine bebyrigdon on Sancte Paulus mynstre, 7 þær God nu sutelað þæs halgan martires mihta. Ða þæt gafol gelæst wæs 7 þa friðaþas asworene, þa toferde se here wide swa he gegaderod wæs. Ða bugon to þæm cyninge of þæm here fif 7 feowertig scype, 7 him beheton þæt hi woldon þisne eard healdan, 7 he hi fedan sceolde 7 scrydan.
1013 On þæm æfteran geare þe se arcebisceop wæs gemartred, se cyning gesette Lyfinc bisceop to Cantwarebyrig to þæm arcestole. 7 on þissum ilcan geare toforan þæm monðe Augustus com Swegen cyning mid his flotan to Sandwic, 7 wende swyðe hraðe abutan Eastenglum into Humbra muþan, 7 swa upweard andlang Trentan oð he com to Gæignesburh, 7 þa sona beah Uhtred eorl 7 ealle norðhymbre to him, 7 eall þæt folc on Lindesige, 7 siþþan þæt folc into Fifburgum, 7 raþe ðæs eall here benorðan Wætlingan stræte, 7 him man sealde gislas of ælcere scire. Syþþan he undergeat þæt eall folc him to gebogen wæs, þa bed he þæt mon sceolde his here mettian 7 horsian, 7 he þa wende syþþan suðweard mid fulre fyrde, 7 betæhte þa scypu þa Cnute his suna, 7 syþþan he com ofer Wætlinga stræte worhton þæt mæste yfel þæt ænig here don mihte. Wenda þa to Oxenaforde, 7 seo buruhwaru sona beah 7 gislude, 7 þanon to Winceastre, 7 hy þæt ylce dydon. Wendon þa þanon eastweard to Lundene, 7 mycel his folces adrangc on Temese, for þæm þe hi nanre brice ne cæpton. Þa þe he to þære byrig com þa nolde se buruhwaru bugan, ac heoldon mid fullon wige ongean, for þan þær wæs inne se cyning æþelred 7 þurcyl mid him. Þa wende Swegen cyng þanon to Weallingaforda 7 swa ofer Temese westweard to Baþan, 7 sæt þær mid his fyrde, 7 com æþelmær ealdorman þyder 7 þa wæstrena ðegenas mid him, 7 bugon ealle to Swegene, 7 gislodon. 7 þa he æl þus gefaren hæfde, wende þa norþweard to his scypum. 7 eall þeodscipe hine hæfde þa for fulne cyning. 7 seo buruhwaru æfter þæm on Lundenne beah 7 gislude, for þon hi ondredon þæt hi fordon wolde. Bead þa Swegen ful gyld 7 metsunge to his hære þone winter, 7 þurcyl bead þæt ylce to þæm here þe læg æt Grenawic, 7 butan þæm hi gehergodon swa oft swa hi woldon, þa ne dohte naþær þisse leode ne suðan ne norðan. Þa wæs se cyning sume hwile mid þam flotan þe on Temese læg, 7 seo hlæfdige wende þa ofer sæ to hire broþor Ricarde, 7 ælfsige abbod of Burh mid hire, 7 se cyning sende ælfun bisceop mid þam æþelingum Eadwearde 7 Ælfrede ofer sæ, þæt he hi bewitan sceolde. 7 se cyning wende þa fram þam flotan to þam middanwintre to Wihtlande, 7 wæs þær ða tid, 7 æfter þære tide wende ofer þa sæ to Ricarde, 7 wæs þær mid him oð ðone byre þe Swegen dead wearð.
1014 Her on þissum geare Swegen geendode his dagas to Candelmæssan .iii. Nonas Februarii. 7 þy ilcan geare man hadode ælfwig bisceop on Eoforwic to Lundenburuh on Sancta Iuliana mæssedæg. 7 se flota þa eall gecuron Cnut to cyninge. Þa ræddon þa witan ealle, gehadode 7 læwede, þæt man æfter þam cyninge æþelrede sende, 7 cwædon þæt him nan hlaford leofra nære þonne hyra gecynda hlaford, gif he hi rihtlicor healdan wolde þonne he ær dyde. Þa sende se cyning his sunu Eadweard hider mid his ærenddracan 7 het gretan ealne his leodscype, 7 cwæð þæt he him hold hlaford beon wolde, 7 ælc þæra þinga betan þe hi ealle ascunodon, 7 ælc þara þinga forgyfon beon sceolde þe him gedon oððe cwæden wære, wið þam þe hi ealle anrædlice butan swicdome to him gecyrdon. 7 man þa fulne freondscipe gefæstnode mid worde 7 mid wedde on ægþre healfe, 7 æfre ælcne Dæniscne cyning utlah of ænglalande gecwædon. Þa com æþelred cyning innan þam lænctentid ham to his agenre þeode, 7 he glædlice fram him eallum on fangen wæs. Þa syþþan Swegen dead wæs, sæt Cnut mid his here on Gæignesburuh oð ða Eastron, 7 gewearð him 7 þæt folc on Lindesige anes þæt he hine horsian sceoldon, 7 wið þan ealle ætgædere faran 7 hergian. Ða com se cyning æþelred mid fulre fyrde þyder ær hi gearwe wæron to Lindesige, 7 man þa hergode 7 bærnde 7 sloh eall þæt mancynn þæt man geræcan mihte. 7 se Cnut gewende him ut mid his flotan, 7 wearð þæt earme folc þus beswicen þurh hine, 7 wende þa suðweard oð he com to Sandwic, 7 læt man þær up þa gislas þe his fæder gesealde wæron, 7 cearf of heora handa 7 earan 7 nosa. 7 buton eallum þissum yfelum se cyng het gyldan þam here þe on Grenewic læg .xxi. þusend punda. 7 on þissum geare on Sancte Michaeles mæsseæfen com þæt mycle sæflod geond wide þisne eard, 7 earn swa feor up swa næfre ær ne dyde, 7 adrencte fela tuna, 7 manncynnes unarimedlic getel.
1015 On þissum geare wæs þæt mycle gemot on Oxnaforda. 7 þær Eadric ealdorman beswac Siferð 7 Morcer, þa yldostan þegenas into Seofonburhgum, bepæhte hi into his bure, 7 hi mon þærinne ofsloh ungerysenlice. 7 se cyng þa nam ealle heora æhta, 7 het niman Siferþæs lafe 7 gebringan binnan Ealdelmesbyrig. Þa æfter lytlum fæce færde Eadmund æþeling to, 7 genam þæt wif ofer þæs cynges wil, 7 hæfde him to wife. Ða toforan Natiuitas Sancte Marie ferde se æþeling þanon wæstan norð into Fifburhgum, 7 gerad sona ealle Siferðæs are 7 Morcares, 7 þæt folc eall him to beah. 7 þa on þam ilcan timan com Cnut cyng to Sandwic, 7 wende þa sona abutan Centland into Westseaxum oð he com to From muþan, 7 hergode þa on Dorsætum 7 on Wiltunscire 7 on Sumersæton. Þa læg se cyng seoc æt Cosham. 7 þa gaderede Eadric ealdorman fyrde, 7 se æþeling Eadmund benorðan. Þa hi togædere comon, þa wolde se ealdorman beswican þone æþeling, 7 hi toferdon þa butan gefeohte for þæm, 7 rymdon heora feondum. 7 Eadric ealdorman aspeon ða feowertig scipa fram þam cyninge, 7 beah þa to Cnute, 7 Wæstseaxe bugon 7 gislodon 7 horsedon þone here, 7 he wæs þær þa oð midne winter.
1016 Her on þissum geare com Cnut mid his here, 7 Eadric ealdorman mid him, ofer Temese into Myrcum, æt Cricgelade, 7 wendon þa to Wærincwicscire ingang þære middanwintres tidæ, 7 hergodon 7 bærndon 7 slogon eall þæt hi to comon. Ða ongan seo Eadmund æþeling to gadrigenne fyrde, þa seo fyrd gesomned wæs, þa ne onhagode hy þærto buton þæt wære þæt se cyng þær mid wære, 7 hi hæfdon þære buruhware fultum on Lundene, geswicon þa ðære fyrdinge 7 ferde ælc man him ham. Ða æfter þære tide þa bead man æft fyrde be fullum wite þæt ælc man þe fere wære forð wende, 7 man sende to þæm cyninge to Lundene 7 bedon hine þæt he come ongean þa fyrde mid þam fultume þe he gegaderian mihte. Þa hi ealle tosomne comon, þa ne beheold nan þinc þe ma ðe hit ofter ær dyde. Þa cydde man þæm cyninge þæt hine man beswican wolde, þa ðe him on fultume beon sceoldon, forlet þa þa fyrde, 7 cyrde him eft to Lundene. Ða rad se æþeling Eadmund to Norðhymbron, to Uhtrede eorle, 7 wende ælc man þæt hi woldon fyrde somnian ongean Cnut cyng. Þa fyrdodon hy into Stæffordscire, 7 into Scrobbesbyrig, 7 to Lægceastre, 7 hergodon hi on heora healfe, 7 Cnut on his. Wende him ða ut þuruh Buccingahamscire into Bedanfordscire 7 þanon to Huntadunscire 7 swa into Hamtunscire andlang fennes to Stanforda, 7 þa into Lincolnescire, þanon þa into Snotinghamscire, 7 swa to Norðhymbron to Eoforwic weard. Ða Uhtred geahsode þis, þa forlet he his hergunge 7 efstte norðweard, 7 beah ða for nyde, 7 ealle Norðhymbra mid him, 7 he gislode, 7 hine man þeahhwæðere ofsloh, 7 þurhcytel, Nafen sunu, mid him. 7 þa æfter þæm se cyng gesette Yric into Norðhymbron to eorle, ealswa Uhtred wæs, 7 syððan wende him suðweard oðres weges, ealswa bewestan. 7 com þa eall se here toforam þam Eastron to scypon. 7 se æþeling Eadmund wende to Lundene to his fæder. 7 þa æfter Eastron wende se cyng Cnut mid eallon his scypon to Lunden weard. Ða gelamp hit þæt se cyning æþelred forðferde ær ða scypo comon, he geendode his dagas on Sancte Georgius mæssedæg æfter myclum geswince 7 earfoðnyssum his lifes. 7 þa æfter his ende ealle þa witan þe on Lundene wæron 7 seo buruhwaru gecuron Eadmunde to cyninge, 7 he his rice heardlice wærode þa hwila þe his tima wæs. Þa comon þa scipo to Grenawic to þam gandagum, 7 binnan litlan fæce wendon to Lundene 7 dulfon þa ane micle dic on suðhealfe, 7 drogon hera scipo on westhealfe þære bricge, 7 bedicodon þa syððan, 7 þa buruh utan, þæt nan man ne mihte ne inn ne ut, 7 oftrædlice on þa buruh fuhton, ac hi him heardlice wiðstodon. Þa wæs Eadmund cyng ær þan gewend ut 7 geard þa Westseaxon, 7 him beah eall þæt folc to. 7 raðe æfter þam he gefeaht wið þæne here æt Peonnan wið Gillingaham, 7 oþær gefeoht he gefeaht æfter middansumera æt Scortane, 7 þær micel wæll feoll on ægðre healfe, 7 þa heres him sylfe toeodon on þam gefeohte, 7 Eadric ealdorman 7 ælmer Dyrling wæron þam here on fultume ongean Eadmunde cyning. 7 þa gegaderade he þriddan siðe fyrde 7 ferde to Lundenne, 7 þa buruhwaru aredde, 7 þæne here aflymde to scipe, 7 þa þæs ymbe twa niht se cynng gewende ofer æt Brægentforda, 7 þa wið þone here gefeaht, 7 hine aflymde, 7 þær adranc mycel ænglisces folces on hyra agenra gymeleaste, þa þe ferdon beforan þære fyrde 7 feng woldan fon. 7 se kyning æfter þæm gewende to Westseaxan, 7 his fyrde samnade. Þa gewende se here sona to Lundenne, 7 þa buruh utan ymbesæton, 7 hyre stearclice on feaht ægðær ge be wætere ge be lande, ac se ælmihtiga God hi ahredde. Se here gewende þa æfter þæm fram Lundene mid hyra scipum into Arewan, 7 þær up foran 7 ferdon on Myrcan, 7 slogon 7 bærndon swa hwæt swa hi oferforan, swa hyra gewuna is, 7 him metes tiledan, 7 hi drifan ægþær ge scipa ge hyra drafa into Medewæge. Ða samnede Eadmund cyning feorþan siðe ealle Engle þeode, 7 ferde ofer Temese æt Brægentforda, 7 ferde in on Cænt, 7 se here him fleah beforan mid heora horsum into Sceapege, 7 se kyning ofsloh hyra swa feola swa he offaran mihte. 7 Eadric ealdorman gewende þa þone cyning ongean æt æglesforda. Næs nan mare unræd geræd þænne se wæs. Se here gewende eft up on Eastseaxan, 7 ferde into Myrcan, 7 fordyde eall þæt he oferferde. Ða se cyning geahsade þæt se here upp wæs, þa gesamnade he fiftan siðe ealle Engla þeode 7 ferde him æthindan, 7 offerde hi innon Eastseaxan æt þære dune þe man hæt Assandun, 7 þær togædere heardlice fengon. Þa dyde Eadric ealdorman swa swa he ær ofter dyde, astealde þæne fleam ærast mid Magesætan, 7 swa aswac his kynehlaforde 7 ealle þeodæ Angelcynnes. Ðær ahte Cnut sige, 7 gefeaht him wið ealle Engla þeode. Þa wearð þær ofslægen Eadnoð biscop, 7 Wulfsie abbod, 7 ælfric ealdorman, 7 Godwine ealdorman, 7 Ulfkytel of Eastenglan, 7 æþelward ælfwines sunu ealdormannes, 7 eall seo duguð of Angelcynnes þeode. Ða æfter þisum gefeohte wende Cnut cyning up mid his here to Gleawcestrescire, þær he ofaxade þæt se cyning wæs Eadmund. Ða gerædde Eadric ealdorman 7 þa witan þe þær gegaderade wæron þæt þa cyningas heom betweonan seht geworhtan, 7 coman begen þa cyningas togædre æt Olanige wið Deorhyrste, 7 wurdon feolagan 7 wedbroðra, 7 þæt gefæstnadan ægðer mid wedde 7 eac mid aðan, 7 þæt gyld gesettan wið þone here, 7 hi seoððan tohwurfon. 7 feng þa Eamund cyng to Westsexan 7 Cnut to þam norðdæle. Se here gewende þa to scipon mid þam þe hi gefangen hæfdon, 7 Lundenwaru gryðede wið þone here 7 heom fryð bohtan, 7 hi gebrohtan heora scypa on Lundene, 7 hæfdon þær wintersetl. Ða to Sancte Andreas mæssan forðferde Eadmund cyng, 7 is bebyrged mid his ealdan fæder Eadgare on Glæstingabyri.
1017 Her on þisan geare feng Cnut cyng to eall Englalandes rice, 7 todælde hit on feower, him seolfan Westsexan, 7 þurkylle Eastenglan, 7 Eadrice Myrcean, 7 Eiric Norðhymbran. On þisum geare wæs eac Eadric ealdorman ofslægen, 7 Norðman, Leofwines sunu ealdormannes, 7 æþelward, ægelmeres sunu greatan, 7 Bryhtric, ælfeges sunu, on Defenascire. 7 Cnut cining aflymde ut Eadwi æþeling 7 Eadwi ceorla kyning. 7 þa toforan Kalendas Augusti het se cyng feccean him þæs oðres kynges lafe æþelredes him to wife, Ricardes dohtor.
1018 On þisum geare wæs þæt gafol gelæst ofer eall Angelcynn, þæt wæs ealles twa 7 hundseofonti þusend punda, butan þam þe seo burhwaru on Lundene geald, endlifte healf þusend punda. 7 se here þa ferde sum to Denmarcon, 7 .xl. scypa belifon mid þam cynge Cnute. 7 Dene 7 Engle wurdon sammæle æt Oxanaforda to Eadgares lage.
1019 Her Cnut cyng gewende mid .ix. scypum to Denmarcon, 7 þær wunode ealne winter. 7 her forðferde ælfstan arcebiscop se wæs Lifing genemned, 7 he wæs swiðe rædfæst man, ægðer for Gode 7 for worulde.
1020 Her com Cnut cyng eft to Englalande. 7 þa on Eastron wæs micel gemot æt Cyrenceastre, þa geutlagade man æþelward ealdorman. 7 on þisan geare for se cyng 7 Þurkyl eorl to Assandune, 7 Wulfstan arcebiscop, 7 oðre biscopas, 7 eac abbodas 7 manege munecas, 7 gehalgodan þæt mynster æt Assandune. 7 æðelnoð munuc, se þe wæs decanus æt Cristes cyrcan, wearð on þam ilcan geare on Idus Nouembris to biscope gehalgod into Christes cyrcan.
1021 Her on þisan geare to Martines mæssan Cnut cyning geutlagade Þorkyll eorl, 7 Ælfgar biscop se ælmesfulla forðferde on Cristesmæsseuhtan.
1022 Her Cnut kyning for ut mid his scypum to Wihtlande. 7 Æþelnoð biscop for to Rome, 7 wæs þær underfangen mid mycclan weorðscype fram Benedicte þam arwurðan papan. 7 he mid his agenum handum him pallium on asette, 7 to arcebiscope swiðe arwurðlice gehalgade 7 gebletsade on Nonas Octobris. 7 se arcebiscop sona þærmid mæssan sang on þam sylfan dæge, 7 syððan þæræfter mid þam sylfan papan arwurðlice gereordade, 7 eac him seolf þone pallium genam on Sancte Petres weofode, 7 þa seoððan bliðelice ham to his earde ferde.
1023 Her Cnut kyning binnan Lundene on Sancte Paules mynstre sealde fulle leafe Æðelnoðe arcebiscope 7 Bryhtwine biscope 7 eallon þam Godes þeowum þe heom mid wæron þæt hi moston nyman up of þam byrgene þone arcebiscop Sancte Ælfheah, 7 hi þa swa dydon on .vi. Idus Iunii. 7 se brema cyng 7 se arcebiscop 7 leodbiscopas 7 eorlas 7 swiðe manege hadode 7 eac læwede feredon on scype his þone halgan lichaman ofer Temese to Suðgeweorke, 7 þær þone halgan martyr þan arcebiscope 7 his geferum betæhton, 7 hi þa mid weorðlican weorode 7 wynsaman dreame hine to Hrofesceastre feredan. Ða on þam þryddan dæge com Imma seo hlæfdie mid hire cynelican bearne Hardacnute, 7 hi þa ealle mid mycclan þrymme 7 blisse 7 lofsange þone halgan arcebiscop into Cantwarebyri feredon, 7 swa wurðlice into Cristes cyrcan brohton on .iii. Idus Iunii. Eft syððan on þam eahteoðan dæge, on .xvii. Kalendas Iulii, Æðelnoð arcebiscop 7 Ælfsie biscop 7 Bryhtwine biscop, 7 ealle þa þe mid heom wæron, gelogodon Sancte Ælfeages halgan lichaman on norðhealfe Cristes weofodes, Gode to lofe, 7 þam halgan arcebiscope to wurðmynte, 7 eallon þam to ecere hælðe þe his halgan lichoman þær mid estfulre heortan 7 mid ealre eadmodnysse dæghwamlice seceað. God ælmihtig gemiltsie eallum Cristenum mannum þurh Sancte Ælfeges halgan gegearnunga.
1026 Her for Ælfric biscop to Rome 7 onfeng pallium æt Iohanne papan on .ii. Idus Nouembris.
1028 Her for Cnut cyng of Englalande mid .l. scypum to Norwegum, 7 adraf Olaf cyng of þam of þam lande, 7 geahnade him eall þæt land.
1029 Her com Cnut cyng eft ham to Englalande.
1030 Her com Olaf cyng eft into Norðwegon, 7 þæt folc gegaderade him togeanes 7 wið him fuhton, 7 he wearð þær ofslægen.
1031 Her for Cnut cyng to Rome. 7 sona swa he ham com, þa for he to Scotlande, 7 Scotta cyng eode him on hand, 7 wearð his man, ac he þæt lytle hwile heold.
1033 Her forðferde Leofsie biscop, 7 his lichama resteð on Wigraceastre, 7 Brihteh wæs on his setl ahafen.
1034 Her wæs Ælfric biscop forðfaren, 7 ligeð on Ramesige, 7 þi ilcan geare forðferde Mælcolm cyng on Scotlande.
1035 Her forðferde Cnut cyng, 7 Harold his sunu feng to rice. He gewat æt Sceaftesbyri on .ii. Idus Nouembris, 7 hine man ferede to Wincestre, 7 þær bebyride. 7 Ælfgyfa seo hlæfdie sæt þa þærbinnan. 7 Harold sæd þæt he Cnutes sunu wære 7 Ælfgyfe þære Hamtunisca, þeh hit soð nære. He sende to, 7 let nyman of hire ealle þa betstan gærsaman þe Cnut cyng ahte, 7 heo sæt þeah forð þærbinnan þa hwile þe heo moste.
1037 Her man geceas Harold ofer eall to kyninge, 7 forsoc Harðacnut, for þam he wæs to lange on Denmarcon. 7 man draf ut his modor Ælfgyfe, þa cwene, butan ælcere mildheortnesse, ongean þone wallendan winter, 7 heo com þa to Brygce, 7 Baldwine eorl hi wel þær underfeng, 7 þær geheold þa hwile þe hire neod wæs. 7 þæs geres ær forðferde Ælfic se æðela decanus on Eofesham.
1038 Her forðferde Æðelnoð arcebiscop se goda, 7 Æþælric biscop on Suðsexan, se gewilnode to Gode þæt he hine ne lete lybban nane hwile æfter his leofan fæder Æðelnoðe, 7 he eac binnan seofon nihton þæs gewat, 7 Brihteh biscop on Wigraceastre .xiii. Kalendas Ianuarii.
1040 Her swealt Harold cyng. 7 man sende æfter Harðacnute to Brygce, wende þæt man wel dyde. 7 he com þa hider mid .lx. scypum foran to middansumera, 7 astealde swiðe strang gyld, þæt man hit uneaðe mihte acuman, þæt wæs .viii. marc æt hamelan, 7 him wæs þa unhold eall þæt his ær gyrnde. 7 he ne gefremede eac naht cynelices þa hwile þe he rixode. He let dragan up þone deadan Harold 7 hine on fenn onsceotan.
1041 Her het Harðacnut hergian eall Wygracestrescire for his twegra huscarla þingon þe þæt strangæ gyld budon, þa slogon þæt folc hi binnan porte innan þam mynstre. 7 þæs geres sona com Eadward his broþor on meddren fram geondan sæ, Æðelredes sunu cynges, þe wæs ær for fela gearan of þisan gearde adryfen, 7 þeah wæs to cynge gesworon. 7 he wunode þa swa on his broðor hirede þa hwile þe he leofode. 7 on þisan geare eac swac Harðacnut Eadulfe under gryðe, 7 he wæs wedloga. 7 her man hadode Ægelric biscop to Eoferwic on .iii. Idus Ianuarii.
1042 Her forðferde Harðacnut swa þæt he æt his drince stod, 7 færinga feoll to þære eorðan mid egeslicum anginne, ac hine þa gelæhton þe þærneh wæron, 7 he seoððan nan word ne gecwæð, ac gewat on .vi. Idus Iunii. 7 eall folc geceas þa Eadward, 7 underfengon hine to kyninge eallswa him wel gecynde wæs.
1043 Her wæs Eadward gehalgod to cynge æt Wincestre on forman Easterdæg. 7 þæs geres .xiiii. nihton ær Andreas mæssan man gerædde þan cynge þæt he rad of Gleawcestre 7 Leofric eorl 7 Godwine eorl 7 Sigwarð eorl mid heora genge to Wincestre on unwær on þa hlæfdian, 7 bereafedan hi æt eallon þan gærsaman þe heo ahte, þa wæron unatellendlice, for þan þe heo wæs æror þam cynge hire suna swiðe heard, þæt heo him læsse dyde þonne he wolde, ær þam þe he cyng wære 7 eac syððan, 7 leton hi þær siððan binnan sittan.
1045 Her gefor Ælfward biscop on Lundene on .viii. Kalendas Augusti, he wæs abbod on Eofeshamme ærest, 7 þæt mynster wel geforðode þa hwile þe he þær wæs, gewende þa to Ramesege 7 þær his lif alæt, 7 Manni wæs to abbode gecoren, 7 gehadodon .iiii. Idus Augusti. 7 þæs geres man draf Gunnilde ut, þæt æðele wif, Cnutes cynges magan, 7 heo syððan sæt æt Brygce lange hwile, 7 for to Denmarcon siððan.
1046 Her gefor Brihtwold biscop on Wiltunescire, 7 man sette Hereman on his setle. On þam geare gegaderade Eadward cyng mycele scypferde on Sandwic þurh Magnus þreatunge on Norwegon, ac his gewinn 7 Swegenes on Denmarcon geletton þæt he her ne com.
1047 Her forðferde Lyfing se wordsnotera biscop .x. Kalendas Aprilis, 7 he hæfde .iii. bisceoprice, an on Defenascire, 7 on Cornwalon, 7 on Wigracestre. Þa feng Leofric to Defenascire 7 to Cornwalon, 7 Aldred biscop to Wygracestre. 7 her man utlagode Osgod stallere. 7 Magnus gewann Denmarcon.
1048 Her wæs se stiþa winter. 7 þæs geres forðferde Ælfwine biscop on Wincestre, 7 Stigand biscop wæs on his setl ahafen, 7 ær þam, on þan ilcan gere, forðferde Grimcytel biscop on Suðseaxum, 7 Heca preost feng to þam bisceoprice. 7 Swegen eac sende hider, bæd him fylstes ongean Magnus Norwega cyng, þæt man sceolde sendan .l. scypa him to fultume, ac hit þuhte unræd eallum folce, 7 hit wearð þa gelet, þurh þæt þe Magnus hæfde micelne scypcræft, 7 he þa aytte þa Swegen ut, 7 mid mycclan manslihte þæt land gewann, 7 Dena him mycel feoh guldon 7 hine to cynge underfengon. 7 þi ylcan geare Magnus forðferde.
1049 Her com eft Swein to Denamarcon. 7 Harold for to Norwegum, Magnus fædera, syððan Magnus dead wæs, 7 Normen hine underfengon, 7 he sende ymb fryð hider to lande. 7 Swegen eac sende of Denmarcon, 7 bæd Eadward cyng scypfultumes, þæt sceolde beon æt læstan .l. scypa, ac eall folc wiðcwæð. 7 her wæs eac eorðstyrung on Kalendas Maias on manegum stowum, on Wygracestre 7 on Wic 7 on Deorby 7 elles gehwær, 7 eac wæs swiðe mycel mancwealm 7 orfcwealm, 7 eac þæt wilde fyr on Deorbyscire micel yfel dyde 7 gehwær elles.
1050 On þisan geare se casere gegaderode unarimedlice fyrde ongean Baldwine of Brygce, þurh þæt he bræc þa palentan æt Neomagon, 7 eac fela oþra unþanca þe he him dyde. Seo fyrd wæs unarimedlic þe he gegaderad hæfde, þær wæs se papa on, 7 se patriarcha, 7 fela oðra mærra manna of gehwilcum leodscypum. He sende eac to Eadwarde cynge, 7 bæd hine scypfultumes, þæt he ne geþafode þæt he ne ætburste on wætere, 7 he for þa to Sandwic, 7 læg þær mid myclum scyphere forð þæt se casere hæfde of Balda wine eall þæt he wolde. Þær com eac Swegen eorl, þe for ær of þisan lande to Denmarcon, 7 þær forworhte hine wið Denum. He com hider mid hiwunge, cwæð þæt he wolde eft bugan to þam cynge, 7 Beorn eorl him gehet þæt he him on fylste beon wolde. Þa syððan þæs caseres seht wæs 7 Baldwines, foron fela scypa ham, 7 se kyng belaf bæftan æt Sandwic mid feawum scypum. 7 Godwine eorl eac for mid .xlii. scypum fram Sandwic to Peuenesea, 7 Beorn eorl him for mid. Þa cyðde man þam cynge þæt Osgod lage on Ulpe mid .xxxix. scypon, 7 se cyng þa sende æfter þam scypum þe he ofsendan mihte, þe ær ham wendon. 7 Osgod sette his wif on Brygce 7 wendon eft ongean mid .vi. scypum, 7 þa oðre foron on Suðsexe to Eadulfesnæsse, 7 þær hearm dydon, 7 wendon eft to scypon, 7 heom com þa strang wind to, swa þæt hi wæron ealle forfarene buton feower þa man ofsloh begeondan sæ. On þam þe Godwine eorl 7 Beorn lagon on Peuenesea, þa com Swein eorl 7 bæd Beorn eorl mid facne, þe wæs his eames sunu, þæt he his gefera wære to þam cynge to Sandwic, 7 his wisa wið hine gebette. He wende þa for þære sibbe mid þreom geferum mid him, 7 he hine lædde þa toward Bosanham, þær his scypu lagon, 7 hine man þa geband, 7 to scypa lædde. Wende þa þanon mid him to Dertamuðan, 7 hine þær het slean, 7 deope bedelfan, hine man funde eft 7 ferede hine to Wincestre, 7 byrigde wið Cnut cyng his eam. Lytle ær þan þa men of Hæstingaceastre 7 þærabutan gewunnon his twa scypa mid heora scypan, 7 þa men ealle ofslogon, 7 þa scypa brohton to Sandwic to þan cynge, ehta scypu he hæfde ær he Beorn beswice, syððan hine forleton ealle buton twam. On þam ilcan geare comon upp on Wylisce Axa of Yrlande .xxxvi. scypa, 7 þærabutan hearmas dydon mid Gryfines fultume þæs Wæliscan cynges. Man gegaderade þa folc togenes, þær wæs eac Ealdred biscop mid, ac hi hæfdon to lytelne fultum, 7 hi comon unwær on heom, on ealne ærnemergen, 7 fela godra manna þær ofslogon, 7 þa oþre ætburston forð mid þam biscope. Þis wæs gedon on .iiii. Kalendas Augusti. Ðæs geres forðferde on Oxnafordscire Oswi abbod on Þornege, 7 Wulfnoð abbod on Westmynstre. 7 Ulf preost wæs geset þam bisceoprice to hyrde þe Eadnoð hæfde, 7 he wæs syððan of adryfon, for þan þe he ne gefremede naht biscoplices þæron, swa þæt us sceamað hit nu mare to tellanne. 7 Sigward biscop gefor, se ligeð on Abbandune. 7 her man halgode þæt micele mynster æt Remys. Þær wæs se papa Leo 7 se casere, 7 mycelne sinoð þær hæfdon embe Godes þeowdom, þine sinoð for esæt Sanctus Leo papa. Hit is earfoð to witane þara biscopa þe þærto comon, 7 huru abbuda, 7 heonon of lande wæron twegen gesende of Sancte Agustine 7 of Rammesege.
1051 On þisan geare gefor Eadsie arcebiscop on Cantwarebyri, 7 se cyng sealde Rotbearde þan Freoncy scan þe ær wæs biscop on Lundene þæt arcerice, 7 Spearhafoc abbod of Abbandune feng to þan bisceoprice on Lundene, 7 hit wæs eft of him genumen ær he gehadod wære. 7 Hereman biscop 7 Ealdred biscop foron to Rome.
1052 Her forðferde Ælfric arcebiscop on Eoferwic, swiðe arwyrðe wer 7 wis. 7 on þan ylcan geare alede Eadward cyng þæt heregyld þæt Æþelred cyng ær astealde, þæt wæs on þam nigon 7 þrittigoðan geare þæs þe he hit ongunnon hæfde, þæt gyld gedrehte ealle Engla þeode on swa langum fyrste swa hit bufan her awriten is, þæt wæs æfre ætforan oðrum gyldum þe man myslice geald, 7 men mid menigfealdlice drehte. On þam ylcan geare com Eustatius up æt Doferan, se hæfde Eadwardes cynges sweostor to wife. Þa ferdon his men dyslice æfter inne, 7 sumne man ofslogon of þam porte, 7 oðer man of þam porte heora geferan, swa þæt þær lagon .vii. his geferana, 7 micel hearm þær gedon wæs on ægðre healfe mid horse 7 eac mid wæpnum oð þæt folc gegaderede. 7 hi þa ætflugon þæt hi comon to þam cynge to Gleawcestre, 7 he heom gryð sealde. Þa undernam Godwine eorl swyðe þæt on his eorldome sceolde swilc geweorðan, ongan þa gadrian folc ofer eall his eorldom, 7 Swein eorl his sunu ofer his, 7 Harold his oðer sunu ofer his eorldom, 7 hi gegaderedan ealle on Gleawcesterscire æt Langatreo mycel fyrd 7 unarimedlic, ealle gearwe to wige ongean þone cyng, buton man ageafe Eustatsius 7 his men heom to hand sceofe, 7 eac þa Frencyscan þe on þam castelle wæron. Þis wæs gedon .vii. nihton ær þære lateran Sancta Maria mæssan. Þa wæs Eadward cyng on Gleawcestre sittende. Sende þa æfter Leofrice eorl, 7 norð æfter Siwarde eorle, 7 bæd heora gencges, 7 hi him þa to comon ærest mid medemum fultume, ac siððan hy wiston hu hit þær besuðan wæs, þa sendon hi norð ofer ealne heora eorldom 7 leton beodan mycele fyrde heora hlaforde to helpe, 7 Raulf eac ofer his eorldom, 7 comon ða ealle to Gleawceastre þam cynge to helpe, þeah hit læt wære. Wurdan þa ealle swa anræde mid þam cynge þæt hy woldon Godwines fyrde gesecan gif se cyng þæt wolde. Þa leton hy sume þæt þæt mycel unræd wære þæt hy togedere comon, for þam þær wæs mæst þæt rotoste þæt wæs on Ænglalande on þam twam gefylcum, 7 leton þæt hi urum feondum rymdon to lande, 7 betwyx us sylfum to mycclum forwyrde. Geræddon þa þæt man sealde gislas betweonan, 7 setton stefna ut to Lundene, 7 man bead þa folce þider ut ofer ealne þisne norðende, on Siwardes eorldome, 7 on Leofrices, 7 eac elles gehwær, 7 sceolde Godwine eorl 7 his suna þær cuman to wiðermale. Þa comon hy to Suðgeweorce, 7 micel mænegeo mid heom of Westsæxum, ac his wered wanode æfre þe lang þe swiðor. 7 man borhfæste þam kyninge ealle þa þægnas þe wæron Haroldes eorles his suna, 7 man utlagode þa Swægn eorl his oðerne sunu. Þa ne onhagode him to cumenne to wiðermale ongean þone cyng 7 agean þone here þe him mid wæs. For þa on niht awæg. 7 se cyng hæfde þæs on morgen witena gemot, 7 cwæð hine utlage, 7 eall here, hine 7 ealle his suna, 7 he wende suð to þornege, 7 his wif 7 Swegen his suna 7 Tostig 7 his wif, Baldwines mage æt Brycge, 7 Gerð his suna, 7 Harold eorl 7 Leofwine foran to Brycgstowe on þæt scip þe Swegen eorl hæfde him silfum ær gegearcod 7 gemetsod. 7 se cining sende Ealdred biscop of Lundene mid genge, 7 sceoldon hine ofridan ær he to scipe come, ac hi ne mihton, oððe hi noldon. 7 he wende þa ut of Afene muðan, 7 feng swa stið weder þæt he uneaðe awæig com, 7 him þær micel forferde. Wende þa forð to Irlande, ða him weder com, 7 Godwine 7 þa þe mid him wæron wendan of Ðornege to Brycge to Baldwines lande on anum scipe mid swa miclum gærsuman swa hi mihton þæron mæst gelogian to ælcum mannum. Þæt wolde ðyncan wundorlic ælcum men þe on Englalande wæs, gif ænig man ær þam sæde þæt hit swa gewurþan sceolde, for ðam þe he wæs ær to þam swyðe up ahafen swylce he weolde þæs cynges 7 ealles Englalandes, 7 his sunan wæron eorlas, 7 þæs cynges dyrlingas, 7 his dohtor þæm cynge beweddod 7 beæwnod, þa man gebrohte to Hwærwellan 7 hy þære abedissan betæhton. Ða sone com Willelm eorl fram geondan sæ mid mycclum werode Frencisra manna, 7 se cyning hine underfeng, 7 swa feola his geferan swa him to onhagode, 7 let hine eft ongean. Þæs ilcan geres man sealde Wyllelme preoste þæt biscoprice on Lundene þe wæs ær Spærhafoce geseald. Her forþferde Ælfgyfu seo hlefdige, Æðelredes laf cynges, 7 Cnutes cynges, on .ii. Nonas Marias. On þam ilcan gere hergode Griffin se Wylisca cing on Herefordscire þæt he com swyþe neah to Leomynstre, 7 men gadorodon ongean ægðer ge landes men ge Frencisce men of ðam castele, 7 man þær ofsloh swyþe feola Engliscra godra manna, 7 eac of þam Frenciscum, þæt wæs þæs ylcan dæges on ðreottene geara þe man ær Eadwine ofsloh mid his geferum. 7 sona com Harold eorl of Irlande mid his scipum to Sæfern muðan neh Sumersæton gemære 7 Dafenascire, 7 þær mycel gehergode, 7 þæt landfolc him ongean gaderode ægþær ge of Sumorsæton ge of Dafenascire, 7 he hyg aflimde, 7 þær ofsloh ma þonne .xxx. godra ðegna, buton oðre folce, 7 sona æfter ðam for abuton Penwiðsteort. 7 þa læt Eadward cyng scypian XL snacca, þa lagon æt Sandwic, þa sceoldon cepan Godwines eorles ðe on Brycge wæs þone winter, 7 he ðeah com hider to lande ærest swa hy hit nystan, 7 on þam þe he her on lande wæs he gespeon ealle Centingas, 7 ealle þa butsekarlas of Hæstingum 7 þær æghwar abuton be þære særiman, 7 ealne Eastsexan 7 Suðerege, 7 mycel elles toeacan þam. Þa cwædon ealle þæt hi woldon mid him libban 7 licgean. Þa geaxedon þæt lið þæt on Sandwic læg embe Godwines fare, setton þa æfter, 7 he heom ætbærst, 7 þæt lið wende ongean to Sandwic, 7 swa hamweard to Lundenbyrig. Þa þa Godwine geaxede þæt þæt lið þe on Sandwic læig wæs ham gewend, þa for he æft ongean to Wiht, 7 þærabutan be þam særiman, swa lange þæt hi comon togædere, Harold eorl his suna 7 he, 7 hi noldon no mycelne hearm don syððon, buton þæt hyg metsunge namon, ac speonnan heom þa eall þæt landfolc to be þam særiman, 7 eac upp on lande, 7 hy foran toweard Sandwic, 7 læson æfre forð mid heom ealle þa butsecarlas þe hy gemetton, 7 coman þa to Sandwic mid geotendan here. Þa Eadward þæt geaxode þa sende he upp æfter maran fulltume, ac hy comon swiðe læte, 7 Godwine sæh him æfre toward Lundenne mid his liðe þæt he com to Suðweorce, 7 þær abad sume hwile oð þæt þæt flod upp eode. On þam fyrste, 7 æc ær, he gefadode wiþ ða burhwaru þæt hi mæst ealle woldon ðæt he wolde. Þa þa he hæfde ealle his fare gereconod, þa com þæt flod, 7 hy brudon sona upp heora ancras, 7 heoldan þurh þa brycge aa bi þæm suþlande, 7 seo landfyrde coman ofenan, 7 trymedon hy be þæm strande , 7 hi hwemdan ða mid þam scipum swylce hy woldon ðes cynges scypu abuton betrymman. Se cyning hæfde eac micle landfyrde on his halfe, toeacan his scipmannum, ac hit wes mæst eallan lað to feohtanne wið heora agenes cynnes mannum, for ðam þær wæs lytel elles þe aht mycel myhton butan Englisce on ægðre healfe, 7 eac hi noldon þæt utlendiscum mannum wære þes eard þurh þæt ðe swiðor gerymed þe hi him sylfe ælc oþerne forfore. Geræddan þa þæt man sende wyse men betweonan 7 setton grið on ægðre halfe, 7 Godwine for upp, 7 Harold, 7 heora lið swa micel swa heom þa geþuhte, 7 wæs þa witene gemot, 7 man sealde Godwine clæne his eorldom, swa full 7 swa forð swa he fyrmest ahte, 7 his sunum eallum eall þæt hy ær ahton, 7 his wife 7 his dohtor swa full 7 swa forð swa hi ahton, 7 hi fæstnedon þa fulne freondscipe heom betweonan, 7 allum folce fulle lagu beheton, 7 geutlagedon ealle þa Frenciscean þe ær unlagon rærdon, 7 undom demdon, 7 unræd ræddan into ðissum earde, buton swa fela swa hi geræddon þæt þam cynge gelicode mid him to habbenne, þe him getreowe wæron 7 eallum his folce. 7 Rodbeard arcebiscop 7 Willelm biscop 7 Ulf biscop uneaðe ætburstan mid þam Frenciscean mannum þe him mid wæron, 7 swa ofer sæ comon.
1053 Her wæs se micla wind on Þomes mæsseniht, 7 eac eall þa midewinter wæs mycel wind. 7 man rædde þæt man sloh Ris þæs Wyliscean cynges broþer for ðy he hearmas dyde, 7 man brohte his heafod to Glewcestre on Twelftan æfen. 7 þæs ylcan geres foran to Alra Halgena mæssan forðferde Wulfsyg biscop æt Licetfelda, 7 Godwine abbod on Wincelcumbe, 7 Ægelward abbod on Glestingabyrig, ealle binnan anum monþe. 7 Leofwine feng to þam biscoprice æt Licedfelde, 7 Aldret biscop feng to þam abbodrice on Wincelcumbe, 7 Ægelnað feng to þam abbodrice on Glestincgabyrig. 7 þæs ylcan geres forðferde Ælfric, Oddan broðer, on Deorhyrste, 7 his lichama resteð on Perscore. 7 þæs ylcan geres forðferde Godwine eolr, 7 him geyfelode þær he mid þam cynge sæt on Wincestre, 7 Harold his sunu feng to þam eorldome þe his fæder ær hæfde, 7 Ælfgar eorl feng to þam eorldome þe Harold ær hæfde.
1054 Her ferde Siward eolr mid miclum here on Scotland, ægðer ge mid scyphere 7 mid landfyrde, 7 feaht wið Scottas, 7 aflymde þone kyng Macbeoðen, 7 ofsloh eall þæt þær betst wæs on þam lande, 7 lædde þonan micele herehuðe swilce nan man ær ne begeat, ac his sunu Osbarn, 7 his sweostor suna Sihward, 7 of his huscarlum 7 eac þæs cynges wurdon þær ofslægene on þone dæg Septem Dormientium. Ðæs ilcan geres for Aldred biscop to Colne ofer sæ þæs kynges ærende, 7 wearð þær underfangen mid mycclan weorðscipe fram þan casere, 7 þær he wunode wel neh an ger, 7 him geaf ægðer þeneste ge se biscop on Colone 7 se casere. 7 he lofode Leofwine biscope to halgianne þæt mynster æt Eofeshamme on .vi. Idus Octobris. 7 on þisan geare swalt Osgod færinga on his bedde. 7 her forðferde Sanctus Leo papa, 7 Victor wæs to papa gecoren on his stede.
1055 On þisan gere forðferde Syhward eorl on Eoferwic, 7 he ligeð æt Galmaho on þam mynstre þe he sylf let timbrian 7 halgian on Godes 7 Olafes naman. 7 Tosti feng to þan eorldome þe he hæfde. 7 Kynsie arcebiscop fette his pallium æt Victore papan. 7 þæræfter sona man utlagode Ælfgar eorl, Leofrices sunu eorles, forneh butan gylte, ac he gewende to Hirlande 7 Brytlande, 7 begeat him þær micel genge, 7 ferde swa to Hereforda, ac him com þær togenes Raulf eorl mid mycclan here, 7 mid lytlan gewinne hi on fleam gebrohte, 7 micel folc on þan fleame ofsloh, 7 gewendon þa into Herefordporte 7 forhergode þæt, 7 forbærnde þæt mære mynster þe Æþelstan biscop getimbrode, 7 ofsloh þa preostas innan þam mynstre, 7 manege þærtoeacan, 7 namon þærinne ealle þa maðmas, 7 mid heom aweglæddon. 7 þa þa hi hæfdon mæst to yfele gedon man gerædde þone ræd þæt man Ælfgar eorl geinnlagode, 7 ageaf him his eorldom 7 ealle þæt him of genumen wæs. Ðeos hergung wæs geworden on nonas Kalendas Nouembris. On þam ilcan geare forðferde Tremerin se Wylisca biscop sona æfter þære hergunge, 7 he wæs Æþelstanes biscop gespelia siððan he unfere wæs.
1056 Her forlet Ægelric bisceop his bisceoprice æt Dunholm 7 ferde to Burh to Sancte Petres mynstre, 7 his broðor Ægelwine feng ðærto, 7 eac her forðferde Æðelstan biscop on .iiii. Idus Februarii, 7 his lic lið on Herforda, 7 man sette Lefegar to biscop, se wæs Haroldes eorles mæssepreost, 7 on his preosthade he hæfde his kenepas oð þæt he biscop wæs. Se forlet his crisman 7 his rode 7 his gastlican wæpnu, 7 feng to his spere 7 to his swurde, 7 swa for to ferde ongean Griffin þone Wyliscan cining, 7 he wearð þær ofslagen, 7 his preostes mid him, 7 Ælfnoð scirgerefa, 7 manega oðre gode men. Þis wæs ehtan nihte ær middansumere, 7 Ealdred bisceop feng to ðam biscoprice þe Leofegar hæfde .xi. wucan 7 .iiii. dagas. Ðæs geares forðferde Odda eorl, 7 he lið on Perscora, se wæs to muneca gehadod ær his ende, god man 7 clæne 7 swiðe æðele, 7 he gewat on .ii. Kalendas Septembris. 7 Cona se casere forðferde.
1057 Her com Eadward æþeling to Englalande, se wæs Eadwerdes broðor sunu kynges, Eadmund cing, Irensid wæs geclypod for his snellscipe. Þisne æþeling Cnut cyng hæfde forsend on Ungerland to beswicane, ac he þær geþeh to godan men, swa him God uðe, 7 him wel gebyrede, swa þæt he begeat þæs caseres maga to wife, 7 bi þære fægerne bearnteam gestrynde, seo wæs Agathes gehaten. Ne wiston we for hwylcan intingan þæt gedon wærð, þæt he ne moste his mæges Eadweardes cynges geseon. Wala, þæt wæs hreowlic sið 7 hearmlic eallre þissere þeode, þæt he swa raðe his lif geendade, þæs þe he to Englalande com, for ungesælhðe þissere earman þeode. On þan ilcan gere forðferde Leofric eorl on .ii. Kalendas Octobris, se wæs swiðe wis for Gode 7 eac for worulde, þæt fremode eallre þisre ðeode. He lið æt Cofentreo, 7 his sunu Ælfgar feng to his rice. 7 on þam geare forðferde Raulf eorl on .xii. Kalendas Ianuarii, 7 lið on Burh. Eac gefor Heca biscop on Suðsexum, 7 Ægelric wæs on setl ahafen. 7 her Victor papa forðferde, 7 Stefanus wæs to papa gecoren.
1058 Her man ytte ut Ælfgar eorl, ac he com sona inn ongean mid strece þurh Gryffines fultum. 7 her com scyphere of Norwegan. Hit is langsum to atellanne eall hu hit gefaren wæs. On þam ilcan gere Ealdred biscop halgode þæt mynster on Gleawcestre þe he sylf geforðode, Gode to lofe 7 Sancte Petre, 7 swa ferde to Hierusalem mid swilcan weorðscipe swa nan oðer ne dyde ætforan him, 7 hine sylfne þær Gode betæhte, 7 wurðlic lac eac geoffrode to ures Drihtenes byrgene, þæt wæs an gylden calic on fif marcon, swiðe wundorlices geworces. On þam ilcan gere forðferde Stefanus papa, 7 Benedictus wæs to papan geset, se sende pallium Stigande biscope. 7 Ægelric wæs to biscope gehadod to Suðsexum, 7 Sihward abbod to biscoppe to Hrofecestre.
1059 Her on þisan gere wæs Nicolaus gecoren to papan, se wæs biscop ær æt Florentia þære burh, 7 Benedictus wæs ut adryfen þe þær wæs ær papa. 7 on þisan gere wæs se stypel gehalgad æt Burh on .xvi. Kalendas Nouembris.
1060 On þisan gere wæs micel eorðdyne on Translatione Sancti Martini. 7 Heinric se cyng forðferde on Francrice. 7 Kynsie arcebiscop on Eoferwic gewat on .xi. Kalendas Ianuarii, 7 he ligeð on Burh, 7 Ealdred biscop feng to þam rice, 7 Waltere feng to þam biscoprice on Herefordscire, 7 Duduc biscop eac forðferde, se wæs biscop on Sumersætan, 7 man sette Gisa preost on his stede.
1061 Her for Ealdred biscop to Rome æfter his pallium, 7 he hine underfeng æt þam papan Nicolae, 7 se eorl Tostig 7 his wif eac foron to Rome, 7 se bisceop 7 se eorl gebidan mycele earfoðnysse þa hi hamward foran. 7 her forðferde Godwine biscop æt Sancte Martine, 7 Wulfric abbod æt Sancte Agustine .iiii. .x. Kalendas Aprilis. 7 Nicolaus papa forðferde, 7 Alexander wæs to papan gecoron, se wæs biscop æt Lucan.
1063 On þissum geare for Harold eorl æfter middanwintre of Gleaweceastre to Rudelan, þe Griffines wæs, 7 þone ham forbærnde, 7 his scipa 7 alle þa gewæda þe þærto gebyrede, 7 hine on fleame gebrohte, 7 þa to þam gongdagan for Harold mid scipum of Brycgstowe abutan Brytland, 7 þæt folc griþede 7 gisledon, 7 Tostig for mid landferde ongean, 7 þæt land geeodon. Ac her on ðissan ilcan geare on herfeste wearþ Griffin kync ofslangen on Nonas Agusti fram his agenum mannum, þurh þæt gewinn þe he won wiþ Harold eorl, se wæs kyning ofer eall Wealcyn, 7 man brohte his eafod to Harolde eorle, 7 Harold hit þam kynge brohte, 7 his scipes heafod, 7 þa bone þermid, 7 se kyng Eadward betæhte þæt land his twam gebroþran Bleþgente 7 Rigwatlan, 7 hig aþas sworon 7 gislas saldan þæm cynge 7 þæm eorle þæt heo him on allum þingum unswicende beon woldon, 7 eighwar him gearwe on wætere 7 on lande, 7 swylc of þam lande gelæstan swylc man dyde tofor an ær oþrum kynge.
1065 Her on þisum geare foran to Hlafmæssan het Harold eorl bytlian on Brytlande æt Portaschið þa þa he hit gegan hæfde, 7 þær mycel god to gegaderode, 7 þohte þone cyng Eadward þær to habbane for huntoðes þingon. Ac þa hit eall wæs gearo þa for Cradoc to, Gryffines sunu, mid eallon þam genge þe he begeotan mihte, 7 þæt folc eall mæst ofsloh þe þær timbrode, 7 þæt god þe þær gegearcod wæs namon. Ne wisten we hwa þone unræd ærest gerædde. Þis wæs gedon on Sancte Bartholomeus mæssedæg. 7 sona æfter þisan gegaderedon þa þegenas hi ealle on Eoforwicscire 7 on Norðhymbralande togædere, 7 geutlagedan heora eorl Tosti, 7 ofslogon his hiredmen, ealle þe hig mihten to cumen, ægþær ge Englisce ge Denisce, 7 naman ealle his wæpna on Eaforwic, 7 gold 7 seolfer 7 ealle his sceattas þe hig mihton ahwær þær geacsian, 7 sendon æfter Morkere, Ælfgares sunu eorles, 7 gecuron hine heom to eorle, 7 he for suð mid ealre þære scire, 7 mid Snotinghamscire, 7 Deorbyscire, 7 Lincolnascire, oð he com to Hamtune, 7 his broþor Eadwine him com togeanes mid þam mannum þe on his eorldome weron, 7 eac fela Brettas comon mid him. Þer com Harold eorl heom togeanes 7 hig lægdon ærende on hine to þam cyninge Eadwarde, 7 eac ærendracan mid him sendon, 7 bædon þæt hi moston habban Morkere heom to eorle, 7 se cyning þæs geuðæ, 7 sende æfter Haralde heom to to Hamtune on Sancte Symones 7 Iuda mæsseæfen, 7 kyðde heom þæt ilce, 7 heom þæt a hand sealde, 7 he nywade þær Cnutes lage. 7 þa Ryðrenan dydan mycelne hearm abutan Hamtune þa hwile þe he for heora ærende, ægþær þæt hi of slogon menn 7 bærndon hus 7 corn 7 namon eall þæt orf þe hig mihton to cuman, þæt wæs feola þusend, 7 fela hund manna hi naman, 7 læddan norð mid heom, swa þæt seo scir 7 þa oðra scira þæ ðærn eah sindon wurdon fela wintra ðe wyrsan. 7 Tostig eorl 7 his wif, 7 ealle þa ðe woldon þæt he wolde, faran suð ofer sæ mid him to Baldwine eorle, 7 he hi ealle underfengc, 7 hig wæron ealne þone winter þær. 7 Eadward cyng com to Westmynstre to þam middanwintre, 7 þet mynster þær let halgian þe he silf getimbrode, Gode to lofe 7 Sancte Petre 7 eallum Godes halgum, 7 seo cyrichalgung wæs on Cilda mæssædeg. 7 he forðferde on Twelftan æfen, 7 hine man bebyrigde on Twelftan dæg on þam illcan minstre, swa hit her æfter sægð.
Her Eadward cing, Englene hlaford,
sende soðfæste saule to Kriste
on Godes wera, gast haligne.
He on weorolda her wunodæ þragæ
on kyneþrymme, creftig ræda.
.xxiiii. freolic wealdand
wintra rimes weolan britnode
7 he hælotid, hæleða wealdend,
weold wel geðungæn Walum 7 Scottum
7 Bryttum eac, byre Æðelredes
Englum 7 Sæxum oretmægcum,
swa ymbclyppaþ cealda brymmas,
þæt eall Eadwardæ, æþelum kinge,
hyrdan holdelice hagestalde menn.
Wæs a bliðemod bealeleas king
þah he langa ær landes bereafod,
wunoda wreclastum wide geond eorðan,
seoðþan Knut ofercom cynn Æðelredes
7 Deona weoldon deore rice
Englalandes .xxviii.
wintra gerimes weolan brytnodon.
Syððan forð becom freolic in geatwum
kinigc cystum god, clæne 7 milde,
Eadward se æðele eðel bewarede,
land 7 leodan oð ðæt lunger becom
deað se bytera 7 swa deore genam
æðelne of eorðan. Englas feredon
soðfeste sawle inne swegles leoht
7 se froda swa ðeah befæste þæt rice
heahðungena menn, Harolde sylfum,
æðelum eorle, se in ealne tid
herdæ holdelice herran synum
wordum 7 dædum, wihte ne agælde
þæs þe ðearf wæs ðæs þeodkyngces.
7 her wearð Harold eorl eac to cynge gehalgod, 7 he lytle stilnesse þæron gebad þa hwile þe he rices weold.
1066 On þissum geare com Harold cyng of Eoforwic to Westmynstre to þam Eastran þe wæron æfter þam middanwintre þe se cyng forðferde, 7 wæron þa Eastran on þone dæg .xvi. Kalendas Maias. Þa wearð geond eall Englaland swylc tacen on heofenum gesewen swylce nan man ær ne geseah. Sume men cwedon þæt hit cometa se steorra wære, þone sume men hatað þone fæxedon steorran, 7 he æteowde ærest on þone æfen Letania Maior viii. Kalendas Maias, 7 swa scan ealle þa seofon niht. 7 sona þeræfter com Tostig eorl in fram begeonde sæ into Wiht mid swa miclum liðe swa he begitan mihte, 7 him man geald þær ægþær ge feoh ge metsunge. 7 Harold cyng, his broþor, gegædrade swa micelne sciphere 7 eac landhere swa nan cyng her on lande ær ne dyde, for þam þe him wæs gecyðd þæt Wyllelm bastard wolde hider 7 ðis land gewinnen, ealls wa hit syððan aeode. 7 þa wile com Tostig eorl into Humbran mid sixtigum scipum, 7 Eadwine eorl com mid lanferde 7 adraf hine ut, 7 þa butsacarlas hine forsocan, 7 he for to Scotlande mid xii snaccum, 7 hine gemette þær Harold cyng of Norwegon mid þreom hund scypum, 7 Tostig him to beah 7 his man wearð, 7 hi foron þa begen into Humbran, oð þæt hi comon to Eoforwic, 7 heom þær wið fuhton Eadwine eorl 7 Morkere eorl, his broðor, ac þa Normen ahton sige. Man cyðde þa Harolde, Engla cynge, þæt þis wæs þus gefaren, 7 þis gefeoht wæs on Uigilia Sancti Mathei. Ða com Harold ure cyng on unwær on þa Normenn 7 hytte hi begeondan Eoforwic æt Steinford Brygge mid micclan here Englisces folces, 7 þær wearð on dæg swiðe stranglic gefeoht on ba halfe. Þar wearð ofslægen Harold Harfagera, 7 Tosti eorl, 7 þa Normen þe þær to lafe wæron wurdon on fleame, 7 þa Engliscan hi hindan hetelice slogon, oð þæt hig sume to scype coman, sume adruncen, 7 sume eac forbærnde, 7 swa mislice forfarene þæt þær wæs lyt to lafe, 7 Engle ahton wælstowe geweald. Se kyng þa geaf gryð Olafe, þæs Norna cynges suna, 7 heora biscoppe, 7 þan eorle of Orcanege, 7 eallon þan þe on þam scypum to lafe wæron, 7 hi foron þa upp to uran kyninge, 7 sworon aðas þæt hi æfre woldon fryð 7 freondscype into þisan lande haldan, 7 se cyng hi let ham faran mid .xxiiii. scypum. Þas twa folcgefeoht wæron gefremmede binnan fif nihtan. Ða com Wyllelm eorl of Normandige into Pefnesea on Sancte Michæles mæsseæfen, 7 sona þæs hi fere wæron, worhton castel æt Hæstingaport. Þis wearð þa Harolde cynge gecydd, 7 he gaderade þa mycelne here, 7 com him togenes æt þære haran apuldran, 7 Wyllelm him com ongean on unwær, ær þis folc gefylced wære. Ac se kyng þeah him swiðe heardlice wið feaht mid þam mannum þe him gelæstan woldon, 7 þær wearð micel wæl geslægen on ægðre healfe. Ðær wearð ofslægen Harold kyng, 7 Leofwine eorl his broðor, 7 Gyrð eorl his broðor, 7 fela godra manna, 7 þa Frencyscan ahton wælstowe geweald, eallswa heom God uðe for folces synnon. Aldred arcebiscop 7 seo burhwaru on Lundene woldon habban þa Eadgar cild to kynge, eallswa him wel gecynde wæs, 7 Eadwine 7 Morkere him beheton þæt hi mid him feohtan woldon, ac swa hit æfre forðlicor beon sceolde swa wearð hit fram dæge to dæge lætre 7 wyrre eallswa hit æt þam ende eall geferde. Þis gefeoht wæs gedon on þone dæg Calesti pape. 7 Wyllelm eorl for eft ongean to Hæstingan, 7 geanbidode þær hwæðer man him to bugan wolde, ac þa he ongeat þæt man him to cuman nolde, he for upp mid eallon his here þe him to lafe wæs, 7 him syððan fram ofer sæ com, 7 hergade ealne þone ende þe he oferferde, oð þæt he com to Beorhhamstede, 7 þær him com ongean Ealdred arcebiscop, 7 Eadgar cild, 7 Eadwine eorl, 7 Morkere eorl, 7 ealle þa betstan men of Lundene, 7 bugon þa for neode þa mæst wæs to hearme gedon, 7 þæt wæs micel unræd þæt man æror swa ne dyde, þa hit God betan nolde for urum synnum, 7 gysledan 7 sworon him aðas, 7 he heom behet þæt he wolde heom hold hlaford beon, 7 þeah onmang þisan hi hergedan eall þæt hi oferforon. Ða on midwintres dæg hine halgode to kynge Ealdred arcebiscop on Westmynstre, 7 he sealde him on hand mid Christes bec 7 eac swor, ær þan þe he wolde þa corona him on heafode settan, þæt he wolde þisne þeodscype swa wel haldan swa ænig kyngc ætforan him betst dyde, gif hi him holde beon woldon. Swaþeah leide gyld on mannum swiðe stið, 7 for þa on þam lengtene ofer sæ to Normandige, 7 nam mid him Stigand arcebiscop, 7 Ægelnað abbod on Glæstingabiri, 7 Eadgar cild, 7 Eadwine eorl, 7 Morkere eorl, 7 Wælþeof eorl, 7 manege oðre gode men of Englalande, 7 Oda biscop 7 Wyllelm eorl belifen her æfter 7 worhton castelas wide geond þas þeode, 7 earm folc swencte, 7 a syððan hit yflade swiðe. Wurðe god se ende þonne God wylle.
1067 Her com se kyng eft ongean to Englalande on Sancte Nicolaes mæssedæge. 7 þæs dæges forbarn Cristes cyrce on Cantwarebyri. 7 Wulfwi biscop forðferde, 7 is bebyrged æt his biscopstole on Dorkacestre. 7 Eadric cild 7 þa Bryttas wurdon unsehte 7 wunnon heom wið þa castelmenn on Hereforda, 7 fela hearmas heom dydon. 7 her se kyng sette micel gyld on earm folc, 7 þeahhwæðre let æfre herigan eall þæt hi oferforon, 7 þa he ferde to Defenascire 7 besæt þa burh Exancester .xviii. dagas, 7 þær wearð micel his heres forfaren, ac he heom wel behet, 7 yfele gelæste, 7 hig him þa burh ageafon, for þan þa þegen as heom geswicon hæfdon. 7 þæs sumeres Eadgar cild for ut mid his modor Agatha, 7 his twam sweostran, Margareta 7 Christina, 7 Mærlaswegen, 7 fela godra manna mid heom, 7 comon to Scotlande on Malcholomes cyninges gryð, 7 he hi ealle underfeng. Ða begann se cyngc Malcholom gyrnan his sweostor him to wife, Margaretan, ac he 7 his men ealle lange wiðcwædon, 7 eac heo sylf wiðsoc, 7 cwæð þæt heo hine ne nanne habban wolde, gyf hire seo uplice arfæstnys geunnan wolde, þæt heo on mægðhade mihtigan Drihtne mid lichomlicre heortan on þisan life sceortan on clænre forhæfednysse cweman mihte. Se kyng befealh georne hire breðer oð þæt he cwæð ia wið, 7 eac he elles ne dorste, for þan þe hi on his anwald becumene wæron. Hit wearð þa swa geworden swa God foresceawode on ær, 7 elles hit beon ne mihte, eallswa he sylf on his godspelle sæið þæt furðon an spearwa on gryn ne mæg befeallan forutan his foresceawunge. Se forewitola Scyppend wiste on ær hwæt he of hyre gedon habban wolde, for þan þe heo sceolde on þan lande Godes lof geeacnian 7 þone kyng gerihtan of þam dweliandan pæðe 7 gebegean hine to beteran wege 7 his leode samod, 7 alegcean þa unþeawas þe seo þeod ær beeode, eallswa heo syððan dyde. Se kyng hi þa underfeng, þeah hit hire unþances wære, 7 him gelicade hire þeawas, 7 þancode Gode þe him swylce gemæccean mihtiglice forgeaf, 7 wislice hine beþohte, swa he full witter wæs, 7 awende hine sylfne to Gode, 7 ælce unsiuernysse oferhogode. Be þam se apostol Paulus, ealra þeoda lareow, cwæð, Saluabitur uir infidelis per mulierem fidelem, sic et mulier infidelis per uirum fidelem et reliqua, þæt is on uran geþeode, Ful oft se ungeleaffulla wer bið gehalgad 7 gehæled þurh þæt rihtwise wif, 7 swa gelice þæt wif þurh geleaffulne wer. Ðeos foresprecene cwen seoððan on þam lande manege nytwyrðe dæda gefremede Gode to lofe, 7 eac on þa kynewisan wel geþeh, eallswa hire gecynde wæs. Of geleaffullan 7 æðelan cynne heo wæs asprungon, hire fæder wæs Eadward æþeling, Eadmundes sunu kynges, Eadmund Æþelreding, Æþelred Eadgaring, Eadgar Eadreding, 7 swa forð on þæt cynecynn, 7 hire modorcynn gæð to Heinrice casere, þe hæfde anwald ofer Rome. 7 her ferde Gyða ut, Haroldes modor, 7 manegra godra manna wif mid hyre, into Bradan Reolice, 7 þær wunode sume hwile, 7 swa for þanon ofer sæ to Sancte Audomare. On þisan Eastron com se kyng to Wincestre, 7 þa wæron Eastra on .x. Kalendas Aprilis, 7 sona æfter þam com Mathild seo hlæfdie hider to lande, 7 Ealdred arcebiscop hig gehalgode to cwene on Westmynstre on Hwitan Sunnandæg. Þa kyðde man þan kyninge þæt þæt folc benorðan hæfdon heom gegaderad togædere, 7 woldan him ongean standan, gif he come. He for þa to Snotingaham, 7 worhte þær castel, 7 for swa to Eoferwic, 7 þær worhte twegen castelas, 7 on Lincolna 7 gehwar on þan ende, 7 Gospatric eorl 7 þa betstan men foron into Scotlande. 7 amang þisan com an Haroldes suna of Yrlande mid scyphere into Afenan muðan unwær, 7 hergode sona ofer eall þone ende, foron þa to Brygcstowe, 7 þa burh abrecan woldon, ac seo burhwaru heom he ardlice wið feaht, 7 þa hi ne mihton of þære burh naht gewinnan, hi foron þa to scypan mid þan þe hi gehergod hæfdon, 7 swa hi foron on Sumersæton, 7 þær upp eodon, 7 Eadnoð stallere heom wið ge feaht, 7 wearð þær ofslægen, 7 manege gode menn on ægðre healfe, 7 þanon aweig foron þe þær to lafe wæron.
1068 Her on þissum geare Willelm cyngc geaf Rodbearde eorle þone ealdordom ofer Norðhymbraland, ac þa landes menn hine beforon innan þære burh æt Dunholme, 7 hine ofslogon, 7 .ixc. manna mid him. 7 sona þæræfter Eadgar æðeling com mid eallum Norðhymbrum to Eoforwic, 7 þa burhmenn wið hine gryðedon. 7 Wyllelm kyng com suðan on unwær on heom mid geotendan here, 7 hi aflymde, 7 þa ofsloh þa þe ætfleon ne mihton, þæt wæron fela hund manna, 7 þa burh forhergode, 7 Sancte Petres mynster to bysmere macede, 7 ealle þa oðre eac forhergode 7 forhynde, 7 se æðeling for eft ongean to Scotlande. Æfter þisum coman Haroldes sunas of Yrlande to þam middansumera mid .lxiiii. scypum into Taw muðan, 7 þær unwærlice up eodon, 7 Breon eorl com on unwær heom togeines mid unlytlan weorode 7 wið gefeaht, 7 ofsloh þær ealle þa betstan menn þe on þam lyðe wæron, 7 þa oðre lytlan werode to scypum ætflugon, 7 Haroldes sunas foron eft to Yrlande ongean. Her forðferde Aldred arcebiscop on Eoferwic, 7 is þær bebyrged æt his biscopstole, 7 he gewat on þone dæg Proti et Iacinthi, 7 he heold þone arcestol mid mycclan weorðmynte .x. gear buton .xv. wucan wanan. Sona þæræfter coman of Denmarcon þreo Swegenes suna kyninges, mid cc scypum 7 xl, 7 Esbeorn eorl, 7 Þurkyl eorl, into Humbran, 7 heom com þær togenes Eadgar cild 7 Waldþeof eorl, 7 Mærleswegen, 7 Gospatric eorl mid Norðhymbrum, 7 ealle þa landleoden, ridende 7 gangende, mid unmætan here, swiðe fægengende, 7 swa ealle anrædlice to Eoferwic foron, 7 þone castel tobræcon 7 towurpan, 7 unarimendlice gærsuman þærinne gewunnan, 7 fela hund manna Frenciscra þær ofslogon, 7 fela mid heom to scypan læddan, 7 ær þan þe þa scypmenn þider comon, hæfdon þa Frenciscan þa burh forbærned, 7 eac þæt halie mynster Sanctus Petrus eall forhergod 7 forbærned. Þa se kyng þis geaxode, þa for he norðward mid ealre his fyrde þe he gegaderian mihte, 7 þa scire mid ealle forhergode 7 aweste, 7 þæt lið læig ealne winter innan Humbre, þær se kyng heom to cuman ne mihte. 7 se kyng wæs þone midwintres dæig on Eoferwic, 7 swa ealne þone winter on þam lande, 7 com to Wincestre on þa ilcan Eastron. 7 Ægelric biscop wæs forwreged, þe wæs on Burh, 7 hine man lædde to Westmynstre, 7 utlagode his broðor Ægelwine biscop.
1071 Her se eorl Wælþeof gryðode wið þone cyngc. 7 þæs on lengten se kyngc let hergian ealle þa mynstra þe on Englalande wæron. 7 þæs geres wæs micel hunger. 7 man hergade þæt mynster æt Burh, þæt wæron þa menn þe se biscop Ægelric ær amansumade, for þon þe hi namon þær eall þæt he ahte. 7 þæs ilcan sumeres com þæt lið into Temese, 7 lagon þær twa niht, 7 heoldon syððan to Denmar con. 7 Baldawine eorl forðferde, 7 Arnulf his sunu feng to þan rice, 7 Francena kyning 7 Wyllelm eorl sceoldon beon his geheald, ac þær com Rodbeart, 7 ofsloh Arnulf his mæig, 7 þone eorl Wyllelm, 7 þone kyngc aflymde, 7 ofsloh his manna fela þusenda.
1072 Her Eadwine eorl 7 Morkere eorl hlupon ut, 7 mislice ferdon on wuda 7 on feldon oð þæt Eadwine wearð ofslægen fram his agenum mannum, 7 Morkere mid scype gewende to Helig, 7 þær com Ægelwine biscop, 7 Sigwarð Barn, 7 fela hund manna mid heom. Ac þa se kyngc Wyllelm þis geahsade, þa bead he ut scypfyrde 7 landfyrde, 7 þæt land eall utan embsette, 7 brygce worhte, 7 scypfyrde on þa sæhealfe, 7 hi ealle þa eodon þan kyninge on hand, þæt wæs Ægelwine biscop 7 Morkere eorl 7 ealle þa þe mid heom wæron, buton Herewerde anum 7 ealle þa þe mid him ætfleon mihton, 7 he hi ahtlice ut alædde. 7 se kyng nam heora scypa 7 wæpna 7 manega sceattas, 7 þa menn ealle he toc, 7 dyde of heom þæt he wolde, 7 Ægelwine biscop he sende to Abbandune, 7 he þær forðferde.
1073 Her Wyllelm kyng lædde scypferde 7 landfyrde to Scotlande, 7 þæt land on þa sæhealfe mid scypum ymblæig, 7 him sylf mid his landfyrde ferde inn ofer þæt wæð, 7 he þær naht ne funde þæs þe heom þe betere wære, 7 Malcolm cyngc com 7 gryðode wið Wyllelm cyngc, 7 wæs his man, 7 him gyslas salde, 7 he syððan ham gewende mid ealre his fyrde. 7 se biscop Ægelric forðferde, he wæs to biscoppe gehadod to Eoferwic, ac hit wæs mid unrihte him of genumen, 7 geaf him þæt biscoprice æt Dunholme, 7 he hit hæfde þa hwile þe he wolde, 7 forlet hit syððan, 7 ferde to Burh to Sancte Petres mynstre, 7 þær drohtnode .xii. gear. Þa æfter þam þe Wyllelm gewann Englaland, he let hine nyman of Burh, 7 sende hine to Westmynstre, 7 he þær forðferde on Idus Octobris, 7 is þær bebyrged innan Sancte Nicolaes portice.
1074 On þisan gere Willelm cyngc lædde Englisce fyrde 7 Frencisce ofer sæ, 7 gewann þæt land Mans, 7 hit Englisce menn swiðe amærdon, wingeardas hi fordydon, 7 burga forbærndan, 7 þæt land swiðe amyrdon, 7 eall þæt land gebegdan þan kyninge to handan, 7 hig seoððan ham gewendan.
1075 On þissum gere Wyllelm cyngc for ofer sæ to Normandige. 7 Eadgar cild com of Fleminga lande into Scotlande on Sancte Grimbaldes mæssedæg, 7 se kyngc Malcholom 7 his sweostor Margareta hine underfengon mid mycclan weorðscype. On þære ilcan tide sende se kyng of Francrice, Filippus, gewrit to him, 7 bead him þæt he to him come, 7 he wolde geofan him þone castel æt Mustræl, þæt he mihte syððan dæghwamlice his unwinan unþancas don. Hwæt þa se cyngc Malcolm 7 his sweoster Margareta geafon him myccla geofa 7 manega gærsama 7 eallon his mannan, on scynnan mid pælle betogen, 7 on merðerne pyleceon, 7 graschynnene, 7 hearm ascynnene, 7 on pællon, 7 on gyldenan faton, 7 on seolfrenan, 7 hine 7 ealle his scyperan mid mycclan weorðscipe of his gryðe alædde. Ac on þære fare heom yfele gelamp, þa hi ut on sæ wæron, þæt heom on becom swiðe hreoh weder, 7 seo wode sæ 7 se stranga wind hi on þæt land awearp þæt ealle heora scypa toburston, 7 hi sylfe earforðlice to lande coman, 7 heora gærsama forneh eall losade, 7 his men eac wurdon sume gelæhtæ of Frencyscan mannan, ac he sylf 7 his ferestan menn ferdon eft ongean to Scotlande, sume hreowlice on fotan gangende, 7 sume earmlice ridende. Ða gerædde se kyngc Malcholom him þæt he sende to Wyllelme cynge ofer sæ, 7 bæde his gryðes, 7 he eac swa dyde, 7 se cyngc him þæs getiðade, 7 æfter him sende. 7 se kyngc eft Malcolm 7 his sweostor him 7 eallon his mannan unarimede gærsama geafon, 7 swiðe weorðlice hine eft of heora gryðe sendon. 7 se scirgerefa of Eoferwic com him togeanes æt Dunholme, 7 ferde ealne weig mid him, 7 let him findan mete 7 foddor æt ælcan castelle þær hi to comon, oð þæt hig ofer sæ to þam kynige coman. 7 se kyngc Wyllelm mid micclan weorðscype þa hine underfengc, 7 he wæs þær þa on his hirede, 7 toc swilce gerihta swa he him gelagade.
1076 On þissan geare Wyllelm cyngc geaf Raulfe eorle Wyllelmes dohtor, Osbarnes sunu, 7 se ylca Raulf wæs Bryttisc on his modor healfe, 7 Rawulf his fæder wæs Englisc, 7 wæs geboren on Norðfolce, 7 se kyngc geaf for þi his suna þær þone eorldom, 7 Suðfolc eac. He þa lædde þæt wif to Norðwic, þær wæs þæt brydealo, þæt wæs manegra manna bealo. Ðær wæs Rogcer eorl, 7 Walþeof eorl, 7 biscopas, 7 abbodas, 7 ræddon þær þæt hi woldon heora kynehlaford of his cynerice adrifan, 7 þis wæs þam kyninge sona to Normandie gecyðed. Rawulf eorl 7 Rogcer eorl wæron hofdingas æt þisan unræde, 7 hi speonon heom to þa Bryttas, 7 sendan eac to Denemarcon æfter scyphere, 7 Rogcer ferde west to his eorldome, 7 gaderade his folc þan cyngce to unþearfe, he þohte, ac hit wearð heom seolfan to mycclan hearme. Rawulf eac wolde mid his eorldome forðgan, ac þa castelmenn þe wæron on Englalande, 7 eac þæt land folc, heom togenes comon, 7 hi ealle geletton þæt hi naht ne dydon, ac wæs fægen þæt he to scypum æt fleah. 7 his wif belaf æfter in þam castele, 7 hine swa lange heold oð þæt man hire gryð salde, 7 heo þa ut ferde of Englalande, 7 ealle hire menn þe hire mid woldon. 7 se kyngc syððan com to Englalande 7 gefeng Rogcer eorl his mæg, 7 sette on prisun. 7 Walþeof eorl ferde ofer sæ, 7 wreide hine sylfne, 7 bæd forgyfenysse, 7 bead gærsuman. Ac se kyngc let lihtlice of oð þæt he com to Englalande, 7 hine let syððan tacan. 7 sona æfter þisan coman of Denemarcon twa hund scypa, þæron on wæron heafdesmenn Cnut, Swegnes sunu cynges, 7 Hacon eorl, 7 ne dorston nan gefeoht healdan wið Willelme cynge, ac ferdon to Eoforwic, 7 bræcon Sancte Petres mynster, 7 tocon þærinne mycele æhta, 7 foron swa aweg, ac ealle þa forferdon þe æt þam ræde wæron, þæt wæs Hacones sunu eorles, 7 manege oðre mid him. 7 Eadgyð seo hlæfdie forðferde, seo wæs Eadwardes cynges geresta, seofon niht ær Christesmæssan on Wincestre, 7 se cyngc hig let bryngan to Westmynstre mid mycclan weorðscype, 7 leide heo wið Eadwarde cynge hire hlaforde. Se kyngc wæs þa þone midwinter on Westmynstre, þær mon fordemde ealle þa Bryttas þe wæron æt þam brydlope æt Norðwic, sume hi wurdon geblende, 7 sume wrecen of lande, 7 sume getawod to scande. Þus wurdon þæs kyninges swican genyðerade.
1077 On þisan geare forðferde Swegen kyngc on Denemarcon, 7 Harold his sunu feng to his cynerice. Her Wyllelm cyngc geaf þæt abbodrice æt Westmynstre Fiþele abbode, 7 se wæs ær munuc æt Bernege. 7 her wæs Walþeof eorl beheafdod on Wincestre on Sancte Petronella mæssedæg, 7 his lic wearð gelæd to Crulande, 7 he þær is bebyrged. 7 Wyllelm cyngc for ofer sæ, 7 lædde fyrde to Brytlande, 7 besæt þone castel æt Dol, ac þa Bryttas hine heoldon oð þæt se cyngc com of Francrice, 7 Wyllelm cyngc þa þanon for, 7 þær forleas ægðer menn 7 hors 7 unarimede gærsaman.
1078 Her se mona aþystrode þreom nihton ær Candelmæssan. 7 Ægelwig se woruldsnotra abbod on Eofeshamme forðferde on Sancta Iuliana mæssedæg, 7 Waltere wæs to abbod geset on his stede, 7 Hereman biscop forðferde, se wæs biscop on Bearrucscire 7 on Wiltunscire 7 on Dorsætan. 7 her Malcholom kyngc gewann Mælslæhtan modor 7 ealle his betstan menn 7 ealne his gærsuman 7 his orf. 7 he sylf uneaðe ætbærst. 7 her wæs se dria sumor, 7 wilde fyr com on manega scira, 7 forbærnde fela tuna, 7 eac manega burga forburnon.
1079 Her Rodbert, þæs cynges sunu Willelm, hleop fram his fæder to his eame Rotbryhte on Flandron, for þan þe his fæder ne wolde him lætan waldan his eorldomes on Normandige þe he sylf 7 eac se kyng Filippus mid his geþafunge him gegyfen hæfdon, 7 þa þe betst wæron on þam lande hæfdon aðas him gesworon, 7 hine to hlaforde genumen. Her Rotbert feht wið his fæder, 7 hine on þa hand gewundade, 7 his hors wearð under ofscoten, 7 se þe him oðer to brohte wearð þærrihte mid anan arblaste ofscoten, þæt wæs Tokig, Wiggodes sunu, 7 fela þær wurdon ofslægen, 7 eac gefangene, 7 Robert eft gewende to Fleminga lande. Ne wylle we þeh her na mare scaðe awritan þe he his fæder ge.
1080 Her werþ Anagus ofsleien fram Scotta eere 7 þer werþ micel weell ofsleigen mid him. Þer wes codes riþt gesochen on him for þet he wes all forswoorn.